Harry Potter/Supernatural crossover

Title: AmoremFamilias

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Harry Potter. If I did, it wouldn't be the awesomeness it is now.

Chapter Summary: With the basic rules established, Harry is on his way to USA, South Dakota to meet Bobby with Severus Snape as an escort. Well, this is going to be fun.

Story Warnings: Mentions of abuse {and maybe future slash, who knows, I don't have any pairings decided, if any}

Chapter four: Fever

With the yell that Severus had heard, he did not stop to think that it could be something else than Harry being attacked, thus unprepared when he strode into the room with his wand out to see that the young teen was twisting and turning under the sheets in what looked like a ferocious nightmare. He swiftly put his wand away and not even a minute later did Singer come up the stairs in a hurry with a shotgun, but Severus took no heed. He needed to wake up Harry. Now.

"Potter!" Severus said, quickly coming to the side of Harry's bed in hopes of waking him up. His yells were pained and Severus did his best to ignore the sobbing and screams. It constricted against his cold heart. He really hoped that this wasn't a vision. Bad enough that Harry had nightmares, but if he had to treat the cruciatus curse as well… oh he knew how bad it got; especially when it got bad enough for Harry to go to the infirmary. He only wished Harry had taken his Occlumency lessons seriously.

"Potter, wake up!" he almost snarled, since the only way he knew to react was in anger, when in fact he was just overly worried. Harry's limbs were flinging as if he were in pain and Severus knew he had to hold the boy down, lest he damage his own body.

Bobby stood by the door, unsure of what to do as Snape tried to wake the boy up. He mentally cringed at the pained yells that came out of his mouth. What had the boy seen? What had he experienced for him to be in such a pain?

He had done background checks on both. Harry seemed to disappear off the planet from age eleven, but he really was John's nephew. Severus Snape, he was not sure of. He, too, deemed to disappear from ages eleven to seventeen, but he was apparently a chemistry teacher and he currently worked for child services as a side back in England. The disappearances were fishy, but he had checked both for demons when they walked through the demon's trap and gave them a glass of water to drink. So, if they were anything else but human, they certainly weren't demon.

"Harry, wake up!" Snape was desperate now. Nothing he was doing was waking the boy up and he mentally cursed himself for stopping his Occlumency lessons, but it was too late now. He couldn't even use his magic to try and wake him up with a hunter right literally at the door.

And not a minute later, it stopped. Instead, heartbreaking sobs were replacing whatever nightmare he had then and Harry's small voice had said something like 'serious' and 'I'm sorry', but Bobby was not sure.

"Potter," more gently now than what Bobby originally thought the man is capable of, "Wake up."

The young teen seemed to stir out of his nightmarish haze, but he still did not look good, his face in a feverish red. The boy's emerald eyes seemed to take in Severus' dark form before he passed out again, but not before saying the word 'Professor'. Severus himself frowned and Bobby came to his side and felt the boy's forehead to confirm his suspicions and almost gasped with the heat he radiated.

"The idjit's running a fever and he says he's fine," Bobby growled, unhappy that he didn't take in the signs he was seeing before.

"A fever," Severus repeated almost with a questioning tone as he let go of the boy's arms. He saw it now. Harry's flushed look and panting breaths gave it away. There were so many signs before. Why did he see it now? Perhaps this was why he didn't become a medic. When Bobby slept for the night Severus knew he would have to slip in some potions.

"I'll get him some spare clothes. The one's he's wearing now is too big and breezy. He needs something that fits and is comfortable. I'll get a wet cloth as well," Bobby said taking charge, "You get him out of those clothes. He needs something that fits better. I have Dean's old clothes, should be able to fit better than the pieces of crap he's wearing."

Bobby quickly left the room and Snape scowled not liking the fact that he was being bossed around by a muggle. He looked down at Harry Potter. He had never really taken a good look at his clothes, or perhaps he had turned a blind eye to it because hating everything that James Potter had produced was of a higher priority than seeing the boy for him. It was big. Too big for it to really be Harry's own. Severus frowned at the revelation, but was not sure what to think of it.

