Chapter One: The New Kids

Something caresses my face, which is odd because I almost never let anyone that close to me. I realize it's a pair of warm, rough hands. They hold the frame of my face, forcing me to look up into the shadowed face of the one who captured me. My heart jolts upon seeing fangs glimmering, his face upturned in a vile smirk. He forces me into a kiss; prying my mouth open and in a second I'm lost in his presence, and the delectable taste of strawberries. So softly, I almost question it being real; he unbuttons my shirt, making my traitorous body convulse, my stomach muscles spasm as he runs his short nails with enough pressure to cause red marks across my un-touched, virgin body. His hands wander, down my rib-cage, to my hip. He's running his thumb across the muscles that angled downward, into my shorts. He pulls back, allowing me to gasp. Drool slides down my face, my vision hazy, I'm not used to treatment like this, it hurts but I can't stop wanting it, wanting him. I arc myself into his body-


Yuki groaned, opening his eyes to find himself on the floor. It was that dream again! He glanced at the clock, seeing he'd overslept. He'd think about what it meant later. Sighing, he untangled his legs from the sheets and dragged himself to the bathroom; he had to get ready for school.

Kyo sat sunk down at his desk, his long legs stretched out as far as the space would allow with his arms crossed, staring at the back of his cousin's head. Figures, he thought, not only would I have to have trigonometry first period, I also have to take it with the damn rat. His crimson eyes blurred out of focus as the teacher droned on and on about his expectations of the class and all that they would be covering this year. Kyo hated the first day of school; it was so boring but that baka inu forced him to go, saying not showing up on the first day would give him a bad reputation. Yuki snorted at that, inserting himself into the conversation to inform Shigure that Kyo had more than solidified his reputation of skipping classes in the past two years. Stupid perfect rat, he thought, glaring at the silver head that was bent, no doubt highlighting important dates in the syllabus.

Yuki's hair fell in a curtain around his face, exposing the flesh of his neck that his uniform didn't cover. The black of their uniforms made Yuki's pale skin look as creamy as milk, which unfortunately was the cat's favorite thing to drink. Kyo stared at it, transfixed, and didn't realize that the Sensei had asked everyone to open their books to page 10 while walking up and down the rows of desks. He came to a stop next to Kyo's shoulder and glared down at the boy, who was spaced out. He cleared his throat loudly, snapping Kyo out of his trance. Yuki turned around and looked at Kyo, who was straightening himself in his chair with a faint smattering of pink in his cheeks. He flipped Kyo's book open to the right page and turned back around. Kyo wondered why he was being so nice, it was uncharacteristic of him. He tried to pay attention; Sensei wouldn't be so lenient next time he got in trouble.

The office secretary was so busy typing a memo for the principal that she didn't see the door open or the two students that walked in. Suddenly, a shadow fell over her and a husky, deep voice said, "Excuse me." She pushed her glasses back up onto her nose and looked up into a pair of dazzling red eyes. She nearly did a double take as the boy pushed a transfer folder across the counter toward her; he was a dead ringer for the orange haired Sohma boy. Indeed, he had the same blazing orange hair and golden tan, but seemed an inch or two taller than Kyo. She leafed through the folder, reading the documents and finding that all the correct ones were there.

"You are Kyota Matsushita, transferring from Nagasaki Technical Academy?"

"That's correct," said the boy, smiling slightly.

She leafed farther, shuffling aside Kyota's records. "And Yuki Matsumoto, transferring also?" She looked up, inquiringly.

"Present!" tinkled a soft, musical voice, stepping out from behind Kyota. The secretary thought she was going to have a heart attack; this girl looked just like Yuki Sohma, the junior class president. And the way she was dressed, oh Kami. Hopefully they had a uniform to fit her, or there were going to be a lot of boys in the principal's office for sure. She pushed her glasses up again while typing furiously at her computer, accessing their files and printing their class schedules. She handed them their class list and asked them to step into a small office of to the side of the desk, where they kept a few spare uniforms. Upon inspection however, there were none that would fit either of the students. She'd have to order some.

She related this news to the pair, and Yuki didn't seem the least bit dismayed. However, Kyota looked a little disappointed as he thanked the secretary for her help and gently steered his sister from the office with a hand at the small of her back. Awe, how protective he is, what a good guy, she thought as she resumed typing her document.

"So, what's our first class, Kyota?" asked Yuki, happily flouncing down the hallway arm and arm with her friend.

Kyota glanced at the paper. "Trig, Room 234. That's going to be on the second floor," he answered, guiding them toward the stairs.

