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As you will notice, there are substantial differences between Luk and Lucius. Luk is from another world, and he lacks the Blood prejudice of Lucius. He is Lucius, but it would appear the Luk personality is stronger.

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Xever-Severus cringed his lips, "Hmm, son, you know how everyone says you are more beautiful than any of our females? Let's say, Luk is neither old, since his magic keeps him rather young, and that his looks rival or might even surpass yours. However, he hasn't had a lover since he bedded your mother, he is too selfish and has been waiting for a bride worth of him."

"I will find him and make him regret the day he took her from me. I will." Draconis stood straight, he still remembered his father Lucius, naked over Hermione, and it made his blood boil, and his loins burned. He found the idea highly erotic, but he tried to shake it out his mind. Now the idea of Luk doing the same with his princess didn't sit well, not for an instant.

Xever-Severus looked to his right, and YES, "Son, I see them, this night vision goggles are the best spent coins; so now, you listen to my plan."

At the ship, Hermione had just bent over Luk-Lucius and was holding his cock in her hands. He supported his body on his bent elbows and kept his eyes fixed on her. Hermione let her tongue trace circles around the swollen head and the hard length; as Luc's hips rose to meet her. His thigh muscles trembled, his body shuddered, and his chest felt as it could burst open, and the sensations were making him feel as if he was about to explode from pleasure.

"By Loki, you are an enchantress, go slow my love. I want to be here for the rest of my life. With my rod loved by your mouth, it is Valhalla."

And Hermione, answered but closing her lips firmly around the head and sucking it lightly, and loved the sounds coming from Luc, telling her how perfect and pure and how she was the best.

In this world, the dark wizard was even darker and a true warrior, but to him she was perfection, he kept telling her so over and over, and her body was singing for him.

Luk lay over the furs, fully sated, holding the smaller body tightly inside his arms. "Where does a maiden learn such skill?" He kissed her temple after asking. He wasn't sure that he could give her up. It was time to seek a bride, and he had chosen.

"Come here," he pulled her to his mouth and moved her body flushed with his. The taste of his seed in her tongue made him happy; the feeling of her naked breast against his bare flesh made him hard right away; and he groaned with pleasure.

His lips fed on hers, furiously kissing her, he wasn't experienced, but he was a natural.

His bare cock rubbed against her belly and he could feel her entrance right above his arousal. By Thor, he wanted to feel her heat around him. He shuddered violently. When the tip touched the entrance, he cried, "I am not sure that I want to wait, tell me what you want, I want you to be happy. Tell me," he asked while his hand sought between her thighs. "Gods, you are wet, you want me," he didn't expect an answer.

"Uh, hu," she answered, her hands caressed his face, "I want you, but I love Draconis, " and she lowered her voice, "I love your son."

At this, he pushed his arousal inside her, just barely in. She shuddered, and the thought of Draconis, precipitated a climax, and he felt her hard clenching, "Oh love, what is this, oh Gods, I cannot wait, yes, oh yes," he kissed her shoulders, her eyes, and BOOM; their door was being rammed. And it sounded as if all hell had broken loose.

She didn't remember this part from the book, this didn't happen in her story, and she realized, in the book there neither was a Draconis, nor a Blass, there was a rebel prince, maybe Blass? In any case, they were anomalies caused by bringing Draco. In the book, he had kidnapped her from her father, and her promised only showed at the end, this was an unknown story line.

Luk laid her gently and bent to kiss her lips, "Do you think you could learn to love me?"

And she honestly could not answer. He smirked, "Good, at least is not a no. Sorry I must do this," he pointed his wand to her.

The next second she was chained to the wall by invisible chains, and there was a clear wall around her.

The door gave in, and three gigantic creatures entered the room. They were not ugly, but a bit terrifying, nearly seven foot tall, broad shoulders, long hair braided with small bones, capes…not capes wings. Their faces were painted, and their coloring was dark, kind of light grey, but the hair was blue, dark blue with multicolored stripes. They had visible fangs, and wore weapons hanging from every place.

"Luk don't fight, all your ship has been subdued. We didn't kill anyone, but we will if necessary."

Xever stepped in. Hermione was amazed when she saw Severus. He looked magnificent dressed in his warrior clothes. It was Severus and it wasn't, the same with Lucius, and she wished for a mirror. He had the pointy ears, and his features were more regular, and he also looked feral with hair braided down his back, and a circlet around his forehead.

