Pleasant Surprise – PART ONE

Bella – Tanya
Human – Vampire
Rated M

A/N – Okay so I have to admit that this pairing is odd but it calls to me, so what can ya do? :) There'll be about five or six parts to this one-shot because otherwise the one chapter would have been ridiculously long.

Takes place six years after Edward left in New Moon. After graduating high school, Bella went on to the University of Alaska as planned. There she met Tanya and they realised their love for one another.

What will the Cullen's have to say when they find out?

Disclaimer – Twilight belongs to Stephanie Meyer.

Students of all different age's sat tensely at their desks, heads bowed and pens scratching away at the thick exam paper in front of them, trying desperately to finish in the last few minutes. Beads of sweat poured down their foreheads, hearts beating frantically with nerves as they glanced repeatedly at the clock and then the exam paper once more.

Bella stood from the place in her comfortable leather chair to instead lean against the edge of her desk, looking around the room of students sympathetically. She could remember when that was her not so long ago, desperately trying to finish before the exam time was up.

She definitely didn't envy them.

Glancing over her shoulder at the clock that hung on the wall, she sighed and turned back to her class, "Alright, time's up. Finish the question you're doing and then pens down."

The students groaned almost pitifully but did as they were instructed.

Bella smiled sympathetically, "Don't stress too badly, if you studied then you should've passed." She pushed off the desk and straightened out the creases in her black skirt, "Place your exams on my desk on your way out. Class dismissed and I'll see you next week."

Bella walked back around to her desk and began to organise her papers, making room for the exam. No sooner had she made room, did the exams begin to pile up and her students shuffle out. Bella smiled and bid each of her students a farewell as they placed their exams down, smiling up at the young woman who always seemed to be the last student to leave.

The red headed woman was absolutely gorgeous and Bella knew that had her heart not already been taken, she could happily take the woman home with her. She had to admit that she found the red head's facial piercings attractive, a part of her disappointed that her girlfriend wouldn't ever be able to have piercings or tattoos.

The older woman pushed her attraction for the red head to the back of her mind and graced her student with a smile, "So what'd you think Mel?"

The twenty year old red head shrugged and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear as she smiled back at her Professor, "I found it okay but that was only because I studied my arse off. I'm pretty confident that I did well but you never know right?"

Bella pat the woman's arm gently, "I'm sure you did brilliantly, psychology isn't as hard as people make it out to be. Not to mention, you are one of my brightest students."

"We'll see. You think you'll have these graded for our next class?"

Bella pursed her lips in thought, "I'm not sure, I'll try but there are a hell of a lot of you in my class and unfortunately only one of me to grade them. Might I also mention that my parents are flying out tomorrow, so I honestly don't know if I'll have them graded for Monday."

"It must suck huh?" Mel grinned, her blues eyes shining, "I don't know how you do it Professor."

"Hey now, it's Bella." The brunette tapped her arm playfully with a giggle. Grinning, she waved her toward the door, "Now get, Miss Jersey. I have things to see and people to do!"

Mel laughed as she headed toward the door, a saunter to her step, "Well good luck with that Bella. Have a nice weekend!"

"You too Mel, say hi to that gorgeous girl of yours for me kay?"

On one particular lunch break last month Bella had gone into the coffee shop and run into Mel and one of her past students having coffee together. Kristie had been one of her best students. She was just as beautiful as the red head and equally as smart so naturally she had been thrilled when Mel had introduced the older ex-student as her girlfriend.

"Will do. You know it's a shame you won't come home with us, Kristie is always talking about your gorgeous body. In fact last night while we were in bed she admitted to having to leave your lecture one time because you'd gotten her all flustered."

"Sorry Mel but I don't think my girlfriend would take too kindly to that." The brunette laughed and gave a shake of her head, "She's quite possessive of me...just how I like it." She winked flirtatiously at the younger woman.

