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Basic, Sorta Quickie Sum: Viola has been keeping a journal since she arrived in Virginia with Wessex. It's way better than it sounds. Trust me... By the way, Will/Viola.

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Dear Journal,

This is my first entry. Nurse has given me you as a wedding present.

A month and a half ago, I was married, performed a play (illegally) opposite the man I love (indeed not Wessex!) broke his heart (and my own), spoke with the Queen of England, and Wessex and I began our journey to Virginia. I believe God will not forgive me (even though He is so merciful) for I had entered Heaven during my time with Will. I suppose His jurisdiction is that I should wander in Hell for the rest of my mortal years. I am nearly glad of it. Perhaps the flaming brimstone will distract me from my true torture. Oh dear, Wessex is coming. (I shall never refer to him as my husband.) He strongly opposes my writing. But, I shall write soon.

- Viola de Lesse

- Viola Shakespe

- Viola Wes

- Viola