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Chapter Eight: Take Me To Infinity

All of Kyo's senses were alert, he was one hundred and ten percent focused. He knew his hard work training in the mountains with Kazuma would one day pay off, perhaps now he was getting his chance. Kyo hovered in the dark shadows just beyond his open bedroom door, waiting patiently with every ounce of willpower that he could muster. He heard a noise at the bottom of the stairs and his ears perked up. The hair on the back of his neck rose and his skin tingled as he listened to every approaching step. The breath caught in Kyo's chest and his eyes widened slightly in anticipation, his body rigid, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. He could feel himself harden; making his cargo pants he always wore uncomfortably tight. Suddenly, Yuki appeared at top of the stairs, holding the white, fluffy towel that was slung snugly around his slender waistline in place. He took two steps and that's when Kyo sprang into action.

Yuki didn't even see it coming, but of course he would have never anticipated or expected Kyo to do something like this, so how could he be prepared for it? Before he could even begin to try to comprehend what was going on, a tight grip closed around his forearm and hauled him into the tenebrous room at the right side of the hall. His back slammed into the wall and his breath was expelled from his lungs on impact, making it easy for his assailant to capture his other wrist and pin both of them above his head. He forced himself to stay calm as his eyes adjusted to the darkness.

Instantly a pair of soft lips claimed his, and upon breathing in every tensed muscle in Yuki's body relaxed. He'd know that outdoorsy scent anywhere. It was as if Yuki could smell the sunshine on Kyo's tan skin. Kyo smiled as Yuki allowed him access into his mouth, his tongue sweeping in to plunder the treasure that was Yuki. Yuki struggled to keep up with Kyo's frantic pace, whimpering slightly when Kyo pulled back and nibbled on his swollen bottom lip. While he caught his breath, Yuki tried to figure out the reason for Kyo's sudden attack. He strained his arms, but Kyo only held tighter.

Kyo leaned in close to Yuki's ear, answering Yuki's thoughts with a simple, husky whisper.

"I want you, Yuki."

Yuki eyes widened in the dark at the words, the tone of Kyo's voice and his hot breath in his ear made Yuki's skin hot.

"Kyo, I don't know if I-nghhh!"

It instantly became hard to focus as Kyo discovered a sensitive part just behind Yuki's ear with his lips. Yuki desperately tried to cling to his trail of thought as the kisses rained slowly down the curve of his neck. As if his body had a mind of its own, it deceived him as his head turned to the side, baring the creamy flesh to Kyo and granting him easier access. Yuki found his eyes sliding shut, falling straight into Kyo's trap, but he really couldn't do much at this point to stop him; it felt too wonderful to walk away. Kyo had caught him completely off guard and had the upper hand…for now.

Kyo smirked against Yuki's neck when he felt his captive yield to his lustful will. He'd finally found something he could beat his little rat at, and the power felt amazing. It made his cock throb with desire to watch Yuki slowly submit to him. He wanted more and he knew just how to get it.

Yuki's eyes snapped open and his cry of pleasure spiked with pain echoed throughout the room when Kyo's sharp, cat-like fangs sank into the tender flesh of his neck. His body arched off the wall up into the muscular planes of Kyo's, effectively helping the fangs to sink even deeper as Kyo rolled and sucked the skin between his teeth. Kyo used his tongue and massaged away the stinging sensation, tasting the salty, bitter taste of blood. Maybe he overdid it a little, but Yuki didn't seem to mind.

Yuki could feel the blood trickle a jagged trail down his neck, shocked that it didn't disturb him in the least but rather it had the opposite effect. Kyo didn't leave him much time to contemplate it, because soon his bitten trail came across Yuki's collarbone. Once Kyo's sharp teeth grated over it, a little bit of blood was the least bit of Yuki's worries as he groaned in pleasure. Yuki's focus was solely on his rock hard dick that was not at all concealed by the towel. He couldn't remember a time he ever been so hard; it almost hurt.

