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This fiction is based on a fictional planet that combines several different series - it combines Kid Icarus, Legend of Zelda, and Fire Emblem. The latter of the two is the main setting - I have yet to play any of those games, so all my information is based of basic knowledge of medieval/Holy Roman culture and information from Wikipedia. A lot of the characterizations will likely be off - my apologies for that, and feel free to tell me so I can attempt to fix it.
While this fiction is based in the above planet, Meta Knight is (obviously) a alien. He's also not the nice, peaceful, kid-friendly Meta Knight of the Kirby Anime.
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Hoshi Kara Dākuboidokurīchā
Chapter 1: Sutākurīchā

He couldn't believe this. Did fate get a kick out of toying with him?

The Halberd had crashed – that much was certain. He was unfortunate enough to be in it at the time, and warping out was the only he was to be able to survive. He didn't really even care where he warped – he just had to get out.

Part of him was pleased – he'd never been able to warp off-planet before! The rest of him was cursing his misfortune of somehow stranding himself on a foreign planet.

That wasn't even the worst of it – drawing on such large amounts of Dark Matter had drained his energy to the point where it was impossible to move. All he could manage at that point was sleeping.

All that, as Dee would put it, sucked, but waking up in a completely unknown room wearing a bell around his midsection? That… that just took the cake (figuratively).

He still couldn't move, either. Galaxia's comfortable weight was gone from his side, and his wings were strapped closed. Not that would've been able to do much of anything much, even if they were open…

He cursed his misfortune – loudly, and with plenty of words he would never even dare breathe around Dee.

Marth was confused, to say the least. His Father groaned, rubbing his forehead. The King was uncomfortable, that much was obvious.

"You spent so much time with your mother, I… assumed you would enjoy someone other than her or your sister for company." The King explained, rubbing his forehead. Marth said nothing – true, he was depressed over his Mother's death, and true, he was lonely. But he had expected his Father to simply brush that off and tell him that men don't cry or something.

"Several of the soldiers found it, unconscious, near the forest. It's harmless – and since you seem to have a love for feminine things, I assumed it would make a good pet." The King paused, glancing at him. "Well? Do you have anything to say?"

Marth shook his head, but bowed quickly in thanks. The King sighed again, waving him away. The Prince walked away from his Father, still frowning.

Was his Father playing some sort of prank on him? For as long as he could remember, the King was always chastising him about his non-masculine nature – he flinched, remembering the time his Father caught him trying on one of Mother's old dresses. That hadn't been a pleasant experience.

Perhaps this was his Father's way of coping with Mother's death – trying to take better care of his children. He couldn't be sure – he had no idea how his Father's head worked. Nonetheless, he was curious about this creature his Father was talking about.

He quickly made his way to his room, nodding to the various servants who paused to bow to him. Even if he didn't want to talk to any of them, it was polite for him to at least respond to them.

Finally, he may it to his own room, quickly opening and closing the door. His room was just as he left it – with the exception of a strange little creature sitting in one of his chairs. He walked forward, leaning on his knees to get a better look at it.

It was small – if standing right next to him, it might reach up to his knees. It was round, and colored a rich blue that was similar to his hair. Armor covered most of it – two shoulder pads on what must be its shoulders, large purple and black armored shoes on its feet, and most noticeably was a large silver mask on its face. A large, pitch black slit was centered in the mask – that was probably where its eyes were. On its back was a pair of large, leathery bat wings that were strapped together with leather straps and metal clasps. His Father, or one of the soldiers, had apparently wrapped a bell around its head.

He reached a hand out, fingertips touching the metal mask. It was cool to the touch, and smooth. His hand drifted upwards, towards the blue area of the creature. It was skin apparently – and had both a soft and leathery feel to it. The wings were the same – he marveled at the texture. It was fascinating.

He glanced down to see pair of eyes staring at him – again, he marveled, for these eyes were unlike any he had seen. Gold, like the color of starlight, stared blankly at him. The slit gave them a slanted, angry look. He removed his hand from the large wing, leaning back on his heels.

"Hello there." His voice was rough from disuse – he hadn't spoken a word since his Mother died. "I'm Prince Marth Lowell. Do you have a name?"

The creature didn't respond, staring at him with an unreadable look in its eyes. Marth waited, but no response came. The prince sighed, standing up. He picked the creature up, marveling at how light it was, and put it down on his bed. He flopped onto the bed, rolling over to look at the strange creature. It had fallen onto its side, meeting his gaze. Chuckling softly, he picked the little creature up and sat it up so it wouldn't fall.