Harry groaned again, and Severus must have been standing there longer in thought than he believed when Bobby came in with an armful of clothes for Harry to change into and rest comfortably in. "What are you doing, you idjit," Bobby said when he saw Severus just standing there, "Standing there won't help the boy!"

And Bobby left again to get a bowl of water, a cloth, medicine and a thermometer. Severus scowled at the man's back before moving to Harry. Feeling quite awkward helping his nemesis' son out of his clothes Severus moved Harry to a seated position and Harry moaned in slight pain and Harry woke up slightly in a feverish daze.

"C'mon Potter, I know you find this sickening, but we have to do this the muggle way," Snape mumbled unhappily as he tried to take off Harry's overlarge jumper, but this proved to be difficult when Harry started to shake his head furiously and push weakly against Severus. "Potter, don't make me stupefy you," the potions professor hissed, "You need to co-operate with me here. Later you'll get your cursed potions."

"No, no, no," Harry managed to mumble in his feverish state as he continued to push the potions professor away. Severus frowned at the behaviour and brushed it off as Potter not wanting the most hated professor in Hogwarts to dress him. Not that Severus could say anything about that. He was sure that if he were in Harry's position he knew he'd hate any kind of teacher dressing him.

"Christ, you still haven't done anything," Bobby said coming into the room. He put down the items on a desk that was situated in the room and walked to Snape and Harry. Snape just gave his a dry look. "Now, look here kid, you've been sweating it out in that nightmare you just had and if I'm correct, you've been sick for a while. I've got Dean's old pyjamas, which should fit you, and then we should deal with medicine and food."

With both grown men it was much easier to strip the sick, sweaty young teen of his jumper and shirt. What they found there, however, they were not prepared for and Bobby had sucked in a quick breath at the sight of Harry's back and Severus' face grew emotionless unsure how to take what he was seeing.

What one Earth...?

"How on Earth did we get this wrong, Sammy?" Dean said in frustration as they suddenly realised that they had burned the wrong corpse.

"It's Sam," the younger of both brothers automatically corrected, "I think we just simply missed something."

"Well, duh." Dean replied to that with a roll of his eyes. They were back in their motel room, research scattered in front of Sam, his laptop on top of several pieces of paper as he typed away trying to find what he missed. "I think that was obvious Sasquatch."



The job was taking longer than they had previously thought and they needed to get to Bobby's. They had contacted him earlier to explain that they were held back longer than expected, and Bobby being the understanding man he was said, "Well hurry up, you idjits, but don't get yourselves killed."

"What do you think Bobby wants anyway?" Dean asked after a moments silence save for the shuffling of papers and typing on the laptop.

Sam just shrugged in answer. "He didn't say and he never gave any indication on what it could be. It could be anything, but it must be important for him to call us over to speak in person. Oh, hey, I think I have it," Sam said, looking at something on screen.

Dean walked over and looked over Sam's shoulders. "Oh, holy mother of…!"

Sam grimaced. "Yeah, that's what I thought."

"These are infected," Bobby said looking at Harry's back at the marks crisscrossing his back, some already scars. He had chosen not to ask Harry how he had received them. It was obvious the boy was tortured or abused and it was best to do that when the kid was better. He looked briefly at Severus Snape, who had gone quiet. His face was carefully blank, but his eyes were burning with anger. He guessed the man didn't know about these either.

"C'mon kid," Bobby said more gently moving the boy. He was basically skin and bone and you could actually count every rib he had on him. Bobby held his anger in check. He needed to treat his back first. Harry moaned in pain and shook his head, possibly mumbling something about being 'sorry'. "We'll get these fixed up and then you can rest. Fortunately it's in its early stages of infection so it won't be too hard to treat." He looked at Severus, "I'll be back with the first aid kit."

The man just nodded and Bobby left to get it. Severus looked at the boy he had tormented for years for being just like his father, but in fact, Harry was like him when he was younger. Abused and had no trust whatsoever in the adult population. Perhaps that's why he did these heroics on his own with just two kid friends to back him up. He didn't know if he could trust an adult. He guiltily remembered that during the last school year Harry had in fact came to him for help about Sirius.

