"Hey, Setsuna. Do you know that today's Valentines Day?"

Setsuna turned around to see the pink-haired girl that worked on the Ptolemaios that speaking to him.

"…Valentines Day?"

Feldt Grace nodded shyly. "Yeah, Valentines. It's a day when everyone…uhm…celebrates the existence of love. People give gifts to the people they love and…and it's basically a happy day!"

Setsuna remembered that he had come across that term once or twice, especially during the time period of being in the European countries after he became a Gundam Meister. It hadn't mattered to him much.

Such events were never celebrated in Krugis anyway.

Besides, he was a soldier. A fighter. A Gundam Meister. People like him existed to fight, not to do the kind of things that Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy did. Besides, Setsuna only responded to the people that were in some ways, similar to him. The crew of Ptolemaios. His other fellow Meisters. Marina Ismail. Conversations were always short and abrupt – nothing more beyond that. And during war? Even less words were needed. He had killed so much, without uttering a word. In fact, the only enemies that he had ever spoken to were Ali al-Saachez , Graham Aker and perhaps, Ribbons Almark, and there was definitely nothing about love in there, unless you would count Graham Aker's fanatical love for Gundam machines.

With such a life ahead of him, Setsuna F. Seiei felt that he didn't need to have someone to commit to, even though he had seen the joy on Lyle Dylandy and Anew Returner's face whenever they were together. After all, love could become a hindrance, especially when it arrived to fighting.

He was still staring even when Feldt Grace held out a glass container. Inside it was a single flower.

"I'd like you to have this."

Setsuna took it. Flowers were a rare thing in Krugis, and seeing this gave him an odd fleeting moment of curiosity.

"It was something that we grew in the lab. I want to give it to you," she said, not even looking at him directly. The colour on her cheeks matched the shade of her hair.


"Because you have saved us. Not just once, but again and again. You never smile, you never laugh, you never talk much to us and yet you risk your life to fight for everyone on the Ptolemaios. Not just us, but for the world. Your love for the world is just so great. And I'd like to show you something beautiful of the world as well…even though if it's just a flower. Not everything needs to be about machines, war and killing all the time, Setsuna."

Before he could respond, a sharp voice was heard throughout the Ptolemaios.

"Enemy battle fleet spotted on point A-E-E-5-6. 0108 until firing range! All Meisters, prepare to sortie!"

Setsuna never responded to what Feldt said.

He had to continue fighting, even on a day of love.

Feldt looked at the retreating back of Setsuna and blinked out suppressed tears, suddenly realizing just how important his existence was, how noble he was, how he lived on to make a difference for everyone.

Setsuna held on tightly to the flower she gave. It was the first gift he had truly received, if you could consider the Gundam machine he piloted a gift from the twisted Ribbons Almark.

Her gift was pure and sincere, and so was her heart.

He made his way to the battlefield, knowing exactly just what to protect.

Just something short and sweet for Valentines, hope you all like it!