This story is set in 2015 where 35 year old Angela lives in New York with her 16 year old twins.

The betrayal never happened and Jordan and Angela remained friends until Angela left to go to Columbia and Jordan went touring with his band.

I do not own my-so-called life or the characters

Chapter 1

The clock on the wall read 2.30 and Angela Chase was sat on the leather sofa in the darkened living room. Today was her 35th birthday and she sat alone wondering what she had done with her life. She sighed looking to the bedroom's on the other side of the tiny apartment, she knew what she had done with it she had done she had two lovely, intelligent, healthy children who she loved dearly. But she still felt as though something was missing from her life.

She normally would talk about this kind of thing with her friend Sharon but Sharon was on her honeymoon with her newly acquired third husband. This just left Ricky and Rayanne neither of which was tempting as the Ricky had just landed his first Major job as a choreographer for the third dirty dancing and didn't really have enough energy to do his job let alone her burdening him with her problems. Rayanne would just tell her that it was sex withdrawal and that she would die if she didn't get any soon then offer to set her up with one of mac's friends.

Angela jumped as the door of the bedroom opposite opened and her daughter came creeping out. Jessi looked up and saw her mother sat on the couch and she smiled groggily.

"What are you doing up mom?" she asked sleepily she couldn't help noticing her mothers piercing

"Oh nothing just couldn't sleep is all, you?"

"Just getting a glass of water" at this Angela nodded " You want anything?"

"No I am OK hunni just go back to bed" Angela answered

"Goodnight mom, and" Jessi doubled back and kissed her mom on the cheek "happy birthday"

With that she left the room and Angela was alone with her own thoughts.

On the other side of the country Jordan sat in the LA Hilton hotel lobby waiting for Abigail to arrive, looking as shifty as ever he sat in the middle of a large white couch, he couldn't believe that he had a gold record but could still feel uncomfortable in his posh surroundings it, also didn't help that he knew he was meeting Abigail to end their two year relationship. Things hadn't been right with them for a couple of months and he was about to leave on tour it just seemed logical that he should end it now.

He sees her walking towards him and he knows what he has to do things have been over for a long time and now he just has to tell her this.

"Hi" she says leaning over to kiss him on the cheek

"Hey Abby" He swallows knowing what he has to say hoping he won't back out of this, it needs to be done.

" The thing is Abby I invited you here because I think, I think we," huh why can't I say this "I think we need to talk".

So this is the start I plan on the story being 12 chapters long and updating twice a week everyone please let me know what you think.