Kyo released his wrists finally realizing he had to in order to get more of Yuki. He had a strong need to touch him, not to miss one square inch of the silken, strawberry scented skin. Yuki was relieved to put his arms down, feeling the blood rush back toward his fingertips. He was surprised there was any blood left in his body to spare. He relaxed himself against the wall as Kyo's fingertips caressed him. Kyo started at his palm, tracing upwards with his nails lightly across Yuki's arms up to his shoulders, causing Yuki to shiver with delight. The nails slid down his chest and came to a stop at Yuki's nipples.

Kyo used the pads of his fingers to massage the flat skin until they rose into hard little peaks. Grinning deviously in the dark, he pinched the nipples between his fingers drawing a sharp gasp from Yuki, whose hands flew to Kyo's waist. Yuki's fingers covertly slid beneath the thin fabric of Kyo's cotton t-shirt and began tracing the curve of his spine. Yuki's fingers stiffened, harshly plunging his nails deep into Kyo's flesh when Kyo dipped his head and took Yuki's left nipple into his mouth. In response to the nails in his back Kyo bit down on the pert flesh, eliciting a delicious sounding moan from Yuki as he soothed the pain with his rough tongue. Kyo proceeded to keep teasing Yuki's nipples with languid swipes of his tongue; sliding his fingers down the firm muscles of Yuki's flat abdomen and biting down every once in a while to enjoy the sounds Yuki made and the feeling of those abdominal muscles twitching beneath his fingertips.

After a particularly hard bite, Yuki's eyes rolled back into his head and his nails, which were still imbedded in Kyo's skin, dragged downward, tearing open the tanned flesh in his ecstasy. Kyo let out a strangled cry and shoved Yuki back ruthlessly into the wall; molding his body to Yuki's and canted his hips, rubbing their covered erections together. Both of them cried out at the friction, and Yuki brought his arms around Kyo's neck and pulled him into a fierce kiss.

Without breaking the kiss, Yuki pushed Kyo backwards until Kyo's legs hit the edge of his bed and he toppled backwards, pulling Yuki down on top of him.

"MMMmmphh!" Kyo said into Yuki's mouth and pulled away. His head had smacked against something when they fell, and he couldn't remember having left anything on his bed that morning before leaving for school. He reached over and turned on the bedside lamp when he couldn't discern what the object was in the darkness. He and Yuki squinted as their eyes adjusted at a small box wrapped in shiny blue paper with a bow.

"Who do you think left that here?" Yuki asked, really hoping this wasn't a love gesture from Tohru or something, because that would be incredibly awkward. He was already kind of irritated that Kyo had to stop in the middle of what they were doing to see what was on his bed. Stupid cats and their curiosity. He took advantage of being on top and kissed the exposed tanned skin of Kyo's stomach where his shirt had ridden up while Kyo was ripping off the wrapping and tossing the lid of the box to the floor.

Kyo had gone very still when he seen what was in the box. He could feel his face turning red; it was such a coincidence that this happened to be here, right now. Yuki quit kissing him to ask what was in the box. Kyo was a bit embarrassed so he just handed it to Yuki to see for himself.

Yuki peered down at the contents of the gift and his mouth dropped open. It was not often that the Prince was caught with his mouth agape, and Kyo watched interestedly as a pink blush crept across his pale cheeks. Yuki's violet eyes flashed up to meet Kyo's, and they both said, "Shigure!"

It only made sense that it came from Shigure, nobody else was lewd enough to leave a gift like that. The box had an assortment of colorful condoms, some flavored, and a collection of flavored and scented lubes. Kyo smirked and took the box from Yuki's hands and tossed it down to the floor.

"That will come in handy later, you'll be grateful for it."

Yuki raised his eyebrow the way that Hatori often did. "Excuse me? I'm not being on bottom."

Kyo's grin stretched wider. "Sorry Prince. It's non-negotiable that you are the uke, but you can try to persuade me otherwise, if you think you can."

Yuki stared back at Kyo incredulously. He couldn't be serious…could he? Kyo just smirked back at him, his red eyes blazing with triumph. So, he doesn't think I'll make a move on him? Ha, I'll show him, thought Yuki. Yuki leaned down and clasped his lips to Kyo's, all the while running his hands under Kyo's shirt, pushing it up towards his arms. They broke their kiss long enough to yank the black colored cotton over Kyo's head before attacking each other again. Yuki broke away, panting; his lips bruised from kissing. His eyes took in the sight that was Kyo shirtless.

