The Darkest of Darkness

Chapter 6

"How dare you come into my territory and show such reckless abandon!" Sudet flinched at her words, "And you try to kill one of my children? What demon taught you the mannerisms such as these?"

"My apologies." Sudet said quietly, and Drezella loomed over him,

"Your actions are inexcusable, disgraceful, and I've had enough of you. You are banished from Gashvudal, and any ideas of an 'Alliance' you should forget." Drezella said icily, and Sudet flinched, in the witness of all her children. They watched as Sudet narrowed his eyes.

"Drezella, you will regret showing me such hostility." Sudet growled, rising into the air, and leaving. The fell beasts looked at their mother, who scoffed and turned from where Sudet had once been.

"We found him…trying to kill a human." Mortis told her, and she looked at him.

"How did a Human get in? The outer walls have already been constructed and the only way in is through the Sky Doors." Drezella said, Mortis shaking his head,

"He may have brought them in, is what we're thinking, but that's impossible. He never left." Mortis said bluntly, Drezella blinking before she frowned. "What is it that troubles you, mother?"

"Long ago- our people were divided into several groups. There was a group of ancient kin, that could change brother to foe, but they've been dead for millenia. They were called 'Searchers'. They sought out the strongest, that's all I know." Drezella said, sighing, "Take Sauron back, I must rest." Mortis and another brother of his nodded to her words, and flew to the catacombs. "I want 10 of you, in your towers. Close the Sky Doors." 10 of her children left through the sky doors and closed them quickly, her others making sure that Gashvudal was perfect as their mother laid down in one of the rooms.

"Come here, human!" Mortis growled, and grabbed Sauron roughly.

"Let go of me." Sauron snapped, Mortis set him on his brother's back and they flew off,

"Mother ordered us to take you back." Mortis said bluntly, "Stop struggling, you'll fall." Sauron adjusted himself on the other fell beast's back, and his eyes were blindfolded by Mortis, who ties the blindfold with his feet. "We'll drop you at your tower."

"What of your mother? If she ordered this, why not take me herself?" Sauron demanded,

"The stranger, Sudet, cursed our mother, and she must stay at Gashvudal. She cannot leave, or she'll bring the curse upon the lands she crosses. Staying in one place and waiting for him to take his vendetta is the best choice, and she knows this. It's the price of being a parent, I suppose."

"And if she dies? What then?" Sauron retorted, Mortis groaning.

"With her dying breath, she will say one of our names and we will become the leader. Then, we'll have to find a mate to reproduce with." Mortis said bluntly. "Simple." They eventually arrived at Mordor and set Sauron on the balcony of his tower, removing the blindfold from him. They flew off, and left him be.

~O~ Gashvudal ~O~

The guard had voluntarily increased, and Drezella slept in her natural form. The guard fell to a sightless enemy, and the Sky Doors were forced open. An alarm was sounded- the various gongs of large bells, and her children rushed into Drezella's room. "What's going on?"

"Sudet." They said, locking a Dominion collar around her neck, pulling open a door on the floor that lead to the new Catacombs. They shut it, and covered the door up, as she defiantly hid. Shrieks filled the air as she peeked out from the doors and saw the worst thing she'd ever seen. Another fell best, the same color as Sudet, touched her son with a glowing claw.

Drezella watched, as her child turned from a glorious, beautiful fell beast- into a human- and fell to the ground. She shut the door, clamping a hand around her mouth, and withdrawing. "Oh, Drezella, I know you're in here." The doors were thrown open and Sudet looked down t her, "A dominion collar- that helps me, but not you." Sudet purred, and grabbed her with a foot, before leaving the citadel she slept in, and worked so hard to make. "I can't breath fire like you, but I'll put you to work for me." Drezella yelled as he darted out of Gashvudal.

Mortis growls and ripped the throats of Sudet's minions out barbarically, looking up and watching the enemy fly off holding his mother. With a shriek, Mortis propelled into the air, slamming into Sudet, who barked and dropped his mother. With a roar, Mortis dug his teeth into the soft flesh of Sudet's neck, and the two wrestled toward the ground. Drezella struggled with the collar, as Morti's tail lashed out, she grabbed it and slammed it into her collar, releasing it.

In a quick moment, Sudet gabbed her, and the collar, before pushing himself away from Mortis. Snapping the collar on her neck, he tightened he grip on her, fighting her son. "Enough of your games, worm!" Sudet roared, and kicked him with a glowing foot. Mortis roared and changed into a human, and fell to the earth as Sudet roared victoriously. "Watch, Drezella! Watch as your son dies! This is the result of you banishing me." Sudet growled. Drezella, indeed, watched as her son fell into the tree tops of the forest below and vanished. "Your kingdom is riddles with once-beast humans now, Queen Drezella. Come- let's go to my home." Sudet purred darkly, before flying away.

