World's Apart

CHAPTER 3: Intentions

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Robert stepped into the Connery house. Her mother and sisters were curious and shocked. They didn't know who this man was and why was he in their house.

"Who is this?" Lady Connery was preparing herself to scold Alexandra. Didn't Alexandra know that inviting strangers to their house was dangerous? Alexandra was such a silly child to her.

"Everyone, this is my new tutor. His name is Robert." Alexandra introduced him to them.

"Hello." Robert smiled.

"A new tutor? How did you hire him? Do you even have money to hire him?" Madeline raised her eyebrow, suspicious.

"Alexandra, what's the meaning of this?" Lady Connery is now angry.

"He is my tutor. Just give a room to stay in. And if you don't want to give him a room, then, he'll stay in my room." Alexandra crossed her arms.

"Where did you even find him?" Lily Anne examined Robert.

Georgiana wheeled herself towards Alexandra. She tugged Alexandra dress and said very softly, "Are you sure he is not dangerous?"

"I don't think he is." Alexandra smiled at Georgiana.

"Wait till your father hears of this, Alexandra! He won't be happy!" Her mother glared at her.

But Alexandra didn't care what her father thought.

She thought that having a tutor isn't a bad idea. Now, she doesn't have to bother her father to teach her sword fighting or anything else. She has a tutor. It would make his life simple.

She thought that her father would be happy that she has a tutor. Atleast, her education would be complete now.

George, assistant butler and assistant head servant, realized that Robert is a demon. George was a demon himself and he became cautious of Robert. He wondered why Robert was here. And it scares him that Robert resembles so much like a demon criminal that was recently executed, Richard Stevenson.

George knew that demons won't simply serve someone unless they will gain something in return. What was it that Robert would gain from this? Was he about to harm a member of the Connery family?

The main question that lingered in George's mind was Robert's true intentions.

George confronted Robert, "You aren't human, aren't you?"

"Well, I'm just like you. That makes two of us." Robert smirked.

"Who are you and why are you here?"

"I am Robert Stevenson and I am Alexandra's new tutor."

"Robert Stevenson?" George couldn't believe his ears. Could he be any way related to Richard Stevenson?

"It's true that I am Richard Stevenson's twin brother."

George was shocked. He knew about the bonds and linkage of twins. Now, that Richard has been executed, it'll only be a matter of time that Robert dies.

"Are you here for revenge on behalf of your brother?"


"Then, why are you here?"

"I already told you."

"I don't believe you. What are your true intentions, Robert? Tell me!"

"Well, what are yours?"

"We serve the Connery family because it is this family that saved us in the past."


"The demons who serve this family."

George remembered everything back then. In the past, he and the other demons made the same mistake. Accidentally, they played with a human and showed that human their powers. There is a law that states that a demon must never reveal their powers to a human unless that human has a contract with them. If they do, they must terminate any human who saw them.

If they didn't, they would be punishable by death.

He and the other demons broke this law. On the day of their prosecution, Calvin Connery saved them. Calvin Connery believed that they were only children and that children should be given a second chance. Eventhough they were demons, Calvin Connery still saved them. He took them in and in return for his kindness, they swore to protect and serve the Connery family.

They were thankful for his kindness. He was like a father to all of them.

"How many demons serve this family?" Robert was curious.

"Four. Now, tell me why you are here?"

"I'm here to serve Mistress Alexandra."

"How are you even alive? You should be dead by now because of the twin linkage and bondage."

"I have my ways." Robert smirked. He wasn't interested in telling anyone anything. It was none of their business anyway.

George pushed Robert against the wall and tried to choke him, "If you try to hurt anyone in this family, I will kill you! So don't even think about it!"

Robert kicked George, "I don't even care for this family."

"Then, why are you here?"

"I already told you."

"Do you have a contract with Mistress Alexandra?" George was now worried.

"Perhaps." Robert smirked.

"What's the exchange, you bastard?" That was all George wanted to know. What was it that Alexandra sacrificed? Was it dangerous to her?

Robert kept silent but he continued smirking.

"Bastard, is this your idea of revenge? I will kill you!" George attacked Robert.

Suddenly, Alexandra entered the room that George and Robert were fighting.

