Baby blue and mocha brown. Interesting how well they go together. At least, Ryan thought those colors worked well. It may have been the inspiration for the clothes he was wearing. The mocha vest and tie blended well with the baby blue button up. Glancing to his partner, Kevin noted Javier was wearing his brown shirt and the light blue tie that Ryan had given him for his birthday. Opposite and the same- they looked good together. Very good. Oh right, Ryan had paperwork to do.

Javier could feel those damn eyes on him again. He couldn't help but feel squirmy when he felt those baby blues moving over his body. He shouldn't feel so nervous, the man was happily situated with Jenny and the staring had nothing to do with the feeling Javier had for his partner. As much as he told himself that he was the only one with the longing in his eyes, he couldn't help but melt and grow nervous under the intent gaze of stunning blue. He never felt so weak and unsure than under Ryan's scrutiny. He also missed the attention as soon as Ryan got back to paperwork.

Between the panting and sharp inhales of breath, Kevin looked into the deep mocha depths of Javier's eyes. They were what kept him from passing out from the extreme pain running through his shoulder. There was something in Javier's eyes that boasted strength, a strength he could extract from those dark depths and use to keep a conscious state. He'd never been shot before so having Javier there with him was a relief. Kevin was sure that he'd have passed out by now if he hadn't had those eyes staring into his own. Funny, that strength was starting to fade. Perhaps he was stealing too much from his partner.

Kevin's eyes were slowly closing, Javier realized. The thick eyelashes were letting less and less blue through their brushings. Javier couldn't let him close his eyes. He had to keep him focused, looking at him. "Kev, my eyes man. Keep looking at me. Don't you close those eyes, damn it." He couldn't bear to have the blue shut away- what if it was forever?

Mocha eyes were shut off to Kevin's gazing. Perhaps he'd made a mistake; moved too fast. He really needed to see into Javier's eyes. He really needed to see what Javier was thinking. He could read those mocha emotions in seconds- if only Javier would open them, then Kevin would know if he'd been right to do it.

Javier kept his eyes closed, kept the image of baby blues burning against the back of his eyelids, and kept the feel of lips across his own as long as he could. He wasn't sure what had prompted the kiss, but the intense look in Kevin's eyes when he'd kissed him was amazing. He'd never seen those blue eyes so sharp, bright, and burning.

Baby blue and mocha brown- opposite, matched, inspiring, nervous, longing, scrutiny, strength, relief, fading, closing, gazing, readable, burning, amazing.