Epilogue: Set a little over a 1 year after the wedding

"Wait, you want to what?" Jane nearly dropped her beer as the shock of Maura's last statement ran through her body.

Oh dear, that didn't go over as well as I had hoped. "I just think it's time we started considering the possibility, sweetie." Maura smiled gently at her wife as she took the beer from her hand and set it on the kitchen island. "Haven't you thought about it?" She looks terrified. Perhaps I should have waited until next year to bring this up?

"Well, I… yeah, of course I have. It's just that, with my job and our work hours… I mean, really? You really want to… oh man, I just don't know." Jane leaned against the island for support. "I don't know if I'm mature enough to do that, Maura. I still like to eat gummy bears by tearing the heads off while pretending to hear them scream in terror and agony." She ran a shaky hand through her hair.

She's cute when she's nervous. "And you can still do that. In fact, I think it would be cute to watch you and our child do that together." Maura walked over to the brunette, wrapping her arms around Jane's waist. "I think you'd make an excellent mother, sweetie."

"I… we… hmmm," Jane placed her hands on her wife's hips. "You think? I think you would make a great parent. I always have." She leaned forward to place a gentle kiss on Maura's inviting lips. "But, having a kid would change everything. Aren't you worried about how much settling down we'd have to do?"

"No. We're very settled now, and our parents would be more than willing to help us." I'm certain we'll have difficulty keeping Angela away from our home.

"Oh yeah, Ma'd never leave." Jane chuckled. "Okay, so let's say we do decide to try, which one of us would, you know, carry it and where would we get a… a donor? Who?"

"I would, of course. My job allows for me to be pregnant and continue performing my job duties. Your job places limitations on what you'd be able to do if you were carrying a child. As far as who, we'd have to discuss it. I have a list of suggestions, but there are multiple cases where a male relative of the woman not carrying the child donated." Let's see how this goes over…

"What?" Jane's eyebrows shot up. "You mean Frankie?" Jane lowered her head, giving Maura a look of disbelief. "Oh, that's just… weird, Maura." Jane made a face.

Not as bad as I thought it would be. "It does make sense, if you consider it. The child would be genetically part of both families, which would mean absolute familiarity with medical history. As an adopted child, I can tell you that not knowing any of my family medical history is really difficult at times. In this way, we'd at least have knowledge of half of the family medical history. Also, it means the child would," Maura's eyes narrowed in thought. How would she say this? "have a resemblance to both mothers."

"Yeah," the detective gave a heavy sigh as she thought about what her wife was saying. "Do you think Frankie would really agree to that, though? I mean, if Ma found out…"

Oh, good, she's considering it. "She doesn't have to know. In fact, no one but the three of us do, and, of course, it would be artificial…"

"Yeah, I figured that." With a roll of her eyes, Jane ran her hands to the smaller woman's back, pulling her closer. "We'll have to talk to Frankie. I mean, he may be too weirded out by all of this. I mean, you have to admit, it is kind of weird."

Did I just win this discussion? "I assume that means 'yes' to a child?" Maura gave a dimpled smile.

"Yes, of course I want to have a family with you, Maur." Jane smirked. "I think I'd like to see a little you running around being all brainy and cute, just like you."

"Well, the child could be dark haired with a predilection for sports, which I would not be opposed to." A little Jane… I'd like that.

"Frankie hasn't said yes." The detective narrowed her eyes, searching her wife's face. "You already asked him, didn't you?"

"I may have mentioned it in passing." Oh no…

"How do you mention something like that 'in passing'? That's not something that just casually comes up in conversation, Maur." Exasperation replaced amusement on Jane's face. "You know what, I don't even want to know how you managed to pull that up in a conversation. I've learned there are some things I'm better off not knowing about how your brain works. Anyway… What did he say?"

"He was flattered. He thought it'd be weird to be the child's uncle and father to which I pointed out that he would only be the child's uncle. He said he'd have to think about it."

"When was this?" The brunette pulled her hands back to Maura's hips.

"Two weeks ago."

"Did he get back to you?"

"Yes, yesterday. He said that, as long as no one besides the three of us knew who the donor was and as long as we didn't expect him to be 'the father', just 'the uncle', he would be willing." Family relations are so odd sometimes.

"Oh, wow, okay," Jane frowned, brows knit in concentration. "So, I guess that just means we have to figure out when to start trying and… stuff…" She visibly paled. "Right?"

"When you're ready to move forward, Jane, I am ready as well. I just wanted you to know what your options were so that, once you decided you wanted a partner to help you destroy a town of gummy bears, you could make an informed decision." The doctor's eyes sparkled with the thought of watching Jane and their child playing together. That's something I've yet to see that I would so very much love to see.

"So," Jane's smirk returned as she leaned over to run a line of kisses across her wife's neck to her ear. "I'm thinking," she whispered against the blonde's ear, "the office would make a good nursery. What do you think?"

"Mmm," Maura leaned into Jane's touch. Thank you. "I think you're right."

"When's he coming over?"

How does she do that? "After his shift ends tonight."

"Good. That's plenty of time." Jane pulled back, moving away from the island.

"Plenty of time? For what?" Maura tilted her head to the side as she moved to allow the brunette to step away from the counter.

"If you have to ask," with a chuckle, Jane swooped to pick up Maura causing the smaller woman to yelp in surprise, "Really, Mrs. Rizzoli, for a genius, you have your moments." She started walking toward their bedroom, carrying Maura with no sign of difficulty.

"Oh, I see," Maura smiled, leaning in to nip at Jane's neck. "You better enjoy carrying me around while you can. I won't be so light at 6 month's pregnant."

"Guess I better do this as much as possible, then." The brunette let out a small groan as Maura hit a sensitive spot on her neck.

"You'll not hear me complain," the blonde whispered against Jane's neck. "Some experiences bear repeating."

The end!

I think the child would have Maura's cute, Jane's smart alec nature, Maura's smart's, the Rizzoli swagger, and combination of dark hair and hazel eyes... but, that's just me.

Also, I'd like to give a huge thanks to fanofthearts for letting me use their idea of Maura as a virgin for this story. Thank you, thank you, thank you!