He discovered her- by total chance, actually.

He was on a stroll- and she was too- until she caught sight of him and he caught sight of her.

She then grabbed her skirt, and ran off, and he gave chase, unfortunately she couldn't out run him despite his armor. He wrapped an arm around her waist, hoisted her up in the air, and threw her over his shoulder despite her loud protesting, and walked back to his tower.

Darkest of Darkness

Chapter 1

"Please release me!" She yelled, as he carried her up to the top of his fortress tower, the orcs that were his minions and loyal soldiers, watched as he carried the pretty morsel to the top of his spiral staircase. "I'm sorry-! I did not know this land was yours…! I would surely have strolled elsewhere if I had!" He said nothing, continuing to carry her, before dropping her on the cold, smooth, black floor next to his throne, and then sat down with a series of heavy clanks. She sat up, two of his minions staring at him. The woman got to her feet, turned, and his right hand shot out, grappling her left wrist as she tried to leave.

"Get chains and shackles for this woman, and bind her to my chair. I don't want her to be touched other than that, I don't want her near anyone other than those in this room." He ordered and they bowed, leaving, "Sit down." He hissed, shoving her down to the floor once more and she grunted. The black-clad figure pulled her against the right side of his thrown, holding a handful of her long hair to keep her from fleeing, in his left hand and just over his left leg, stroking her head with his right hand. "It was a mistake for you to be on my land, indeed, but it must also be my lucky day since I found you." She tried to pull away from him, and yelled as he pulled her back by the hair in his left hand, "Be still if you don't want me to slit your throat." He growled,sliding the tips of his gloved right hand, just over her throat, as she panted heavily, staring down at his hand, before it went back to petting her head.

One of the people who was in when he dragged her in, someone he called his spy, Grima Wormtongue, came back, smiling toothily, handing him the collar, still warm from being forged, "I-It's made, sire- shackles too." He sneered, and her eyes widened.

"Good. Get some fur and line the inside of them- we don't want to leave scars. Come here, girl. Make a ring as well." The cloaked moan grunted, and she yelled as he pulled her into his cold lap. The coldness of his armor went straight through the material of her gown, dirtied at the hems and the ends of her long sleeves, with black charcoal from the pure granite outside of his tower where she was strolling. The iciness of his dark, silvery, Overload suit of metal was against her skin made her shiver as he played with her long locks and his metal gauntlet brushed- no- scrapped against the back of her neck. She closed her eyes tightly, wishing it was nothing but a dream, wishing she was back with her children- her children! This man seemed unreasonable, but he wouldn't let her leave her children alone, by themselves, would he?

"S…Sir-" She started, but he pulled her closer to him,

"Call me 'Master Sauron'." He murmured in her ear, and she shivered from his breath against her neck. How dare he make her degrade herself to doing such a thing!

"…Master Sauron…my children are home alone right now. Please, will you not let me see them?" She begged, and he looked at her,

"They can take care of themselves, I'm sure." He said simply, twisting her locks up into a knotted bun with his hand as Wormtongue returned with the iron collar, lined with fur. He tilted her head back a little with his fingertips under her jaw line, "This one time, I shall allow you close to her, for the sole purpose of giving her her bindings, Wormtongue." The pale-skinned, blue-eyed, black-fur robed man bowed from the honor, and clanged the collar around her frail neck, making her flinch from the sound. It was…heavy… slightly. Her hair was released and the dark figure offered her wrists to the spy, then her ankles, until she was bound. He screwed in screws to keep the shackles and collar on, but upon getting too close towards the woman who pressed her back to the man's chest to keep the spy at bay, his master would lash out at him with both hand and tongue. He grabbed her robs to pull her closer, at one point, and Sauron pulled a sword on him,

"M-My liege, it is but to put the screw in." Grima whimpered, smiling weakly and pleadingly, as she shifted in his master's lap uncomfortably. He offered his hand to Grima, who reluctantly but happily gave the screw to his master as she sheathed his blade. She tried to get out of his lap, but he grabbed the collar around her neck.