Accidently, George landed on Alexandra when he fell.

Alexandra cried in pain.

"Forgive me, mistress." George apologized and felt guilty.

"See what you have done." Robert hissed.

"It's your fault!" George glared.

"Stop it!" Alexandra cried.

"Come." Robert carried the poor girl and glared at George as he left the room.

Soon, Gerard Connery returned home. Everyone greeted him gladly. They were happy that he was home. They all missed him including Alexandra. Gerard was glad to see that Alexandra was no longer angry with him. After all, he left in bad terms with her.

Then, he learned about Robert from his wife. He needed to talk to Alexandra. But just before he went to talk to Alexandra, George told him that Robert is a demon and may have a contract with her.

Now, he was just worried.

"Alex, your mother told me you have a new tutor named Robert?"


"How did you even got yourself a tutor?"

"I was lucky. I just found him. You don't like me having a tutor?" Alexandra was confused. She thought he would be glad that she has a tutor.

"No, it's not that. But you do know that Robert is a demon." He hopes she didn't.

"I do."

His worst fear has arrived. He wouldn't want her to have traded her soul to a demon for a tutor. If she really has traded her soul, it would be his fault. His fault for not being there for her and his fault for not being a good father.

"Did you make a contract with him?" He holds his breath and prayed silently.

"No." Alexandra lied.

"Good but you shouldn't have gotten a demon as a tutor. It's dangerous. Demons are not exactly friendly creatures. They have agendas." He felt relieved.

"You have demons as servants so why can't I? And Robert is a nice person. He's a good tutor and I need a tutor. So now, you don't have to bother about my education ever. You don't even need to pay him. I'll handle it." Alexandra smiled and decided that she would not continue this conversation.

"The demons that I have are different. Anyway, you don't have money to pay him." Gerard sighed.

"I have my ways." She turned around and read her book.

"Alexandra, would you just listen?"

She ignored him.

"I just wanted to say that demons are dangerous."

Gerard told his head butler and servant, Jean who is also a demon to fire Robert. He didn't want a demon to tutor his daughter. He felt that it was dangerous.

Jean walked up to Robert, carefully. He didn't want to start a fight like George did. "Hello."

Robert looked at Jean and squinted, "How may I help you?"

"Unfortunately, I'm here to tell you that you have been fired."

"By who?"

"The head of the Connery family."

"And who is that?"

This pissed Jean off. How could Robert not know who the head is.

"Gerard Connery."

"Unfortunately, I cannot be fired by him." Robert snorted.

"I don't understand." Jean was confused and surprised.

"I was hired by Mistress Alexandra. Therefore, I can only be fired by her."

"It doesn't matter. You're still fired. Master Gerard Connery is Mistress Alexandra father and if he fires you. It just means you are fired."

"Unlike you, I don't serve the Connery family. I only serve Mistress Alexandra."

Jean was suspicious, "Why do you serve her? Was George right about you?"

Robert snorted, "Think what you like. I do not care. Just like you, you have your own reasons to serve this family and I have my own."

"I just want to know if your reasons will endanger this family."

"No, it won't. I give you my word."

Jean sighed, "Fine. I trust you for now. But if you harm this family, I will terminate this ugly life yours."

"Warning noted." Robert smiled politely.

"One more question, Robert. Did you make a contract with the girl?"


"So George was right all along. But tell me, why did you do it? Is this your way of avenging your brother? How could you be so evil to trick a little girl? Crime of the father is no fault of the child."

Robert shook his head. "You are wrong. I'm not avenging my brother. I was just hired by that little girl. If you know anything about Mistress Alexandra, you would know that no one can trick her. She's not a stupid girl and this was her decision. Mistress Alexandra is a stubborn person. You should know by now that she cannot be forced by anyone."

Jean sighed, knowing that Robert was right.

Jean had to tell Gerard that he couldn't fire Robert and that no one could except for Alexandra.

That pissed Gerard off. He tried to persuade Alexandra to get rid of Robert by telling her that she doesn't need a tutor. However, Alexandra wasn't persuaded.

She believed that it was good to have a tutor. She would be able to learn anytime she wants. Her father would never worry about her education ever. She didn't understand why he wanted her to not want a tutor.

