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Drezella, Queen and Mother of the Fell Beasts, has been captured by Sudet, a Fell Beast of a separate origin whose clan was known for hunting and killing their own kind by changing them into Humans. Instead of changing her, Sudet uses Drezella's ability as a Queen Fell Beast, to help himself progress into the Industrial Age of Middle Earth, so that he can further kill his kind with their only weakness- Iron.

Before the capture, in exchange for helping her fight Sudet, Drezella promised herself to be wed to Sauron. Unable to accept such an arrangement, her children have devised a plan to use Ahnkzu, the first female child of Drezella, as a substitute for their mother. Ahnkzu, turned human by Sudet, has reluctantly accepted the responsibility so that the bloodline will not be 'tainted with human blood'.

Darkest of Darkness

Chapter 7

As her brothers made a plan with the Human, Ahnkzu watched him from one of the towers. She embedded the mannerisms he portrayed into her memory, kept a close eye on his preferences, and noticed he cared more for her mother than he did himself. Well, he did care for himself, but he showed to them that the line between 'vain' and 'self less' would be easily crossed if their mother was involved. She stood up, before going to her mother's room and pulling down one of the human dresses she wore.

The velvet of it was strange and foreign to her finger tips, but it was soft and comforting to her. The sweet but bitter smell of her mother's scent wafted around the room and its contents, though mostly bare. The windows were shut and the doors were kept closed, since it was a place of no unauthorized entry.

This life of bitter-sweetness that her mother lived, day in and day out, was a life Ahnkzu herself could never stand to live. The sacrifices their mother made, seemed astronomical to what she told them. The small bits that were told, were crumbs, compared to the truth. This was a life that she'd have to learn to live flawlessly and deftly, but she could never do something like that. She held no children, and thus, knew nothing of motherly love.

The Human, over time, she would have to care for him. Her mother looked down upon the Human, and cared more for dirt than him. She walked with an air of unwavering determination and the aura of one who could not be tamed. Ahnkzu was feeble, and easily pushed around. Even if Ahnkzu could copy such things, she could not hold up the façade for long. How could she? "What ails you, Sister?" She whipped around, Mortis standing not too far away. "Are you frightened that you cannot change your tainted past for a pure one?" Ahnkzu glared at him, as he slowly walked around her in a wide circle, like some type of demonic vulture that preyed only upon her weaknesses. "Or, could it be that you have no intention of being any kind of help to your own family? You want this only to be an excuse so that you can run away?" She stood up, clutching the dress,

"Shut up, you vile creature! How dare you even suggest such things. I would never abandon the clan!" Mortis sneered at her response and drew closer to her, making Ahnkzu step back even as he took a tress of her hair into his finger tips.

"Oh, really?" Mortis questioned, staring her in the eyes, "Well, considering you and Mother are two sides of different coins, and there are other women of our clan who are willing to do the same. You are insignificant, and thus, you can always choose to run from the Human and from the clan, leaving us at the only choice left- war. You will turn your backs upon us, Sister. I know you will. You are the unappreciative parasite on the underbelly of the clan." Ahnkzu's pupils shrunk, and she started shivering, as he slowly walked around her, fingertips gently dragging across her skin, "Now, when we are at our weakest, still, we read the ancient scriptures for something to salvage this outrageous deal that the Mother has promised, but we do not intend to keep. You've offered your body to the Human- do you understand this? You will be the wife of the man who can eliminate the clan, and therefore, must do his bidding for the safety of the clan."

"I-I understand this…" Ahnkzu murmured, her brother putting his hands on her shoulders.

"We have set up a sort of…going away ritual… for you, Ahnkzu. It's a bit primal, considering it was found in the archives. You are to be branded with the clan's symbol and it is to be burned into the human flesh of your body, since its now what you have." Mortis grinned sadistically, pinching her. Ahnkzu yelped, as Mortis sneered, "That's the Human's pain receiver. Its a lot higher than ours and more sensitive. We'll be burning the flesh and it will hurt, but since you can be replaced by many more women of our clan-"

"I do not want to be replaced." She exclaimed, and he continued to walk around her, "I want to let the clan know I'm reliable- mother too!" Mortis sneered,

"The Human left for his home. So we'll be expecting you to accept the ritual in a few minutes. Don't worry, it should be…quite exhilarating." He said, before leaving her there, shaking, before she collapsed to her knees. That bastard Mortis. She began crying, hugging the dress to her face, letting her tears of bitter hatred fall into them.