It was a bit unnerving how limp and yielding the creature was – could it move? Could it be a plush toy that had been animated by magic? That would explain its strange appearance, but a quick glance eliminated that idea – he could see no seams or threadwork. If he listened hard, he could hear it breathing – that took out any ideas of it being reanimated by magic.

But what was it? It resembled no creature he had ever seen. Although, he noted, it had wings similar to that of a dragon or a bat, and eyes as large as an owl. Could it have been created by magic? If so, why?

Perhaps he'd ask Elice later – she might know, being a magic user herself. He rolled over and off the bed, leaving the little creature there. Looking back, he noticed its two golden eyes following him. He sighed, entering his wash chambers and closing the door.

He felt insulted, and mildly confused. But at least this encounter answered a few questions.

This planet was inhabited, and maybe ruled, by humans. They were taller than the few that resided on PopStar and Mekkai, but it was still obviously a human.

These humans spoke a language he didn't really understand. No doubt, if he spoke, the human would not understand a word he said.

And, apparently, the blue haired human thought he was a pet of some sort. Just thinking about himself that way made him ill – he was a feared Batamon warlord! Stupid humans, taking his sword. Once he got it back, he would make them pay for this.

… Once he managed to get back enough energy to move.

With nothing else to do, he turned his gaze to a window. He couldn't see much, but from what he could tell, he was in a castle. Outside, he could see a bunch of small wisps of smoke, signifying a small village around the castle. Beyond that, a large wall. If he focused, he could see tiny little pinpricks of light – stars. The sight made his wings ache.

The door that the human had disappeared through opened, and the human walked back out, wearing a long lilac dress-like garment. The tiara that rested in the human's hair was still there – he almost snorted at how feminine this human was. Then again, for all he knew, this human could be female.

The human ran a hand through its hair, slipping under the satin white sheets and purple quilt. It reached down, picking him up (inwardly, he cursed the human's existence and promised revenge), and held him to its chest. His wings were pressed flush against soft, satin material that sent a tremor up through his body. His wings were incredibly sensitive – only natural, so he can sense air changes and such while flying. But that made them weak to attack, and even just touching them sent shivers through him.

The human pressed its chin against the top of his head, wrapping long arms around him. He felt blood rush to his face – no doubt, he was blushing brightly under his mask. Thank goodness for his armor. The bell was humiliating, but at least they didn't remove his armor.

The human's breathing grew slower, until it was soft and shallow. He figured the human was asleep – silently, he cursed the human for treating him like some sort of pet or toy. He promised himself that, once he grew stronger, he would rip this human to shreds. Top priority – mentally, he shoved Dedede down and stuck the human in the first slot.

The human let out a quiet murmur, nuzzling against his head. He twitched, staring longingly at the window.

Morning came, as usual. Marth curled against the warm body against him, nuzzling against it. Slowly, his eyes fluttered open, being drawn from the land of dreams. He glanced down at the blue and silver ball curled against his chest, frowning in confusion before the events of yesterday returned to him.

Silently, he glanced over the little creature's head to check the mask slit. Two golden eyes floated there, staring blankly ahead. His hand drifted across the creature's bound wings, feeling a soft tremor rush through the small armored creature. Those bright gold eyes flashed towards him, staring through the pitch black slit.

"Morning." He smiled at the little creature, which looked away with what sounded like an aggravated sigh. He tilted his head, rolling off his bed. He walked over to his dresser, pulling out a blue and gold tunic and a pair of long pants. Walking into the washroom, he locked the door and pulled his nightgown off.

The soft fabric dropped into a basket over yesterday's clothing. He sighed, pulling the fresh pair of pants on. The tunic slipped easily on, hiding his pale, feminine body from view. He walked out of the washroom, running a hand through his hair.

The little creature had not moved – he wondered if it could. He kneeled by the bed, and the little creature looked up at him. He smiled, standing back up and sitting the little creature so it was in a more comfortable-looking position. Walking over to a wardrobe, he grabbed a belt and strapped it on. A quick glance in the mirror assured him that his crown wasn't crooked.

Once he was sure he was prim and proper looking, he turned towards the bed. The little creature looked out at him from the corner of the mask slit, staring blankly as he walked over to it. Kneeling slightly, he picked up the little creature, smiling softly at it. He couldn't be sure because of the natural shape of the creature's mask, but he swore it was glaring at him.

