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Song of Victory

Cheers was still roaring in the sky and the seas as the Lelouch's Forces chanted on as they were able to claim victory over Schneizel's Forces. The Britannian War was over and Lelouch was victorious over Schneizel and Lelouch was able to reunite with his sister Nunnally. Lelouch was able to say that he had truly won.

Horai Island

In one of the rooms, Sugiyama was on the phone talking to Tamaki and Ohgi, Villetta, Minami, and Chiba were there.

"I see," Sugiyama said on the receiver, "that's good news."

Sugiyama was hearing Tamaki talking and the tone was that he was very ecstatic about what had happened.

"Yeah, sure, I'll let them know," Sugiyama said and then he hung up the phone.

"Well?" Ohgi asked.

Sugiyama turned to the others, "It's over, Zer-, no, Emperor Lelouch and his forces won, Schneizel has been defeated."

"So Zero won," Chiba said.

"Yeah, Tamaki wanted me to let you know that he and Todoh will be meeting with Emperor Lelouch."

"Huh, for what?" Minami asked.

"Well…it's for what Xingke and Lady Kaguya will meet him for."

"I see," Ohgi said as he and the others knew exactly what it was.

"Well, at least we don't have to worry about the world threatening by F.L.E.I.A.s."

"Yes, that's true…" Chiba said.

"That is true," Ohgi said, "but even so…"

"Kaname…" Villetta said as she saw her boyfriend and the father of her child frown.

Meanwhile in another room where Cornelia was still resting and Guilford still with her, Xavier was on his cell phone talking with someone and Miyako was standing besides Xavier.

"I see, that's wonderful, I had no doubt that he would win and I'm surprised to hear about Nunnally…yes, it's surprising," Xavier said very pleased and nodded with what the person on the other line was saying and Xavier nodded again, "Yes, let my brother know that I will be there."

Xavier hung up his cell phone.

"My lord?" Miyako spoke.

"Well Xavier?" Cornelia spoke.

Xavier turned to them with a smile, "Lelouch has won and not only that, it seems that Nunnally aided Lelouch for his victory."

"Nunnally, wait, when did she…?"

"Turns out Nunnally realized the truth about Schneizel's true intentions last night and decided to actually help Lelouch instead."

Cornelia was surprised and then had a sad smile, "I see, so Nunnally figured it out on her own, I should have known."

"Miyako, get ready, we're going to meet with Lelouch and his knights."

"Yes my lord," Miyako replied, "but what about Hiyori?"

"Oh yes, her," Xavier replied, "Well, I guess we better see her first."

Xavier and Miyako left and as they did, Cornelia looked over what appeared to be a diary. She had just read the entries of the diary and it also surprised her that it belonged to Marianne. When Cornelia read the entries she was disturbed and disgusted.

"I guess Marianne wasn't the person that I believed her to be," Cornelia said upset.


Lelouch had the Shinkiro on the same floor as where the jet that Schneizel was going to use to escape. Nunnally and Sayoko were there along with Schneizel and Kanon who was still being held by soldiers under Lelouch's geass.

"Schneizel, is everything that I ordered set on the Damocles?" Lelouch asked.

"Yes, everything is ready," Schneizel answered.


Nunnally was just observing Schneizel who was under Lelouch's geass.

Lelouch went to Nunnally and kneeled before her, "Nunnally, it's time to go."

Nunnally nodded, "Okay…um, Lelouch?"


"You really have Schneizel under your geass power, do you?"

Lelouch looked at Schneizel and nodded, "Yes, this is the best solution for this. I wasn't going to play into Schneizel's hand," Lelouch turned back to Nunnally, "anyway Nunnally, it's time to go. There are people who will be happy to see you again."

"Are you sure?" Nunnally asked feeling nervous, "I mean after what I've done…"

Lelouch gently rubbed Nunnally's head and smiled, "It will be fine. Trust me; they'll be so glad to see you and they'll be overjoyed to see that you have your sight back."

"Lady Nunnally, it's just as Master Lelouch says," Sayoko added kindly.

Nunnally looked at Sayoko and Lelouch and nodded with a smile, "Okay."

Lelouch turned to the soldiers and Schneizel, "It's time to leave. Let's go."

"Yes, Your Majesty," the soldiers said in unison.

"As you wish," the geassed Schneizel said.

Kanon was gritting his teeth at what was happening.

Sayoko and Nunnally boarded on the jet with Schneizel, Kanon, and the soldiers boarding there as well while Lelouch got on the Shinkiro and both the jet and the Shinkiro began to take off and left the Damocles.

The Merlin

The Shinkiro and the jet arrived within the knightmare hanger of the Merlin and there were staff members of the Merlin there and along with them were Kallen, Jeremiah, CC, Carter, Jason, Natalie, Sarah, and Nonette as well. Lelouch got out of the cockpit of the Shinkiro and met with his subordinates.

"All hail Lelouch!" Members of Lelouch's forces spoke proudly and saluted the 99th Emperor.

"Thank goodness all of you are safe," Lelouch said with a smile.

Lelouch's Knights of the Round kneeled before Lelouch.

"It's good that you're safe Lulu," Sarah said happily.

"You have done well Majesty," Carter said.

"My lord, it fills my heart with joy that you succeeded and that you have returned safely," Jeremiah said.