Mel chuckled and tucked her hands into the pockets of her jeans, raising an eyebrows mischievously, "Your girlfriend's more than welcome to join Bella. I have to admit I'm quite curious as to what your girl looks like, something tells me you like red heads."

The older woman giggled and gave her a wink, "I'm partial to red heads but I much prefer older blondes."

"Oh? So your girl's blonde and older? Damn Bella!" Mel grinned widely, "You sure are picky."

After Bella was finally able to shoo the younger woman away, she piled the exams into her shoulder bag, all the while humming happily to herself. Her mobile rang just as she was locking up the room, a smile tugging at her lips at the fact that she knew who was calling.

Bella adjusted the shoulder bag so she could reach her handbag where she proceeded to pull out the expensive mobile that she had been given for Christmas.

She grinned in amusement as she flipped it and held it to her ear, "Hello? Isabella Swan speaking, how may I help you?"

She held in her own giggle when she registered the laugh she got as a response, the laugh which was without doubt music to her ears. The woman on the other end cleared her throat to regain her serious composer, "Well Miss Swan, I was just curious as to what time you would be gracing your lonely, gorgeous and extremely naked girlfriend with your presence?"

Bella groaned as she imagined her beautiful girlfriend lying naked on their bed, wavy blonde hair splayed out on their pillows and a seductive grin on her face. She could practically smell her addicting scent, feel the fire licking at her veins as she imagined the sight of the blonde's perky breasts rising and falling rhythmically.

"Tanya that's not fair!" Bella giggled breathlessly, the sound of her heels clicking on the linoleum floor in the background, "You're playing dirty and that's not part of the game. That's just cruel."

Her girlfriend giggled, "I know but you're just too damn irresistible and it's so much fun to tease."

"Yeah well you can self service tonight because I'm putting my foot down."

Tanya scoffed, "Please Bella we both know nobody can resist my charm, let alone you. You love my supple breasts and you love my perky arse even more, so your threat is futile my dear."

"God you are so full of yourself," Bella smirked, pushing open the glass door and heading down the path toward the car park, "Sometimes I wonder what I see in you."

"The fact that I can give you immortality?" Tanya was trying to be playful but Bella could hear how her voice became that little bit quieter, a small croak affecting her usually clear and musical voice. The hesitance and insecurity was so unlike the beautiful vampire she had fallen in love with that Bella was instantly worried. The brunette stopped, smile falling from her face as she listened to her girlfriend continue, "Not to mention how amazing I am in bed."

"Tanya you know that's a load of bullshit right?" Bella ran a hand through her hair in slight frustration, groaning as she adjusted the heavy shoulder bag once more, "Neither of those things is why I stick around. I stay with you because your beautiful, because you treat me like an equal and because I love you...not because you're a good fuck."

Her girlfriend sighed, "I know...don't worry about me baby, I'm just being emotional." She chuckled weakly, her voice gentle, "I'd blame it on it being that time of the month but that's just not possible."

"I love you Tanya and if I have to spend the entire night proving that to you then I will." Bella started walking for her car, an eager bounce in her step as she recognised her need to be home and in her girlfriend's arms.

"Oh what happened to self service?" Bella smiled in relief at the playful banter she heard in her girlfriend's tone.

"Baby you and I both know that was never going to happen. I just can't seem to control myself around you Tan."

Bella approached her black Audi from behind and grinned as she popped the boot open, "I'm leaving now so I'll be home in half an hour okay? Then I can show you just how much I love you."

She placed her handbag and shoulder bag in the back of the car, closing it with a soft click soon after.

"I'm looking forward to it sweetie, drive safe and I love you too."



Bella had been true to her word. As soon as she had walked in through the door after work, she had greeted the family briefly, placed her shoulder bag on the desk in her office before making her way into their bedroom. She found Tanya exactly where she said she was, naked and already panting in the middle of their bed. Moans and panting breaths had echoed through the room for hours after she greeted the vampire with her presence, the sound of absolute pleasure alerting the other vampire's in the house to the fact that neither of the women would be showing their faces anytime soon.

