Chapter 1: What The Hell

It had been years since Gumao had been dealt with for good, and it turned out that once Kougaiji's mother was un-cursed, he was more than willing to help the Sanzo party since Sanzo and Hakkai were the ones who had found a way to lift the curse. Goku and Lirin were now adults, had had started to think of each other in ways Kougaji was not happy about. Of course, Kougaji knew he could not stop his stubborn little sister, so rather than try he simply settled for watching them carefully on dates. He started chaperoning after Lirin came back to the castle after a date looking very disheveled, but he was unable to prove that anything had happened. The chaperoned dates at Kougaji's house worked until Lirin got slick and was caught with Guko in a very embarrassing intimate moment. Kougaji was pissed. He dragged Goku back home after seriously mangling him, and after that Goku and Lirin started dating secretly. Hakkai was not happy about this and constantly tried to deter Goku from Lirin – though he knew what it would be like for Goku to leave her, we was worried about what could happen if they continued to meet behind Kougaji's back.

One day, when Goku had just come back from another date, Hakkai cornered him and the kitchen and questioned him.

"Are you going to see Lirin again? Don't you remember what happened last time?" He asked exasperated – his patience and energy both greatly worn down from worrying about Goku.

Goku, being too stubborn to listen, just replied with a rude "So?" and pushed past him.

Hakkai let his head drop to the counter with a soft sigh once he had left the room. It hurt him terribly to try to break up Goku and Lirin, but he could not bear the thought of losing Goku to Kougaji's revenge. They had gotten too close to that already on countless adventures. He couldn't lose yet another person who was so close to him.

Gojyo knew how much Goku's stubbornness was affecting Hakkai. He gave the healer a squeeze on the shoulder as he passed as a small sign of reassurance, before he went into the next room to try his hand at convincing Goku.

"This isn't worth losing your life over, Goku."

Goku, infuriated by this, sharply replied back, "I love Lirin - I'm not going to give up just because her brothers a prick."

Hakkai and Gojyo realized that they were fighting a losing battle, and appealed to Sanzo, hoping the master of the monkey could help him see reason. Sanzo was already irritated from a nasty argument with Kougaiji over how he'd better keep Goku away from Lirin, or the entire Sanzo party's lives would be forfeit, went after Goku.

"I'm not helping you if Kougaji decides to kill you- If you get caught again, you're screwed."


Goku went to see Lirin again for one of their dates at the palace because Kougaiji never has and never trust Goku. As they were having dinner, Kougaiji went off to his room, suddenly extremely tired. When he woke up he realized that he had left them alone and questioned a maid on their whereabouts, who said they were in Lirin's room.

Kougaiji now was really pissed. He bolted to Lirin's room, worried about what they could be doing, and threw the door open to see one thing that makes him start seeing red. Lirin wasn't wearing anything from the waist up and Goku wasn't either - Lirin even had his pants half way off. Kougaiji yelled "What the hell?", and before the teens could blink he had already dragged Goku out of the room by the throat.

Six hours after Goku left someone banged on the door, nearly breaking it down. Hakkai looked at the others before slowly opening it. It was Kougaiji and he was carrying a really beaten up, almost dead Goku .Sanzo practically yelled "What the hell did that idiot do this time?" None of them missed the worry for for Goku that Sanzo tried to mask.

Kougaiji throws Goku in the in room not caring where he landed, and no one dared to approach him just yet, unsure of what Kougaji might do, though Hakkai began to assess his injuries as much as he could from a distance. Kou looked at the conscious members of the Sanzo party, his eyes full of a murderous rage as he warned them, "Tell that little bastard to keep his hands off my sister, or he dies." Then he shot a glare that even terrified Sanzo himself, Slammed the door, and left.

As soon as he was gone, Hakkai rushed to Goku's side and began to heal him as much as he could, but the injuries were so numerous that Gojyo was forced to stop him before he killed himself from overusing his powers. Goku was still badly injured when Sanzo gently moved him to his bed and began to bandage him, and it would be over a month before he would be fully functional again. They nearly lost two members of the Sanzo party that day – a realization that left Gojyo and Sanzo shattered as they sat by Hakkai's and Goku's bedsides.

-End Flash back-

Goku, already pissed at being badgered, sharply replied, "I'm going now" and left before anyone could argue.

"He'll never learn." Sanso thought to himself as he settled back at the table, lighting a cigarette.

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This is actually my story from another account except I had my beta reader go through it. Its amazing how much a beta reader can improve your fan-fictions.