"I had no doubt that you would win," Nonette said cheerfully.

"Thank you all," Lelouch said feeling grateful, "I couldn't have done it with all of your help."

"Lelouch," Kallen said with smile.

Lelouch turned to Kallen and went to hug her and Kallen hugged back and the Knights of the Round stood up.

"Kallen, I'm relieved that you're safe," Lelouch said with a smile.

"Of course, it was for your sake that I made it," Kallen said happily.

"Lelouch," CC said.

Lelouch turned to CC, "CC, I thank you as well."

"Well, we are accomplices and we still have a contract, remember?" CC said with a warm smile.

"Yes, we do, still, thank you, thank you so much CC."


The jet was opening up its door and Sayoko was coming out, wheeling Nunnally.

"Everyone, look who's here," Sayoko said.

Nunnally looked around nervously and waved, "Hello everyone."

"Nunnally," Jason said happily.

"Nunna," Sarah said happily and went and hugged Nunnally.

Nunnally looked at Sarah, "Sarah, it's you."

Sarah and the others noticed something with Nunnally and were surprised.

"Nunnally, your eyes…you can see?" Carter asked.

Nunnally nodded, "Yes, I'm able to see again."

"It's a miracle," Jeremiah said with joy, "Lady Nunnally has regained her sight again."

Nunnally looked at Jeremiah and was surprised, "Wait, I remember you…you're Jeremiah, you were one of my mother's guards."

"I am honored that you remembered me," Jeremiah said as he kneeled before Nunnally, "Lady Nunnally, I have always regretted that I was not there to protect your mother and you as well as your brother suffered a terrible fate. Please forgive my incompetence."

"Jeremiah," Lelouch spoke with concern.

Nunnally put her hand on Jeremiah's cheek and smiled, "Lord Jeremiah, please do not blame yourself, you did what were ordered to do and you protected my brother during this ordeal, I'm very grateful and I thank you for it."

Jeremiah felt a warm feeling, "I am honored. I am grateful to His Majesty, Emperor Lelouch for he has giving me a chance."

Nonette kneeled in front of Nunnally, "Nunna,"

"Nonette, it's good to see you, literally," Nunnally said with a smile.

"Oh Nunna, I'm so happy to see you and nicely done, you really did well yourself."

"You really surprised us Nunnally," Carter said with glee, "to think that you waited for Lelouch and contributed his victory."

"Yeah, I was surprised well," Sarah added.

Nunnally nodded, "Yes, I wanted to help my brother Lelouch."

Natalie approached Nunnally and kneeled before her with a smile, "It's nice to see you Nunnally vi Britannia."

Nunnally looked at Natalie, "Oh right, you're Natalie, right?"

"Yes, I'm the Knight of Eleven, Natalie Einstein."

"Um, if I may ask?"


"Would you happen to be related to Nina Einstein?"

"Yes, my older sister."

"Oh, I thought so, in a way, you're just like her."

"Oh, you think so?" Natalie replied with a little scratch on her cheek.

"Nunnally," Kallen spoke.

"That voice…" Nunnally then looked at Kallen, "You…you're Kallen, right?"

Kallen smiled, "That's right."

Nunnally smiled again, "It's nice to see you."

"Yes, it is."

"Kallen, will you come closer?"

Kallen was surprised a bit and looked at Lelouch and the 99th Emperor nodded with a smile. Kallen kneeled before Nunnally and had her hand on Kallen's cheek. The happy reunion continued on.

UFN Headquarters, Kagoshima

Odysseus was standing in a room where Cassius, Guinevere, and Carine where sitting in chairs being held and they had their heads down frowning.

"The war has ended and Lelouch has won," Odysseus said.

The three half siblings didn't say anything.

Odysseus continued, "Schneizel's plan to control the world with the FLEIA has been destroyed and Lelouch will lead Britannia to a different path."

Again, Cassius, Carine, and Guinevere stayed silent and Odysseus sighed.

"I see, so you three won't say anything?"

The three siblings gave their eldest brother glares and they looked away from him still angry.

"I see, so be it, I will leave you three alone," Odysseus said as he turned his back on them, "The UFN will decide what fate will be on you three and I don't know what Lelouch will do with Schneizel," Odysseus felt sadness, "I wish that this could have been all avoided."

Odysseus left the room and closed the door behind and Carine looked at the door and form two fists and gritted her teeth with hatred.

Odysseus arrived in another and Kaguya, Tianzi, and Xingke were there.

"Odysseus, we will be meeting with Emperor Lelouch," Kaguya said, "afterwards, we of the UFN will decide if we will allow Britannia to be a member of the UFN."

"I see," Odysseus thought about it for a while and nodded, "if it will be all right, I would like to accompany you."

Xingke narrowed his eyes, "Accompany us?"

The Merlin

In one of the rooms, Todoh and Tamaki were waiting with a couple of soldiers.

"Is that true?" one of the soldiers asked, "Are you really friends with His Majesty?"

"Yeah, it's true," Tamaki said with a grin, "he's my buddy."

The second soldier whispered to the first one, "Is he telling the truth?"

"Well, he did aid us against Schneizel and his forces," the first soldier said, "so maybe…"

The soldiers then looked at Todoh as he had had his eyes closed and his arms crossed with a very serious expression.