Yuki let go of Kyota's arm to bounce energetically up the first flight of stairs, stopping to wait for Kyota at the top and catching his lovely lips frowning.

"What's wrong, Kyota?" Yuki asked, her eyes shining with concern.

"Nothing, Yuki, I just wish you'd dress like a normal girl."

"Oh, that again?" Yuki sighed, waving her hand in dismissal at this constant argument between them. "What's wrong with how I dress, Kyota? You don't like this outfit? I just bought it, special for our first day here." Yuki's voice was filled with disappointment and hurt. Her eyes glistened with instant tears.

Kyota felt the knife of Yuki's hurt slash his heart. He gathered Yuki in his arms, pressing his lips lightly to her forehead. "Of course I like it, it looks great on you. But every boy in this school is going to like it too. You make my job of protecting you hard sometimes, you know. Besides, what would He say about this?"

Yuki shrugged out of Kyota's embrace. "You're such a suck up to Him!" she said, sticking out her tongue and continuing up the stairs.

Kyota bristled and followed along. "I wouldn't have to if you just acted like a normal girl! You are the one always getting us into trouble."

"Your jealousy management problems are not my fault. You think the reasons why I have these looks are by chance? He knew what he was doing when he made me, Kyota"

"That may be so, Yuki. However, you don't have to be so extreme." They came to a stop outside the classroom, and Kyota's eyes glittered with malice when they met Yuki's. "We'll talk about this later."

Yuki's eyes widened slightly, knowing that special tone of voice meant only one thing. Both cleared their faces of any emotion as Kyota rapped on the door and pushed it open.

"Ah, yes," the sensei said, reading the paper Kyota handed him. "Class, we have two new students who will be joining us, transfer students from Nagasaki Technical Academy. This is Kyota Matsushita and Yuki Matsumoto. Please make them feel welcome. Now, back to page 12..."

Kyo's jaw dropped as he stared at the two new kids. This Kyota dude was his fricken twin, just a shade taller and maybe a little more muscular. But as baffling as that was, the girl that accompanied him was even more mind boggling. She was a dead ringer for Yuki, even shared his name. And Kami, look how she was dressed! Kyo leered at her.

She wore a dress,the skirt falling just above her knees, her legs covered by white thigh highs. Her small, dainty feet were held by black doll-shoes. There was a bow on the outside of either leg, right where the cotton cloth gave way to frills. The dress itself was a soft pastel color; it had white cloth tied around her waist in a single ruffle, tied to the right side of her hip in another bow, hiding the seam-line for her waist and the bell-shaped skirt. There was a white part all around the skirt, cut round in the middle and lined with lace; she wore a corset tied with lavender-colored ribbons behind her. The neck-line was square like a medieval-bride, more lace around her, almost accentuating the heart-shaped pendent, darkest in the middle as if it held the small poison-drop, imprisoning it. She wore long sleeves, tighter around her upper arm and half of her forearm, before bellowing out, the hem that ghosted at the tips of her delicate fingers again lined in lace. On her head was tied a head-dress, the left-over black ribbon tied in a bow, and cascading down her back.

She turned to the class, a smile on her almost waxen-perfect face, her deep mauve-eyes twinkling. She giggled bubbly as she tilted her head to the side, radiating innocence.

"So, which one is my seat?"
Boys fell over themselves either offering theirs, or pushing others out of their own to make her able to sit next to them. Choosing one in the lower back of the class, next to the one who eerily reminded her of her Kyota, she skipped happily to her seat, the dress swirling and bouncing with every movement of her body.

Kyo stared as she bounced to her seat, which was coincidently next to him on his left side. She shot him a dazzling innocent smile as she opened her book, seemingly unaware of how every guy in the class was staring at her. Every guy that was, except Yuki.

Yuki was sure he was dreaming, because his dreams lately had been confusing and crazy and made no sense to him at all. It was bad enough he had to put up with that baka neko, but now there were two of him, in this very classroom. Kyota sat to Yuki's right, and Yuki carefully studied him from the corner of his eye while taking notes. He instantly picked up on the differences between Kyota and Kyo, Kyota being taller and had a manlier muscular frame, whereas Kyo was graced with the feminine Sohma beauty and had leaner muscles, not bulgy ones. Yuki preferred the way his Kyo looked. He blushed when he realized that. He prayed that he was definitely dreaming. He was busy concentrating on trying to concentrate so he didn't notice how Kyota's red eyes studied him. Class dragged on until finally the bell rung. Finally, I can escape this nightmare, he thought as he carefully folded his notes and tucked them inside his book.