He had to admit it was quite a sight, too. Kyo's bronze skin was smooth and soft, lightly defined by well-built, lean muscles. His shoulders were strong and broader than those most of the Sohma's possessed; Kyo being one of the few who wasn't of complete feminine build. Yuki kissed down the sharp angle of Kyo's jaw, peppering his corded neck with kisses as he progressed downward. A low groan slid between Kyo's lips as Yuki traced his abs with his tongue, dipping into his navel and trailing down to his waistband.

His hand slid over the large bulge, causing Kyo to moan and buck up against his hand, craving more friction. Yuki bit his lip nervously but made quick work of unbuttoning Kyo's cargo pants, sliding them off along with his boxers. His eyes widened a little as he stared at the naked boy beneath him. Kyo sat up on his arms, blushing a little at how Yuki was staring at him.

"Like what you see?" he said with a smirk.

Yuki blushed, embarrassed that he was staring. He just hadn't expected Kyo to be, well, that big. Now this situation was getting serious, and Yuki wasn't exactly sure where to go from here. He hadn't been with anyone before, much less a guy. He was self-conscious about his utter lack of experience.

Kyo could sense Yuki's discomfort, hell, he was nervous himself. He hadn't done anything like this either, but his body just plain needed Yuki.

"Will you touch me, Yuki? Please?" Kyo asked softly, studying Yuki's face. Yuki knew Kyo wouldn't make him do anything against his will, and well, it was hard to deny how those quiet words made his own erection ache. Tentatively, he trailed a finger up Kyo's length, delighted to feel the body beneath him stiffen as Kyo's breath hitched. He wrapped his hand around Kyo's engorged head, pressing his thumb into the slit and gathering the pre cum that leaked out, and slowly began pumping his hand.

Kyo groaned and sat the rest of the way up, catching Yuki's chin and kissing him hungrily, thrusting himself lightly into Yuki's velvet grip. Yuki increased his pace, swallowing the noises that were tearing from the back of Kyo's throat. Kyo couldn't take it anymore; he wanted to be inside of Yuki so damn bad it hurt. He growled and flipped them over quickly but carefully, snatching away the towel from Yuki's hips that had remained in place this whole time. Yuki's eyes widened as his back met with the mattress and he realized he was completely exposed to Kyo. He felt his blush consume his whole body.

Kyo admired his lover's bare, flushed body. He was certain he'd never laid eyes on something so beautiful before. Yuki's milk white skin was colored with just a splash of pink from arousal and embarrassment, and it shone with a thin layer of sweat. His eyes were glazed with lust, though it was hidden a little by uncertainty and innocence. His lips were swollen and bruised from passionate kisses, and his gorgeous neck was marred with angry, circular raised welts where Kyo marked him as his own.

Kyo ran his hands up Yuki's porcelain smooth thighs. He wasn't as long as Kyo himself was, but his length was nothing to scoff at and it certainly had appealing girth. Yuki's legs trembled as Kyo took him in his hand. Kyo looked up and met his eyes.

"You are perfect, Yuki, absolutely amazing."

Yuki heard the sincerity in his voice, and blushed deeper; surprised he had enough blood left in his body to do so. He was certain it had all pooled in his cock. He felt Kyo lean over the edge of the bed and grab something, and heard a seal break and a cap pop. Oh yeah, the "present"…

Yuki hissed when Kyo poured a generous amount of the cool, sticky substance on him, tossing it on the bed when done. The scent of vanilla filled his nostrils as Kyo began stroking him, thoroughly coating his dick and driving him crazy. It felt amazing to have someone else's hand touching him.

Kyo smirked as he watched Yuki enjoying his hand job, watching as the smaller boy panted and grit his teeth, holding himself back. That was not permissible in Kyo's book; he wanted to hear Yuki's pleasure. He'd just have to do something about it. He bent his head and wrapped his lips around the head of Yuki's cock, swirling his tongue around it and licking off all the vanilla flavored lube.

Yuki was not prepared for that move. His eyes got impossibly wide and he arched his back off the bed, moaning his pleasure to the ceiling.