"I'm amazed that the infamous Kyoshiro Todoh would aid us as well," the second soldier said.

"I just did what needed to be done," Todoh simply responded.

"Yes, indeed." The first soldier said with smile and nod, "I'm sure His Majesty is pleased.

Tamaki grinned and Todoh looked at Tamaki and nodded.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Lelouch along with Jeremiah were guiding Schneizel and Kanon who was bound on cuffs for his feet and his wrists and being held by two of Lelouch's own soldiers and soon they stopped at a door. The door opened and Lelouch instructed his two soldiers to put Kanon in the room and then he turned to Schneizel.

"Schneizel, in there," Lelouch ordered as he pointed to the room.

"As you wish," Schneizel responded as he did what he was told and went in the room.

"Now Schneizel, put your hands behind your back."


Schneizel did just that and the two soldiers bounded Schneizel with cuffs for his hands and feet. Afterwards, Lelouch nodded and signaled his soldiers to leave and they left. As he saw they were out of sight, Lelouch turned to Jeremiah.

"Jeremiah, if you would," Lelouch said.

"Yes my lord," Jeremiah responded as he used his geass canceller on Schneizel.

The effect took hold on Schneizel and he looked around and was surprised in what he was seeing.

"What?" Schneizel said in surprise.

"Hello brother," Lelouch said.

Schneizel looked at Lelouch and then he noticed that Kanon was with him cuffed and he noticed that he was cuffed as well.

"I see," Schneizel said in a defeated tone, "so, you were actually able to beat me."

"I told you before, that you would experience defeat and I was going to make sure of it."

"My lord," Kanon spoke.

"Hmm, where's Diethard?" Schneizel asked.

"He's dead," Lelouch answered.


"Yes, he attempted to kill me and paid for it with his life," Lelouch scoffed a little, "he wanted to die by my geass but I refuse, I wasn't willing to waste my geass on him."

"I see," Schneizel said as he saw the look on Kanon's face and he had a good idea what happened and then he looked at his brother, "So Lelouch, what do you intend to do with me?"

"I haven't decided yet so for now, you will be held under custody until then."

"I see, what about Nunnally?"


"Where is she being held? What do you intend to with her?"

Lelouch simply smiled, "Nunnally had one over you as well."

Schneizel was confused, "What?"

"My lord, Nunnally aided him in his victory. She gave him the Damocles Key willfully."

Schneizel was surprised, "Willfully?"

"That's right," Lelouch said, "Nunnally realized your true intent and decided to help me instead because she truly believe in what I'm doing."

"Hmm, is that really true…or is it really because you used your geass on her to make her believe that?"

Jeremiah was shocked and angry as Schneizel's accusation, "How dare make such accusation…"

"Jeremiah, it's fine," Lelouch said.


"I'm being truthful when I say that I didn't use my geass on Nunnally but if you refuse to believe that, that's fine because really, I don't care what you believe."

Schneizel glared at Lelouch, "Lelouch, you…"

"Excuse me, Your Majesty," a female soldier spoke as appeared behind Lelouch and Jeremiah.

Lelouch turned to the soldiers, "Is everything set?"

"Yes, also, a jet is approaching the Merlin, carrying the UFN chairwoman Kaguya Sumeragi, Empress Tianzi as well as General Commander of the Black Knights, Li Xingke with Zhou Xianglin, and Hong Gu with them."

Lelouch nodded, "Very good, oh, where are Todoh and Tamaki?"

"There are waiting for you in Room 5."

"Good, then I will be meeting with them as well.

"Yes, Miss Kozuki and Miss CC are waiting for you there as well Sire."

"All right, thank you, I'll be right there so may go."

The female soldier saluted, "Yes Your Majesty."

Lelouch turned to Schneizel, "Schneizel, as much as I would like to chat with you a bit more, I'm afraid I have other business to attend to, so I'll take my leave. But at least, you're not here by yourself, your aide is here with you."

"I just have one more question," Schneizel said.

"What is it?"

"Suzaku, is he alive?"

Lelouch paused for a little bit and then nodded, "Yes, Suzaku is being held in a brig in one of my naval ships but he as well as Gino will be moved soon."

Lelouch and Jeremiah left and Schneizel sighed.

"Isn't it amazing Kanon?" Schneizel asked.

"My lord?" Kanon spoke with concern.

"Lelouch…it's a shock that he was actually able to beat me. I was certain that I had everything worked out but it seems that my brother was actually one step ahead of me."

"I suppose."

"Kanon, did you see Nunnally when we were defeated?"


"How did she seem?"

"Well…it doesn't seem that Lelouch was lying. In fact, Nunnally actually spoke to me when we were being transported."

"If that's the case…then I suppose it is just as Suzaku suspected."

