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Humans could be described as many tings to a Decepticon: Insects, Fleshling, inferior, nuisances, and many more deplorable things.

Rad White could be decribed a little differently to a 'Con: Fleshy, magical weirdo, and Squishy were just a few. A few rare positive praises could also be added; like resourceful, or inventive. Insane also came up alot.

The blond Carcaptor had unknowingly gained the grudging respect of most of theDecepticon army for just the way he handled capturing the Clow Cards with a cool head and a trick or two up his sleeve. The other Decepticons merely sa him and his captures as entertainment.

The key difference though was that none of them had ever seen Rad capture a Clow Card in person(except for Laserbeak), but Frenzy had, and that's when all those foreign feelings started to form in his spark.

He had at first thought of the blond as a form of entertainment on the dirtball planet they were stuck on, but that changed when they had gotten stuck in a room at the toy factory together. He had been bored after trying to unsucessfully break down the door, and that's when the blond had spoken to him. Granted it was a degratory comment, but it had got the figurative ball rolling.

He probably shouldn't have made such blatant suggestive comments, but the Fleshy had set him up for it. He had honestly admitted to himself that he couldn't wait to see the blonde again-to continue to mess with his mind, is what he told himself.

The changes on his opinion of Rad came almost unnoticed.

He had gained a new found respect for him-because he had the bolts to do what some other weak human most likely couldn't do, he told himself again. He had even started to anticipate seeing the feed Laserbeak showed them. He felt actually worry when it looked like the Squishy was done for, and relief when he turned out okay.

While he didn't bother to try and figure out what most of the strange foreign feelings the Fleshy stirred up, there was one feeling he could identify: Jealously. He felt jealous when 'Beaky had told him about Rad being with an Autobot, even if he didn't know which one it was.

He had went with 'Beaky when another Clow Card had been revealed, and, in hindsight, he was torn between regretting it, and enjoying it. Regreting it because Rad had shown a rather negative reaction to his advance, (or that he was just irritated that Frenzy had tried something while he was trying to capture a card). Enjoying it because he could later hold it over the Fleshy's head that he saved him from Arrow, and because he actually liked having the Fleshy in his arms, though he'd never admit it.

The thought of liking Rad disturbed him, a 'Con liking a human, really? But obviously this human didn't mind being in a relationship with a being so much taller and being metallic rather than organic. He was so much better than some prissy Autoscrap, so by logic the Fleshy should've liked him since they were more closer in height.

Yet the Fleshy had remained loyal to his Autobot and it didn't seem like he would be leaving whoever it was for him anytime soon.

He hoped it was just a weird infatuation he had with the Fleshy. If not, he was slagged.