Hueco Mundo

The group traveled across pit blackness, so that they could enter into Hueco Mundo. Upon entering the place, the shinigami and company glanced up to see a dark sky with a moon lighting the dessert sands. Toshiro's teal eyes quickly glanced around, trying to get a bearing on the direction that they needed to head in order to meet up with the group.

Ikkaku held his blade behind his back and let out an irritated sound. "Some place this is. There isn't anyone to fight."

"That's strange. We ended up in some sort of chamber that we had to enter before we could head over to Los Noches." Uryu pushed up his glasses and turned his head around.

At that, Toshiro's head went up so that he could look the taller person in the eye and give them a straight answer. "I haven't been here before, so I honestly don't know if it is possible to enter through another way, but maybe it has to do with the fact that Aizen is no longer in control?"

At that, the small shinigami pulled out his Soul Phone, which had the coordinates uploaded into the phone. "In case we get separated, I'm sending you the location we are going to meet up with Ashido-san and the other person."

"Other person?" Renji suddenly spoke up, letting out the sound he made when something irritated him. "I know that you are a captain, but don't you honestly think that is something that we should have already been informed of?"

"I have my reasons for not saying." Toshiro turned and glared at the man. "I personally trust that you don't have a problem with this?"

"It doesn't matter if we have a problem with it, does it?" Hisagi spoke up as he too found himself frustrated with the child taicho. "You're the captain, so that means you are the boss. However, if I find your judgment to be off in any way, I am going to do what I feel is best for keeping all of us alive."

At that, the two bright teal eyes suddenly narrowed, but then looked away. "I have no problems with that train of thought. I'll make it clear though. All of us are to be brought out alive. That includes the person Ashido and the person he is with. They are included among those you are to keep alive."

The group then began to move out, the eight shinigami and the substitute shinigami's group of friends. The steps that they took was slow and methodical, and in truth everything seemed to be far to easy, but no one wished to say anything lest they end up jinxing the mission. The mood between all of them remained tense as they moved around.

However, there was a sudden explosion of sand from in the middle of the group and the group dispersed into different directions. When the sand came back down, the sand began to move towards the epicenter. The movement of the sand began to grow and the various parts of the group began to move away.

However, as Hanataro moved away from the sand trap, he suddenly found himself caught up in the drift. At that, Toshiro found himself darting in, to pull the other young shinigami away from the drift. He then pulled him away, shunpooing away from the mess, and Toshiro kept running, remembering the full details of Kuchiki Rukia's report, about how they had been sucked down into the Menos Forest below.

At that, the member of the forth division raised his head up. "Why are we getting so far away from the others?"

"First off, I didn't bring you along for your fighting abilities." The small taicho piped up. "Second, they're also unfortunately moving away from us. The sand trap is a lot bigger then what the reports said."

"Maybe it is something else?" Hanataro spoke up, just as Toshiro dropped him into the ground. The small taicho collapsed to his knees, the heat beginning to get to him.

"I can't take that kind of chance. I promised Yamamoto that I would be getting everyone out of here alive." The small taicho glared at the ground. He then slammed down his fist in agitation. His teeth suddenly gritted his teeth. "I messed up. I should have been paying attention for any sort of abnormality."

"Are we going to go after them?" The other young shinigami spoke up.

At that, Toshiro took a deep breath. "I'm going to trust that everyone is safe and can get to the spot. That said, I don't think I'll be able to stop them from attacking that person, because I was stupid enough not to tell them who it was that was sent in after the missing shinigami."

"Who was it?" The small shinigami stated, beginning to dig through his bag.

"Ichimaru Gin. He's trying to make up for the wrong things he's done, you might say." Toshiro stated, suddenly standing up and dusting off his robes. He then gave the other shinigami a hand up. "I promise I'll be more careful until we get to the site. I'll figure out some way to make it so that we all get out of here, like Yamamoto taicho wants."

Hanataro finished digging and handed the small taicho a bottle of water. "Unohana Taicho said that I needed to be wary of your heat sickness. I honestly don't understand why you were sent, considering your health problems. I mean, Yamamoto should know these problems."

"He thinks I'll have some sort of influence on Ichimaru to get him to return." The small taicho stated, stepping forward as sand got in between his sandals and socks. "I'll be find, as we aren't going to be here that long. The two began moving forward to the meeting place, their luck being that they were heading in a straight line to the place.