Brig of a Britannian Naval Ship

Suzaku and Gino were sitting on the floor of the brig with their thoughts. They both wondered what was going to be their fates. Gino figured that they were going to be executed for daring to stand against the 99th Britannian Emperor. Suzaku wasn't sure what Lelouch had in mind and he wondered about the things he heard Lelouch said about Nunnally. Truthfully, Suzaku suspected that Nunnally wasn't really buying in what Schneizel told her but even with that, he still didn't think that Nunnally would still aid Lelouch. The former Knight of Seven had an unpleasant thought of Nunnally being under the control of geass but shook his head as he figured that Nunnally was still blind and that there was no way that Lelouch would be able to use. But then he also though that what if Lelouch did find a way to do so but even then Lelouch wouldn't really use it on Nunnally but then he remembered the way Lelouch spoke to Nunnally the day before and how it had surprised Suzaku. Suzaku hoped for a bit that Lelouch would hesitate even just a little bit but he when he saw his old friend being absolutely resolved, he figured that it was no longer the case.

"Nunnally, did you really choose to help Lelouch willingly? Suzaku asked in his head, "Or is Lelouch actually forcing you…or are you under the control of geass…" Suzaku closed his eyes remembering something unpleasant, "like he did to Euphie."

A Naval Officer arrived and opened the door and the two young former Knights of the Round looked and they were surprised to also see Anya.

"Anya," Gino spoke.

"Hello Gino, Suzaku," Anya greeted.

"Anya, what's going on?" Suzaku asked.

"You're going to be moved, you should get up."

Gino narrowed his eyes as he and Suzaku got up, "Anya, why did you switch sides? How could you betray us and help Lelouch?"

"Because he helped me," Anya answered.

"Helped you?" Suzaku asked.

"Yes, Jeremiah did something for me when I fought him and as a result, I've finally regained what was lost."

"What you lost?" Gino asked.

"My memories," Anya said as she put her hands on her heart and smiled.


Anya, sitting in the cockpit of the Mordred that was opened felt like she had just woken up from a long dream as her eyes widened and tears were forming in her eyes.

"My…memories…" Anya spoke as she was remembering everything that had happened to her in the past eight years and realizing why her memories were undependable and fuzzy.

"Anya Alstreim," Jeremiah spoke, "it is by orders by Emperor Lelouch that you have your memories restored.

"Why?" Anya asked.

"Because His Majesty knows what's like to have your memories taken from you. You were a victim in the schemes of the late Emperor Charles," Jeremiah had a sad expression, "and Lady Marianne."

Anya looked at Jeremiah with amazement.

Jeremiah continued, "His Majesty gave me this task that should I face you, that I should use my geass canceller to restore your memories."

"I see," Anya said surprised, "th-thank you."

Jeremiah shook his head, "If you wish to thank someone, thank His Majesty, it was by his order that I restored your memories."

Flashback End

Gino and Suzaku were surprised.

"I…I had no idea," Gino said surprised.

"Lelouch had Jeremiah cancel out the geass that was placed on her," Suzaku said in his head surprised, "I didn't even know Jeremiah had such ability. When did he obtain it? If it worked with Anya, then it could work for me as well," Suzaku frowned, "that's assuming that Lelouch would have Jeremiah use it on me."

"Excuse me, Lady Alstreim," the naval officer spoke.

Anya turned to the soldier and nodded, "I know," Anya then turned to Suzaku and Gino, "we need to go you two."

"Wait, where are you taken us?" Gino asked.

In the air

Surviving members of Schneizel's forces were being escorted and sent to various places by members of Lelouch's forces and Jeremiah, Nonette, Carter, Jason, Sarah, and Natalie were overseeing the defeated members being taken away in their knightmare frames and Jeremiah was on the shoulder of the Gaheris Susano-o.

The Merlin

In the hallway, CC and Kallen were having a conversation while waiting for Lelouch as the young emperor had arrived.

"You two seem to be getting along," Lelouch commented.

CC and Kallen looked at Lelouch and nodded.

"It's more of a mutual conversation," CC said.

"Sure, what she said," Kallen added.

Lelouch smiled, "Right."

"Anyway Lelouch, Todoh and Tamaki are waiting in there," CC said looking at the door.

"I know," Lelouch said as the opened the door.

Lelouch, Kallen, and CC entered the room and saw Tamaki sitting on a couch and Todoh leaning on the wall with his arms crossed.

Todoh and Tamaki saw Lelouch with CC and Kallen with him.

"Zero," Todoh spoke.

"Hey, how's it going buddy?" Tamaki greeted with a grin.

"I'm fine Tamaki," Lelouch replied warmly, "what about you?"

"Hmhm, never been better. Did see me buddy, did you see the way I kicked butt out there?"

"Well, not exactly but CC told how you arrived and aided us. You helped turn the tide for us," Lelouch looked at Todoh, "as you did Todoh and I want to thank you for keeping Suzaku at bay so that I could start and complete my mission."

Todoh smiled, "You're welcome Zero," Todoh shook his head, "no, I think it's appropriate that refer you as Emperor Lelouch."

"Ah, I'm sure he doesn't mind," Tamaki said with smile and then looked at Lelouch, "do you buddy?"

"How interesting that you're acting all buddy-buddy with him," Kallen said with a grin.

"Hey, I've always been buddy-buddy with him," Tamaki countered pointing at Kallen, "he's my best bud," Tamaki put his arm around Lelouch's shoulder with a grin, "I love this kid more than my own life."

"Tamaki…" Lelouch spoke a bit surprised.

"That's funny," CC said with a shrug, "last month, you, along with Todoh, Ohgi, and the others were ready to kill him, referring him as a con man…and you were even willing to shoot Kallen under suspicion of that she was under the control of Lelouch's geass, using her as bait to lure him."

