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Chapter 46

The road in Edoka where Kaito lived was empty apart from Kaito and Conan as they walked up it. Against Conan's wishes, as soon as they had put Conan's suitcase into the Kudo mansion, Kaito had scooped Conan into his arms and had carried him the whole way to his house. Conan had at this point completely given up on struggling out of his arms and was now relaxed leaning into Kaitos chest.

"We're nearly there now." Conan looked up to Kaito, Kaito knew that Conan knew where he lived but he still felt the need to say something into the silence.
Conan shifted so he could look up at Kaito, there was a faint look of worry, "Come on now Kai, I'm meant to be the worried one." Conan joked before leaning into him again, "Don't worry Kai, if she's your mum I'm sure she'll manage."

Kaito laughed slightly then looked up at his house, gently putting Conan down on the ground then straightening up before walking to his door and pushing it open.
"I…I'm home!"

"Kaito!" Chikage looked around the corner from the kitchen and quickly ran out hugging him closely. "Kaito! Do you have any idea how worried I was?"

"Mum I'm sorry." Kaito muttered letting her hug him tightly, as Conan quietly shut the door behind them.

"Just what happened with you?"

"I think we'd be best going into your living room, it's going to take some explaining." Conan said and Chikage looked down at him with confusion which only increased when Kaito nodded and followed his advice.

"Yeah, come on mum, lets sit down."

Chikage nodded then followed her son as Conan walked up next to Kaito. She stepped into the room as Kaito sat down while Conan climbed up to sit next to him. Chikage sat down in the chair and looked at her son worried. He was obviously nervous, something that he normally went to great lengths to hide from people. "Kaito, what's going on?"

Kaito sighed heavily, "Mum, you obviously know I took over where dad left off right?" Chikage sent a look to Conan who only nodded with a serious look on his face.

"Well, last night I found it, I found it at last."

Chikage breathed in quickly, Toichi had told her all about KID and his target, the gem of immortality, "…And?" She asked forgetting about Conan for a moment.

"…I was shot, fatally."

Chikage's eyes widened, it was clear that he was currently suffering from a fatal injury, but hearing her son say this still worried her.
"It's my fault," Conan muttered from next to Kaito, "I went with him to try and protect him from the gems owner and he still got hurt."

"Y-you took a child?"

Kaito and Conan glanced at each other and Conan nodded before looking to Chikage.

"My name's Shinichi Kudo, teenage detective." Chikage frowned and Conan looked down.

"Shin-chan… he was poisoned and turned into a child, probably by the same people who are after KID. He survived it but was shrunk by 10 years."

Conan looked down awkwardly as Chikage turned to look at him and Kaito reached out and put a hand on his shoulder.

"But…Kaito if you were shot how are you…"

Kaito breathed in and reached around his neck for the charm, the charm was still linked to Conans but it also hid his own features from sight. He then put his hand around the small pendent at the bottom and pulled the rope up around his head.

Chikage couldn't help but gasp, Kaitos ear tips pointed out a tinny amount from his messy hair and his mouth was parted slightly showing his fangs. He looked down as if ashamed, "I…I have wings too," He muttered.

"It was Pandora," Conan said also talking his charm off, "The legend was twisted over the years. It was housing the power of a Vampire, which as we used to be rumoured to be immortal in the olden days passed onto Pandora turning it into a gem that granted immortality."

"So, my son's a…" Kaito nodded as Chikage trailed off.

"I'm sorry," Conan muttered again, "And there's more, being the only other Vampire in Japan, I am the only one able to train Kaito, and the organization is still after him. The council, supernatural council, have decided it would be best for him to live with me, so he can be taught and protected,"

Chikage frowned at Conan for a moment, not cruelly, but as if she was working something out, then she looked to Kaito, "Kaito, is this what you want?"

"Y-yeah," Kaito muttered with a nod, "Shin-chan, I trust Shinichi with my life."
She looked from Kaito to Conan, "And you, will you take care of him?"
"I promise,"

She thought for a moment longer, looked between the two boys then she seemed to realise something and smiled softly at them. "Alright, but I don't want you to be too busy with each other to not come around here ok?"

Conan blinked at her response and Kaito jumped out of the seat and threw his arms around his mother grinning, "I promise, really I will!"

After a while of a small amount of conversation between them Kaito glanced at a clock and stood up quickly, "Oh, come on Shin-chan we're going to miss our train."


Conan rolled his eyes then looked to Chikage, "I'm stuck like this for about a week at the most before I turn back to Shinichi, so I decided to say my goodbyes now and Kai got it in his head to take me somewhere for the week rather than me hide myself away."

"Heh, that's my Kaito for you." Chikage said smiling at him.

Kaito hugged her again, then turned to Conan and picked him up with another small shout, "Kaito!"

"Nope, I can only carry you like this for less than a week so I'm not putting you down!~"

Chikage smiled warmly at them as they walked out to the front door, Conan struggling half heartedly in Kaitos firm grip. "Try to stay safe you two."

"I will!" Kaito shouted as Conan gave up and pouted in Kaitos arms.

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