Pairing: Not telling, it's a surprise.

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The boy with messy black hair is glancing nervously around the Great Hall. By that alone I know that he's up to something. I wonder what it is this time. Will the teachers' hair turn odd colors again, or maybe all the Slytherins cloths will turn pink. You just never know what to expect from James Potter and his friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. I can't wait to see what happens though, and not just tonight, all this year.

I know, I know, that sounds really odd, me wanting to know what James Potter is doing. I have openly disliked him since first year. But something's changes. In the month that we've been back at Hogwarts I've found myself drawn to him. I still think he's to full of himself, but it doesn't seem to be as much this year. Maybe he's finally grown up some.

OH! It's started raining Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans all through the great hall! This seems rather tame for the Marauders, but I highly doubt that anyone else is behind this. Hmm... You know I don't think I'll be eating any of these jelly beans, even if they are my favorites. Who knows what they have charmed them to do. I do wonder how many people will eat them though.

Ha! I should have known he'd eat the jelly beans, even if he is one of the Marauders. Peter must have eaten more than one of them too! His hair is tomato red, his skin is neon blue, and he is now wearing a lime-green dress. One would think that he'd know better than to eat the jelly beans that are still 'raining' from the sky (the enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall).

Oh good Goddess! I think Dumbledore ate one of the jelly beans! He's singing a love song, 'Help Me, Rhonda', to Professor McGonagall! Merlin is her face red! Hmm... I wonder if the rumors about the two of them are true.

~ The next day, lunch. ~

Oh no! Sirius has that look in his eyes again. The one that says he's up to something. Plus James is looking around like he's waiting for something to happen. How many pranks do they think they can get away with in the middle of the Great Hall? Especially two days in a row. I just hope they haven't messed with the food again. Last time the poor House Elves were beside themselves. I'm not sure if they were more upset that somebody had messed with the food they'd prepared, that they didn't know somebody had done it, or that it was James and his friends. Although I must admit, it was hilarious watching James and Sirius give public apologies to the House Elves. Remus on the other hand didn't seem to mind apologizing; I think he felt bad for upsetting them so badly.

Hmm... Nothing is happening. Did their prank fail? That would be very odd. I don't think one of their pranks has ever failed before. Then again maybe I'm just overly suspicious of those four. Ha! Ha! Maybe Sirius is waiting to see James get shot down asking me out again. Thing is, I think I might say yes this time. If for no other reason than to see the looks on their faces.

But really the more I think about James the more I want to say yes to him, to be his girlfriend. I think I was right last night when I said that James is growing up. Like this morning on the way to breakfast. I was running late and when I walked around a corner, one of the many corners between Gryffindor Tower and the Great Hall, and I saw James saving a third year Hufflepuff girl from those two morons Crabbe and Goyle who seemed to be harassing her. After chasing them off James walked the girl all the way to the Great Hall and her friends, making sure she got there safely. That is one thing I've always had to give the Marauders credit for, they don't hurt people. True they do say some hurtful things sometimes, especially to Severus. Even given that deep down James, Sirius and Remus are good guys; they have just been taking longer than most to grow up.

Well, either somebody just threw a chocolate frog into my salad or the Marauders have made it 'rain' the frogs. Oh and look! It's also 'raining' sugar quills. Half the time they are the only things that keep me awake in History of Magic. Binns makes even bloody Goblin wars dry and boring. Personally I think that he'd make a great cure for insomnia. And between you and me, I think even Severus has trouble staying awake in that class!

Now this is interesting. As I look around the Great Hall I don't see or hear anything out of the ordinary happening to anyone who's eating the frogs or the sugar quills. Well I don't' have time to try to figure out what the Marauders are up to this time. I don't want to be late for History of Magic, it would be the only time Binns ever noticed anything like that. But I think I will take some of these sugar quills with me. Maybe some of the frogs for Remus, he LOVES chocolate after all.

~ Gryffindor 7th year girl's dorm room. ~

Ten minutes ago James Potter asked me, again, to go out with him. I didn't let myself think, I just answered him. This weekend is the first Hogsmead trip. Even though 7th years are allowed to go anytime, as long as they don't miss class and are in their common rooms by curfew, we decided to go to lunch on Saturday. We are going to this tiny café across the road from Madam Puddyfoots. I can't wait until Saturday!

Oh as it turns out the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, as well as the Chocolate Frogs and Sugar Quills, were James trying to ask me out. The Beans weren't meant to do anything to anyone, Sirius got a hold of them and assed the jinxes and charms. As for the Frogs and Quills, well the Frogs were the 'romantic' chocolate a guy gives a girl and the Quills were supposed to write on the table cloths asking me to go out with James. But the charm on the Quills didn't work, and I had no idea about the Frogs. Oh well. James said he's working on a prank to pull on Sirius for messing up his Jelly Bean request. I can't wait to see what happens.

"Dinner is ready." A male voice called from the kitchen.

A nearly identical voice responded from the potions lab. "We'll be right there."

Slowly Harry closed his mother's journal, leaving a scrap of paper to mark where he stopped reading. He had been so excited when he found a book in one of the many vaults he now controlled. He'd thought maybe it was something one or both his parents had written around when he was born. But this was even better. He would get the chance to learn about his mum. Everyone talked about his dad but never his mum. Now he had her own words to tell him about her.

Smiling he set the journal aside and headed for the kitchen and the two men waiting dinner for him.

Prompt: Diary

AN: I know the end sucks, but really it was just to explain who was reading Lily's journal.

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