~O~ Mordor ~O~

"My lord, there's someone at the gates, begging for your audience." Saurman said, Sauron lowering his head, "He and the person with him say it's about Drezella." Sauron perked,

"Bade them entry!" Sauon demanded, and the gate was opened enough for the one horse they rode on. The hose was stopped and the two wandered into and up the tower, Sauron standing at the top of the staircase to greet them.

They were two men. One held long, black hair that went to his calves, the other, had mid-neck length platinum blonde hair. The black haired one has sharp, grey eyes, and the other had eyes of the deepest green. They loosely held thing sheets around them, "How do you know of Drezella?" Sauron demanded suspiciously,

"We are her sons!" The black-haired one snapped, "I am Mortis, and this, Averic. The intruder in our home- Sudet- is a member of an ancient race of our kind ran took our beast forms. Now, we are stuck like this, in these worthless human bodies, and he stole our mother as well!" Mortis snapped.

"If we had hid her in the Old Catacombs, I doubt she would have gotten stolen…" Averic murmured, and Mortis growled, "Shut your mouth!" Sauron looked at them, before looking at Saurman.

"Bathe and clothe these two- they're guests." Sauron instructed, before turning away from them, "Feed them if they wish it- let them stay in their mother's room." Saurman didn't look happy with the task handed to him,

"Do you despise our mother, human?" Mortis asked, gripping the sheet around him, "Then tell us, so we will consider you a foe and not burden you." Saurman hesitated, as Sauron looked at him.

"I will do as you say, my lord Sauron." Saurman said, and Sauron left to get a horse,

"I want my wraith here! My wraith was nice to me…" Averic murmured sadly,

"To be cared for by servants of Sauron, how pitiful, even for the request of a 2nd generation servant?" Mortis mused aloud, looking at his brother, who sighed, the wizard leading them away to a bathing room, and shoved them both in, Grima appearing.

"I will assist you two," Grima offered, and they looked at him,

"You are the one who kissed up to our mother." Averic said, and Mortis huffed, "These bodies are new to us, but it is WE who will control them!" Mortis slipped on the sleekness of the floor and fell head first into the bath. He surfaced and spewed out water in a arch, from between his lips, hair over his face and covering him. "Maybe…we could use some assistance." Mortis admitted stubbornly, and Averic slowly lowered himself into the bath, "Thank you for the offer." Grima smiled and bowed, Sauron appearing in the room.

"Did he do this to your mother as well?" Sauron asked curiously, and Averic shook his head, as Grima scrubbed shampoos and oils into Mortis's dirty hair from the long trek. Mortis hissed moodily every now and then, but didn't give much other objection to the bathing.

"A few of our sibilings- roughly, make, 6 or 7 percent? Our eldest were on guard- we don't know what happened to them." Averic said, Mortis grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling him over. "Ahh!" Avric yelped, before Mortis started nibbling on his shoulder, and spitting into the bath.

"What In the world are you doing?" Saurman asked, Mortis glared at him.

"Cleaning my brother! What does it look like?" Mortis hissed, before Saurman his him in the head with butt of his staff, "Ahh! To hell with you, Wizard!"

"That' what sponges are for, boy." Saruman scolded, but Mortis scoffed and slid his tongue up Averic's neck and licked her in there.

"Ahh- These new bodies are extremely sensitive." Averic observed, before laughing. Mortis only earned himself another staff butt to the head. Mortis grumbled and massaged shampoo into Averic's new scalp of hair, begrudgingly, but affectionately. Mortis shook his own hair after Grima poured a bucket of water over his head.

"Pfft! The water tastes strange on my tongue!" Mortis complained, coughing up bubbles.

"How did you and your brother clean yourselves before?" Sauron asked, and Mortis nipped his wrist and other itchy arts of his body.

"Roll around in the beds of rivers to get the most of it off, then lick the superficial things off. If it were deep wounds, we'd spit into them, before rolling around in the lake. We'd scrape off large chunks from each other with our wings and teeth." Averic said, "Mortis, your hair is pretty."

"Your hair is slightly appealing as well, brother." Mortis said unenthusiastically, as Grima pulled a comb through it, "I have a woman's hair, you have a boy's…"

"Hahaha, maybe you were a woman in a past life?" Averic laughed, before Mortis jumped on him and attempted to choke him with strangely long black nails in sharp, black curves. "Agh!" After they settles down, the two were clothes and given horses to ride. "Waaah, my back hurts."

"Stop crying, Averic, the horse's back probably hurts as well." Mortis said bluntly, Sauron next to them, "Sudet flew away from us, but he mentioned something about fire when he took our mother. He may be trying to make something." Mortis told Sauron.

"Make the horse go faster, Mortis!" Averic whined, His brother's arm around his waist. "Hush, you!" Mortis growled sternly.

~O~ Elsewhere ~O~

Sudet latched a heavy metal collar around her neck and chains attached to the collar, groaned, as they pulled up the long neck of her natural form. "These need smelting and what not, my dear Drezella." Sudet purred, and she glared at him, before blowing fire in his face. She glared at him,

"You're spineless and despicable. You're a disgrace…to your kind." Drezella growled, the poison of industrial things, slowly seeping into her pores.