However now as the two lovers lay snuggled in their beds, the only sound was their quiet whispers and calming breaths. The curtains were drawn and the room was bathed in darkness. Tanya ran a hand through her girlfriend's hair gently, a wistful smile on her face as she twirled it lovingly.


The immortal blonde inhaled deeply, growling quietly at the intoxicating scent of both her and her human's arousal. The scents merged together so amazingly that she could only smile and tug the human closer, warm flesh pressed comfortably against the ice cold of the immortals.

"Are you nervous about tomorrow?" Tanya buried her face in the crook of Bella's neck, inhaling her tantalising scent deeply before placing a kiss gently above her jugular.

Bella shook her head, eyes closed, "Why would I be nervous? Charlie and Renee know about you."

"Yeah but they've never met me, aren't you afraid that they won't like me? My appearance alone is deceiving, they're going to think I'm some dumb bimbo. Then there's my accent, I mean it's not every day that you run into someone with a Russian accent-" Bella stopped her girlfriend's ramblings by placing a finger on her lips.

She peered into Tanya's beautiful golden eyes through dark lashes, lowering her mouth to kiss her way along the vampire's subtly strong jaw, "You're rambling and if your sister's heard you, they'd never let you live it down." She placed her lips on her girlfriends and kissed her gently, "You shouldn't worry so much. I think you're beautiful and I know how intelligent you are so it shouldn't matter what my parents think of you. They're going to love you, so please stop worrying." She smiled down at her lovingly before snuggling back into her side, "And I happen to love your accent so stop bitching about it."

"You love my accent?" Tanya murmured gently, a small hint of awe apparent. She stroked up her lovers arms sweetly.

"Yes and I love it even more when you speak Russian." Bella admitted, a small blush tinging her cheeks, "Don't act like you haven't smelt my excitement when you start ranting in your native tongue, I know you have."

She laughed lightly and brushed her lips against Bella's forehead, "Hmmm yeah I have and so has the rest of our family, I just like hearing you admit it."

Bella groaned in embarrassment and pulled the blanket over her head, "Okay I've come to terms with the fact that they hear and smell every little reaction I have to your amazing body but that doesn't mean I like to acknowledge it."

"Well when I change you, that'll all be different. You'll practically live to smell and hear the reactions my body has to your touch." Tanya playfully bit her ear, careful and gentle enough not to break the skin and draw blood. Bella shuddered at the pleasurable feeling that shot through her. Tanya giggled at her girlfriend's reaction and placed a kiss on her forehead, "Get some sleep baby, you have a big day tomorrow."

Bella smiled contentedly, basking in the feel of her lover's refreshing temperature and allowing herself to be lulled to sleep to the soft icy caresses on her lower back.

The next morning Bella woke up alone in their bed, the sheets warm and the pillows smelling of her beautiful girlfriend. With a yawn and a stretch, she rolled herself out of the comfortable confines of the bed and sauntered into their en-suite bathroom. After a refreshing shower, she dressed in a pair of warm track pants and a shirt, tied her hair into a messy bun and headed downstairs.

The house was relatively silent as Bella walked down the stairs, humming quietly to herself. A smile tugged at the corner of her lips as she rounded into the living room where her family was murmuring to themselves almost silently. Tanya looked away from her sister and brought her eyes upon her mate as she sauntered in, a smile forming on her face as she took in the brunette's natural beauty, a beauty which vampire's couldn't compare to.

"Happy birthday sweetie," Tanya pulled Bella into a gentle hug, her worries instantly dissipating, "How's it feel to be twenty-four?"

"Same as it felt to be twenty-three." She placed a loving kiss on the blonde's lips and cupped her face sweetly when she noticed the strain in her posture. Her golden eyes that should have shined with happiness were now clouded with concern, the smile on her face once again turning into a slight frown despite the immortal's best efforts, "What's wrong?"