Gerard gave up after a week when he realized that Alexandra would never change her mind. She was just too stubborn.

Madeline was jealous. Now, she wanted a tutor and she asked her father for one.

"You already have tutors." Gerard didn't understand.

"I want one like Alexandra!"

"NO." He couldn't have another daughter having a demon tutor. One was bad enough.


"Don't question me." Gerard walked away.

This made Madeline even more jealous of Alexandra. She felt that her father loved Alexandra more than her or any of her other sisters. But she didn't understand why her father would love Alexandra, the wild child.

Madeline felt that she was better than Alex. She was prim and proper. She was intelligent and elegant. She was almost the perfect daughter. Yet despite this, her father seems to favor Alex. She didn't understand.

Why did Alex have over her? Alex was just wild and stubborn. Her mother hated Alex's stubbornness. Madeline knew that her mother can't tolerate Alex sometimes and Madeline knew why.

Which mother would want a loud, rude and stubborn daughter?

What surprises Madeline is how Alex seems not to care about anything or anyone. Alex would do whatever she liked and she didn't care if the world disapproves.

Madeline could never do that. She cared about the world's perception because she understood that this is a world of reputations and perceptions. People will judge your actions and thus, creating your reputations. And if she wanted the world to favor her, she would have to play her cards right.

Therefore, she didn't understand how her father still seem to favor Alex more even when Alex has so many flaws while she had less.

Eventhough, Madeline already has many different tutors for many different lessons, she wanted one main tutor who could teach her everything and anything.

That way, she could have lessons anytime too. She would learn more and faster too.

She felt threatened and jealous. All this while, she was the intelligent and elegant one. Now, with Alexandra having this tutor, she could surpass her! Unlike Alexandra, Gerard was very strict with Madeline. This has made her have great accomplishments and so, she values these accomplishments very much. If Alexandra were to surpass her, she felt that her father wouldn't love her or value her important anymore.

It's bad enough that her father is amazed by Alexandra's accomplishment in sword fighting and that her father loves her now. Now, this!

But she tried to calm herself down by telling herself that Alexandra was too lazy a person and that she will never surpass her. She also told herself that Alexandra would never be as elegant as her because Alexandra was just too rough for that sort of things.

She tried to tell herself that even if Alexandra surpassed her, she would never be as elegant as her.

Eventhough that calmed her down a little, she still felt a little insecure.

But having a tutor wasn't as great as Alexandra taught it would be. Robert just kept teaching her all sorts of things, including things she wasn't interested in such as geography, music and etc. He was such a slave driver. Thanks to him, she didn't have much time for anything except learning.

For the first time in her life, her brain has never felt so used before.

However, it wasn't all bad. She had a few subjects that she loved such as sword fighting, astronomy and many more. She was surprised that he was teaching her so many different subjects!

The more Robert taught her, the more she responded. Her mind began to work. She even behaved slightly better mannered now but then again, how could she not when Robert teaches her manners and etiquettes.

Alexandra is a brilliant child. She is an intelligent child but a very lazy child too. Now that Robert was here, he forced her to think. Slowly, she began to think critically. She even played chess very well now. Thanks to all the war strategies and tactics that Robert taught, she was now good in chess.

Madeline grew slightly more jealous. She saw the change in her sister and it was a change for the better. Alexandra no longer wasted her time on trees, reading her books. She was now having classes after classes.

Madeline felt that Alexandra has more classes than her and she was right. She wished she had a tutor who would teach her anytime.

Lily Anne, on the other hand, didn't like the fact that Alexandra was now so busy with classes. She had no one to play with it. Last time, Alexandra was very free with absolutely no classes because she never attended any of her classes. Lily Anne could play with Alexandra anytime she wanted but now, she couldn't. Now, she could hardly even see her sister.

Now, Alexandra can only be seen during meals.

Lady Connery is actually happy that her daughter is more behaved now. She wondered how Robert could teach her so well. It was odd. She knew that Alexandra was stubborn and that she didn't listened to anyone. So how could Robert even teach her?

Gerard, on the other hand, didn't like Robert. He was just worried for his daughter. He knew that Robert was a demon and he just wanted to know what his motives are. But since Robert was actually teaching her and she was actually learning, he could not do anything to Robert.

