A/N: Here is part two of Bookstacks and Hockey Pucks. I decided to make this story a two shot instead of a full fic because I literally have hardly any time these days. I did however feel like they needed their happy ending. This was originally written for the Fandom Against Sexual Assault, such an important cause. I would like to thank Coldplaywhore for including me in this, and Breath-of-twilight for her mad beta skills.

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Title: Of Playoffs And Proposals

Summary: This is the second part of a two shot. The first part is posted on my profile and is, Of Bookstacks and Hockey Pucks. You may want to read that first before reading this but it's okay not to. This is what happens in their lives after Valentine's day.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I own nothing. Stephanie Meyer is a goddess and she owns everything. No copyright infringement intended.

Two Valentine's days were all I got. I seemed to recall that Edward had wanted to make a tradition of spending that day laid out on my desk in the library, but again, we only got two. Now, I sit and wait for his call while he coaches professional hockey for the LA Kings. I only have a date with him when the game his team is playing airs on television. I'd even gone so far as to subscribe to a station that showed only hockey just to catch a glimpse of the man that stole my heart and owned me completely.

I had been thinking back to when we first got together. Everything was so new and so much fun and the feeling never waned. He had done so many sweet things for me, from the hockey team giving me the individual flowers to the special candlelight dinners he surprised me with a couple times a month. It was hard while hockey season was going, but we always managed to make it work. That was until he was approached to become the head coach for the LA Kings.

About two months after our one year anniversary, Edward was approached during the college hockey playoffs about the job. It was such a good offer; there was no way that he could turn it down. Because of his knee injury when he played professional, this was going to be about as close to the NHL as Edward was ever going to get again.

I had been supportive right from the beginning. Emmett and Jasper were behind him one hundred percent and so happy that Edward was given such a great opportunity. Rose and Alice were supportive of him when everyone was around, but when the boys were away, they were the first ones to tell me that I had to find a way to make him stay. I felt terrible for even entertaining the idea, for even letting them plant the seed in my head in the first place. I wanted Edward to be happy. If this was what made him happy, then that was what I wanted him to do. I was confident enough in our relationship that I knew we would stay together despite the distance.

One month after the offer was made; Edward was packed and moving to Los Angeles. I was so sad to see him go, but he promised to call every night and that he would come back to Washington as much as he possibly could. Without a professional team nearby the likely hood that he would be able to drop by to see me was next to none. He was scheduled to pick up where the head coach, that they recently fired, left off during the season. It looked like the Kings might even have had a chance in the playoffs.

Edward was good about calling every night and even tried to send me text messages throughout the day. He also managed to get on the site we all used to chat to each other, occasionally, so that he could talk to the whole gang. As the weeks and months went by, I missed him more and more. I started to feel like the separation was pushing us further and further apart. He had become so busy towards the end of the season that I just wasn't sure whether or not we were going to be able to make it.

The Kings made the playoffs but lost out in the first round. Edward had been upset, but was sure that he would be able to turn the team around by the next season. The next season. I hadn't really thought that far into the future. How was this going to work if we didn't even live in the same state, especially since there was no definite time frame for his return? Would I move to California to be close to him? I wasn't sure how he would feel about that since we'd never actually discussed taking such a large step In our relationship. I was prepared to make sacrifices, but was he?

Watching him on television made my heart hurt because I missed him so very much. When he was interviewed after the game, he always winked at the camera. I knew it was for me, and I'd take any affection he was willing to throw my way.

I shut the television off and headed into the kitchen to clean up a bit before bed. I also had one load of laundry that I wanted to finish, leaving my Saturday completely free, for once. I moved about the kitchen quickly, not really having much to clean up since there was only me. I turned off the lights in the kitchen and hurried to load the washer so I wouldn't be up too much longer.

Once the washer was going, I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. After throwing my hair in a sloppy bun on the top of my head and taking off all my makeup, I sat on the couch to wait for my clothes to finish. I'd just have to throw them in the dryer and fold them in the morning.

I turned the television back on to find a movie to watch in the mean time.

