Katie had never liked Valentine's Day. It was literally the stupidest holiday she could think of. Worse than St. Patrick's Day, even, and she really hated midgets especially while dressed as small Irishmen.

With all the hearts and the cheesy decorations and the fact that she always seemed to be single in February, you couldn't exactly blame Katie. Plus, the color red pissed her off. Valentine's Day was just a silly excuse to sell candy and greeting cards and cats. Yes, cats. Those poor ladies you see at Red Lobster all by themselves, just waiting to get home so they can watch romcom after romcom and a Love Boat marathon need some sort of company. Hence, their brand new cat, Mittens. Poor little Mittens needs a friend, so they obviously have to go and get him one. Two cats turns to four. Four to eight. Eight to sixteen. And so on and so forth. Suddenly you can blame your new label as the 'Crazy Cat Lady' on the worst holiday of the year.

The only thing Katie liked about Valentine's Day was the flowers. And the chocolate. You could never go wrong with chocolate. Katie had decided long ago that if she ever became ruler of the world, she would obviously assign Remus Lupin the job of president. All problems woud be solved with chocolate. Ruling along side his secretary of state (Adam Lambert), his secretary of the treasury (Darren Criss), and their sexy mistress/ruler of the world (Katie Gardner), it would be the greatest nation the world had ever seen. But that's another story.

So when Katie opened her cabin door to find a furious Travis Stoll holding a crowbar in one hand and two boxes of chocolates in the other, announcing that they were going to celebrate Singles Awareness Day, she shrugged and followed him down to the Big House to steal some alchohol from the one creaky floorboard in Chiron's office. No matter how much the old centaur scolded Mr. D about his drinking habits, he needed his scotch.

Two and a half hours later, Katie found herself buzzed and sitting under a fort of blankets in the Hermes cabin. Travis was pressed next to her, half empty wine bottle in one hand, a small bitten piece of chocolate in the other, babbling on about something or other.

"What I don't get," he slurred, shaking his head and burping quietly, "is why we're the only people in the entire camp that don't have Valentine's." Katie found it funny how Travis put emphasis on completely random words that needed no emphasis while he was drunk. It got worse as the drinking did ("And then he was like, 'Do you wanna beat your own ass, or do you want us to do it for you.'"). It was quite humorous.

Katie shrugged and reached for the bottle. "I mean," Travis started again. "I guess it kind of makes sense why you don't have one. But me? I'm the coolest guy at this camp! Girls used to fawn over me on a daily basis. What happened?" He turned to Katie, truly looking befuddled and concerned. "It was my refusal to get a Bieber cut, wasn't it?"

Katie rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time that night and swigged from the bottle once more. "Aren't we supposed to be celebrating Singles Awareness Day?" she asked, ignoring his rant all together.

Travis sighed and turned back to the chocolate in his hand. He picked absently at the pink, fruity filling that he had long ago deemed "nasty as shit." "Yeah, I guess so," he mumbled. "What are we, like, supposed to do on Singles Awareness Day, anyways?"

"I don't know," Katie muttered with a hiccup, turning to Travis with a frown. "Celebrate being single, I guess."

"Are you kidding me?" he exclaimed. "Being single sucks! I hate it almost as much as I hate the second Toy Story! And you know how much I hate that movie."

They sat in silence. "This is all Brock's fault, you know," Katie whispered suddenly. "I would have had a Valentine. I did have a Valentine. Little shit had to go and break up with me two days ago. Who the hell does that? Who the hell is idiotic enough to break up with someone two effing days before Valentine's Day?"

Travis sighed. "That bitch Rebecca did the same thing to me." He shook his head with a scowl and stared at the sheet draped in front of him menacingly.

Katie turned to him with a raised eyebrow. "You cheated on her."

"So?" Travis exclaimed, shaking his head and grabbing for the bottle. "Still doesn't give her the right to back out of Valentine's Day, leaving me alone on February 14th for the first time since I was nine."

She stared at him for a little while. "You're not technically alone, you know," Katie said quietly, staring up at him through her eyelashes. The mood in the room seemed to change. They weren't just two drunken fools who were sick of being single on Valentine's Day with nothing to do. They were Travis and Katie with their usual sexual tension, but it was nice for once. Calming. Relaxed. Peaceful, even.

"Yeah," Travis whispered, his voice quiet yet clear. "I know."

And when she felt Travis's hand in hers, Katie thought that maybe Valentine's Day wasn't all that bad after all.

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