He wanted to get rid of Robert so much but he can't.

All the other demons that worked in the Connery household were suspicious and wary about Robert. But since, he actually served Mistress Alexandra, they had no choice but to accept Robert as another servant. They didn't get along too well with Robert. However, Robert ignored them. He didn't care what they thought of him. He didn't care about them at all.

As much as Alexandra loved her lessons, she felt that she had too many of it.

"Can I get one day, free from lessons?"

"Why?" Robert raised an eyebrow. He thought she enjoyed her lessons.

"There are just so many lessons and I study so much that I even forget what day this is. I just want to go out. I just want a break."

Robert thought for a while. He agreed that he probably been teaching her too many things at a time. He also needed a break. It's tiring to teach all day eventhough it's enjoyable.

"We should have a break." He nodded.

"YES!" She hugged Robert, "Thanks!"

And the next Monday, it was their break day. There were no lessons for Alexandra today. She smirked. It's been a while since she had a whole day to herself.

She didn't even know where to begin. What should she do first?

She started her day off with a delicious breakfast. Then, she spends her whole morning on a tree, reading her favourite book. Her sisters were surprised to see her, having free time.

"I thought you have lessons?" Madeline looked up at Alexandra.

"It's a holiday for me today." She continued reading.

"REALLY?" Lily Anne waited so long for a day to play with Alexandra. "Play with me today."

"Nah, I don't feel like playing today."

"What? Why?" Lily Anne frowned.

When Alexandra heard Lily Anne's disappointed voice, she felt sorry for her sister. "I'll play with you later, in the evening."

"You better." Lily Anne smirked.

The book made Alexandra curious, curious about the real world. As she read this book, she realizes that she have not seen the real world at all.

Quickly, she dashed into her room. She was going to explore and see the real world today. Just like the prince in the book, she was going to sneak out and go to town.

She changed into an old dirty shirt and pants.

She tied up her hair and wore a hat to hide her hair. Then, she wore a long old jacket and she brought one of her smaller swords with her. Just in case, she might need it for protection.

She sneaked out of her house but Robert caught her, "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to sneak out. Don't tell anyone. I'm going to town. I just want to explore the real world."

Robert rolled his eyes. "Let me follow you. It'll be too dangerous."

"No. Don't follow me." She flashed him her sword that is hidden under the jacket, "I'll be fine."

"Fine but if you're in trouble, just call my name & I'll be there."

She nodded her head and left.

He sighed. He hopes that she'll call for him when she's in trouble. Since she has ordered him not to follow her, he has to obey. He frowned. He was worried. If he can't follow her, how can he know if she's safe?

But if she calls his name, he'll be able to sense where she is and he'll be able to trace her. He'll be able to save her from any problems. But she needs to call his name. If she doesn't, the blood seal won't be able to help him trace her.

He never believed in god but that day he prayed. He prayed that she would be safe.

She went to the market and noticed that it was noisy, loud and yet interesting. She saw all type of people.

It surprised her and fascinated her.

She saw poor people who counted their money. She felt sorry for them. Suddenly, she felt grateful that she was a daughter of a noble and for everything she had. She never had to worry about money or anything in her life before.

She made a silent promise to herself to appreciate everything around her.

She knew that being a noble's daughter, her life would be smooth sailing. She would never have to suffer. When she grew up, she would marry a noble man and be a mother. That thought made her frowned. What if she didn't want to marry? But her purpose is to be married.

She sighed. Maybe she would marry, maybe she would be lucky to marry a man who would understand and love her. She sighed again. Life was different from books, she knew that. Maybe, she might never find that sort of man but then again, she might.

But she felt that it was unfair to her and her sisters. Their lives have been planned. They will grow up and be married. They didn't have any other choice. She wanted to have choices.

If she married, it would be her choice.

She shook her head. She didn't want to think about her future now. She'll handle it later, when she's grown. For now, she'll forget it.

Then, she saw merchants selling things. She looked at them and wished that she was a merchant. Merchants had choices. Their lives weren't planned. They could go city to city, selling things. But then again, being merchants came with it's own set of problems such as financial problems. But atleast, she had a choice.