Kyo smiled around Yuki's dick, spurred with confidence. He took Yuki in inch by inch, excruciatingly slow, holding Yuki's hip down with one hand to keep him from thrusting. His other hand, with which he used to coat Yuki in lube, was still sticky, and he positioned his finger at Yuki's entrance. He could feel Yuki jump and tense, but he just sucked faster. That caused Yuki to turn into a moaning mess, giving Kyo the opportunity to slide his finger in gently through the tight ring.

Kyo groaned around Yuki's cock, he was so damn tight! He wiggled his finger around a bit before sliding it in and out. Yuki couldn't believe what was happening. He was certain he died and gone to heaven, despite the fact he had a finger in his ass. It didn't hurt; in fact it was making the blowjob more intense. It just felt foreign. Just when it finally started feeling good, Kyo added another finger.

Yuki gasped at the stinging sensation, rising up on his arms to glare down at his orange haired lover between his legs. The sight was erotic, despite the sore state his ass was in. With a small popping noise, Kyo removed his mouth from Yuki's dick and smiled sympathetically.

"I know it hurts now, but it will feel good when you adjust, I swear, Yuki."

Yuki gave Kyo a curt nod, wondering where he got his sexual knowledge from and deciding he didn't want to know the answer. Kyo continued his ministrations as gently as he could, intently watching Yuki's face. He twisted his fingers slightly, angling them as he pushed in deeper, his eyes widening as Yuki's whole body convulsed.

"Aaaaah! Oh, do that again!" Yuki begged, shifting his hips a little an attempt to slide Kyo's fingertips over whatever was inside him that just shot white hot current through his body. He could feel a cool trickle of sweat run down his back as his body shook with tremors of pleasure. His trepidation about this was fading fast, Kyo was right. It did feel good, whatever the hell that was, and he wanted more. Kyo happily obliged, all lit up like a kid in the candy store over his sexual prowess. He stroked Yuki's spot again and again; driving Yuki into such frenzy he barely noticed the addition of the third finger.

Yuki lay back on the bed, being driven sexually insane by his seme. He moaned and writhed, pushing himself back onto Kyo's fingers wantonly. He never wanted it to ever end. Somehow, however, the coherent thought managed to pass through his lust addled mind that if Kyo's fingers felt this great, his dick would be even better.

"Alright, Kyo! Just fuck me already, please!"

Yuki's eyes widened and he slapped his hand over his mouth, surprised at himself. He could feel that damnable blush spreading over his body and burning crimson across his face.

Kyo groaned and promptly removed his fingers, not missing Yuki's whimper at the loss. The Prince said the word 'fuck', which was never part of his vocabulary. Kyo really liked that, filing away the note for future implementation of dirty talk in his mind. Right now, he had a job to do. His boyfriend wanted to be fucked.

Kyo grabbed the forgotten bottle of lube off the bed and quickly slickened his cock, groaning slightly at how wonderful the attention to his heated flesh felt. He positioned himself between Yuki's legs, placing his hands on either side of Yuki's head.

His orange locks fell into his eyes, shading the small twinge of uncertainty in them.

"This is going to hurt, are you sure you're ready?"

Yuki reached up and pushed back the strands of soft hair, looking straight into Kyo's red orbs and smiled tenderly.

"I trust you, Kyo."

Kyo could feel his heart swell with happiness at those sweet words. He placed a light kiss on Yuki's forehead.

"Alright, take a deep breath, and when you let it out, concentrate on relaxing. I'm going to do this in one movement; it'll be easier that way."

Yuki nodded and did as he was instructed, closing his eyes and clasping onto Kyo's biceps while Kyo used a hand to guide himself to Yuki's entrance. Upon Yuki's exhale, he thrust forward, groaning at the heat and tightness as he slid inside his lover for the first time. Yuki's nails sunk into Kyo's flesh and his grip got impossibly tight on Kyo's arms as he cried out in pain. It felt like he was being ripped in half! Kyo's hips twitched involuntarily and he steeled his will against every desire and instinct to thrust himself into oblivion. He focused instead on kissing away the tears that leaked out of Yuki's clenched eyes and sprinkled sweet kisses down his delicate jaw.