"CC!" Kallen spoke surprised.

"Hey, why the hell you got to bring that up?" Tamaki responded angrily.

"But what CC said is true," Todoh said, "we gave in Schneizel's words as well with Ohgi, who was no better at the things he was doing…especially with Villetta."

"Hey, that was a mistake, you and I both know that now," Tamaki said.

"It's fine, don't worry about it," Lelouch assured them.

Tamaki, Todoh, CC, and Kallen looked at Lelouch a bit surprised.

"It was Schneizel who started it and Ohgi as well as Villetta plotted as well but it's also my own fault."

"Lelouch…" Kallen spoke.

"I was so depressed when I thought that Nunnally was gone that I couldn't bring myself to keep going. Schneizel, knowing the mood I would be in, spoke with you all about my geass with his evidences. If I just snapped out of it when I should have, I would have been there in the conference and point out the holes in the accusations and besides, I was too depressed to hold it against you all for trying to kill me."

"But that doesn't change the fact of the betrayal came to be and the fact what was going to happen in the Ikaruga," Todoh said feeling guilty and wishing that he had known what he did knew now, "and that doesn't change the fact that Kozuki was used to lure you out," Todoh looked at Kallen, "Kozuki, on behalf of myself and Tamaki, we are sorry for what we did to you as well. Even if you don't forgive us, we want to at least let you know that we regret our actions."

"Well, I'm glad that you two realized it…I would have also liked it if Ohgi admitted he was wrong as well."

Lelouch nodded, "I've done things as well, mistakes that could have been avoided…and Kallen, I've put you through so much, I'm sorry."

Kallen held on Lelouch's hand with both of her, "Lelouch, we've gone over it already. That's enough, okay? Besides, I'm glad to follow you and I will never regret it."

Lelouch looked at her with a smile and CC shrugged as she looked away.

"Well, anyway, Xingke and Lady Kaguya will be here soon," Lelouch said, "and I intend to explain some things, one of them is my geass…and the actions that I have taken as Zero."

"You'll really tell us?" Tamaki asked.

Lelouch nodded with a serious expression, "Yes."

Todoh nodded as well.

Bridge of the Avalon

Nina was looking at the monitor and was watching as surviving members of Schneizel's forces were being escorted by members of Lelouch's forces. The young bespectacled scientist sighed and then she saw someone on the screen and she saw Suzaku and Gino being taken elsewhere as well with Anya and two soldiers escorting them.

"Suzaku, you were Princess Euphemia's knight," Nina said softly, "I wonder what Princess Euphemia would say now if she was still alive, seeing what has happened," Nina had her head and thought of what she said to Lelouch.

Flashback: Merlin's Knightmare Hanger

"No, you've done enough for me Nina," Lelouch said, "Besides, what you just said revealed your true feelings on this; therefore, you've done enough for me…for Zero, Euphie's murderer."

Kallen, Cecile, Lloyd, and Roland looked at Lelouch with concern.

Nina paused for a moment and looked at Lelouch, "I won't find in my heart to forgive Zero, most likely not for the rest of my life but this is difference from that. I simply had to find my own answers to everything that's happened."

"I see…"

Flashback End

"I meant it too," Nina then had a sad expression, "In the end; my own creation killed a lot of innocent people. I have to make sure that my creation of the F.L.E.I.A. is wiped out of existence…I wonder if I would able to face the love ones left behind."

"That is a tough one," Natalie said appearing behind Nina.

Nina was surprised and turned to see her younger sister, "Natalie, what are you doing here?"

"I came here looking for Lloyd and Miss Cecile but I didn't see them but lo and behold, I find you big sister."

"Oh…" Nina turned and Natalie stood next to her.

"You were saying about your creation."

Nina nodded, "Yes, I have to make sure to erase any trace of the F.L.E.I.A.s"

Natalie nodded, "I agree," the Knight of Eleven looks at the screen and sees the Damocles, "just as we have to make sure that the Damocles is destroyed."

"What are you going to do with the Damocles?"

"It's already set for its final destination."

"Huh, final destination?" Nina asked confused.

Natalie looked at Nina with a smile, "His Majesty has ordered for the Damocles to set to go straight to the sun therefore destroying it."


The Merlin

After what seemed to be a long time, on the deck of the Merlin, a jet had arrived and landed. As the jet came to a complete stop, people were coming out of the jet and it was Xingke, Kaguya, Tianzi, Xianglin, Hong Gu, and Odysseus. Lelouch's soldiers greeted them and informed them that they would accompany them to the conference room in the Merlin. Meanwhile, in the hallway, Nunnally, who was being wheeled by Sayoko who was very happy to be with Nunnally again, was on her way to the conference room as well.

"It brings me great joy Lady Nunnally," Sayoko said.

"Joy?" Nunnally asked.

"Yes that you and Master Lelouch are together again."

Nunnally smiled, "Yes, it is."

"I must admit that I'm surprised with what you did. After learning what Schneizel's true intentions are, you made him believe that you were still willing to help him."

"Oh, it's not that impressive," Nunnally replied waving it off.

"No, it really is, you're just as clever as Master Lelouch."

Nunnally simply had her hands together, "I was doing what I believe would be the right thing."