Harry's form was shaking, whether from the cold, fever or fright, he was not sure. Bobby returned to the room, hiding a grimace as he took Harry's small form. Silently he went to work on Harry's back and wondered what kind of sick person would to this to a child. He could see the scars littered on the boy's body. A jagged one on his lower arm as if someone had purposely cut it and what looked to be a bullet wound higher up. He hoped no one had actually shot at the boy.

Only fifteen and already there were scars all over his body as if he come out of a war. The most harmless one looked to be the one on his forehead and Bobby wondered where he got that one from.

"You know Harry very well, don't you?" Bobby questioned once they were downstairs in the kitchen. Snape was glad he managed to sneak in a dreamless sleep potion when Bobby had gone to put away the kit and everything else once they treated Harry and changed him. "You're not just part of the child care services."

"A bit better than he believes, but I am only his teacher," Severus replied, knowing that Bobby would have done background checks on him and thus knows that he is Harry's 'chemistry' teacher, "I am one of the teachers in the school he goes to. My boss, Albus, he is… fond of the boy and thus wanted to find if he had more family after his Aunt died."

"And his uncle?" Bobby asked.

Severus grimaced at that. "Alive, but," Severus continued without giving Bobby a chance to question why Harry wasn't with him, "Why Mr. Potter is not with Mr. Dursley, the reasons are our own… and obviously he cannot return there now."

Severus watched Singer frown. The man obviously did not like being left in the dark about someone who was about to become part of the Winchester family, but Severus was not about to enlighten the man. He had to remind himself, that despite the concern the man had shown Harry Potter, he was still a hunter, and hunters always kill the supernatural.

Harry woke up with a groan. He couldn't remember much of what had happened before. He still felt dizzy and very warm. Strangely enough his back wasn't hurting as much as it was before though. All he could remember was falling asleep, having a nightmare and possibly seeing Snape after, but that was a bit fuzzy. Perhaps his back had decided to finally heal.

The door opened and Harry turned his head to see a concerned man (Bobby, he reminded himself) at the door holding, what Harry assumed, was a bowl of porridge. "Hey kid," he said coming into the room, "Gave me quite a scare with you suddenly coming down with a fever. C'mon, here's some porridge. You should eat up and gain some strength."

Harry took the bowl gratefully, his stomach growling in hunger. "Thank you," his voice croaked out with disuse, and Bobby quickly took the bowl again as he began coughing and handed him a glass of water that was on his bedside table. Harry gulped it down, the water soothing his throat. Bobby returned the bowl. "How long was I out?"

"Two days," Bobby said, "You were really sick. It's a surprise you managed to heal this quick."

Harry suspected Snape had something with that if the lingering taste of potions was something to go by. Harry just shrugged in answer, unsure of what to say. He took a spoonful of porridge and almost grimaced. It wasn't too bad; he had worse at the Dursleys.

"The taste ain't the best, but that's what you'll live with until you get better, kid." Bobby had said when he noticed Harry's slight paused.

Harry's forehead crinkled as he frowned in distaste. "I'm fine with the taste and my name is Harry, not kid," he said, "And I'm not a kid. I'm sixteen soon!"

"Sure kid, keep telling yourself that. You should drink milk more, you might grow." Bobby was lightly teasing. Harry knew that, but couldn't help but bristle a bit at the comment and put a spoonful of porridge in his mouth in an attempt to ignore him. It wasn't his fault he was short. He blamed it entirely on the Dursleys that failed to feed him properly.

After a few minutes silence, Harry asked in a small voice, "Are the Winchester brothers here yet?" He'd hate it if the Winchester brothers had seen him like this; Weak and sickly. First impressions, after all, were everything. The Dursley's taught him that and besides he wanted to appear as normal as possible. With Dumbledore's warning in his head about under any circumstances he must not show that he was a wizard he would do everything in his power to appear normal. Perhaps he won't get beaten this time. He mentally grimaced. He didn't want to think what would happen should the situation occur and they find out about his magic.