That was when he noticed Kyota looming above him. Yuki tensed; it was an automatic reflex to being sunk up on. He quickly stood, facing his cousin's doppelganger. The taller boy quietly said, "Hi, I'm Kyota. You're the class president, right? I thought maybe you could direct Yuki and me to our next classes."

"Of course," replied Yuki, taking their schedules and looking them over.

"Alright, Kyota, you can come with me to Japanese History 2. We share that class." He turned to Kyo, who was staring at Yuki M., who seemed unaware of Kyo's rudeness. He punched Kyo in the arm.

"What the hell was that for, you bastard?"

"You are so rude, is that the example you want to display to our new students?" replied Yuki, assuming his presidential attitude. "Could you please accompany Ms. Matsumoto to Chemistry, you two share it."

"Yeah, I can do that," Kyo grumbled, snatching his book and stalking out of the classroom, Yuki M. hurrying behind him, seemingly forgotten by Kyo.

Yuki watched them and sighed. "I'm sorry for my cousin. I think he's been dropped on his head one too many times."

Kyota smiled slightly, falling in step with Yuki as they walked to their next class. "No need to apologize. He's quite his own way."

Yuki softly snorted. Kyo was charming? He hadn't noticed.

"Well, uh, you and Yuki seem close."

Kyota just nodded.

Yuki eyed Kyota, who wore a loose black kimono, noticing the black leather choker for the first time. Interesting, the new girl had one too. They entered the class and sat next to each other, Yuki deciding that Kyota would probably make a nice friend. Although he looked like Kyo, he really was nothing like him.

Yuki's heels clacked on the ground as she rushed behind Kyo, who still was seething in anger at his cousin. "Kyo, wait," she whined.

Kyo stopped dead and waited for her, the way she said his name ringing in his ears. Why couldn't Yuki talk to him like that, instead of always sounding contemptuous and bossy? He smiled at the girl version of his cousin. "Sorry, I'm not used to girls wearing shoes like those around here."

"That's ok!" she said brightly, taking his hand. "Do you like my shoes? I just got them!"

"Uh, yeah, they're great. It must take some skill walking in them," Kyo managed, shocked at how she just nonchalantly held his hand. It fit well in his. He supposed Yuki's would too, after all, both this chic and Yuki were exactly alike as far as physicality was concerned. Then he remembered he was mad at Yuki, and why the hell would he want to hold that filthy rat's hand anyway?

"So, Kyo, have you got a girlfriend?"

"Huh? Ah, no."

"Oh. How about a boyfriend?"

"Absolutely not! I'm not gay, or bi for that matter. Though I do have a cousin, Haru, he's bi. You'll meet him later."

Yuki just grinned at Kyo's defensiveness as he towed her into class, happy with the whispers and glances she had caused to spread through the school by holding hands with Kyo.

The day finally came to a close, and Kyota met Yuki at the school gates. They stood there and watched as Yuki and Kyo argued heatedly, Tohru as a buffer between them as they walked home.

Kyota sighed. "It looks like we have our work cut out for us," he said as they walked to their hotel room.

"It's definitely going to be a challenge, but we've had way worse," Yuki said optimistically.

They reached their destination and got in the elevator. The minute the door closed, Kyota grabbed Yuki by her delicate shoulders and slammed her back against the wall, slipping a few fingers beneath her collar. Their lips collided, Yuki moaning softly as Kyota's mouth possessed hers. Just before they reached their floor, Kyota cruelly broke their bliss.

"What was that for?" Yuki asked, following Kyota down the hall and into their suite after he keyed them in.

"There was a wild fire rumor about you being Kyo's girl friend. What were you doing holding hands with him in the hall? The plan hasn't been discussed yet, Yuki."

"I'm sorry, Kyota! I just went off instinct!" Yuki said innocently. Serves him right, she thought deviously as she watched the jealousy work across Kyota's features. He hasn't even acknowledged how hot I am in this outfit, he actually complained about it earlier!

"No matter," Kyota said, slowly stalking toward her. She backed away, hitting the edge of the bed and sat down in a fluff of frills. Kyota used a finger to lift her chin and look into her eyes. "Now, I believe we have a discussion from earlier to finish..."

She squeaked, her air suddenly cut off, her scarlet-eyed companion's lips pressed hard against her own. His fingers slid under the collar he'd given her, forcing her down onto the bed…