"Don't struggle, Girl." He instructed, carefully putting the screw in her collar,

"My name isn't 'Girl'." She snapped at him, as he put the screw in fully, "I-It's Drezella!" She said, and they nodded, as Wormtail offered a smaller, ring-like piece of iron- strange words carved into the outside of it, and he slipped it on her left ring finger.

"I am Sauron. Wormtongue, make sure there are clothes and extra chests in my room for her." He ordered and his spy slinked off, and he let her out of his lap, allowing her to stand. She looked at him, and he rested his cheek on his right fist, his elbow on the armrest of this cold throne, and she looked around. The room was rectangular and long- against the back short wall, was his throne, the other short wall held an open archway to a black balcony with a high railing. To her left, a long wall as to her right, but to the right of his throne was a doorway to the small hall that held another door to the spiral stair case and a closed door to somewhere else. She went straight to the balcony and looked out. The cave where her and her children lived- could be easily seen. She put her arms on the railing and looked out, laying her head on her arms. Were they still asleep? What type of dreams- were her sons and daughters dreaming? Wait- She looked down at her hands.

If…my children are sleeping in their natural forms…then why am I still in my human form!

The sun was setting and the sky was alight with dark indigoes and vibrant reds, lemon yellows, and orangey orange. How beautiful. She had never seen a sunset- the sunrise she had seen before she's vanish back to sleep the day away with her children and tuck them into bed. Her world of darkness and stars would soon arrive- and maybe, she could go home. Home. Where her children slept deeply and she slept with them, in the back of the cave. What type of mother was she for leaving them alone? She looked back at Sauron, who looked at her, only one word on her mind and tongue, "Why?"

"I stand there everyday, and see you everyday, around the same time. You walk around a bit, and vanish back into that cave of yours. I took a chance." He responded confidently, before turning back to Grima and taking up a matter they were discussing. Of course- he had to practice her human form, never having time to practice when she took care of her children, until she woke up and stepped out, before going back in to wake them up and start their day. The sun sunk beneath the dark mountains, and her heart races, as the last rays- shone into her cave and light up hundreds of pairs of sparkling, black eyes. Shrieks filled the air, but she knew what they meant, as her children cried for her and the two behind her looked up. "What is that noise?" The shrill shrieks of her children, sounds demons only made, sounds that you'd only imagine by combing hawk caws and bat screeching. Sounds that made things go bump in the night. She tried to tug the collar off, the shackles on her ankles and her wrists. These bindings- she wondered if they were what kept her in this tight form. She tried harder, falling to her knees on the balcony, as the sun vanished completely. She laid her forehead against the high railing as they called for her longingly. She couldn't call back- these human vocal cords didn't hold the notes that she was born to sing, and she could say nothing. "The Sun is down. Drezella, come." He ordered her around like a dog. She got to her feet, and grabbed the railing, putting herself up, putting her feet on it, and jumped off. Sauron caught her ankle at the last moment and she screamed loudly, "LET GO!" Her Children hear her yelling, before she yelled as loud as she could- making a small note in the singing voice that her children called to her with.

They burst into the newly born night, and spiraled into the sky, before darting to the tower balcony and Sauron tried to put her up. She grabbed his wrist with her hands, glaring at him, her eyes glowing as she dug her nails into his armor and skin. She his a soft spot and he dropped her, Grima watching with him, as she fell- before she vanished. A large, black, bat-like creature, with no feathers but a long serpentine body and large wings, held her in its claw. It shrieked at the black fury of its kin, all held huge wings with large wingspans, each finger of their wings tipped with a claw, as were the tops, like bats'. The others shrieked, and they flew back to their cave- taking Sauron's new pet with them. They vanished and Sauron found it impossible to enter the cave, now, at night, and during the day it was harder- he could barely get close.


