Blue by LordPlagus777

Chapter 1

It was a very sunny Monday, too sunny for Kyon's liking. Spring was coming to an end as the weather was beginning to get warmer and warmer. Kyon had his windows wide open hoping for a cool breeze to perhaps relieve the heat there was none. The blinding sunlight didn't help either. He prayed for class to end as soon as possible before he died from heat stroke. Unfortunately it was still first period and Kyon must remain in his seat as the combination of light, heat and sweat made it feel as if the sun was pouring buckets of hot yellow sunshine down his back collar.

Even after school was over, he would still have to go up to the SOS Brigade clubroom where there would be the same amount of light and heat. The clubroom due to lack of funds had no air conditioner. With the sudden rise in temperature, it was only a matter of time before Haruhi decides to shoot another movie so the Brigade can earn one for free just as they had obtained the heater. At least he'd be able to take cover under the in the shade.

After surviving through the last class, Kyon considered going to up Okabe to demand a change in the seating arrangements, or at least some curtains. Okabe entered the room with an unusual stack of papers in his hand.

"Good afternoon class. Did you learn a lot?" he asked with a dead reply from the class.

"Great!" he said not minding the lack of response.

"What's up with him today?" Haruhi asked from behind Kyon, poking at his back.

Kyon tried not to twitch in pain as Haruhi bothered his sweat sores.

"There are a few things I would like to get through before we dismiss." Okabe said picking up the topmost sheet of paper from his dictionary thick stack. "As you all know we have the Annual School Sports Meet next week." Okabe said.

Kyon could feel Haruhi's excitement gushing forth from behind him.

"There have been a few changes in planning. I hear a generous cash prize will be awarded to the winning teams participating in the events." Okabe said to the class expecting some change in expression.

The class remained impassive. Even if there was a cash prize at stake, there weren't any people in the class that were exceptionally good at sports. There really wasn't any chance for any of them. Although believed Kyon he was in decent shape, there's still everything between him and the school track team.

"A cash prize Kyon!" Haruhi said. "Remember what I told you last week."

Of course… there was Haruhi. Kyon didn't exactly remember what Haruhi had told him before. He reminisced about what had gone on in the clubroom last week to try and retrace when and what she had told him.

"Everyone!" He saw vividly in his mind's eye. "I've decided to sign all of us up for the relay race for the sports meet two weeks from now!"

As usual she wouldn't stop to hear their objections to this action.

Why add a cash prize? She was excited enough about the event without it. Now there's actually something to earn from their efforts there's more at stake if they lose.

"Yes… how could I forget?" Kyon replied. He put his head down on the table, a relay race on top of the weather. And the world would end if the Brigade loses. How can the week get any better for Kyon?

"I know we've been out of shape recently." Okabe finally said acknowledging the dull atmosphere of the class. "So I wanted you all to know that we will be holding elections for our new class president!"

The class took interest at this as many who weren't already listening stopped what they were doing.

"We're not really doing this just because our previous president had to move away." Okabe continued his 'once in a blue moon' announcement that had caught the interest of the class.

"I'm looking to find someone responsible enough to help me out with the sports meet arrangements." Okabe said. "So to kill two birds with one stone, why not elect a class president to aid me?"

"What?" Haruhi asked making sure if she had heard right.

"That's right!" Okabe said proudly. "I'm in charge of the arrangements. I'm not only good at handball you know!"

That was in fact, false. Okabe's middle aged style was sure to mess up big time if he was put in charge of the arrangements. Handball was really the only thing Okabe was professional at, and most of the students weren't even sure if that was true. Kyon was to expect some strange events that would take up the timeslots of the traditional events that were a hundred times better off, he could breathe easy. Okabe wasn't stupid enough to hold a sport meet without a relay race. It won't interfere with Haruhi's grand plans with the Brigade.

"Anyone up for the position?" Okabe asked looking around the class.

The class went silent, not a peep. There wasn't anyone who was fit for the position. The high grades and spotless conduct as the standard requirement were a high enough hurdle as it is. W ho would want to say after class and work with Okabe all day?

"No? Well that's a shame. I was hoping for some assistance too. It can't be helped, but we really do need a new class president though. If anyone feels daring you can come on over the main office to apply. I don't think we'll have enough candidates to hold an election so I'll let you be president if you're good enough. There really isn't anyone to replace Asakura is there? To be honest I've been pretty hung up without her myself." Okabe chuckled jokingly. "Don't worry though. I've got lots of fun things planned! I can do it on my own."

There was a crack of a pen breaking behind Kyon. He dared not to turn around to check the source. How could Kyon forget the heat searing his already cooked back? Haruhi's aura did not carry the same lightweight feeling of anticipation, instead one of dread and obsession. Almost immediately after Okabe dismissed the class, Haruhi stood up and zoomed out of the room. Kyon wasn't able to get a good look at her face, although he expects it wasn't a happy one. She probably knew what to expect if Okabe took the wheel for this event. Don't tell me…

That afternoon, everyone was present in the clubroom, everyone except Haruhi. After she had stormed out of the classroom after dismissal Kyon hasn't seen her since then. The sun was going down making the temperatures in the room slightly bearable in the least.

"I don't know Koizumi." Kyon said. "Something's up with her today. Okabe being in charge of the Sports Meet is bothering her."

