Chapter 1

The world is filled with many beings. From humans like me and (I assume) you, to some of legends most curious creatures. However these different beings are seen as just that, different. And unfortunately for all, different is often seen as "bad" and "dangerous". This means that many of these other beings fled to far away places, choosing to live in forests or mountains or anywhere away from people. The others however, try to live with humans, keeping their true nature secret while living and befriending normal humans.
However, this life is still difficult and fragile, and you can be so used to holding up the mask, that sometimes you just forget how to drop it, living forever in the world you built until fate quite rudely brings it crashing down around your ears.

Shinichi yawned widely as he pulled himself out of bed. He scratched his head trying to remember why he set the alarm then he remembered that he had promised to go out today with Ran and started walking down the stairs.

He had only gotten the bowl out of the cupboard when the bell started ringing. Shinichi carefully glanced out the window, careful not to stand in the light and looked down the path "damn it" he said walking to the intercom "Should have known Ran would be here early."
He pushed the button and the speaker crackled "Just come in Ran, I'll leave the door unlocked," he let go of the button before Ran could answer, running into the kitchen and picking up a small vile from the table before running upstairs, all in an inhuman speed.

Shinichi was stood in the bathroom as his sensitive ears heard Ran turning the doorknob, and he carefully pulled the stopper out of the vile. He brought it up to his nose and smelled it before swallowing the whole crimson contents, savouring its copper taste as he felt his body fill with energy. He then read quietly from a small piece of paper, and then looked at his reflection in the mirror as his overlong canines became a more presentable length, and his ears lost their points, though when he ran his tongue over his teeth and his finger over his ear he could still feel the points.
"I'll be down in a second Ran!" he called to his childhood friend who was still waiting downstairs as he shoved the now empty vile in the cupboard.

Shinichi Kudo, was a vampire. Well not a full one, they where all but gone and those left refused to 'associate' with humans outside using them for food. Shinichis grandfather on his dad's side was also one. It was a gene that randomly surfaced around the age of 13, the vampires 'coming of age' and he had been living with it for just over
four years now. He had inhuman speed, extremely sharp sight smell and hearing, and even a pair of large feather wings that he could pull from his back (Which had regrettably left two long open cuts on his back which he had to be
carful wasn't seen lest his secret be exposed) but none of these abilities where as strong as a full vampire, although Shinichi thought that as a drawback in return for still being able to walk in the sun was more than fair. He also had the traditional bloodlust which earned vampires their terrifying legacy.
Most of Shinichi's blood came from a supernatural gathering spot disguised as a bar known as 'Dragons Den' run by a Draconis called G'zen, he was one of a race of part dragon folk who hid his scaled appearance with the aid of his wife Dulcinaff, a witch who helped newcomers settle in and used her spells to guide other supernatural's to the bar when they needed aid and teaching a few so that they would be able to continue living their lives by bidding their features like Shinichi.
There were many people there who couldn't show themselves due to being too different, mostly the centaurs Minotaur's and other such ones. But many just came to be together and enjoy being with people who they didn't have to lie to or use spells to cover their appearance, and so they didn't lose sight of there true selves. Because really for some, that's all they had left.

This chapter really just exists to make sence of the next ^^

Note, Dulcinaff is Latin for flower