They licked her and nipped at her wrists and ankles, trying to remove the shackles. The poison of these- industrial things- seeped into her skin. It made her tired, and she lay down in the back of the cave, in her bed of rock, and they crowded around her. "I'm too tired…let me sleep." They gnawed at her wrists and ankles, trying to save her. "Leave me- sleep- hunt- eat. I will be fine." They growled lowly, "I am too tired to hunt- bring me something fresh, please, but stay far from the tower of dark- it is poison to us, as you see." They whimpered, but left the den as she laid there- only one of her children, remaining. The runt of her little, a weak, small, pale-skinned son. He lay next to her, giving her his warmth, "You mustn't lay next to me. You will be poisoned too." She told him, and he scooted closer to her. "My Averic- I love you no matter how different you are, and I am sorry that I birthed you to be the butt of your siblings' jokes." He nipped her shoulder,

"You're talking like you're dying, Mama." Averic murmured to her, "Why are you still in this form? Why don't you die in our form?" She shook her head and pointed to the shackles. "Who did this to you?"

"A man named Sauron in the black tower- I went out for a walk and he scooped me up and shackles me." She neglected to tell them how roughly he treated her, leaving that part out.

"Maybe he has some sort of- tool- to break your shackles? Would he let us borrow it?"

"Stay away from him, Averic, he is a cold man. He'll capture you too for your hide. He won't offer you a deal that you won't regret, my child." She told him, coughing. "Go hunt like your brothers and sisters."

"…Alright mother. Stay warm." He answered reluctantly, and left the den, his brothers and sisters finding their food in the woods- but Averic flew to the balcony his brother had retrieved their mother from, landing on it stealthily. The archway was big enough for him- but too small for his brothers and sisters, and he slipped in. A man in silvery armor sat in the throne in front of him, a black man next to him and a white wizard to his other hand side. He looked at the man in the throne- he looked like he was in charge- then grabbed the black robbed Grim, and he yelled.


"Shut up, Human, I'm not hurting you!" Averic hissed, dropping Grima and putting his foot on top of him, "Listen- my mother is drying because of your metal shackles and collars you put on her wrists and neck! I want you to take them off."

"You're her child?" The wizard asked, and Averic lowered his head,

"I'm only one of hundreds. Is there some tool I can use to take them off?"

"I will remove them if you bring her back to me and let her stay here."

"No. Allow me to borrow the tool and give my mother life again." Averic hissed, lowering his foot on Grima who yelped and groaned. "This is a human in your service? Do you not care for him?"

"No, I don't. Look." The man said, holding up a small key, "This is the key to the screws. If I put it in the screws, the shackles and collar can be removed. I just need her here- and she can't leave." Averic thought about this, though smarter than his brutish and savage siblings, he was not much of a decision maker. He lifted his foot, allowing Grima to squirm away and back to his master's side.

"She…will not be harmed…if she stays here?" Averic questioned, and he shook his head, "Your word that she will not be harmed or forced into anything without her consent, is something I have little trust in- I will take you to our den, you and your key, and you may speak to Mama, but you will come unarmed." He stood and disarmed himself, letting his weapons clatter to the cold floor, in front of his own eyes, and against the wizard's protests. "I see. Get on then." He murmured in somewhat defeat, lowering his neck to let the man on. When he had climbed on, he shot out the window, and shrieked, his brothers and sisters responding from the cave, before he flew in and Sauron's vision went dark.

It was a narrow entrance but gave away to an enormous and spacious cavern that held Drezella at the back, on a flat, long, granite rock, and hundreds of the bat-like creatures that Averic was, but bigger, stronger, and meaner. They hissed and growled as Averic let Sauron down from his neck, and to the floor. "Averic…" His mother murmured, and his brothers threw themselves in front of her, growling. "He holds the key to the screws in your bindings." His siblings hushed and moved away from the man, as he walked forward, making a small, narrow path. Drezella looked at Averic. "I told you- to leave him alone, but you'd rather sign my death in the blood of your own selfish actions, than to listen to me, wouldn't you, Averic?" Her words stung him and made him cringe, and his siblings looked at him with scorn. "Do not look at him in such a way, my children- he was only trying to help, despite my hypocritical words; I wrongly sought to blame someone for my frustration." Averic went over to her and laid his head upon her lap