Chapter 7

The lights were bright, very bright, a lot brighter than when he was on stage with his band mates and partly hidden behind his guitar, he was sweating, he could feel the sweat beads starting to fall down his forehead, and to make it worse she was here, Angela the only girl he had ever loved, the girl who was in his speech, the girl he was going to be thanking. Would she be proud of him?

"First I would like to thank Debra for that wonderful introduction," Jordan said into the silence "Now I have to tell you guys, I am not the best public speaker but I will give it a go" he looks around the audience and catches Angela's eye, and she gives him a small reassuring smile, God I love that smile he briefly considers closely followed by speech make it good, show her how far you have come, give her credit "Those who do not have dyslexia, have very little idea of what it is like for those of us who do, how hard it is," he paused glancing at his band mates, then at Angela yet again "the easiest task, can take forever, and this means you are always behind…" you can do this pretend its just the guys "behind your friends, family, and you find yourself in a place where you feel like everyone is moving forward but you. By the time I was seventeen I had accepted this, having been left back twice, I was the oldest person in the tenth grade, and if I wasn't going to move forward I would have left school and never looked back but then something amazing happened" again Jordan paused looking directly at Angela "I met a girl, now to be honest if it wasn't for this girl, I don't think I would be here today, she was the first person who I told that I couldn't read, you see we had, had a moment where I tried to kiss her and she pushed me away, I was then a real jerk to her for like weeks after, and so she had written a letter to me, you know one of those letters you write to let your feelings out but weren't actually going to send, and somehow I don't know how, call it fate, but I found it, it was a five page letter addressed Dear Jordan, but I couldn't read it, and then when I tried to give it back, she was angry at me especially when I told her I hadn't read it, she thought I was lying, it didn't take her long to understand why though, she was always smart like that, she understood, she helped me with my school work and signed me up for tutoring, this helped me through school and then we graduated" now looking directly at Angela he continued "we lost touch and I haven't seen her in over seventeen years, I was never able to thank her for everything she did, for believing in me when no one else had, well not till now anyway." He then motioned towards Shane, who walked up to the stage holding out Jordan's guitar "Angela this is for you". Then Jordan started to sing, a song she hadn't heard in a long time, Red.