In the conference room of the Merlin, Lelouch, along with Kallen, CC, Todoh, and Tamaki were sitting in their chairs waiting. After some time, the door opened and Kaguya, Tianzi, Xingke, Hong Gu, Xianglin, and Odysseus arrived.

Lelouch nodded, "Thank you for coming."

"Thank you for meeting with us Emperor Lelouch," Kaguya replied.

Lelouch saw his eldest brother, "Odysseus, I'm surprised to see you here."

"Well, yes, I wanted to be here and listen in as well."

'"That's fine, please brother, join us," Lelouch motioned a chair for Odysseus to sit.

Everyone was getting comfortable with their seats and soon Nunnally and Sayoko arrived.

"Hello everyone," Nunnally greeted.

"Oh Nunnally," Odysseus greeted as he went and hugged Nunnally, "I'm so glad you're okay."

"Odysseus, you're here as well," Nunnally said, "That's good."

Odysseus looked at Nunnally and smiled, "And you've regained your sight. When did that happen?"

"Not too long ago."

The eldest offspring of Charles zi Britannia was in glee, "This is nothing short of a miracle, "he looked at Lelouch, "don't you agree Lelouch?"

"Yeah, it really is."

"Nunnally, I'm so glad you realized the truth about Schneizel and his real plan and decided to go against it."

"I was doing what I believe was right," Nunnally said.

Student Council Room of Ashford Academy

Rivalz was on his cell phone talking to someone and the person he was talking to was Nina. Milly was also there wondering what were they talking about and hoped that Nina was okay.

"Are you really okay Nina?" Rivalz asked with concern.

Nina was speaking with Rivalz on the other line and the things she was telling him was making Rivalz feel relieved as he nodded.

"Okay, okay, that's great Nina," Rivalz spoke and as Nina spoke as well, "that's good news and I'm glad that both you and Lelouch are all right."

Nina spoke and Rivalz nodded.

"Yeah, well, it's good that Kallen's all right as well."

Nina spoke again and Rivalz nodded again and Rivalz was happy to hear what Nina was saying.

"That's great Nina, yeah, we'll be looking forward to it," Rivalz nodded and had an understanding expression, "okay, I'll let you go and I'll give the Prez your regards…yeah, sure….okay, see you later Nina."

Rivalz hung up his cell phone and Milly looked at Rivalz.

"Well?" Milly asked.

Rivalz nodded, "It's over, Lelouch won over Prince Schneizel."

Milly felt relieved and had her hand over her heart, "That's good…thank goodness," Milly had a relieved expression and tears were coming from her eyes, "thank goodness they're okay."

"It really is a relief. Nina and Lelouch have stuff they have to do but Nina assured me that she and Lelouch will come and see us…and Kallen will come as well."

Milly was happy, "I'm looking forward to it."

Conference Room of the Merlin

After the happy reunion went on, everyone settled down and got down to the matters at hand.

"Emperor Lelouch," Kaguya started, "first off, we want to thank for your help when we were being threatened by your siblings."

"Think nothing of it," Lelouch assured, "I do apologize that it had happened in the first place."

"Um, it's not your fault," Tianzi said, "you didn't want that to happen, they were the ones at fault for what they did, so please, don't blame yourself for their actions."

"Thank you for your words Jiang," Lelouch replied giving the young Chinese Empress a warm smile.

Tianzi nodded while she was blushed a little.

Xingke nodded, "With that, as agreed, we want to know what you have to say about certain things before we make the decision to allow Britannia to join the UFN."

"Of course," Lelouch said.

"If I may," Todoh spoke.

"Todoh?" Xingke spoke as he and everyone in the room looked at Todoh.

Todoh looked around and looked at Lelouch, "I think that it is safe to say that everyone here knows about Lelouch's geass."

Everyone in the room nodded and Todoh looked at Lelouch with a serious expression.

"Lelouch…Zero, I need to ask and be honest and don't twist things. Did you use your geass on any of us here?"

"Todoh!" Kallen spoke and was about to rebuke his question but Lelouch stopped her.

"It's fine Kallen," Lelouch said, "I'll be honest with you," Lelouch sighed, "to be absolute honest, yes, I did use my geass and I used it on Kallen."

There were gasps and people were visibly upset but Lelouch silenced them.

Lelouch continued, "Let me finish, yes, I did use my geass on her but that was only to find out who she was and why she was fighting in the resistance, that is all. Also, what you should know is that my geass can only work once."

"You're being truthful, right?" Tamaki asked.


"To be honest, I was angry and annoyed when CC told me that Lelouch did use his geass on me but I was relieved to know that he didn't use it to make me follow him," Kallen said.

"So you never used your geass on any of us to make us follow you?" Tamaki asked.

"Of course not," Lelouch answered, "you followed me as Zero through your own freewill, it wouldn't have mean anything if I used my geass to do it."

"That's the truth," CC pointed out, "that's the kind of person he is. Besides, if Lelouch really had used his geass on you all here or the others, there's no way you all would have been able to turn on him."

Todoh was shocked, "I see," he had his hand on his chin, "of course…that makes sense."

"I knew it, I knew all along," Tamaki said, "here was Schneizel telling us that we were all under the control of geass, man, I feel stupid for even listening to that snake. It should have been obvious that he wanted to cripple us just like CC said," Tamaki was got even more irritated, "dammit, how can Ohgi just go for it just like that…tch, it's got to be because of that woman, Villetta."