"This is to be expected in this situation." Koizumi said "Suzumiya wishes for everything to be perfect for her grand day. If it was anyone else tampering the event it wouldn't be as bad. I expect that Suzumiya has seen enough of your homeroom teacher to predict the apocalypse when he takes up the responsibility to govern an event."

"That may be it." Said Kyon fanning himself with a folder. "We don't really have anything to worry about do we? The relay race is sure to be in the program."

"If Suzumiya expects us to win, she's sure to have us practice…" Koizumi said worryingly.

"Practice? Oh no…" Kyon realized. Of course, why hadn't that come to mind before? She was going to run the entire Brigade ragged! They'd be lucky to even make it to the Sports Meet!

"It won't be that bad Kyon." Koizumi assured. "I know that Suzumiya will take our physical limits into consideration."

Kyon could hear the uneasiness in Koizumi's voice.

"I'm not good at running." Asahina said nervously.

It would be a treat to run ahead of Asahina in the relay race, Kyon imagined Asahina running towards him. It'll be a challenge keeping his eyes on the baton.

"At least it'll be a wonder to watch." Kyon said unintentionally out loud.

"Who knows what might happen if we lose that cash prize." Koizumi said rubbing his chin. "That could mean more work for the organization, specifically speaking, myself."

"We have nothing to worry about! We have Nagato! You can cover light years in no time!" Kyon said proudly.

Nagato simply nodded. Of course they were going to win. They had an alien on their side. She could practically teleport, not to mention the other forms of boosts they can use with her alien buff abilities. Kyon recalled the baseball game the Brigade was forced into where Nagato's magic bat did wonders for the Brigade.

A few moments later the door burst open. Asahina was the only one who was still surprised by this kind of sudden entry. Koizumi looked far from comfortable. Haruhi was not happy.

Grumbling under her breath she stomped over to the Commander's desk and demanded that Asahina fetch her some tea.

"Where were you?" Kyon asked.

"I was at the main office with Okabe." Haruhi said angrily.

"You were there because?"

"I was trying to run for class president but that idiot laughed and put me to work that obviously had nothing to do with the sports meet. He thinks I'm a joke!" Haruhi snatched the cup away from the platter as Asahina was about to hand it to her. She downed it one and continued on with her rant.

"I've spied on him planning the events and let me tell you now that he is failing!" Haruhi slammed the cup onto the table and a trembling Asahina took it away. "I can't even begin to describe the madness that he calls events! Then I tried to correct his mistakes and give him suggestions and he completely blew me off!"

"Thank goodness." Kyon muttered under his breath.

"He was spewing nonsense of how I don't know better than he does! Does he actually think I don't know how to run these kinds of events! It melted my brain! I finally broke down and quit!"

This wasn't a surprise to Kyon. Despite having good grades Haruhi's conduct record didn't count as good in Okabe's eyes.

Haruhi spent a few minutes in deep thought. She didn't take notice of anything else we did or said.

"I'm going." She finally said.

"So long." Kyon waved.

"Get your stuff. You're coming along." Haruhi snapped.

"What! How come?" Kyon said.

"Believe it or not, that retard had enough sense to keep the relay race. Since Asahina can probably run longer, harder, and faster than you can, it only makes sense that I strengthen the Brigade's weakest link. We're going to work out!"

"This is so unfair!" Kyon argued.

Haruhi stepped forward and pinched Kyon's stomach.

"Ouch!" Kyon yelled.

"Look at that, fatso!" Haruhi accused. "You're coming with me! Brigade Coach's orders!"

Kyon looked to Koizumi and Asahina for assistance, but they thought it was best to keep out of their business before they get pinched too. Koizumi shrugged and shook his head, Asahina pretended to make more tea.

Kyon was promptly dragged off by Haruhi. They both changed into their gym uniforms and for the length of the evening had a long, long jog around the neighborhood. Their first- and last- break was in the park, where they stopped by a bench on the side of the path that was now lit by street lamps.

Kyon was about to pass out from exhaustion, he sat down arms spread over the entire bench. Haruhi had worked up quite a sweat herself.

"Phew! Now isn't that refreshing?" Haruhi asked as she sat down next to Kyon who was heaving for oxygen.

Kyon coughed in reply.

"I'll get us some drinks, wait here." Haruhi said, running off to find the nearest vending machine.

Cursing in pain with every heave of his chest he leaned back on the bench hoping to catch his breath before Haruhi decides the break is over. It was as Haruhi said, he was out of shape.

Then as if out of thin air, a wave of blue hair streaked past Kyon. He sat right up and looked around to see who it was. The path was empty.

"What in the world…" Kyon said looking around for the blue blur.

"I'm back!" Haruhi said suddenly appearing with two cans of energy drink in her hand.

Kyon jumped at her arrival.

"What?" She asked.

"It's… nothing…" Kyon said popping open the can as soon as he received it from Haruhi and began chugging down the sweet cold liquid. The two sat down together drinking. Haruhi finished hers first, took Kyon's and finished that too. Apparently the rest was already over, and she stood up and began to jog ahead.

"Enough resting, we've got plenty more to go!"

Kyon spent the rest of the evening and into the late night, trying to catch up to Haruhi. Only when he did get within ten meters of her did she let him finish. He got home due to some miracle he wasn't conscious enough to remember. There were two things that he couldn't get out of his mind though.

The first was Haruhi letting him know that she was coming over in the morning to have a morning workout session, and the other, that streak of blue hair.