Once the pain burned itself from a sharp stab to a dull throb, Yuki opened his eyes to meet Kyo's. He could see Kyo trembling with desire from fighting against the urge to thrust. It was now or never.

"You can move now," Yuki said; trying to loosen his grip on Kyo's now bleeding arms.

Kyo rocked his hips slowly and shallowly, afraid of hurting Yuki. They both groaned at the movement, and Yuki wrapped his arms around Kyo's neck, pulling him down to his lips. Yuki melted into Kyo's mouth, as his seme's tongue slid sensually over and around his own. Kyo used the distraction of kissing to pull farther out before thrusting in, earning him instant rewards. Yuki pulled out of the kiss to bury his face in Kyo's neck, moaning out his pleasure.

Kyo could instantly understand why people loved sex so much. His thrusts started to pick up speed, and he decided to experiment a little. He pushed himself up, breaking out of Yuki's grip and grabbed a hold of Yuki's hips, angling him somewhat. He hitched one of Yuki's legs up over his shoulder and thrust into him deeply, reveling in this new erotic view of his boyfriend, splayed out wantonly beneath him and completely under his control.

Yuki's eyes rolled backwards as he screamed wordlessly at the ceiling, words failing him as pleasure crashed over him like a wave. Kyo had a death grip on Yuki's slender hips as he pounded into Yuki's sweet spot, enjoying the slew of filth that was pouring out of Yuki's mouth. He didn't know the Prince could be so kinky!

"Harder Kyo!" Yuki cried.

"Harder?" grunted Kyo, unsure. He wasn't going to last much longer at the rate Yuki was pushing him.

"Yes, harder! Oh Kami, Kyo, FUCK ME HARDER!"

Chills of desire shimmied down Kyo's sweat slickened spine. He didn't need to be told a third time as he picked up the pace with his hips. He managed to comply with Yuki's demands while grabbing Yuki's length and pumping it in time with his thrusts. He loved how the velvet walls inside Yuki squeezed around him, hot and tight. The sounds of skin meeting skin and their desperate moans filled the room and assaulted Kyo's sensitive ears, urging the coil in his abdomen to let loose.

Yuki couldn't even form an intelligent word to save his life. His mind had been completely taken over by pleasure; it was all he could focus on. He was completely under Kyo's spell, and Kyo was driving him straight into infinity, making him see stars. The pressure was becoming unbearable, and Yuki knew he couldn't hold out any longer.

"Kyo! I'm going to cum!" Yuki cried, his legs tensing. "Oh, Kami, KYOOOOOO!"

His name reverberated around the room as Yuki came in his hand, trembling from the sheer force of his orgasm. The muscles around Kyo's cock clenched and spasmed and with one final thrust Kyo followed suit. He spilled himself deep inside Yuki with a long, low groan, letting Yuki's leg drop and collapsed breathless onto the boy beneath him.

Yuki's pale arms encircled him and held him close as their chests heaved in desperation for oxygen. Kyo snuggled into Yuki's chest, listening to his heart beating fiercely. They lay there together for a while, tangled together as their heart rates and breathing patterns returned to normal. Finally, Kyo decided he better get off Yuki before he crushed him. Gently, he removed himself from inside his lover and reached for the towel Yuki had been donning earlier. He wiped himself off, taking a curious swipe of tongue to the coating Yuki had left on his fingers, smirking at Yuki's wide-eyed disbelief.

"You actually taste pretty good, I half expected leeks," he said, his eyes glinting with mischief.

Yuki playfully snatched the towel from Kyo's hands with a pretend look of disgust, patting himself clean.

"You are such a pervert, Kyo, almost as bad as Shigure! What a waste of the bath I just had!"

Kyo snorted, pulling back the blanket and sliding himself and Yuki beneath the sheets. Pulling Yuki to his chest, he whispered in his ear, "I didn't hear any complaints when I heard you begging to be fucked."

Yuki's blush came back in full force as he snuggled into Kyo's arms. Kyo was so warm and comfortable. He let his eyes slide shut with a satisfied sigh. Kyo smirked down at him, enjoying for once the Prince not having a snappy retort. He watched Yuki fall asleep with a small, content smile on his face. As he felt himself slip under, he knew that everything about his life had just changed.

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