Um. Okay, so for whatever reason this prompt on the kinkmeme wouldn't leave me alone:

Shepard and Scarred!Garrus is very tasty, but what about Shepard and Eager!C-Sec Garrus? I'd like to see an alt-reality story where interest was sparked early on, particularly with how Garrus completely admires Shep in ME1.

Would love if Garrus is sort of harboring a crush and starts noticing things about her that turn him on, but he isn't sure why (because he doesn't have a fetish for humans and all! ;)) Shepard notices and plays it up to tease him, but she never really expects him to actually respond to it. She's pleasantly surprised.

Hot sex on, in, or around the Mako ensues during some rare alone-time in the hold.

Really not sure how badly I mangled this one, but posting in case someone finds it entertaining. Feel free to tell me the extent of the fail.

The hangar was quiet, deserted as Garrus made his way to the Mako rover. His shift was long over by now, but Garrus hadn't felt tired enough to sleep. He didn't feel like reading or interacting socially with the rest of the Normandy's crew, either, and he had a distinct aversion to being idle. Given the way their commander drove, the Mako was always in need of some repairs. He didn't mind, not really. It gave him something productive to do, something to occupy his hands while his mind wandered.

As he took a plasma welding torch to the Mako's suspension, he once again marvelled at the way the human managed to do that much damage to the sturdy vehicle without even trying. Granted, on their last mission Shepard had driven the rover through a number of Geth - literally - which accounted for some of the damage this time, but he honestly couldn't remember a single time they had returned from planetside with the Mako completely intact.
The commander did have a reckless streak, no doubt about that, but so far he only had seen it manifest in her driving, and, very rarely, in combat. Shepard's normal approach to things was reason and diplomacy, and a direct honesty he hadn't expected from a human. In truth, she'd managed to turn over all his preconceptions about humans. He'd signed up for this mission for practical reasons, because it enabled him to do what he knew was right, because he and the human Spectre had a common goal. Her Spectre status enabled her to go where he couldn't, ask the questions he wasn't allowed to. Throwing his fate in with the freshly minted Spectre had been a calculated decision, based on the observation of her previous conduct on the Citadel, and what he'd been able to find of her service record on such short notice. She did have a strong sense of justice, held the status of a Spectre without being jaded yet by that sort of experience or corrupted by too frequent use of a Spectre's privileges. It had been a sensible choice.
He hadn't expected to grow to admire and even like her. Her actions confused the hell out of him. She used reason where he'd have gone in guns blazing without a second thought, salvaged situations he'd have considered beyond any hope, made allies out of enemies, and she seemed to go by instinct about this, not a preconceived plan. It seemed almost effortless, natural.
And he didn't understand how she did it. He watched, with all the training of a C-sec investigator who after all knew how to handle people, how to make them talk and gain their trust, how to project just the right amount of confidence and sympathy or threat, depending on the situation. He knew all that, but he still couldn't tell how she did it. All he could tell was that it wasn't an act. Shepard meant it, did what she thought was right and didn't gave a damn about what anyone else thought.

Garrus shook his head slightly, applying more heat to a stubborn part of the suspension. She got people to talk, to trust her, to bring their problems to her without even appearing to try. More, she genuinely seemed to care. If she could lend aid, she just did, and people seemed to respond to that.
It had even worked on him. He'd found himself telling her all manner of personal things, his hopes and doubts and wishes, and she listened. And she had helped where she could, going out of her way to solve this nasty business with Saleon.
Shepard listened to him, but challenged him to think on his own, encouraged him to question, and this was something new, something nobody ever had done.
He was fascinated by the human, but that wasn't the worrying part. He wasn't the only one, after all, if he went by the reactions of the rest of their motley squad. He was just reacting to the force of her personality, falling in line behind a natural leader as any good turian would.
What was worrying was that he somehow felt another sort of interest. He had become aware that he was watching her, not for clues of how to react or learn from her example, not even just admiring the moves of another competent soldier. Rather, he found his eyes straying to unfamiliar lines of an alien body, caught himself wondering about similarities and differences.
It made no sense, no sense at all.
Interspecies relationships were nothing unusual in Citadel space, though of course that was mostly due to the asari's influence. While he wasn't bothered by the concept in any way, he'd never quite understood the attraction. He still didn't. Liara, for example, was considered attractive by anyone's standards, and while he found some sort of aesthetic appreciation in her form, he wasn't ever distracted by her presence.
He'd seen aliens of a variety of species on the Citadel, and quite a lot of humans among them. He'd learnt to somewhat respect some of them, but hadn't much cared about any of them one way or the other.
Shepard, on the other hand...she captured his attention without even having to make an effort. It just happened.
She would come by on her rounds through the ship, stay a bit to talk with him, they'd swap some stories, and at some point his eyes would stray and his imagination would run free, and the only thing that saved his dignity was that she didn't know enough about turian expressions to read his very inappropriate thoughts off his face.
It really was embarrassing. It wasn't affecting his performance in battle or his other duties, at least not yet, but he acknowledged that there was the distinct possibility of this becoming an issue. Allowing oneself to become distracted, or emotionally unbalanced was unwise for a soldier in active duty.