I awoke with a start, totally and completely confused at where I was. Apparently, I had fallen asleep as soon as I sat down because I couldn't remember watching any of the movie, and the credits were now running on the screen. A sudden knock at the door brought me out of my haze, and I glanced at the clock to see the time. It was just after midnight, and I wasn't expecting anyone.

I hesitantly stood and moved to look out the peep hole in my door. I couldn't see anything or anyone. Maybe it was just some kids pulling a prank. I started to walk back towards the hallway when another knock at the door brought me up short. I turned, looking at the door, worried for the first time. It was so late, and I hated the fact that I was all alone. If Edward was here I definitely wouldn't have felt that way.

I peeked through the hole again, but this time I could see the top of a crazy head of brown hair. I immediately jerked the door open, only to find Edward, still in his suit from the game, down on one knee. His head was bowed, and he was holding something in his hands, but I couldn't see what it was from my position. When he looked up at me, I melted. I saw, reflected in his eyes, the same longing and love that I felt for him. It surprised me because even though we had told each other that we loved one another, until we were separated, I never knew how much.

"Bella, I've missed you so much. I feel like it's been years since I looked upon your beautiful face. I've come to realize quite a few things since I've been gone. The first is that my heart hurts at the thought of you being here alone. The second is that as much as I love my job, I love you immeasurably more. The third is that no matter the time, the distance, the obstacle, there is nothing… nothing that can keep me from you anymore. I love you more than anything in this entire world, Isabella Swan. There is nothing that means more to me than you. I've been so lost without you by my side. I know what I want, and I want you. Will you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?"

He slowly lifted what was in his hand so that I could see it was a ring. It was a beautiful princess cut diamond set in a plain platinum setting. It was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. I stood there flabbergasted. I had so many questions running through my brain that I could barely comprehend what he'd asked. How did he get here? Had he lost his mind? Had I lost my mind? Why wasn't I answering him? We stayed there, him patiently waiting for my answer, and me internally freaking out.

I looked in his eyes and knew I couldn't make him wait any longer.

"Yes," was all I could manage to get out. He was immediately on his feet and in front of me, taking my hand in his and slipping the ring on my finger. It fit perfectly.

"I've imagined slipping that ring on your finger thousands of times since I bought it. But I never imagined how it would make me feel actually seeing it there." He smiled shyly at me, and my heart melted.

"How does it make you feel?"

"Better than I could have ever thought possible. I don't even have anything to compare it to because this is the happiest moment of my life, thus far. I'm looking forward to all the times in the future. I can't wait to start that future with you, Bella."

I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him through the door, locking it tight behind us. He had me in his arms, and I instantly finally felt like I was whole again. I hadn't even realized how broken I was when we were apart. Tears started streaming down my face, and I couldn't do anything but stare at the beautiful man who was going to be my husband. My husband, I loved the sound of that.

His lips were on mine as he hoisted me up in his arms and made his way to the bedroom. He made quick work of his suit and had me stripped out of my pajamas faster than I thought possible. He wasted no time pushing into me and filling me completely. I was shocked that it hadn't hurt a bit since it had been quite awhile since we were together last, all I felt was immense pleasure and my smile grew as we once again joined in a way he would only with me for the remainder of our lives.

It was a frenzy of arms and legs, lips and tongues, and I couldn't seem to get enough. I literally felt like he was trying to devour me and I him, just trying to get whatever we could out of each other.

Edward quickened his pace, and I felt like a wildfire was raging through my body. An explosion rocked me to my core as Edward pounded relentlessly into me. I screamed his name and clutched at his shoulders clinging to the feeling as he came apart in my arms.

We dropped back to the bed, completely and utterly blissful. Edward pulled me close so that I was pressed against his chest.

"You know, I've wanted to do that for months now."

"You have?"

"Of course. I've had that ring, Bella, since about three months after we met. I wasn't sure if it would be too soon and then the perfect time just never seemed to present itself. I have to ask you another question, Bella."


"Will you move to California with me?"

"Silly man, I just agreed to marry you, what did you think I was going to do?"

"I guess I just did it backwards. I've just missed you so much that I was expecting it to be so hard to make it work. I've been really worried that you wouldn't want to be with me anymore."

"I was worried about that, too."

"I would never have let you get away from me, though. I love you too much, Bella."

