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Ch. 15- Thanks

Genesis was a whirlwind of black and pink in his apartment. He was trying to clean everything up (considering his apartment looked like Zack had thrown a party in there). Meanwhile, he had a chicken baking in the oven. Hence the pink. Cloud had gotten him a frilly pink apron as a gag gift for his birthday one year, and Genesis had vowed to never wear it. Luckily Cloud hadn't mind, even going as far as saying he knew Genesis was going to react that way. Genesis figured wearing it would be a good way to show his gratitude.

The timer on the oven rang, and Genesis dropped the pile of dirty clothes he was holding to get the food out of the oven. When it was safely out of the oven (and in no danger of burning somehow) he went back to cleaning. Everything had to be perfect after all.


Cloud and Zack didn't know what to make of Genesis's reaction. Sure, they knew he would enjoy the gift. They just didn't think he would react as emotionally as he did. It was somewhat strange for the fiery red head to show any emotion besides annoyance and playfulness. They had tried to ask Angeal and Sephiroth about it, as they knew the man better, but they refused to shed light on the subject.

So they were stuck figuring it out on their own. Currently they were sitting in the middle of Zack's living room, staring at the ceiling. "Maybe he really was grateful." Cloud said quietly.

Zack sat up onto one elbow and looked at the blond. "You think so?"

Cloud sat up and nodded. "Yes. I mean we keep thinking that maybe something is wrong with Genesis because he acted strangely, but maybe it was only because he was truly grateful for what we did. He seemed to be moved most by the endings we all left him at the end of the play." Cloud looked down at his lap. "I know I would be if something like that happened to me." He mumbled.

Zack hummed in thought, then ruffled Cloud's hair. "I think you're right spiky." He smiled. "So, do you know what you are going to wear then?"

Cloud looked up at Zack, slightly confused. "Probably this. Why?"

Zack looked down at Cloud's jeans and black t-shirt, then shrugged. "Just curious I guess. I am not sure if we are supposed to dress fancy or not."

"I don't think we have to dress fancy. You look fine like that Zack," he gestured towards the other man's long shorts and dark blue shirt.

"Oh really Cloud," Zack said, wiggling his eyebrows. " I look Fine do I?" He chuckled.

Cloud blushed beet red and stammered, "N-Not like that Zack!" He punched Zack's arm. "Idiot." He mumbled. Zack just chuckled at the blonde's reaction and rubbed his arm, wincing mockingly. Cloud just shook his head, Zack really was a weirdo at times…


Angeal glared at the pile of paperwork on his desk. He probably should be doing it, but he really didn't want to. He wanted to take a page out of Zack's book and push it off until later. However, he knew he wouldn't get a chance until later tomorrow (depending on what happened later that night at Genesis's) and he didn't want the pile to get any bigger than it already was.

He sighed and picked up the paper on top. He scanned the mission report, then signed the bottom. He might as well get as much done as he could.


Sephiroth sighed as he walked down the halls of ShinRa. Zack had decided to put all of his paperwork on Sephiroth's desk, and now he was returning the favor. Two could play that game.

Normally, Sephiroth would just sigh and do it. However, since next to no one was at ShinRa for the next week or so, he was free to retaliate without having to keep up his stoic General façade. He stepped into Zack's office and gleefully dumped all the papers onto Zack's chair. It would teach the puppy right to mess with the great General Sephiroth.


10 minutes to go. Genesis flitted about the kitchen, simultaneously trying to keep the food warm, and the drinks cool. We started worrying, wondering if they would even come at all. He wouldn't be surprised if they didn't, he was acting strange after all. However, he had made his mother's famous chicken parmesana, and he hoped they would come and share it with him.

Just then, he heard a knock at the door. He ran to the door and threw it open, overjoyed. His four lovers stood there in something close to shock. Then Zack snickered. "Nice apron Genesis." Cloud chuckled quietly. Genesis looked down confused, before he realized he was still wearing the apron Cloud had given him.

He took it off and folded it up, setting it off to the side. He gestured inside, "Come in, come in." When they walked in, he shut the door and locked it. When he turned around, he saw the others looking around in surprise.

"Genesis," Sephiroth began, "Did you… Clean?" He sounded surprised.

Normally, he would have been annoyed at the unsaid insult, but not today. "Yep," he replied shyly. They stood around awkwardly for a moment, looking around. "Here," Genesis said, pointing towards the table. "Sit down. I made you all dinner." The four sat around the table. When Genesis placed their plates down in front of them, they had mixed reactions. Sephiroth looked awed, Cloud looked at Genesis happily, Zack looked ravenous, and Angeal looked surprised.

"Is this," Angeal began in awe. "Is this, what I think it is?" Genesis nodded, then ducked his head in embarrassment. Angeal took a tentative bite, then smiled. "Just as good as I remember." He then continued eating. The others, following Angeal's example, started eating as well. Genesis just sat down and watched. He wasn't very hungry. More eager to see how they liked his mother's recipe.

When they finished, Genesis was greeted with a chorus of "Thank You's" and "That was delicious." Genesis was overjoyed. He took everyone's plates, beaming proudly, and gestured towards the living room. "Sit down for a second. I have something to say to you all." The four sat down slightly confused at Genesis's behavior, while the red head placed the dishes into the dishwasher.

When the dishes were put away and the dishwasher turned on, Genesis walked into the living room, his hands clasped in front of him. He stood there nervously, before gathering his courage and stepping forward. "When the war of a beast brings about the world's end, the friends come together. Bound by an oath, they sacrifice parts of themselves. To make a world, beloved by all." He recited, emotion lacing his voice.

Sephiroth looked at him curiously, "I don't recognize that part. Where is it from?"

Genesis ducked his head. "The end," he mumbled embarrassed.

They looked at him strangely for a moment, until Cloud started smiling. "I think it's beautiful." Now Zack, Sephiroth, and Angeal looked at him confused. "I love your ending, Genesis." He elaborated. The three turned back to Genesis, realization having dawned on them. They nodded in agreement. It was beautiful, and something they didn't expect.

Cloud stood up and walked over to Genesis, taking the other man's hand in his own. "Where is it?" he asked. Genesis just looked at him strangely. "The book," he elaborated. Genesis smiled slightly then walked over to the kitchen, where it was sitting on the counter. He offered it to Cloud, a question in his eyes. Cloud took a pen off the side table and flipped to the back. He wrote for a moment, before closing the book and offering it towards Genesis.

Genesis took the offered book and looked in the back. He saw his ending there, along with a note. Genesis, you aren't a beast. Just a little strange at times. You didn't know I would react the way I did. There is no blame for you. You only did what you do normally. There is no need to be thankful. If anything, I should be grateful to you. You have changed my world, made it better. For which I am in your debt. Thank you, for being such an amazing person. Genesis looked up, tears in his eyes. Cloud smiled, and Genesis gathered the youth into a hug. "No need to be grateful little one," he whispered in Cloud's ear. "You don't realize just how much of an impact you've had on all of us."

Zack hugged Cloud from the back, having stood up and walked over. "Agreed," he whispered in Cloud's ear. There were hums of agreement from the other two, and Cloud found himself to be surrounded by the embrace from his lovers. He hummed in contentment and rested his head on Genesis's chest. He might have impacted them, but they were more important to him they even his own life.

He would never again doubt himself about that.

Never again let them go.

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