Hello people of earth! So as you can tell here is a new story! *happy dance* lol so I was hit by this idea today! So it's sort of AU. Sort of. I changed the ages of the Stabler kids (like I usually always do) and I changed the twins (sorry no Lizzie and Dickie) and well you gotta read it to figure it out! So as always read review and enjoy!
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Olivia scanned around the loud gym. Still no sign of her husband. She sighed as she looked back down to the floor. The game was going to start soon.


Olivia turned and looked at her oldest daughter. Maureen Louisa Stabler was 14 years old and in the 9th grade. "Yeah Maury?"

"Can I have a dollar? So I can get a soda?"

Olivia nodded and said. "Sure. Take Katie with you."

Kathleen Nora Stabler was 12 years old in the 7th grade. She smiled as she stood up and got her older sisters hand.

Maureen nodded and got the money and hurried down the bleachers. "Come on. I don't want to miss the game."

Olivia watched her children walk down the bleachers and towards the food stand with an watchful eye. Once she saw them reach their destination she looked down at the court. "Come on Stabler where are you."

"Right here." a voice said as a strong pair of arms wrapped his arms around her slightly large stomach.

Olivia nearly jumped out of her skin but she quickly realized it was her husband. She put her hands on top of her 4 month old baby bump. She laughed and said. "You scared me."

Elliot laughed and said. "Sorry baby. Where is Katie and Maury?"

"Getting some pop." Olivia said.

"The twins?"

"Haven't come out yet." She said with a smile. "They are going to be happy when they see that your here." she said with a smile.

Elliot gently kissed the top her head. "Good to know."

"Hey daddy." Kathleen said as she took a sip of her Dr. Pepper. She went over and hugged her father and then handed her mom the bottle of water.

"Thanks Katie." Olivia said with a smile.

Maureen hugged her dad and then sat down. "When is this game going to start?" she asked pulling her blonde hair into her ponytail.

"Soon." Olivia answered. Sure enough the buzzer sounded and the teams started to run out. Olivia smiled and cheered out for the Tigers. She watched the girls as they passed the basketballs back and forth and did a few free throws.

Soon it was time for the game to start. The home team was announcing their starters. "Number 16 Helena Roberts, center!" a girl with long red hair out and she high fived her fellow team mates. "Number 22 Julia Paxton. Shooting guard." a girl with spikey black hair come out. "Number 4 Paige Stabler, point guard."

The Stabler's cheered when Paige came running as she high fived her team mates.

"Number 10, Reagan Saunders, small forward." A girl with a curly head of blonde hair came running out. "And finally number 6 Parker Stabler, power forward." Parker came running out and she high fived her team mates. She then did a special high five with her twin sister and then they all huddled together.

Olivia smiled down at little girls. Parker and Paige Stabler were 9 years old. Olivia and Elliot married each other about 10 years ago. Kathy and him had gotten divorce when Kathleen was 1 years old. Kathy had moved away, giving full custody of Kathleen and Maureen to Elliot. They haven't heard from her years. When Olivia had started working there Elliot was s single father raising two little girls under the age of 3. Olivia instantly started to help her partner. They soon fell in love and got married. Months later she gave birth to Paige and Parker. 3 years ago she had given birth to their son Austin Donald Stabler. He was at Elliot's mother house. And now Olivia was once again pregnant. Elliot was hoping for another boy and Olivia was hoping for a girl.

"They look so cute in their little uniforms." Maureen said with a smile. She and Kathleen didn't remember their birth mother. The only mother they knew was Olivia and they were okay with that. They called Olivia mother as soon as they could talk and have been calling her mom every since.

"They do." Olivia said as she took a drink of water. She scanned around the gym once more. She had the oddest sensation that someone was watching them.

Elliot saw her and said as he scooted down and sat down next to her. "You okay?"

Olivia snapped out of it and she smiled looking at her husband. "I'm fine. Just had a weird feeling."

Elliot nodded and wrapped his arm around his wife. He smiled when the girls all jumped up for the ball. He smiled when Parker got it.