"I love you, too, Edward."

We were married on a Saturday afternoon on the beach near Seattle. Rose and Alice were my bridesmaids, and of course, Emmett and Jasper were Edward's groomsmen. The affair was small, including only our immediate families and a few very close friends.

As my father walked me down the aisle to my beautiful man standing there waiting for me, he was all I could see. He was all that would ever matter. He was everything, my whole world wrapped up into one individual.

The ceremony was short and sweet. We had decided on writing our own vows. It was a way for us to express to each other and our loved ones just how much we loved each other.

When it was all over, we celebrated late into the night, savoring every last second of our wedding day. I couldn't have pictured that this would be the way my life turned out when I sat lonely in my living room talking on a chat line all those months ago. Edward had been the star in my moonless sky. He had given a strong purpose to my life. Even when I thought I was content, Edward showed me that there was so much more that I had been missing.

We were set to leave the following day. I had already given the university my notice, my apartment was packed up, and my stuff was shipped to Edward's house in California, our house.

It was sad saying goodbye to the gang and our families. We knew it wouldn't be forever. Both Edward and I wanted to return to Washington as soon as we were able. There was already talk about finally forming a hockey team in Seattle, and Edward was coined as the top pick for head coach. There was nothing set in stone, and Edward was still obligated for another year with the Kings, but the hope was that we would be returning with the creation of the Seattle Storms.

Life in Los Angeles was good, but we missed home every day. I travelled with Edward to most of his games, deciding that my desire to be with Edward for the moment superseded the need for a career. It was a fun time, and we were financially comfortable enough with Edward's job that I didn't need to work. We wouldn't have had it any other way.

We got the news that the Seattle Storms were definitely going to be formed, and Edward was offered the job. While he did love his team, he wanted to be back in Washington. I did, too, but I would have supported Edward in any decision that he chose.

Six months later, we were back on a plane headed for Seattle. We sold the house in L.A and had already purchased a home right on the waters of Puget Sound. It was huge, definitely more than enough room for us. As soon as we arrived, we were bombarded by our friends. We had seen them on and off since we left, but now that we were back, we would be spending a lot of time together. Edward had not only secured jobs with the Storms for both Emmett and Jasper but they both had recently moved into the same neighborhood as we had.

It had been so busy when we got back that I hadn't even noticed that I'd missed my period. It was only until we'd been back about a month when I realized that I hadn't had a period in almost two months. I hadn't told anyone about it, not even Rose and Alice. I went to the store and purchase two different types of pregnancy tests, chewing my thumb nail down to the quick because I felt like I was a bundle of live wires. I rushed home knowing that I only had another hour before Edward was due home.

I followed the directions and then left the room. The anticipation was killing me. Edward and I hadn't exactly discussed having children but we both knew that we wanted them in the future. When the time was up, I ran back to the bathroom, eagerly anticipating what they were going to tell me. I stood at the door waiting to enter yet apprehensive because I wasn't sure whether or not Edward would be happy about this little development.

As if summoned by my thoughts, Edward reached around my waist, pulling me back into his chest.

"What are you doing standing out here, let's go find out," he said smiling down at me.

"Wh… How… How did you know?"

"What, you don't think I noticed that my wife hasn't had a period in awhile and that suddenly her usually very slim frame is starting to get curves where I haven't ever seen any before? You should know, honey, that I know your body almost better than you know it."

We walked in the bathroom and looked down at the tests on the boxes that were placed on the sink. Both tests reflected that we were going to be having a baby.

"Baby, you're gonna have my baby." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Are you happy, Edward?"

"Do you remember when I proposed and I told you that that was the happiest moment of my life? I think you've successfully made me happier than even in that moment. Bella, I'm fit to burst with happiness."

Our perfect little baby boy, Hayden, was born on a crisp Valentine's Day morning, four years from when Edward and my journey started. I had never seen a more proud father than Edward. He was a natural at parenting, and I thanked my lucky stars every day that he was in my life.

They say that happiness is what you make of it. Edward and I had made a nearly perfect life together, truly making our happiness more than anything we could compare it to. We were lucky to have each other; and now, with our sweet new addition, we would live life to the fullest, never taking for granted what we'd built together.