"You traitor, you fuck the Queen, that nasty whore, traitor." Luc spit on the floor, his body surrounded by a glow, impenetrable, judging by the warriors pocking out with sharp looking curved swords, and emitting lights out their fingers aimed at him. The lights bounced and gauged the wood walls.

"Luk, just give up the princess, she is your son's bride, you don't want to keep her, he loves her."

Xever reasoned with Luk who was impassive, "We can wait, you will eventually need to drink or eat, or other. Your magic is strong, but we have time." Xever laughed, and Luk ignored him. He sat on the floor staring at Hermione.

"My princess, how are you, did he hurt you?" Draconis entered the room, his tunic was bloody, and he had stood some damage.

Hermione's eyes opened wide. Darn, if Luk was handsome, Draconis was well, a younger version, a bit leaner and he had the same pointy ears as the others, but for Luk. She remembered Draconis kisses, and his mouth on her body, and how he taught her to pleasure him with her mouth. S

Draconis realized that she was naked, and he stood there transfixed, he had made love to her in the dark, as it was prescribed; hence, this was the first time he saw her naked body, and he stood there; he had never seen such beauty, and his body called for her. Her mother must have been from another realm, his princess' body was petite and delicate, and she had pink nipples, not the multicolored nipples of his people.

Luk-Lucius was speechless; his heart was behaving strangely looking at the young warrior who had come in. He felt an emotion he thought dead; he knew the emotion, he felt love for his son. He couldn't see much of the whore queen in his son. He was looking at a younger version of self, and the feeling made him dizzy, he had never felt such a squeeze in his heart. He had missed seeing him grow, and now, he didn't want to miss more.

He remembered how his own father always there for him. He wanted his son, but he wanted the princess as well.

"Draconis, it is I, your father."

Draconis turned around and something happened to him looking at his father. He knew from his mother that he had wanted him, and emissaries had come to ask to return his son. But she refused, in her family there were only a handful of males, and the crown needed a male. She wanted to relinquish the reign at the earliest time possible.

"If you are my father, why did you steal my bride?" And his eyes fixed on Hermione.

"I didn't know you before today." That was his answer.

His Draco persona remembered his father, the traitor parent, Lucius, and he wanted to say the two fathers were the same, but the way this Luk was looking at him, had him confused.

"And now that you know, will you give her back without a fight?"

Hermione wanted them to ask her, she wasn't sure of her wishes. "Why don't you ask me what I wish?"

"What you wish is to be my bride." Was the answer from someone at the door?

At the door stood Blass, he was surrounded by several demons, whose presence had been summoned after the attack started; they belonged to Blass' grandfather. He brought them over with the ring given by his father. The demons had subdued the Fae warriors, they couldn't kill them, not while they stood in the midst of a body of water, but they took them by surprise, chained them, and commanded their ship back to shore. Without Snape the chances of finding this ship were close to none.

Luk looked at him with fury, "Blass don't be an idiot, your mother was clear, you were to obey me, and I say she is not your bride.

His demons had fired small darts out a blowpipe upon entry, and the three warriors had gone down, they had fired the darts to Draconis and Xever but they didn't work.

Blass was puzzled, and Luk told him, "Their poison doesn't work on us." He didn't tell him, that Xever had learned the old magic from him, and he had surely taught Draconis. They were all coated with magic to protect them from metal objects penetrating their skin.

"There is many of us, you cannot fight us. She is mine, my bride." He looked at Hermione with lecherous eyes, and both Draconis and Luk angrily growled.

"You will not take me, I am promised to Draconis. If you take me against my force." Hermione said defiantly.

And Blass eyes nearly went out of its sockets when he saw her naked body.

"If you don't come with me, your Draconis is dead, he won't leave this room alive."

Ah, now, this was part of the book. The bastard prince, or Blass in this case fought for her, but Luk overcame him when he was taking her away. She needed to knee his groin, but in the book there were no demonsm and they seemed very big and scary.

While Luk was distracted looking at Hermione; Xever was looking around for a way out of this, but the demon warriors were half a body taller than Draconis warriors, and he knew their claws were poisonous, and non-demon magic didn't have any effect upon them. They were messed up.