"GO PARKER!" Olivia screamed. She was already very competitive and when her kids where involved it got even worse. It seemed that Parker and Paige inherited that from their mother.

Kathleen and Maureen both laughed, they knew what was going happen soon. They utterly enjoyed having Olivia at their games. Soon the game was over, the Tigers won 32 to 20. Olivia stood waiting for the twins to come back out.

"Hey mom!" Paige sang as she came out of the locker room. The nine year old smiled at her family as she gave them each a hug. She had her fathers blue eyes and her mothers brown hair, that was curly and reached her mid back. It was up in a pony tail. She turned around when she heard footsteps. "Good job Park!"

Parker Stabler smiled at her twin sister and gave her a high five. Parker and Paige were identical twins. They had the same beauty mark on their cheek and the same birth mark on there left wrist. "Thanks you did great too! 10 shots in one game!" she bumped her identical twin's hip with her own. Parker hugged her family and twisted a strand of her curly brown hair. "So what's for dinner?"

Olivia laughed and wrapped her arms around both her little girls and said. "Well since we won that means we can go out to eat!"

Elliot smiled and said. "Yeah, we can go out to eat. How about we get some pizza?"

"Oh yay!" the nine year old twins said at the same time.

Olivia smiled and she got into the front seat. She called Bernie to check on little Austin, after she hung up the phone they had arrived at the pizzeria. They took a big table and sat around waiting for their pizza to arrive.

"So how was work daddy?" Maureen asked.

"Yeah? Did you catch a lot of bad guys?" Kathleen asked her eyes shinning. She adored her father and she loved that he was a police officer. She wanted to be a police officer just like her father.

Elliot smiled at his daughter and said. "Not really. It was kind of boring."

"Because mommy isn't there." Olivia said with a smile. She had that day off because of a doctors appointment. She was still Elliot's partner, thankfully. She would go on maternity leave when she was 7 month old. She had started desk duty just earlier this week.

Elliot leaned over and kissed the top of his wife's head. "That's right."

Olivia smiled at him and then looked at her children. "Parker stop." she gave a stern look at the oldest twin.

Parker blushed realizing she had been caught. "Sorry mommy."

Paige gave her twin a smirk and then went back to chatting with Maureen.

Olivia got out the car and went to get Austin. She was holding her son to her and slightly shivered in the cool October breeze. She looked down the quiet street and smiled seeing all the decorations. Halloween was right around the corner. She looked towards the house and studied it. She just had a weird feeling in her gut. She shook it off and followed Elliot and the kids inside the house. As soon as the lights came on in the house she knew something was wrong. "What was that?" she asked. "Hold your brother Maury. And stay on the porch." she said as she handed Austin to the 14 year old.

Maureen nodded as she took the baby. She snuggled her little brother close and had the little kids back up and come by the porch swing.

Elliot looked at Olivia and said. "You need to stay out here too."

Olivia gave him a look as she said. "No. I'm no on leave yet. I'm not letting you go in there alone."

Elliot and Olivia stared at each for a few seconds before Elliot sighed. He knew he wouldn't be able to make Olivia stay on the porch. He took out his weapon and went further into the house. He looked around and saw that their picture frames had been broken.

Olivia was close behind him. They split up when they got to the kitchen. Olivia went towards the den and Elliot inside the kitchen. After giving it a good search she went to the living room.

Elliot didn't see signs of anyone still in the house. But the back door was open. He stepped outside on the back porch and took a look around in the backyard. Seeing nothing he turned and started back in the house. He didn't even see the person come up behind him and hit him over the head with metal rod. Elliot fell to the ground with a thud.

The person reached inside Elliot's pocket and took his family pictures and then the pictures of Paige and Parker. The person then vanished into the night.

Olivia was on the opposite side of the house. "Elliot! I think it's okay." she called out. When she didn't get a response after 5 minutes, she rushed to the back of the house. She went inside of kitchen and let out yelp. She rushed to her husband and bent down in front of him checking his pulse. "Elliot...come on baby." she repeated. She whipped out her cellphone to call 911. She kept checking his pulse and trying to get him to wake up as she talked to the operator. "Come on El. Wake up."