"Only Queens breath fire. This is an industrial age, and I'm making my way in it, and I have need of your flaming breath." Sudet purred, "And thanks to this metal device, anytime I want it, you have no choice but to give me what I want." Drezella looked down sadly "You'll die from the poison before anyone finds you, but by then, I'll have more than enough weapons and armor, forged from your fire." Drezella tried to split him with her tail, but every part of her was chained, and she hung in mid-air.

"Then with my last breath, my fire will peel your flesh from your muscles and your bones." Drezella promised him. Sudet laughed,

"Of course, of course, but time to work." Sudet ordered, pulling on a chain, and she belched fire to melt whatever was in the smelter in front of her. "You'll die here." Sudet laughed and walked off. A small bat, hung near her, and she whispered to it. In the dark language of her kin, she spoke her situation to him, and he flew off.

The bat latched on to the closest hawk, and the words from her lips, transcended the bat's, and went into the hawk's, before the hawk flew off in search of those she sought for. With the bat's intelligence and the hawk's eyes, they searched for anyone she knew. In her dark tongue, she had told them both their images, and they dived down to the first one they saw- Sauron.

"Ah! It's a bat!" Mortis said, the bat flying to Mortis as he pulled his horse to a stop. It squeaked and shrieked in his ear, before latching back onto the hawk and they flew off. "It seems- my mother has been chained by metal. You'll need reinforcements, Human." Mortis growled, Averic digging his nails into Mortis's side. "His fortress is so strong for three alone, and we are not experienced in sword play nor battlefield tactics." Sauron looked at them, looking to the east. "He will take you of your strength, kill you, and pour the blood of your fresh corpse on our mother to curse her, if you go without a plan an upon impulse and the over run of emotion alone."

"Do you think you have wisdom, boy?"

"Not in the slightest, but I know you are a fool. My mother would not stand beside a fool, even if it were to save her life and children. I know what you want, and I now know why my mother denies you." Mortis growled, and Averic grabbed the reigns of the horse.

"Mortis, don't patronize him. We must go back and salvage what's left of Gashvudal." Averic told him, and Mortis growled agreeably. The horse neighed and ran in the direction of their siege-ridden home. Sauron, was left alone.

~O~ Gashvudal ~O~

"A quarter of our race, is HUMAN!" Mortis snarled angrily, two other people in the room. Averic, and the first daughter of Drezella, Anhkzu (ah-knock-zoo). "That Sudet- has gone too far!"

"I…did not know he was a searcher…" Anhkzu murmured softly with a voice of chimes gently tingling in the wind. "What will we do?"

"The bat said that, in exchange for helping her, mother would stay by his side, but we cannot let her do such a thing." Averic said, as Mortis laid out a map of middle earth.

"Here, is where the bat said it came from." Mortis said, pointing to the mountains, "Mordor is Sauron's land, and we are here, not too far from where mother is. Sauron will have to take time that we're not willing to give him, to even get within our land's border's. 5 days- and it will take us 1 or two, depending on if the humanized of us will ride their kin's backs or desire horses." Mortis murmured, rubbing his chin and shaking his head, "We have nothing."

"We have brute force indeed, but we don't know tactics, and the humanized are useless to us if they don't know how to fight. We need to learn, and if Sauron is the only teacher available, then it will have to be so. What of you, Anhkzu?"

"I believe that if our women wish to fight, they fight. If not, they stay inside the glass and black granite barrier of our home." Ahnkzu answered, her brothers nodding, as she hugged her nude body. Clothes? Humanized, they held no shame to cover themselves. "I will train the women." They nodded, and Ahnkzu looked up, "Is there no way we can save mother from this fate?" They looked at her,

"If we had a replacement who would stand next to the Human so that mother could escape, maybe. But they'll need to look exactly like Mother, or at least have their face covered if not." Averic said, Ahnkzu looked down, hugging herself tighter,

"I…I'll do it." She said boldly, her brothers looking at her, "I will take mother's place."

"You'll have to stay with him- and you can't leave." Mortis pointed out, Averic nodding, and she shook her head, tossing her jet locks from side to side.

"It doesn't matter. I've brought enough shame by being a Human any way. I cannot fly any longer, but I can do this one favor for our mother." Ahnkzu said, looking up feebly, "I have- never been the strongest of willed, but, I will try to steel myself for what is to come." They hesitated,

"Then we must mold you within her image and convince her that you are the better companion for this monstrosity." Averic said, and she nodded, determination swirling in the depths of her grey eyes. "Your eyes are not the color that mother's are, thus, we may not be in the best of positions." Ahnkzu looked down sadly, "I think we can find someway to hide this from him, though. You should leave and let us think of a battle plan." Ahnkzu nodded, walking off, as she wondered why she had offered herself up like that.