Perhaps she could be a traveler. Seeing the world and enjoying it. Travelers didn't have any problems or plans. Or did they?

She continued to sigh.

Then, she saw rich people walking by. She saw how they look in disgust as they walked past the poor. The world that looked so fascinating, suddenly, looked sad.

Her stomach growled. She walked to a stall that was selling cakes and bought some. As she walked, a bunch of boys who were slightly older than her stole her cakes.

She chased them down to a dark alley. When she reached the dark alley, they ambushed her and started beating her up.

She tried to pull out her sword but fail because they were too many of them. They just kept on beating her and kicking her. She didn't even have a chance to move.

The only thing she could do was hug herself to protect herself.

Every part of her body ached as they kicked.

Just when she was about to call Robert's name, she heard a boy's voice, "Stop it!"

"Walk away. It's none of your business."

She saw that boy flashed his sword and they immediately apologized and left.

She was slightly pissed. They were cowards. All it took for them to leave was to see a weapon. But then again, she figured that they weren't stupid. They won't dare to attack a person with a weapon if they didn't have one.

"Are you alright?" The boy looked at her.

"I could handle it." She was embarrassed at herself for not flashing her weapon earlier.

"Oh, really? It looked like they were beating you up."

"Shut up." She showed him her sword.

"Oh! What didn't you take it out? People like them will leave you alone when you show them that."

"I was about too." She lied.

"Yea, sure." The boy snorted. "Anyway, are you good with that?"

Alexandra looked at her sword and smirked, "I am the best."

"Do you want to duel?" She grinned. She wanted to show him that she could defend herself.

He nodded.

They started dueling. They were both good with their sword play and techniques but one of them was better. In the end, the boy won.

Alexandra was shocked. She never lost before. All the while, she fought with sons of nobles who had tutors and she always won.

How did she lose to him?

How did he win?

How come he was better than her?

Who was he?

As those questions ran in her head, she slipped and her hat fell and the string that she tied her hair with, broke.

The boy was shocked, "You're a girl?" He didn't know that he was fighting a girl.

Embarrassed, she picked up her hat. She was a little worried. What if someone recognized her?

"Are you alright?" The boy looked at her.

"Yea." She looked down.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"Same goes to you."

"I'm Anthony Wester." He smiled.

"I'm Alexandra Connery."

"Why are you in boy's clothes?" He raised his eyebrow.

She bit her lips. Should she tell him? But then again, she didn't think he was dangerous. He was just a boy who was around her age.

She whispered to him, "I'm a noble's daughter. I'm not supposed to be here. I sneak out so that I could explore the city. And oh, call me Alex so that my cover won't be blown."

"Ohh…." He nodded his head as he understood. But now that he realized she was a noble's daughter, he looked down. He didn't dare to look straight at her. She was a noble and he was…nobody but a poor man's son.

"Tell me, why are you so good at sword fighting?"

"I'm not that good." Anthony continued looking down.

"That was the first time I lost. Everyone I dueled with, lost to me…except you."

He looked at her, confused, "Who did you duel with anyway?"

"Noble's sons."

Then, he looked down again. "Oh. Well, you're good too eventhough you're a girl ."

"Thanks but just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't fight." She smiled.

She noticed he kept looking down. "Are you alright?"


"Then, why are you looking down?"

"umm…that's because you're a noble and I'm not."

That made her laugh. "I'm not special."

"But you're a noble."

"Not me, my father. And anyway, I'm just a human like you." She wore her hat and tried to hide her long hair.

He laughed. She was the first noble he had seen but she was different.

"Anyway, thank you for saving me." She smiled at him. She realized that he wasn't a bad person.

"You're welcome."

"How old are you?" She suddenly asked.

"Nine. You?"

"Me too." She smiled.

Her stomach growled. Then, she remembered that she still hasn't eaten anything except breakfast.

"Come, my mum owns a bakery and she makes the best pastry."

She nodded and followed him.

A new friendship begun and for Alexandra, this was her first real friend. He wasn't some noble who was snobbish or annoying. He wasn't forced to be friends with her. He wasn't a friend because he had to. He was actually nice to her and he wanted to be her friend. He didn't belong in her world but she didn't mind.

She felt adventurous like a character in a book. She actually made a new friend and she liked that.