Irina laughed from her place in Laurent's lap, "Told you, didn't I?"

Tanya sighed as she grabbed her mate's hand and guided her over to the sofa chair, sitting down gracefully and pulling the brunette into her lap. Bella remained silent, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend's neck and nuzzling her throat affectionately.

"You okay baby?" Bella straightened herself up and looked into the blonde's eyes softly.

Tanya sighed in response, "No not really. I got a call this morning from Carlisle Cullen."

"Oh?" She didn't seem to be all that affected by the blonde's comment.

Tanya drew her eyebrows together in confusion, wondering how she could be so indifferent when it came to the family who had practically destroyed her. The Denali's had always been so close to the Cullen's but after Tanya had discovered how they had treated Bella, how they had left her without even so much as a goodbye, it saddened her greatly and she had subtly distanced her coven from them.

Bella was her mate and she was furious at how Edward had lied and manipulated her, dismissing her feelings and decisions so heartlessly. It pained her to see such a kind family show themselves to be the cruel monsters they were portrayed to be, even if it was only for a moment.

A growl built in her chest but for the brunette's sake she pushed it back down, eyes closed and breathing deep. She sighed, opening her eyes to see the woman who held her heart, "They're in town and want to visit."

Bella froze and every vampire in the mansion heard the increase of her heartbeat, "Ah...shit."

"Yeah my thoughts exactly. I really am sorry Bella but I couldn't say no, Carlisle is a dear friend of ours." Her hands found their way under the shirt to caress the soft skin of Bella's back, "They wanted to visit today but I convinced them that tomorrow would be better what with it being your birthday and all."

"Your relationship with them shouldn't suffer because of me Tanya. I have no hard feelings against them...I mean it led me to you didn't it?" Bella smiled softly and kissed her, "I can't speak for Charlie though, I'm afraid he may just pull his gun out on Edward."

"Charlie will be the last of his worries," Tanya growled threateningly, eyes darkening minutely, "As soon as I see that arrogant arse, I'm going to beat the shit out of him for how he treated you."

Bella giggled, "You do that baby." She kissed her tenderly as she grabbed the phone and placed it in the vampire's hands, "Call Carlisle back and tell him they're more than welcome to drop by later on. I have to prepare my parents for their arrival; try to convince Charlie not to shoot Edward."

"Good luck with that sweetheart. Like any father, Charlie is protective of his little girl and unfortunately Edward hurt you deeply. That boy doesn't stand a chance at your father's forgiveness." Carmen strolled in from the kitchen, a tea towel in her hands and a smile on her face, "Now come eat your breakfast, those eggs are getting cold as we speak."

"Yes mum..." Bella drawled out with a roll of her eyes, a light-hearted smile adorning her face. She pecked Tanya's lips quickly and got to her feet, looking pointedly at the phone, "Call him."

"Are you sure?"

She rolled her eyes but smiled regardless, "Yes baby I'm sure, stop stalling."

As Tanya called the Cullen's Bella made her way into the kitchen, hopping up onto a stool and giving her thanks to Carmen. She ate her eggs slowly, savouring the flavour, all the while sipping away at her hot coffee in between.

"Good morning dear," Eleazar appeared behind Carmen, wrapping her in his arms and placing a kiss on the back of her neck. Bella continued to eat, her eyes flickering over the newspaper on the bench like every other morning. Eleazar cleared his throat to get her attention, smiling politely as she looked up, "Happy twenty-fourth birthday Bella."

Bella grinned, "Thank you but it's just a birthday, nothing important."

Eleazar laughed and shook his head, "You've said that every year for the last four years, did you know that?"

"Yeah I know, it's like tradition or something." Bella joked as she got to her feet, clapping the older vampire on the shoulder, "Can't break tradition right?"

"Indeed, tradition should never be broken." Eleazar smiled and motioned toward the living room, "Tanya is done speaking with Carlisle and I do believe your parent's flight arrives in about an hour. You'd best be on your way if you want to meet them."