Fortunately, Bobby just shook his head and said, "They'll be here in the evening. Until then, you should rest kid."

Harry visibly sagged in relief. He had no idea he was so tense until he knew that his potential family hadn't seen him weak yet. Finished with his bowl of porridge he put it down on the bedside table. He was still slightly dizzy, but he could work with that and actually stay awake and do… stuff. Preferably write to Hermione and Ron. They must be sick with worry not hearing from him in two days. Harry played with the cuff of his pyjamas in thought. Harry then paused and looked down on himself and panicked when he realised what he was wearing was not his. It was smaller from any of Dudley's cast offs for one thing, although it was still a little big on him, but not by much.

"It was your cousin Dean's when he was younger," Bobby explained when he saw the panicked look. "You were sick and your clothes needed to be changed, so I changed you."

"You…" Harry was shocked and he could not look at Bobby. He couldn't speak and he had no idea what to think. No wonder his wounds did not hurt as much anymore. Oh the pain was still there but Harry knew it would take time without magic. Magic… Harry turned his head towards Bobby fast, eye wide, as he realised something.

Before he could speak up though, Bobby answered the question he was about to ask. "He knows," Bobby said with a sigh. "Snape was the one who helped me change you."

Harry tensed when he heard that, but could not say anything. What if Snape had told Dumbledore?

"What happened, kid?" Bobby asked Harry when it was obvious he couldn't speak.

Harry pursed his lips together tightly and shook his head. No way was he opening his heart to someone he had just met. Bobby saw that he knew that he could not force anything out. Harry would close up that way. He needed the boy's trust first, but judging by the scars his body held and the malnutrition he suffered Bobby knew it would be hard.

"Okay, just know I will be here if you want to talk," Bobby said and left, casting one last worried glance at before leaving.

It was another half an hour before Harry decided to move, caught up in the revelation that Snape knew. He knew. He hoped that he had not told Dumbledore, but Harry knew that was too much to hope for. He groaned as he put his head in his hands. He hoped not. He didn't want people to see him weak. Sure, his Uncle hit him, but he deserved it. After all those nightmares that kept them awake, and it was his fault that people died. If he wasn't here, surely they would still be alive. But he was here and no matter what his uncle did, he was not weak.

He wasn't weak. He just deserved it.

Harry sighed, unhappy, but knowing he could do nothing about it. He'd write to Hermione and Ron later tonight. A hoot caught his attention and he turned to see Hedwig with his food and water bowl filled up. As unlikely as it seemed, Snape must have fed his owl. He didn't think Bobby knew what to feed Hedwig. He swung his legs over to the side and swayed a bit feeling slight dizziness in standing too fast.

To balance himself again he put his hand on the table and blinked when he saw some clothes folded on the desk. He looked down on himself. He certainly didn't want to meet the Winchesters in pyjamas and he assumed the clothing was for him because he was pretty sure it was not there last time he was conscious. And he did not want to meet his cousins in Dudley's cast offs.

Once he had changed out of the pyjamas, Harry went to Hedwig's cage and opened the cage door letting Hedwig fly out. He grinned happily at her putting the information of people knowing to the back of his mind not wanting to deal with that at the moment. Hedwig hooted at him and nipped his ear lightly as if to say that she was glad he was getting better.

He loved his owl.

He went to the window, sure that she had not been let out the last two days and opened it and let her out, but she stayed on his shoulder. "C'mon girl," he said lightly to the intelligent owl, "Go and hunt. I'll leave the window open a little for when you get back, okay? I'm sure if something happens, Snape will do something. After all he was sent to protect me until I meet the Winchesters… loathe am I to admit it."

Hedwig hooted again and spread her wings to fly. She circled him once before leaving out the open window and Harry stared after her with a small smile before he went to close the window a little, leaving it open wide enough for Hedwig to get in.

He exited his room and went to the bathroom – Bobby had pointed it out when he had first arrived. Once he emptied his bladder and washed his face he decided to go down stairs to see if there was anything else to do before meeting the brothers. Bobby wasn't where Harry could see him so he assumed he was either out or in the basement. Harry didn't even know where Snape was, but Harry assumed he was in his room. He wondered what he would say to Snape if he saw him. He hoped he hadn't begun pitying him because of his wounds. Harry would hate that. If he was the same old Snape then Harry would be fine with that.

