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Chapter 1

"What the hell is your problem?"

"I don't have a problem!"

"Yes you do! You don't ever accept anything wimp!"

"Yes I do! And don't call me a wimp!"

Two familiar voices could be heard through the door of the Maou's bedroom. The guards stationed outside of the room shook their heads and kept their snickers to themselves as they listened to their King, Yuuri Shibuya, get trapped in another argument with his hot headed blond fiancé, Wolfram von Bielefeld inside their room.

"Come on Wolfram, I just-"

"No Yuuri! We are engaged! And it seems like every time there is a girl around, you forget that fact! I guess it's just not that important to you, is it wimp?"

Wolfram was furious. He never felt so angry at his fiancé before! Yuuri may have looked at other girls before, even said 'hi' to them, which is bad enough, but to actually go off with one of them? In public? Leaving him to go see some whore around the corner? Then to actually go looking and find her on top of the wimp? Obscured! He had meant to calm down and talk with Yuuri about it before the dance tonight, seeing as they haven't talked since, but when it came to the double black, Wolfram just couldn't seem to get his emotions under control.

"Wolfram listen-" Yuuri pleaded…

"No Yuuri. Not now. We have a ball to attend in a few moments, and we have to show, ugh! You don't even have your pendants on right! Honestly Yuuri!"

Yuuri could do nothing but sigh as Wolfram marched over to where he was and readjusted the pendants on his outfit. Although Yuuri's uniform for the ball tonight was nothing much more than his all black school uniform and a purple sash with a few pendants, Yuuri always seemed to be able to forget to do something right. Fortunately for him, Wolfram always seemed to care enough to readily help him every time, even if he was alil rough when he was mad.

Wolfram finished redoing Yuuri's pendant and fixing his sash, and although he didn't mean to, his fingers ran along Yuuri's chest for a few more seconds than necessary, making him momentarily forget what he was doing. He snapped back to reality quickly before Yuuri could notice and turned around towards his jacket on the bed, face flustered.

"Ah, thanks Wolfram, but can I just-" Yuuri tried, desperate to try to talk to his friend. Wolfram, still with a red tint in the face from the quick and swift caressing touch he just had, didn't want to hear it. "No Yuuri. No you can't. You know what? Forget it. I'm going on ahead." Wolfram felt himself getting angry all over again at Yuuri from earlier in the afternoon. Yuuri tried to call him again as Wolfram stomped towards the door, but Wolfram flicked his hand behind him, opened the door, and gave Yuuri one last glance that would put fear in some of the most heartless men before slamming the door. Yuuri sighed one last time as he looked at the unfortunate door that had to meet with Wolfram's anger.

"Really," Yuuri muttered to no one in particular, "he gets mood swings at any given moment, he always wants to be right without letting me say anything, and has so much drama he could star in a one person show. What's the difference between Wolfram and a woman?"

The guards outside the Maou's chamber straightened up as soon as they heard the door open. They saw the glare the prince gave to their king and could tell once again that their poor king must have inadvertently said or done something to upset the 3rd son. But being a trained guard to the king, they had to remain as neutral as possible throughout anything that happened around them that didn't concern security matters. But in a different sense, wouldn't the safety or their king from flying fireballs have something to do with them? It was a widely known fact that all matters between the king and the prince were best left between the king and the prince, lest you wanted to become jealous of a piece of burnt toasted for still retaining some form.

Wolfram huffed after slamming the door loud enough to be heard into nearby countries. He then turned his attention towards the guards. Quickly it dawned on him that as loud as they had been, of course the guards would have heard. And they way rumors spread around in the castle, it'll be no time before another number is taking down for the 'love quarrels' between His Majesty and Wolfram.

"You better not say a word." And with that, he turned and left towards the ballroom. When Wolfram turned the corner and was out of sight, the guards turned towards each other and breathed a sigh of relief, grateful Wolfram wasn't in one of his moods to fry people.

A minute later, they straightened up once again as Yuuri stumbled out of the room, finally neat and ready to make an appearance. "Hi" he said to them. "Hello Hieka" one replied. Yuuri gave a sheepish smile as he asked "I don't suppose Wolfram said anything friendly after he cracked the door did he?" The other guard smiled and said "Actually, we were told not to say a word Hieka." Yuuri scratched his head. "Ah well, I guess I'll go to this stupid ball then. Maybe I can talk him into hearing me out."