Bella nodded with a smile to Eleazar, thanked Carmen for breakfast and headed upstairs to change into something warmer. Once she was dressed appropriately, teeth cleaned and hair tied, she met Tanya in the hall with a kiss before they set off toward Garrett's jeep.

"You know, where lucky that Kate and Garrett went on holidays because I doubt he'd let you drive his precious jeep if he were here."

Tanya helped her mate up into the jeep, appearing at the driver's side within a mere second. She pulled herself into the cab without much effort and smirked at Bella as the massive machine rumbled to life.

"Boys and their toys!" Tanya giggled, her mischievous gaze locking on Bella's, "Did you know that Garrett has a stash of naughty toys he likes to play with?" The look of utter disgust on Bella's face made her laugh harder as she put the jeep in reverse and began to back out of the garage, "Honestly Bella when I do end up changing you, you're going to wish to have human hearing again. It's quite disturbing having to hear them when their fu-"

"Stop, that's fucking gross so please feel free not to ever bring that up again." Bella pleaded as she scrunched her face up distastefully, "I do not want to know about our family's sex lives."

Tanya laughed, bringing the jeep into first and giving her mate a loving grin, "Aw baby, sometimes you're just too cute for words, you know that?"

"Yeah yeah," She grumbled, her lips twitching into a grin despite herself. She slapped the vampire's arm, even though she knew she would barely feel it, "Get driving otherwise we're going to be late."

Tanya grinned and pressed down on the accelerator, "Vampire's are never late baby."


Renee and Charlie had taken an instant liking to Tanya when they embraced outside the airport, smiles on their faces as they finally met the beauty who held their daughter's heart.

Bella could see it though, even as she introduced her girlfriend to them, that her parents were suspicious of the blonde woman. She did after all have a cunning resemblance to the Cullen's and Bella knew that a believable explanation would be needed without exposing her family for what they really were.

Tanya and Renee hit it off without trouble, much to Bella's relief and their conversation quickly turned to the latest fashions trends out on the market. Talk of shopping trips came soon after and that was Bella's cue to pull back with her father to a safer distance.

The brunette glanced at her father through the corner of her eye, taking in his appearance with a small smile. He was without a doubt looking so much livelier than the last time she had seen him. The grey hairs that tinged his thick brown hair somehow made him look wiser, moustache trimmed and face shaved clean. His relationship with Sue had affected him in the best way and it saddened the brunette to know that her father had been so lonely beforehand.

It was his expression now that caused for concern.

"You okay dad? You look a little dazed." Bella observed gently, taking note of her father's almost distant expression.

Charlie came to a stop, placing his hand on Bella's arm so she did the same. He sighed softly, a happy smile on his face, "I guess I am a little dazed, you have quite the catch there kiddo and you seem really happy. It's nice to see you smile and actually mean it."

Bella could only blush and smile thankfully at her father, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him tightly. She buried her face in his chest, revelling in the safety his arms provided, the safety of a father's arms.

"Thank you dad..." She hesitated for a moment, looking into his eyes with what could only be described as guilt, "I'm so sorry for everything I put you through in the past, I won't ever put you through that again...I promise."

"I know you won't and personally I don't think Tanya would ever hurt you the way Edward did." Charlie sneered his name, a flash of anger coursing through his veins at the mere mention of the boy, "If I ever get my hands on him, I swear I will castrate his pale arse."

Bella chuckled nervously knowing full well that he wasn't bluffing but instead of replying, she grabbed his arm and tugged him along, "Come on dad, let's not get caught up in the past yeah? I'm happy with Tanya, mum's happy with Phil and your happy with Sue, that's all that matters."

"Sorry." He apologised, his expression bashful as they followed after Renee and Tanya. He tilted his head to the side curiously, brown eyes taking in the form of the blonde vampire ahead of him, "She looks an awful lot like the Cullen's...guess it tugged at your old man's memories."

