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Homeward Bound

Harry parked the LandRover outside the B&B as Ruth stared up at the small building. She coulnd't believe she had only arrived a few days earlier. She sighed heavily, when she was in Cyprus she dreamed of driving through the Exeter countryside with Harry. It hadn't been how she had imagined at all. So much had changed and for the first time in years she realised Exeter wasn't home, not anymore. It was just the place she had come from. Home was London, the Grid, Harry.

"Are you ok Ruth?" Harry watched as she smiled slightly.

"I thought we were going home"

"We are, but I thought we could collect our things first" Harry watched as she closed her eyes.

"Of course" Ruth rolled her eyes "I wasn't thinking"

"That" Harry smiled "Would be a first"

Ruth raised her eyebrows as he looked at her and shook her head slightly. She knew Harry was only teasing but he was right. She had spent the last week analysing everything about her life. Analysis was what she did for a living. It was what she was best at, but the last week she had stopped analysing threats and had turned her talent for finding details on to her own life. It had to stop, she would drive herself and Harry mad if she continued.

"Harry, where are the kids?"

"Catherine wanted to go home but I think Graham has persuaded her to get something to eat first. They should be back in London before us" He opened the car door as Ruth continued to stare up at the bright blue sky.


Ros walked back on to the Grid, glad that Harry would be back before too much longer. Although she hated to admit it he was better at running the place than she was, even with Malcolm to help she was no where near as diplomatic as Harry could be. She glanced around the room, relieved that there was no sign of William Towers. For a moment she wondered if Harry would be in trouble with the Home Secretary for not returning to London when Aiden Dempsey had insisted he did just that.

"Hi" Tariq looked up as she walked towards him

"T Shirt?" Ros rolled her eyes as Tariq smiled broadly.





"Tariq" Beth laughed, "You push your bloody luck sometimes"

"What? It's smart, it's black it's new" He turned back to Ros.

"You work for MI 5 Tariq, not the bloody NME" Ros watched as he held her gaze. For a moment she was reminded just how young the baby of the team was. But then he knew exactly how to use those big brown eyes to get what he wanted. Ros shook her head. It may work with Zoe, Beth and Ruth to a certain extent it didn't work with her.

"You just want to see me out of it that's all" He pouted as Lucas burst out laughing.

"Tariq Masood, I have socks older than you" Ros walked towards the coffee machine as Tariq's jaw hung open. Lucas and Malcolm returned to their work both trying to conceal the laughter and failing as Beth shook her head. The sooner Harry and Ruth were back the better for everyone concerned.


Zaf sat in the car looking out over the street as Adam crossed the road. The winter sunshine made the street look brighter than he remembered. It seemed strange to think the last time he had been there it was covered in snow. Adam opened the car door and sat down heavily in the passenger seat.

"Well was Dimitri right?" Zaf asked as Adam nodded once.

"Yeah, it looks like it"

"New asset then?"


"Ok spill, I've known you long enough. What's wrong?" Zaf pulled away from the curb as Adam glared out of the window.


"Yeah and I really work in Tesco" Zaf glanced at his friend.

"I think Carrie is going to leave me" Adam couldn't believe he had said it out loud.

"You asked her?"


"Ask her then" Zaf sighed. "Take your own advice mate. Ask her what's going on. It might be something else. She could be pregnant for all you know"

"Bloody hell" Adam turned to Zaf. "You reckon?"

"Something Zoe said" Zaf smirked as he drove back towards Thames House. "Just ask her, yeah. And stop the girly strop in the meantime yeah? Ruth is back later. She aint going to need you like this"

"Ok" Adam shrugged as the car reached Thames House. "Ok"


Harry glanced across at Ruth. She had been quiet for the last few minutes as he drove along the motorway towards London. For a moment he thought she was shutting him out again but then when he saw her sleeping peacefully he couldn't help but smile. The thought of going back to London seemed to calm her almost immediately. Harry smiled as he turned the car radio down a little. Right order of things? What on Earth gave her that idea? So what if Charlie had an auntie or uncle that was a little younger than him? Would that really matter? She nearly died a few weeks ago. I can't loose her, not again. What if she died? What if getting pregnant really was that dangerous for her? No, she's right. We can't. I can't. Harry thought to himself as he overtook the car in front of him. He glanced over to Ruth who seemed to be still asleep.

"Nearly there" He smiled slightly as Ruth carried on sleeping oblivious to what was going through Harry's mind.


"You ok?" Lucas leant on the office door as Ros looked up.

"Yes, I am always ok" Ros answered as Lucas held her gaze.

"Ros" He stepped towards her. "I know you"

"I should hope so, after everything" Ros stared at him. He knew there were very few people that got anywhere near getting close to Ros Myers. Ros smiled slightly as Lucas neared her.

"Last meeting with Home Sec before Harry comes home" Lucas watched as she nodded "You've done really well, not many women would have come back from maternity leave early to do this"


"They may not realise it" He nodded towards the outer office where Adam and Zaf were returning through the Pods. "But I know how much you care about this place, the job and the people in it. You may be the Ice Queen to the rest of the world, but I know you" Lucas' voice dropped as Ros held his gaze. The rest of the team seemed oblivious to them.

"Just don't tell that lot" Ros glanced past him as Lucas smiled.

"Wouldn't dream of it" He caught her hand in his as Malcolm yelled for someone to get Ros from the office.

"No rest for the wicked" Lucas sighed.

"And I have certainly been that" Ros winked as she walked past him into the main Grid. "Ok, Malcolm, what have we got?"


Harry parked the car outside the house as Ruth finally stirred.

"Was I asleep?" Ruth yawned as she clicked her seatbelt off.

"You are the Intel Analyst, you should know" Harry smiled slightly as Ruth ran a hand through her hair.


"We're home" Harry opened the car door as Ruth slipped out of the car and began walking up the steps. The London traffic and noise seemed a welcome distraction from everything that had happened over the last few days. She had missed the chaos and noise of the city. Harry watched her as she looked around the street.

"Yes" She smiled slightly as she wrapped her arms around herself. "Yes we are"


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