"Come on, my sister ought to meet you… she might know what you are." He quietly said, holding the creature up to his face. It stared blankly at him. Sighing, he held the creature to his chest, opening his bedroom door and walking into the hall. A few passerby servants looked up, bowing, before staring in shock at the little creature he held to his chest.

He waved off their confusion, making his way pass them towards the Royal Library – no doubt, his sister would be there. She liked to spend her time sorting and decoding through the library's ancient scrolls. He couldn't quite get why, as it seemed incredibly boring to him.

He opened the immense doors to the Royal Library, stepping inside and closing the door behind him.

The Royal Library was a tall, circular room, with stained glass windows and tall stone bookshelves. There were several balconies, one for each level of the room. A circular staircase stretched to the top of the room, connected to each level's balcony. There were several large, blue cushioned chairs scattered around the room, and a few wooden tables.

He couldn't see his sister, meaning she was probably on one of the higher levels. Glancing down, he noticed the little creature he held in his arms was glancing quickly around the room, a strangely shiny look in its eyes.

"Elice? Sister, where are you?" Marth called out, looking around. There was a crash, no doubt from a pile of books falling over, and then a blue haired female poked her head over one of the higher level's railing.

"Is something wrong, brother?" she responded, echoing through the large room. Likely, she couldn't see the little creature in his arms very well – Elice had never had the best eyes, which came from too many late nights reading by candlelight.

"I would like to show you something. Can you come down?" she nodded in response, disappearing behind the railing. Marth turned, walking towards a chair next to a table. He sat down, sitting the little creature on the table.

He turned at the sound of heels against wooden steps, watching as his sister walked quickly down the stairs. His older, nigh identical sister rushed over, holding her skirts up so she wouldn't trip over them. She stopped in front of the table, finally noticing the little round creature he had sat up on the table.

"What is this creature?" she asked, cautiously leaning closer to the little creature.

"I'm not sure – Father gave it to me as a gift. He said his soldiers found it near the forest. He wasn't sure what it was either." Marth explained. His sister leaned closer to it, her nose almost touching the creature's mask. He almost chucked at the sight of the creature crossing its eyes to look at her.

Elice turned away, running up the stairs again. He watched, waiting – then she rushed down the stairs again, clutching a thick and heavy book. She laid it on the table next to the creature, and opened the heavy cover. A large plume of dust rushed out from the book, making the prince and princess cough. The creature simply continued to stare.

Elice flipped through the pages of the tomb, glancing up at the creature every once in a while. After a while, Marth stopped really paying attention. He glanced around, before inspecting his nails. A loud thunksnapped him out of his daze, rapidly looking up at his agitated-looking sister.

"There's nothing in here about this thing." She said, poking the little creature. It seemed to glare at her. "Absolutely nothing – I've compiled nearly every species, dead and otherwise, in this book. Whatever it is, it hasn't been seen before."

"Could it have been made by magic?" Marth asked, glancing at the creature's leathery bat wings. Elice pondered that for a moment, before sighing and flopping down onto the chair next to him.

"Maybe – but I'm not sure." She said. "There's something… odd about it, I can sense that much."

"Odd as in…?" he pressed for more information, leaning forward. She glanced at the creature, staring at its wings.

"Odd as in odd. As in something that doesn't belong on this world." She said, reaching out to touch the creature's wings. They twitched in response, and the creature gently shuttered.

"This thing… it could be an angel of some sort. I've read that they take many forms. Perhaps it's your guardian." She said, leaning back against the chair. She brushed a few strands out of her face, glancing at her nigh-identical brother.

"Whatever it is, it must have come to you for a reason." Elice finished, sighing. Marth was silent, staring at the little creature.

His guardian angel? The little creature didn't seem to be able to move! And didn't angels have feathery wings?

Marth sighed, rubbing his forehead. He stood up, picking the little creature up and setting it in his lap. His sister watched as he ran a hand down the creature's wing, making the little creature shutter. The sight was similar to that of someone petting a dog or a cat – except the cat or dog was a round blue creature with wings.

Neither spoke – Marth was mulling silently over his sister's words, and Elice had pulled another book out to read. Looking down, he noticed the creature's bright golden eyes had vanished, replaced by the inky blackness that dominated the rest of the slit. He sighed, running his hand over the creature's blue skin again. The texture was fascinating.

After a while, the door opened and Marth's tutor walked in, glancing around. The prince sighed, standing up and following his mentor. He carried the little creature in his arms, hoping that his mentor wouldn't make him return the creature to his room. Even if it wasn't his guardian angel, it made him feel better – well, better compared to how he was when his mother died.

