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The night sky shown over the buildings of the Seireitei, the stars clearly showing the moon appearing not in the sky. A shadow moved through the outer halls of the tenth division, slipping into the chamber of the small taicho. The wind blew past the paper doors and the figure stealthy moved over to the bed. Kneeling down next to the bed, the person could see the starlight lightly lighting the small child taicho's face, making him look innocent.

A hand reached out, the boney fingers brushing the white, silver colored hair away from the youth's forehead. As the fingers brushed the hair away, the child moved slightly, then two bright teal eyes opened up, slightly narrowed due to half way awakening from his sleep. The hand hovered then, a few inches away, hoping the small taicho would not wake all the way. However, Toshiro's mouth moved as words formed. "I...chi...maru... Gin..."

At that, the small taicho sat up, his body tensing up. Before Hitsugaya could yell out for help, a bony hand covered his mouth, while the other arm wrapped around the back of the small taicho, preventing him from easily moving. "Shush, chibi-taicho. If you yell, you'll wake Rangiku up,"

Two bright teal eyes widened and a small hand pushed the older males hand away. "You're alive? Why shouldn't Rangiku wake up. Not knowing what happened to you...

Gin held his finger to Toshiro's mouth, quitting the child. As the boy's eyes crossed to look at the finger, he spoke up. "Isn't it better, with all that I've done, if she doesn't know?"

The small Taicho stared t the man as he moved his hand away. "You're running away again aren't you? Is it because you're a known traitor? You could at least say good bye."

The sliver haired man's huge smirk twisted into a frown. "I was pardoned. However, I am being sent on a mission, one where I am going to be gone awhile. Actually, I don't know if I'll even come back alive, so it is best that I don't see Ran before I go."

"Yet you came to see me." Hitsugaya frowned at this, his cheeks puffing up in frustration.

"I thought that unlike Ran you would sleep through it." Gin sighed, sitting down on the edge of the bed. "I am surprised that you aren't making a move to attack me."

"Hating you never seemed right no matter how much I disliked the way you acted around other people." Toshiro glanced at the foot of his bed.

"You should go back to sleep. Forget I was even here Shiro-chan." Ichimaru let out the sigh. The child taicho opened his mouth to protest, but the man placed a bony hand over his mouth, then leaned over to whisper a melodious song into the boy's ear, causing the two teal eyes to drop, then finally fall. The man then proceeded to tuck the young one in. "Always worked, chibi-taicho... lullabies and stories, to get you asleep, despite the fact you say you dislike such things."