Chapter 3: Ending

AN: This last chapter and it will explain everything.

-Chapter 3-

Lirin lets out a melancholy sigh.

"You see, what happened was…"

-Flash back-

"YOU'RE WHAT?" Kougaji bellowed, furious. Lirin, for the first time since she and Goku had gotten caught, was truly terrified of her brother. She tried once again to explain.

"I'm pregnant and-"

Kou cut her off. "Who's is it – is it Goku's?"

Kougaiji spat his name out in fury.

Lerin was starting to regret telling Kougaji, but once more she tried to reason with her brother.

"So what if Goku's the father?"

Kougaiji, once again seeing blood red, yelled, "I'LL KILL HIM! I'LL RIP HIM TO PIECES!"

As he goes to bolt out the door, Lirin gets in front of him. With what little courage she still has she tells her brother, "Don't you dare - we are both consenting adults! It's my life, and don't you dare…":

Kou, not wanting to hurt Lirin, has Yaone get her out the way so he can leave, then proceeds to hunt down Goku. Lirin rips herself out of Yaone's grasp and runs off the direction Kougaiji ran in. By the time she arrived, Goku had already been abandoned and there was no sign of her brother.

-End Flashback-

"Does Goku know?" Hakkai carefully questioned.

Lirin, looking anxious now, said "I didn't have a chance to tell him before brother went ballistic- I should have just told Goku first."

Goku comes out exactly at this time, and before anyone notices he's there he states, "Well, I know now. Why didn't you tell me before?".

Hakkai turned to Goku and sharply asked him, "Just what are you doing out of bed?"

Lirin says to Goku, "Um…Goku?", but her question is cut off by the monkey, "I can't believe I'm going to be a daddy. This is so awesome!" Goku grinned, looking happier than he had been in a long time.

"How far along are you, Lirin?" Goku asked.

Lirin replied, "I'm three months along, Goku."

'I wonder when Kougaiji started getting suspicious - that's the only reason why he'd keep an eye on us. Probably because he just didn't and still doesn't like me.' Goku thinks to himself.

Sanzo sharply cuts of Goku's train of thought. "In case you haven't noticed, we still need to make sure you live past the next 6 months Idiot."

Before anymore can be said Kougaiji shows up.

"Lirin, what the heck do you think you're doing? I have been looking all over for you! I can't believe you just ran off like that! Why are you with them?" He growled, furious.

"You are coming back home with me now, little girl." Kougaiji went to grab her, but Lirin stepped back and sharply replied,

"I'm not a little girl in case you haven't noticed. I am 18 - that makes me a grown woman. I can make my own choices now."

Kou frowns, "Then act like it Lirin. We're going home now!"

" NO!" Lirin yells back. Kou, tired of fighting, said simply, "Lirin, we need to go back now. If you don't go peacefully I will be forced to carry you."

"You're not carrying her anywhere, Kougaiji!" Goku cuts in. "There is nothing wrong with us being together. I love Lirin, ok? She loves me. We're not doing anything wrong."

This time Lirin cuts in. "I was trying to tell you we're engaged before you went postal on Goku."

Kou, slightly calmer at this point, realizes it would be pointless to argue, but he is not going to let his sister run off with Goku without first giving the latter a stern warning.

"Fine, then you can stay together, but you hurt her I am going to fucking kill you." Kougaiji growled, making many of the room's occupants flinch slightly, but Goku stood strong.

"If I ever hurt Lirin once for a second - I would expect you to."

- Epilogue -

Two months later, Goku and Lirin got married. Lirin had babies (that's right, twins) after four more months. They forgave Kougaiji. Actually, Goku wasn't too mad when he found out why Kougaiji was upset - he is her older brother after all. Everything worked out.


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