Pairing: Charlie & Draco

Summary: Family was family and he would love his for the rest of eternity. This is in answer to a challenge, and is only a drabble. (300 words)

Rating: G

Warnings: MPreg, fluff, a bit of angst.

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The war had been over for a year. Draco had been disowned by his parents' just days later. Oh they didn't care that he had sided with the light. They didn't care that he was in love with another man, after all they were both wizards and wizards could become pregnant. It was because he was in love with Charlie Weasley.

When Draco first told Charlie what had happened with his parents he'd been terrified of what his lover would say. However Charlie simply said, "Then you'll live with me." And that brought up a new fear. What would Charlie's family say? After all the Weasleys and the Malfoys had been feuding for longer than his father had been alive, and nobody seemed to even know why anymore. Not to mention that Draco himself had spent the better part of six years insulting the whole Weasley family.

However they had proven that they could put old feuds aside and forgive past mistakes, just as Charlie had. The whole Weasley family, including Ron, had welcomed him with open arms. They had been guarded around him at first, but Draco didn't blame them for that, not after his past mistakes.

Draco and Charlie had stayed with Charlie's family for two months before going to Romania. In that short two months the Weasleys had welcomed Draco in, accepting him as a part of the family. He'd been shocked, but happy, the first time Molly, had pulled him into one of her bear-hugs.

Now four months after coming to Romania, and making Charlie's cabin their home, Draco was practically glowing. Tonight he would be telling Charlie that they would soon be fathers. He was one and a half months pregnant and he couldn't be happier. Their family was growing, and to both Draco and Charlie family was the most important thing in the world, it didn't matter if you were born into it or you they chose you. Family was family and he would love his for the rest of eternity.

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