Mortis stood on the other side of the doors, looking down, arms crossed over his chest, "Sorry, Ahnkzu. It was the only way to get you to become like mother." He said quietly, before walking off.

~O~ Elsewhere ~O~

Hot flames licked at the smelters, melting metals into weapons of destruction and conquer, as Sudet watched. "Tired, Drezella?" He asked snarkily, walking on a bridge just in front of her jaws, as she glared at him. Her jaws were chained shut in between heating the smelter. She exhaled in his direction, the heat of her flames still in the steam from her throat and he chuckled. "Poor Drezella, wrapped in industrial iron and chains. Are you sad?" He leaned over the railing on the bridge, "If you promise to marry me and be my mate, then I'll loosen your chains. You'll live a much more chain-free life."

"Not in a million years." She grumbled angrily, "Come closer. I'll melt you too." Sudet laughed loudly, looking down at her,

"You're not going to get a chance like that, my dear." Sudet smiled, "I'll kill you before I let you out of here." With that, she watched him walk off. She glanced back, as her tail slowly slid out from it's tail clamp, and she grinned, before she slid it back inside. She was slowly losing strength, but if she hadn't purified her body in the realm of the elves, she would be dead. What of Sauron? How was she to fulfill that promise to him that she made? That thought was pushed from her head, since she was in this situation and this was what her thought process should be focused on. But somewhere inside of her, it felt like she was in pain.

If I die here, then my children would be in the safe hands of our Kingdom. She thought, closing her eyes, Ah, not the best way to die, but at least they'll be safe. Well, not unless Sudet is dead. She opened her eyes, clicking her tongue, If I can get past these bonds, I have enough…yes…I have enough to kill him. Drezella yelled as her tail was pulled on, forcing flames from her throat to warm the cold smelter of metal, to boiling lava, which moved away from her as she panted from the pain. It was beginning to become numbing, as she looked back. Bats flocked around the shackles of her ankles. Her mind drifted.

The meadows of her childhood, floated to her mind. Her hands running along the tall grass and cattails, as the wind swayed them. Her other sisters laughing, playing, smiling. One of them looked over, long, shining blonde hair dancing in the wind. Almia. The eldest of them. These sweet memories always turned into nightmares, so, Drezella opened her eyes to save herself the trouble of the agony she knew was coming. She wanted to relax and be carefree like she was once upon a time, but that dream, too, seemed too far away.

Her jaws were forced open once more and she was once again forced to belch more flames to serve her horrid captor. She didn't want this life to continue on forever. The bats were slamming themselves into her shackles. Stupid creatures. If only she could shuffle her feet to move them, but the best thing was to stay still. She needed to collect herself and remain silent and still. But how long could she keep it up?

~O~ Gashvudal ~O~

Ahnkzu taught the humanized females how to fight as Sauron taught the humanized males how to do the same, glancing over to see her own sloppy movements. He paused and crossed the room to her section, roughly grabbing her wrists as she yelped in surprise. "Hands off!" She snapped, but he ignored her,

"Your movements are sloppy and untrained." He grunted, loosening his grip, "You're swinging the sword around like a child. You need to put power into your strokes. Raise it up and drop it down. Disciplined, even strokes- not wild and unpredictable." He told her, helping her make the correct strokes and the other women followed. When he had his fill of helping her, he went back to assisting his own portion of the humanized Fell Beasts and Ahnkzu stood there, blushing.

