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"I told you I don't know." Olivia stated again as she looked at Elliot. It was the next morning in the Stabler household and everyone was tired and cranky and just wanted the twins back where they belonged.

"But you said something. When you first brought your mother into the equation you said that she thought you couldn't be a good mother or something like that." Elliot replied with a sigh.

Olivia glared as she turned and looked out the window. She rubbed her baby bump as she held Austin close to her chest in her other arm.

"Olivia. Anything you can tell us is helpful to finding Parker and Paige and bringing them home." Don said softly.

Olivia sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair. "I've told you everything I can. My mother said I would never be a good mother and she said she would make sure I wouldn't have a change to screw up any other kids." she whispered, her voice sounding far off.

"Any other kids?" Elliot asked gently as he moved closer to her. He looked around the kitchen and saw that Don and Fin had moved closer. Munch had Maureen and Kathleen in the family room, keeping their minds off everything happening in the house.

Olivia paled a little and whispered. "Yes any other kids..." she looked up at him and then down at her toddler and kissed his little forehead. "When I was 16 I was attacked by one of my mom's boyfriend. I wound up pregnant."

"Why haven't you told me about this?" Elliot asked with wide eyes.

Olivia shrugged her shoulders. "It never came up...I don't know how to just tell people about that. I try to never think about it."

"Okay..what happened to the baby?" Cragen asked softly.

"She was born on March 6th and she died on March 10th. I had her prematurely and her lungs weren't developed enough. My mother kicked me out March 20th...she claimed to be tired of my attitude and she couldn't handle it." Olivia whispered as she closed her eyes tightly. She gave a gruff laugh. "She couldn't handle it." she repeated with a dark chuckle.

Elliot wrapped his arms around her and brought her close and kissed her head. "Oh Liv."

Olivia buried her face into his neck and inhaled his scent as she took deep breaths.

Austin was squished between his parents and he made a noise before he settled and just cuddled to them both.

"I don't think she wants to harm the twins. I think she might just want to keep them as her own children. I think that was what she was going to do with your first child. Maybe that was why she was so upset." Fin said slowly as he thought about.

Olivia frowned deeply as she thought about it. "She was more excited about my pregnancy than I was back then. She had the clothes and everything..I think she thought it was her chance to start over." She buried her face back into Elliot's shoulder and whispered. "We have to find them now or we never will."

"What do you mean?" Cragen asked

"We were going to move. She didn't want to me to have to baby in New York..she wanted to move somewhere warmer. That is what she is going to do with the twins. We have to find them soon or we will never see them again." Olivia whispered breathlessly as tears started to slide down her cheeks.

Parker and Paige held each other as they watched the woman move around in the kitchen. They where in some apartment close to New Jersey. They had been there for a few hours and they were scared to death of the woman.

"Go ahead and wash up for breakfast you two." Serena said as she stirred the pancake batter.

Paige and Parker didn't move and just sat there and hugged each other.

Serena glared as she turned to look at them. "I said go get washed up breakfast!"

The twins jumped up and rushed down the hall and into the bathroom and wash their hands. Since they were kidnapped they had changed into matching jeans a long sleeved shirts, blue and pink. The worse thing was the woman had cut their long locks. Paige's hair now fell to her shoulders while Parker's came right under her ears. Parker watched as her sisters washed her hands and she turned to look out the window. She looked towards the door and then out the window as she slowly and silently opened it. She peeked her head out of the window and smiled as she turned to her twin. "We can do it..come on."

Paige nibbled her bottom lip as she moved closer to the window and looked out it. "Let's do this."

Parker smiled nervously and opened the window all the way and stuck her foot and felt around with the tip of her shoe. "Oh there is a ledge..We can climb that until we get to that fire escape." she let her other leg out the window and started to scoot along with edge carefully. "Come on Paige." she whispered once she was a few feet from the window.

Parker nibbled her bottom lip and copied her sister's movements. She smiled happily when she saw herself and the distance she had came. She looked towards her sister and gave her a smile."When we get down from here we run to the nearest store and call for mommy and daddy."

Paige nods as she moved along the wall carefully.

"We are gonna have to climb down to the fire escape..."Parker said once she reached the point. She lowered herself a little and searched for a ledge she could use. She found something that seemed sturdy enough to stand on and she started to descend.

Paige watched her sister move down a flight and she nibbled her bottom lip. She was always scared of heights and this was just to scary for her. She took a deep breath and moved closer and finally she was right above the staircase.

"It's okay, Paige! You can do it." Parker called as soon as she gracefully dropped her legs and landed on the fire escape. She looked around nervously knowing the lady should be looking for them by now. "hurry.." she whispered as she watched her twin. She knew that Paige was scared of heights. She nibbled her bottom lip as she checked the area. She saw a store they could go to and ask for help and she smiled happily.

Paige was halfway there when she heard a loud yell. She yelped when she realized it was the woman. In her haste to get down her foot slipped, she tried to catch herself but she fell hard to the fire escape. Knocking herself out as soon as her head hit the metal.

"Oh my god! Come on Paige..come on." Parker cried as she got next to her twin. She whimpered as tears filled her eyes when her sister didn't open her eyes. She looked around once more and she quickly managed to get her sister's arm around her neck. She supported her with her left arm and half dragged and carried her down the rest of the stairs. She stumbled a bit but managed to get her and her twin to the corner store. "Help! Help us please!" she cried as soon as she got inside. She fell to the ground but kept her unconscious sister by her side the whole time.