If she'd been a turian, all of that would have been a non issue. For another soldier, it would have been just a matter of asking. Easing stress together like that was common and normal, and held no further obligations on either side by default. Acceptance of an offer for company was some shared pleasure, refusal was neither personal nor to be considered a slight or loss of face, and in any case it wasn't something to worry about too much. Being interested in one's commanding officer wasn't all that unusual either. The protocol was a bit different than for soldiers of the same rank, of course. It would have been inappropriate for him to make any obvious move towards an officer of higher rank, but he'd have found some reason or another to stay in her sight when off-duty, obviously unaccompanied and thereby proclaiming he didn't have any other attachments, and waited for her to approach and indicate interest. If she had, she'd proclaim that with some casual touch, and if he didn't move away or find some excuse to avoid that, it was clear enough that the interest was mutual and matters could proceed from there. Easily understood, no room for misinterpretation. And there would have been none of the drama that species like humans seemed to consider essential to even casual relationships. Sadly, she was a human. Even if he were interested in that way - and he still wasn't completely certain he really was - he didn't know the cues that humans had to convey interest, and watching them he wasn't sure they themselves knew. There seemed to be no discernible protocol for this. All he knew was that from what he'd seen so far a direct, blunt approach wasn't the way to go. They touched constantly and casually, but they seemed to misinterpret each other's moves just as constantly. They couldn't ever seem to decide for themselves on what - or who - they wanted, let alone agree on that with each other. Or else, they changed their minds all the time; he couldn't really tell which. Any reasonable creature would naturally have to be wary of getting involved with a human in any way.
Trying to figure any of that out made his head spin. The reasonable course of action would have been to keep his distance, forget about those odd ideas and remain the good, rational, dutiful turian he'd been schooled and bred to be.
If only he could feel certain that that was even possible anymore.

His hands were busy on their own on the Mako's underside, his moves precise as ever while replacing yet another cracked part as his mind was completely elsewhere. The latter was his only excuse that he heard the footsteps only when they were almost upon him.

"Hello Garrus. You can't possibly still be on shift, can you?"

He didn't bump his head on the Mako's underside, but it was a close thing. As gracefully as possible, he extricated himself from underneath the Mako and stood to face his commanding officer, carefully laying his tools aside.
"Found I wasn't that tired, so I figured I'd try to get some work done." he replied, crossing his arms in front of his chest and leaning against the Mako.

Shepard smiled, leaning back against the Mako's wheel closest to her. She looked very much at ease, relaxed. Unfortunately the informal pose called his attention once again to her waist, and he suppressed a wince. She appeared very...flexible. And that term called up some very inappropriate images in his mind. He blinked hastily to dismiss them.

"I think you're working too hard. You need to learn how to relax. Once in a while, at least."

"Uh. No, I think I'm good." he managed, hoping she wouldn't notice - or at least interpret the slight stutter and the way his mandibles twitched. It was just her normal tone of voice, and she was treating him as a friend.
There was no other undertone, other than what his overactive imagination supplied, or his instincts, which by now were rather unanimous on the matter, insisted on detecting.
Hell. This was getting way too embarrassing. He wasn't some inexperienced teenager, for crying out loud. That really wasn't like him, he wasn't awkward about attraction. He certainly never had been shy about sex either, neither during his military career or later on on the Citadel. Yet somehow in the presence of Commander Shepard he'd been reduced to a tongue-tied adolescent.
The urge to hit his head against the Mako's hull, repeatedly, was almost overwhelming, but there was no way he was going to explain that one to Shepard, so he controlled himself. Barely.
Bad enough that he wanted something he really shouldn't want. Worse that it was something he couldn't have. After all, he had been observing her, and as far as he could tell she hadn't shown any interest in anyone in that way, let alone someone of another species altogether. There were at least one Alliance LT and one asari scientist who could attest to the fact that Shepard wasn't interested.

"Hmm. Yes, I'd think that you'd be."

His head snapped up. Imagination aside, that tone had been odd. His eyes sharpened as he considered her, and his C-sec training took over again as he regarded her not as a friend but a possible suspect. He took in the artfully careless pose, the slight smile, and realisation hit him. Not only was she not oblivious to her effect on him, that very faint, contented smile showed that she knew very well what she was doing. Confusion, shame, desire and indignation tried to merge into a single expression on his face as he stared at her, mandibles splaying in a somewhat stunned gesture.