He supposed that the human dragging him along was a good thing – his species was naturally very adaptive and good at copying others, and the more time he spent listening to the humans talk, the more he learned about their language. He wasn't as good at adapting as, say, Kirby, because of a genetic mutation – but he was good enough at it that he was quickly beginning to understand a few things about the humans.

Judging solely by the castle itself, he assumed that this was not a very advanced group of humans. They were even less reliant and advanced when it came to technology than Dreamland – and that was saying something. Judging by the humans, it was a monarchy-styled government – many of what appeared to be maids and butlers addressed the human as 'lord' or 'your majesty'. He hadn't translated the human's name yet, but it seemed to be similar to 'Marx' or 'Mars'.

He listened quietly to what appeared to be a lesson in what looked like mathematics – very basic mathematics, nowhere near the complexity he had been taught on Mekkai. It almost made him chuckle – what primitive humans!

He had slipped into something of a half-sleep – still listening and decoding the human's language, but asleep enough that he was slowly recovering some of his lost energy. He didn't trust the human enough to fall into a deep slumber.

After who knows how long, the human picked him up again, rousing him from his half-sleep. He glanced up at the blue haired human that had apparently deemed itself his 'owner', sleepily blinking his eyes. His mask's HUD informed him it had been several hours since he had last looked at it. He ignored it – most of his equipment had shorted out or started to malfunction after he warped himself her, including the radio. This planet wouldn't have the technology available to fix any of it, so he was on his own.

It held him to its chest, opening a door and walking out into a hall. He could only watch as he was taken back to what appeared to be the human's bedroom, and sat down on the bed. He was thankful, at least, that the human was taking care not to lay him on his delicate wings – even though the human had a habit of petting and touching them.

The human looked at him while tugging a belt tied around its waist off. It walked over to a bookcase of some sort, pulling one of the dusty tombs from its shelf, before walking back over to the bed and flopping down. He did nothing as the human tugged him into the crook of its arm. Inwardly, he was glad that ages of working with machines had pretty much destroyed his sense of smell – the humans on this planet probably didn't have showers or baths. Ugh.

It was surprisingly quiet – other than the sounds of work outside and of people walking by the door, there wasn't much in the way of sound. He appreciated the silence, but inwardly he longed for the clanking of metal against metal and the hiss of steam… It was only natural, he supposed – he grew up with those sounds, and had had them all his life. Now he was on some desolate, primitive planet with only one way home…

The human sighed, closing the book it had been reading and laying it on a nearby bed stand. It stood, walking over to what he assumed was a bathroom of some sort. Glancing outside, he noticed a few stars were beginning to shine in the rapidly darkening sky.

Time passes quickly here, he noted. It might be just him – he has been sleeping and dozing off more because of his lack of energy… but compared to a day on PopStar, this world's day felt like a matter of hours. They must orbit quickly around their star, he figured.

The door reopened, and the human walked back in. It was wearing the same lilac dress from last night – if he remembered correctly, it was called a 'nightgown'… The human walked over to him, lying down next to him and turning him so his wings were to the human's chest. He tried not to gag as the human ran a hand down his wing.

"あなたはどこから奇妙な来るのか... ...?" the human murmured, a hand drifting over the clasp holding his wings shut. 'Where did you come from, strange one…?' came the translation. The human's voice, male with a hint of a high feminine octave, was soft and sad.

The human held him close, shuttering against him. It was a strange feeling against his wings – a large, slim chest heaving behind him, and something wet like rain dripping onto his head… the human let out a choked sob, pressing its head against his.

A wave of pity rolled through him – was the human crying? Had he done something wrong? It felt… strange. Dee was the only person he had ever pitied like this, and she was a special case… Silently, he relaxed his already limp body and let the human hold him close and cry.

The sobs slowly disappeared, replaced by heavy breathing. A quick glance out of his mask's visor confirmed that the human had fallen asleep. He returned his gaze downward, glancing at the arms enclosing him like a prison. He wished he could move – very tight spaces never sat well with him. Oh well – he figured he might as well try to move. He felt a little stronger, perhaps from all the sleeping he's done.

All he managed was a wiggle, but it was enough to loosen the human's arms so he wasn't claustrophobic. Still, a victorious feeling rushed through him – he finally had managed to move! It wasn't much, but it was still something.

Now, all he had to do was wait for the rest of his strength to come back…