"I feel foolish as well," Todoh said, "we should have questioned them."

"Just in case, there is still doubt," Lelouch started, "there is someone who has the power to cancel the effect of any geass power."

"Who has that ability?" Kaguya asked.


"Jeremiah does?" Nunnally asked.

"Yes, he had that ability for some time now; it's how Kallen knows for sure that I only used my geass on her just to find out why she fought on the side of the resistance."

"That's right," Kallen said.

"I see, that's quite useful," Todoh commented.

"Lelouch, then please answer us something that is like a terrible stain. The case of what happened a year ago," Kaguya said, "Lelouch, I'm talking about the terrible massacre at the Special Administrative Zone."

Lelouch had sadness, it was one of the things that he truly regretted as it resulted of the lives of many innocent Japanese people and the lost of his sister Euphemia who was made against her will to commit genocide.

"Lelouch, did you really, really make Euphemia commit genocide with your geass?" Todoh asked upset at the memory.

"There was a recording that Schneizel presented us," Tamaki said.

"You mean this recording," Lelouch said as he brought out the same recording Schneizel used to when he met with the Black Knights.

Lelouch played the recording, "Lelouch, did you use your geass on Euphie?"Suzaku's voice asked.

"I did," Lelouch's voice answered.

"To massacre the Japanese?"

"I gave the order."

Lelouch ended the recording and it surprised the others in the room.

"That's the one," Todoh said.

"How did you get it?" Xianglin asked.

"Schneizel gave it to me," Lelouch answered.

"Schneizel gave it to you?" Odysseus asked confused, "But why would he…wait, you used that power over Schneizel, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did," Lelouch admitted, "it was how I was able to beat him and get him to surrender to me."

Odysseus was about to scold Lelouch for using his geass but thought of something and sighed, "You know, I bet if Schneizel had geass and the roles were reversed, he would have done the same thing."

"He probably would," Nunnally added.

This got the rest except for Lelouch, Kallen, and CC thinking that possibility for a moment.

Kaguya cleared her throat and looked at Lelouch with a serious expression, "What we heard was you admitting that you used your geass on Euphemia…with that…"

"Wait, I want to ask," Nunnally interjected.


"I'm sorry to interrupt Kaguya but I really want to ask my brother this, please?"

"Hmm…fine, you look like you're getting real antsy to ask," Kaguya said being understanding and guessed what Nunnally was going to ask her precious brother.

"Thank you," Nunnally said being grateful and then turned to her brother, "Lelouch, there is something that I feel no really asked you."

"Nunnally…" Lelouch spoke.

"Lelouch, was it ever your intention to make Euphie kill all the Japanese?"

Lelouch had a sad expression as he shook his head, "No, it wasn't but it happened and all because of my own carelessness."

"…Please tell us honesty, tell us what happened when you met with Euphie last year."

Lelouch looked at Nunnally and Kallen had her hand on Lelouch's shoulder as a way to assure him as Lelouch looked at his red headed queen and nodded.

"I want to hear as well," Kaguya said, "What happened…Master Zero?"

Lelouch sighed and composed himself, "Euphie and I went to talk in the G1."

Flashback: In the bridge of the G1 within the SAZ, one year ago

"Even though the cameras are off, you're still being extremely careful, aren't you?" Euphie asked as Lelouch turned off all the power in the G1.

"I have been in hiding for a long time due to a certain empire I'm afraid," Lelouch stated as he took off his mask. He took out a needle gun and pointed at his half-sister, "This is a needle gun made from ceramic and bamboo. It can't be picked up on a metal detector."

"Lelouch, you would never shoot me, would you?" Euphie plainly asked.

"No," Lelouch answered, "I would never do that; you'll be doing the shooting Euphie."

"Huh?" Euphie was a bit disturbed of her half-brother's response.

Lelouch, on the other hand, felt that this was the only way to do things. He refused to receive 'hand outs' from anyone, no matter how much good intention behind it.

"This ceremony is being broadcast globally and the world is going to witness you, a Britannian princess, shoot Zero," Lelouch stated, "What do you think will happen next?"

"Rioting would break out, I imagine," Euphie answered.

"Right, Zero will become a martyr tricked into a deathtrap and instantly your popularity will crash to earth."

"What kind of nonsense are you saying? You should just help me rebuild Japan…"

"If you force it upon us from up high, then you're just as bad as Clovis was."

Euphie was taken aback by what Lelouch was saying.

Lelouch continued, "All task at hand have been cleared. After hovering near death, Zero will be met with cheers when he makes a miraculously recovery because people don't give a damn about reason but nobody can resist miracles," Lelouch flipped the needle gun and extended to Euphie, "now take the gun."

"Huh," Euphie uttered still confused on what Lelouch was planning.

"There can only be one messiah you understand and when the people realize that you're a false one, they'll-"

Lelouch didn't get to finish because of the sudden pain he felt from his left eye and he fell on one knee. Euphemia began to worry for her brother and went to make sure he was okay but Lelouch slapped her hands away from her angrily.

"Stop it!" Lelouch demanded as he got up still covering his left eye, "Stop giving me your pity!" He began to look at his sister with contempt, "Stop giving me your charity!"