It was a couple of hours later that Bobby came back inside his home with a bag of what assumed to be groceries for the kitchen and found Harry sitting in his kitchen table reading an old recipe book he had not seen in years. He was sitting in a clean kitchen at that. Bobby stood at the door, unsure what happened in there to make the room the cleanest it had been in years.

Harry looked up a bit startled when he had heard noise by the door and started when he saw Bobby. "Ah, sorry," Harry said a bit quickly, his cheeks colouring, "I thought to clean a bit to thank you for letting me stay and I found this book in one of the cupboards. I hope you don't mind."

Bobby stood there silent a bit longer. "Thank you," he said after a bit, finding that the more appropriate response hoping Harry had not run into or thrown away anything he may need for the supernatural, "But you didn't need to clean, kid. It would have been better if you had rested though. You're still sick, you silly idjit."

"Ah…" Harry rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, "I don't like sitting still in bed doing nothing."

When the boy talked like this, he seemed almost like a normal teenager. A well behaved one at that. He wasn't the stereotypical abused orphan that people would always hear about, who would shy away from civilisation, who turned into rebels, or even move onto self harm or suicide. But Bobby could not help, but think that this act was too well done, well practiced so that no one knew what lay beneath closed doors.

He glanced behind him to see Severus reading a newspaper in the living room. The two were far apart that it wasn't hard to tell the two of them disliked each other. They obviously hadn't spoken about what both he and Severus had seen on Harry's body. He was pretty sure Snape would confront Harry soon.

"Just know you don't need to clean while staying here," Bobby said when he glanced back at Harry and walked into the kitchen to put down all the grocery bags. "But since you're already here help me put these away." Harry gave him a smile, but Bobby noticed it didn't reach his eyes as he stood to help out. Bobby was careful not to stare too long at the young teen, but Harry worried him greatly.

He hoped Harry meeting the Winchester's wasn't a bad idea. Perhaps he should warn them before the meet each other.

"Remus," a feminine voice said softly by his room door bringing him out of his silent musings, "Are you okay?"

Remus grimaced at the question. The death of Sirius had taken his toll on him. Now he was literally the last original marauder. He was alone, no matter how many people surrounded him, his best friends were gone. "Yeah, I'm fine," Remus finally answered and not in the mood to jump around he asked, "Why are you here, Tonks?"

"We just got word from Severus," Tonks said as she entered the room and walked towards Remus, who was by the windowsill. Remus looked with apathy out the window. The sun outside in no way reflected his mood. "Harry was down with a fever, but he's alright now. His relatives haven't come by yet, but apparently they'll be there in a few hours." She tried to say with energetic cheerfulness that usually accompanied her voice.

"That's good," Remus said with a forced smile before he turned to look out the window again. He didn't feel like acting alright, when everything seemed so wrong.

Silence descended again and Tonks shifted uncomfortably for a few minutes before she put a hand on Remus' shoulders and he jumped a little before he turned to look at her. "You don't blame him… do you?" she asked softly, knowing that Remus would know who she was referring to.

Harry James Potter. Remus knew he shouldn't blame Harry. After all, he was still a kid, mistakes were made and Voldemort was the blame of all this, but he couldn't help but feel slightly bitter that if Harry had just hadn't gone to the Department of Mysteries, at least Sirius would be alive. If he hadn't foolishly ran off to 'save the day' again, Sirius would be alive. He loved Harry, of course, but he knew he could not see Harry until these feelings of bitterness died away. James, Lily, Sirius… Harry was around, but it was not his fault they were gone and he survived. He missed all dearly, and Harry was the only one left of them. So, until his heart had settled, he refused to see Harry, afraid of what would happen if he saw him now.

"No," Remus finally replied with a smile he did not feel, "It was not his fault. I would never blame him." But somehow, he felt that even Tonks knew his lies.

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