Bella giggled and swiped his arm, "You aren't that old dad."

They arrived at the jeep, smiling when they caught Tanya and Renee laughing and embracing as though they were old friends. Tanya held out her hand to help Renee into the passenger side and closed the door gently once she was in.

Smiling sheepishly, she turned to her girlfriend and Charlie, "Sorry, you'll have to sit in the back."

Bella shrugged, kissed the blonde's cheek and hauled herself into the back seat, laughing as she watched Charlie stumble his way up behind her.

"Jesus Christ this is one huge piece of machinery," He grumbled in what could have been described as awe. He rose an eyebrow at his daughter as Tanya made her way over to the driver's side, "This your girl's car?"

"Nope, it's her brother-in-laws. He's out of town with his wife."

The brunette opted to look out the window with a smile as Tanya gunned the massive machine and took off toward the house. When they arrived back at the house, Bella introduced her parents to Carmen and Eleazar, Tanya's 'parents', before the blonde introduced her sister Irina and her husband Laurent.

As soon as Charlie and Renee had left to settle into their separate rooms, Tanya threw a giggling Bella over her shoulder and disappeared into their bedroom. With a wicked grin on her face, the older woman tossed her on the bed and pounced.

"My parents are across the hall!" Bella giggled breathlessly, her girlfriend's mouth attacking her throat in the most pleasurable way.

Tanya pulled back, eye's darkened in arousal as she teased her lover's lips with her tongue, "Better be quiet then."

Two hours later the couple descended the stairs hand in hand, both smiling sweetly at the other as they sat themselves on the couch. Renee and Charlie followed soon after, dressed in clean clothes and looking much more refreshed then they had been after their flight.

"Gosh it's quiet down here," Renee observed as she sat herself comfortably on the couch across from them. Making room for Charlie, she gave her daughter's girlfriend a smile, "Did your family go out?"

Tanya nodded, "Yes, they wanted to say goodbye but decided to let you settle into your rooms in peace. They went to get some last minute things for Bella's party."

Bella groaned, "I told you I didn't want one Tan."

Her girlfriend grinned and placed a kiss on her hand, "Yeah but I'm your girlfriend so I have every right to give you a birthday party and besides, it'll only be family."

Bella narrowed her eyes at the way she had said family, realising with an inward groan the hidden meaning behind the blonde's words. She knew that there was no point putting it off any longer. Tanya hadn't outright said it but her eyes spoke volumes. Family referred to not only their family but also their extended family; the Cullen's.

Bella nodded subtly and kissed her girlfriends cheek before turning back to her parents, "Okay so there's something I have to tell you both...and I need you to try and be understanding about it all, okay?"

Renee pursed her lips suspiciously, glancing between the two girls and giving her a reluctant nod, "Alright, we'll try to be understanding. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's not as bad as you're making it sound."

"What's the matter kiddo?" Charlie clasped his hands together, trying to contain his unease as he glanced between the two young women much like his ex-wife, "With the way your acting, I'd think one of you got pregnant."

Bella blushed and hid her face in her girlfriend's shoulder, "Goddamn dad, you're making me blush like a teenager!"

Tanya giggled delightedly and pat the brunette's head affectionately but her eyes remained on Charlie, "Neither of us is pregnant, I assure you Charlie."

"Well good." He adjusted his collar awkwardly, his eyes filled with curiosity, "So what is it you wanted to talk to us about?"

Bella composed herself almost immediately as her girlfriend wrapped an arm around her shoulders, placing a reassuring kiss on her temple, "Its fine baby, just tell them."

Renee narrowed her eyes slightly at that and she cast her ex-husband an unsure expression, one that mirrored his precisely. Bella's leg bounced nervously but otherwise her body remained calm and collected.

Bella took a deep calming breath and gave her parents a suddenly determined look, "Tanya is Edward's cousin."


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