"That would be for the best Hieka" the same soldier replied. Yuuri nodded, "Thanks." He then began making his way towards the ballroom, striding as he realized he was going to be late if he didn't hurry. If he was late, he would of become the spectacle of the crowd and the victim of circumstance as another one of Wolfram's thick scolding would befall him. And Yuuri really didn't want another one of Wolfram's scolding's at the moment.

When Yuuri finally arrived at the ballroom, people were already up and socializing. The musical group that was hired was playing a smooth classical piece, fitting right in with the background. He saw his family over to the side near the long, red-clothed banquet table. Yuuri hugged against the side of the wall beside the entrance where he came in, and made his way around the back of the room and over to the other side where his family was waiting. Conrad stood with his usual gentle smile and brown attire, Gwendal was to his right talking with another royal from whatever land from far, far away. Yuuri couldn't keep people straight. Gwendal was in his regular uniform also, wrinkles evident and face business-like as usual.

Conrad saw Yuuri and was about to greet him when he approached but Yuuri was attacked by the tight hold of who Yuuri considered to be the sweetest girl he'd ever love. She was dined in a long, flowing cream dress, encrusted with fine jewelry down the sides and around the top. "Yuuri!" she yelled, holding him as if he were life itself. "You're late. Wolfram's gonna be really mad at you." Yuuri returned the embrace.

"Hello Greta. And yeah, you're right. I probably will get it later, that is, if he will still talk to me." Greta smiled "Of course. Wolfram is never mad enough to not want to talk to Yuuri. He's busy sulking because you're late and the first dance is coming soon." Yuuri gave an 'oh' before turning to look for his blond. Conrad placed a hand on Yuuri's shoulder and pointed in a direction to the left. Yuuri tuned and scanned for the blond, but the first one he saw was the look-a-like copy of Wolfram, Lady Celi, surrounded and flirting with men that flocked to her. "All I see is Lady Celi" Yuuri said. "Ah, well, yes. Mother is enjoying herself, she might have some more perfume on tonight. But look behind her towards the corner."

Yuuri squinted past all the bodies on the floor and saw the person he was looking for. In the corner, in a dress version of his blue uniform, was Wolfram. "Ah, there he is" Yuuri exclaimed, but quickly lost enthusiasm as he noticed the blond was alone. "Where's his friends? He usually has a few people that he talks with during these things."

"Wolfram sent them off. Either that or it's easily visible that he's still in one of his moods, in which it'd be best to not bother him." Conrad answered.

"Wolfram is still mad at Yuuri, but he loves Yuuri to much to realize he's only been thinking about Yuuri since he came in!" Greta said. She let go of Yuuri and started off towards a group of giggling girls around her age. "Good luck Yuuri!" she yelled as she dashed off into the crowd and to her friends.

Yuuri sighed. "Even Greta knows when I messed up." Conrad squeezed Yuuri's shoulder. "True. But she does have a point. Care to tell me what happened?"

"Well…" Yuuri started "The other day, Wolfram and I went for a ride because he was saying how I always have time for everybody else except for him, which isn't true because I always have work to do! But he never gives me time to say anything, so I suggested that after I finished my paperwork yesterday afternoon, I'll take off so we'd have some time before the ball to spend time… together…"

At this, Conrad raised his eyebrow in response to his curiosity. "Together?" He asked. Yuuri slowly nodded his head. "I wanted to relax and have fun, and Wolfram says I work too hard and he wants me to relax some. And he always takes care of me, no matter if I want it or not. He's always there. He makes sure that everything's alright whenever I can't sleep at night, he gives me advice about things to do, he practices swordplay with me when you're busy to keep me strong, he taught me horseback, he help teach me learn from Gunter's boring lessons when I would zone out and not catch a thing, he fixes up my outfits for things like this, he listens to me, he cares what I think, he values me, and cares about me…"

'Mmhm' was all the Conrad said for a moment, before asking "Well do you care about him?"

"Yeah! Of course I do. I mean, I don't know what I'd do if something happened to him. He's my best friend, and I always want to be a good friend to him."

"Well ask yourself this, do like spending time with Wolfram? Do you always wonder about him whenever he's not there? Do you ever feel like you know no matter what, Wolfram will always be there?" Yuuri thought about it hard for a minute. He felt weird, but he admitted to himself that he answered yes to every single one of Conrad's questions, and found himself nodding in response.