Euphie only had look of concern.

Lelouch continued ranting, "This is something I have to achieve on my own and so for that, I shall now stain your hands with blood Euphemia li Britannia!" Lelouch started activating his geass.

"That isn't my name, I renounced it!" Euphie declared with passion.

Lelouch was caught off guard by Euphie's declaration and deactivated his geass.

"There'll probably be a formal announcement issued by the homeland about it any day now, but I've given up my claim to the throne."

Lelouch was shocked to hear his sister's words, "But why? It isn't because you accepted Zero, is it?"

"Well of course, I had to pay the price for doing something so selfish, those are the consequences," Euphie answered with a smile.

Lelouch was surprise but kept his composure, "Yes, but it wasn't difficult to give that up, was it? And I suppose you did it for my sake."

Euphie chuckled, "As conceited as you ever were but no, I did it for Nunnally.

"For Nunnally?" Lelouch asked in his head.

Euphie turned her back, "She told me herself, 'all I want is to be with my brother and that's all that matters, I want nothing more'".

"For that petty reason?"

The third princess turned to face the mask less Zero, "That's right Lelouch, that's how I made up my mind. It made me stop and reflect what was truly important to me in life. Do you understand now? I'm not giving up anything that has significant meaning or real worth to me and you don't need to worry, I won't tell anyone about you."

Lelouch couldn't help but chuckle, "And Cornelia?"

"It's not like we'll never see each other again."

"Euphie, you are a fool, an amazing fool."

"I know I'm as smart as you Lelouch, I've never been able to beat you in games or study, however-"

"However," Lelouch interrupted softly, "in your usual rash fashion, you've managed to win all of it. When I think of you, I don't visualized a Sub-Viceroy or a princess, I only see the plain little Euphie who you used to be."

"Then will you join plain little Euphie and help her?" Euphie asked as she extended her hand.

Lelouch considered the notion and saw the determination on Euphie's face, "You are…you are the worst opponent I have ever faced," Lelouch took Euphie's hand as being ready to cooperate, "you win."

Euphie was a bit surprised.

"I'll amend my plans to help out your special zone," Lelouch said and that made Euphie very happy, "ah, but not as your subordinate, all right?"

"All right," Euphie replied in glee, "though you haven't got very much faith in me, have you?"

"Hmm?" Lelouch uttered.

"Did you honestly believe that by simply threatening me I would shoot you?"

"Oh no, you got it all wrong. When I really want people to follow my orders, they will not resist me, whether to shoot me, to grant pardon to Suzaku, or any order at all."

Euphie couldn't help but find it silly, "Oh now you're being silly, stop playing with me."

"I'm serious," Lelouch replied unaware that his geass was starting to activate, "for example, if I told you to kill all the Japanese, it wouldn't matter how you felt about."

Lelouch's geass affected Euphie without his knowledge and the command began to take hold on her.

Euphie gasped as she felt something evil was taken hold of her to do something terrible, "No, don't make me do it please," she was trying to fight the horrific command that was invading her mind and body, "I'm not…"

Lelouch didn't know was going with his half-sister.

"I'm not going to do it please," Euphie continued to struggle against it, "I don't want to kill them."

Lelouch gasped, "Did I…?" Lelouch realized that his geass activated and gave the command to Euphie to commit genocide.

"You're right," Euphie said suddenly in a monotone voice, "I have to kill all the Japanese."

Lelouch was horrified when he realized what just happened, "I've become like Mao, I can't control my geass power." Lelouch kneeled down to Euphie, "Forget the order that I gave you!"

Lelouch's words were on deaf ears as Euphie picked up the needle gun.

"Wait Euphie, don't!" Lelouch called to her as she ran outside.

Flashback End

"By the time I went to try the stop her, it was too late," Lelouch said finishing his story with his head down ashamed.

Everyone in the room was surprised to hear the story, even more so that Lelouch had indeed intended to work with Euphemia.

"Lelouch, you…you really intended with work with Euphie?" Odysseus asked.

"Yes, when I saw how resolve Euphie was and when she was willing pay the price, I couldn't help but to be impressed and it was there that I willing to aid her."

"But it all ended up being a disaster and all because of a joke," Todoh said sounding upset, "and you not knowing that your geass was activated.

"If I had known that my geass was activated, I would have never made that stupid joke," Lelouch said, bitter and angry with himself that his supposedly harmless joke with his geass activating on its own lead the devastating massacre.

"Lelouch, didn't you ever try to explain all this to Suzaku?" Nunnally asked.

"No, I didn't," Lelouch answered as he shook his head.

"Why not?"

"I figured it wouldn't make much of a different and I refuse to make excuses. Besides, even if I did tell him, I'm sure that he would still react the same way that he did when he confronted me in Kamine Island and when we met at the old Kururugi Shrine."

"How could you do this?" Kaguya asked, "How could you use what happen for your own gain, to start the Black Rebellion?"

"Yes, how could you do that?" Todoh asked.

Lelouch had his head down in shame, he knew that it wasn't going to pleasant and he knew that they were not going to just let it go.

That's it for this chapter. Next chapter: The end of the discussion in the conference room and a few days later, Lelouch continues with his rule over Britannia and the UFN makes a decision.