"Luk, let the princess down, now. Or," he must have communicated something to the demons, because they had Xever and Draconis in a strong hold. Draconis also knew he shouldn't attempt something because they would be dead. He knew the demons had weakness especially water, and he was hiding his wand, for an auspicious time, or if things got too rough. But not here, the princess could get hurt.

Luk didn't like the way the demon was holding his son, his blood boiled in anger. He wanted to call for a deluge, but he would also hurt Blass, and he couldn't do that. After all, his mother and sister were hostages of the new rulers. Luk had one weakness, the love of his family, and for them, he would do anything.

Meanwhile, Segar was dreaming with his bride, she was beautiful as ever, and she stood naked in front of him, "Come to me my darling, I need you. I swear upon my father's sword that if you ever forgave me, let the fury of Thor kill me if I ever look at another female, specifically human witches. "

"Are you willing to sign with your blood?" His dream bride asked.

He smiled slyly, this was a dream, and in dreams you could say whatever you wanted. If he had been awake, he would never make such a promise and seal it with blood. Because if he did, Thor's fury will make him a mere mortal, and he was already so old, that he would turn into dust.

"To be inside your sweet pussy, I will do whatever you ask." He beckoned her with his finger.

"I hate that word, but in your lips it is not so bad. Here cut your left index finger; and sign here."

She displayed a stone tablet, written in old runes, it repeated the promise he made.

"OUCH," he screamed, "In dreams doesn't suppose to hurt," but he went ahead and smiled. "Now come here my darling." He called his dream bride.

And to his horror, he saw his bride turned into Fritz, and for the first time he realized that Fritz's eyes where his bride's, and he shook his head and pinched his cheek.

"I am awake, are you really here?" Segar asked Ola his bride.

"Yes, to both, and now that I know you cannot be unfaithful unless you want to die, I will come to you." She turned back to Ola and stripped all her garments.

Segar had waited for this moment forever, but knowing his future, had killed his lust.

"How were you able to trick me?" he asked.

"In this world of yours, you are here but subject to the written word. While you slept I wrote this scene, and you were to believe you were sleep. I wasn't sure it would work, but it did. I have missed you forever, and I sent Fritz back when you sent him with Draco. I wanted to see how much you had changed, and I must say not enough."

Segar started laughing, he had a sense of humor, and after all, his father was Loki. He loved his wife, and she was cunning, beautiful, and smart, and no other female compared to her.

"So let it be. Can we bed for a century or so?" His lust returning full force.

"After we fix the mess you created, or shall I say, we created?"

His wife appeared somewhat concerned.

"And what mess are you referring to?" Segar asked while trying to undress her.

"When I woke up Draco to stop Lucius, and they jumped, the extra weight created an unbalance, and his mother, stepfather, and his little sister, came through as well. They have come nearly melded with their counterparts here, and if any of they die or are hurt, we are all stuck here, or when we leave this world would be destroyed. And you know the punishment for destroying worlds, the underworld."

Segar stopped touching her, "Oh shit."

"What can be done?"

"I don't think any of them can really leave this place, at least not permanently, neither can we. I have thought this through and talked to my parents. They all agree, we will need to live in the two worlds, until every one of the ones that came across passes away from natural deaths. And before you get too happy, Draco's mother is pregnant. It might be a while. Not sure about their future children." She smiled, she liked this world, and in here females would never look at him.

"As long as we can travel to other realms and back to ours, we will be fine." Segar could handle a couple of centuries; one would be shagging all the time.

"We can only go when they go. They will not be happy to learn they can only leave here for the total of four lunar cycles at the time, but I am not sure how the time is relative in one place and the other."

Segar was looking at his naked spouse and shrugged, "So what is new, here get in bed with me, " he prompted.

"I am afraid not, Draco is about to die, and if he does we are all goners. Let's go."

"Are we going to be watching over them the entire time?" Segar was seeing the problems of his present situation. "And how will they do with their lives in the human realm?"

"Again, I am not sure how relative is the time, we will need to talk to the ones that we brought along,and take it from there. Shall we go my love? And when we come back, I will be at your command." She came by his side and rubbed her naked body against his, and before he could blink an eye, they were dressed and at the ship.

She hoped they were still on time to prevent any tragedies. And she was glad that Segar wasn't upset, the unbalance to the transportation logarithm was her fault.

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