"The only thing is, he's a guy." There was that classic Yuuri excuse that Conrad was waiting for. "So Wolfram's a guy, but he's the only person that will ever truly ever love you like you want, like you deserve, like you need."

Yuuri said nothing as he thought this over in his head, but it did occur that Conrad's words did hold dome truth to them. But still…

Seeing the still evident doubt in Yuuri's eyes, Conrad said "Also remember, you couldn't even finish telling me what happened because you got off gushing about Wolfram." At this, Yuuri blushed. Ok, so what if he liked Wolfram alil more than he admitted, it still doesn't mean too much, right?

"Just try it Yuuri. Don't do it for Wolfram. Do it for yourself, and Wolfram. Don't think about Wolfram as a boy, but as a person. Ok? Promise me Yuuri." Yuuri was alil hesitant to agree, until Conrad said, "If you don't, you'll run away from this forever and will never know. And then you'll always wonder what if. Or it may be too late and one day Wolfram's affection may stray somewhere else. There was a phrase on Earth that I remember, 'You never know what you have, until it's gone.'"

At that last remark, for some reason, Yuuri felt utterly disgusted with the thought of Wolfram wanting someone else, or someone that may misuse or hurt Wolfram, just because he was too scared to try something.

Yuuri, still slightly caught up in his thoughts, nodded at Conrad's request to try. Conrad then beamed at his godson for being willing to at least try. He put his hand on Yuuri's shoulder and squeezed once more. "Thanks Yuuri. Now why not tell me the rest of what happened? You said you and Wolfram went for a ride to spend time..together.. in which you just admitted somewhat that you want Wolfram to yourself."

Yuuri blushed. "Well, yea, like I said, I wanted to spend time with Wolfram because he cares and he's my frien- my, err, well because he's Wolfram and I care too. So after the ride, on the way back to the castle in town, we were going past an alley and I saw two girls, dressed as if they were having a rough time. They had dirt on their dresses. One was lying on the ground, the other looked panicked some. So I stopped my horse and waved over at the girl. She came and ran towards me, obviously worried about something. Wolfram was just alil ways ahead when he finally turned at noticed how far back I was. The girl tried to tell me what was wrong, but could only speak softly, so I leaned down so she could talk into my ear. She kinda blew in it at first, which tickled and made me smile alil bit. But she told me that her sister had collapsed and needed a healer but they couldn't afford one. She didn't know what was wrong and was getting worried, but because of their appearance and her soft voice, she couldn't really find help. So naturally I jumped off my horse and ran to where she was. The girl was older than Greta by a few years, and seemed to have a couple of bruises, and couldn't walk. And she was famished. I healed her since I can at least handle bruises, then she got up and was able to walk again. I then gave them some money for food and everything, and the quiet girl hugged me after I stood up, and ended up knocking me back down, her falling on top of me. Then I heard a lot of gasp and looked towards the alley entrance to see some people applauding and nodding their heads. Then Wolfram came along. He saw the girl hugging me and us on the ground and it didn't look too good…."

"Hmm" was all Conrad could get out as he mulled over the fact that getting caught in such a compromising position would definitely upset his little brother. "I will assume that Wolfram misinterpreted it and you have yet had the chance to make it up to him?" Yuuri nodded.

"Well Yuuri, from what I see, Wolfram is still alone and in need of some comfort. Maybe you could take him to the balcony and explain things their?" Conrad suggested.

"I'll try. But I think he's still too mad at me to listen, but I guess that doesn't mean that I should just give up." Yuuri looked towards the blond, green-eyed demon, who was intently staring at the floor in front of him. "Ok. But remember, be patient with Wolfram, otherwise his temper will get to you!" Conrad shouted over the crowd as Yuuri had turned and started off towards his brother.

Yuuri knew how much he meant to Wolfram, and thanks to his little chat with Conrad, he realized that he at least felt something towards Wolfram. Yuuri didn't like the fact that Wolfram was upset, especially at him, and he wanted to fix it. And he'll try to keep his promise to Conrad about trying things out, letting things happen naturally. Either way, he was determined to set things right with the prince.

With Wolfram in sight as he made his way past the crowd, Yuuri was preparing how what he wanted to say when he was suddenly grabbed by the arm and was stopped in mid-step…

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