This was the arrogant human she was to stand beside in her mother's place? She continued her regimen with her side and let them have a break to recover their strength and she glanced over at Sauron. "Big Sister's looking at the Human-" One of her younger sisters said and Ahnkzu blushed violently, "For a human male, he's probably the very best male to chose…" "But his attitude is so rotten!" "Such arrogance will surely doom his bloodline before it bears successful successors!" Fell Beats, in general, were family oriented but they were also successor-oriented as well. Strong females breed Queen Fell Beats, who were often the products of Clan Leaders mating or the first son or daughter of them mating. The stronger the mates the stronger the off-spring. "He had quite a few muscles." "Lots of Scars." "Perhaps metals of victory?" Sauron gave his own regimen a break and walked over to Ahnkzu and her females, "He's approaching!" "Look busy." The girls chattered amongst themselves wordlessly and behind held up hands as he stopped in front of Ahnkzu.

"The way you teach these women to fight will only get them killed." Sauron said bluntly, crossing his arms and Ahnkzu twitched, "Tell me, where did you learn these moves from?"

"I do them from memory." She said fearlessly, "Of watching my mother practice." Sauron tilted his head slightly "So, please overlook my sloppy movements, MY LORD." She said and the girls hushed at the challenged issued by their secondary Alpha Female. "I never once was allowed to be taught such skills so I had to learn them myself and I'm only slow because I'm a lousy teacher."

Sauron was silent for a while before he said, "When I retrieve your mother I will ensure you all are properly educated. If women must be on the battlefield, then they can't discredit their families." He turned and started walking off before she yelled at him to wait and he turned back,

"Human, we may all be human now, but my mother is still the mother of us all." Ahnkzu said and she clenched her fists, "She's strong but she's still a woman! Are you sure that you'll stand beside her after all of this is over?" She questioned him and Sauron was quiet.

"Your mother will be my woman after all of this and no one but me will have her." He answered haughtily and she huffed as her sisters blushed,

"It's strangely romantic…" "His possessive dominance." "He really does seem like he's be fit to be a Fell Beast King…" The girls muttered amongst themselves as Ahnkzu looked back at them, "Perhaps We should make him some battle armor to bring him luck when he goes to fetch Mother?" "We should sing the Song of Battle as then men leave…The Human is right." "We have children to harbour, we can't risk our lives on a battlefield-" Ahnkzu snapped,

"Stop talking like that!" The males of her clan standing up at the sudden disturbance, distressed that perhaps another fight may erupt between the hostile females. It had happened recently ever since Sudet walked through their home, and when enraged they fought like no other and even the men had troubles pulled them apart. "If Mother can stand the sight of a battlefield then can we not as well? We have been conditioned for such things by our ancestors and we cannot just stay low! If there is a victory to be won then we must use our own hands to win it!" She declared and the girls yelled out in agreement, fired up and the men settled down.

"The women sure are spontaneous today." One of them said and Mortis chuckled, "Women are always like that." Averic blushed faintly, "Our women sure are spunky." Averic got up and Sauron watched him as he left the room. All the men of this household were vastly troublesome and were problematic for Sauron if he ever expected to reign Supreme with their mother at his side. Though Averic seemed to mind his own mostly and it was odd. The more Sauron dwelt on her family, the more images of Drezella wafted into his train of thought.

The glitter of her long, silver hair, the smolder of her crimson eyed gaze that sent even his most loyal servants running with their slight tinge of animalistic savagery. The command of her presence even the color of her mauve lips. A long thought popped up and ruined this for him though; Someone else looks upon Drezella the same way. Sauron's temper flared at the thought of that knave, Sudet, being near her. He looked upon her the same way, as if trying to court the woman Sauron had gotten to first. Like she was some princess a beast had captured and here came some arrogant prince to save her. Sauron's mood only darkened as his mind threw these thoughts of malice into his mind's eye instead of the soft-hued ones of her.

He would get her back. No matter the cost. A hundred of his men, or all of her children, he would have her and she would be beside him, as she had promised. For eternity and for the rest of time, he'd have her. Sauron walked off, needing a moment to himself, remembering the phantom of her touch. Dreezella pulled from him, vivid and alive and more defiant than the fires of Hell, but when Sauron reached out to grab her and pull her back his clawed gauntlets grabbed nothing. They simply swiped through the phantom illusion of his sleepless daydream as she vanished like the wisp his tired mind had created to sooth him. Though that plan had backfired, it did fuel a more heated motivation to retrieve her as soon as possible. His sanity seemed to hang in the balance now.