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General Summary: Starts after Harry leaves the Dursleys after blowing up his aunt. But this time he doesn't call the night bus. He meets a man who will bring light to the past and answer many questions Harry has bottled up over the years. A Sirius takes charge fic. Dumbledore bashing.

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Blowing up Aunt Marge

Harry didn't know how he deserved this. He tried so hard to ignore the taunts and insults his 'aunt' threw at him and so far he had been able to keep his calm. But this was too much. It was one thing to insult him for no good reason, but a totally different thing to insult his parents who had given their lives to save him from Voldemort. She really deserved being stuck at the ceiling of the room. He had had enough, he would leave Privet Drive. It had never been a home to him. He pulled his trunk with all his school gear with him and left number 4 Privet Drive. Nothing could get him back there.

When he sat down at a bench at the local playground that Dudley his bullying cousin and his gang had vandalized yet, what else would those gits do with their free time, he began to contemplate his situation. How would he go on from here? He feared that he would be arrested if he was found by the ministry. Was blowing up his aunt bad enough to be thrown into Azkaban? From what he heard Hagrid tell last year, it was a dreadful place. He didn't want to go there. Well, he had gotten that warning last year because of Dobby. He knew he was on thin ice with the ministry because of underage magic. How the hell did they locate underage magic if they couldn't tell who did cast the spell? He wondered. Well, he knew they couldn't detect flying as Ron and some other kids from wizard families had told him that it was common to fly during the holidays.

So this would be his best chance to escape the Ministry. But it would also mean never being able to return to Hogwarts, the only true home he had ever known. The thought was enough to clench his stomach with fear.

Eventually he decided to go for it; fly to London, get his money from Gringotts, and flee. He rummaged in his trunk for his invisibility cloak. He had his wand on top of everything so he held it in his hand while searching with the assistance of the lumos spell. Suddenly he noticed movement behind him. He sharply turned around, his wand pointed at the thing that had moved. He first only saw two reflections of the light. He was worried that whatever this was would attack him. Then the thing came nearer and he was able to identify it as a big shaggy black dog. It didn't look frightening, it even wagged his tail at him.

Harry breathed out in relief. It was just a dog. The dog came over and sat next to him. Harry stroke his head and the dog seemed to like it.

"You gave me a real scare you know?" He asked the dog.

The dog seemed to look apologetically. Perhaps it had sensed something in Harry's voice. He had seen in a documentation on TV that animals were believed to have some empathy for human feelings. Of course Dudley had changed the channel shortly after this to see a cartoon because the documentation was boring for him.

"I wish you could talk, I could use someone who understood me and could give me some advice. I have problems and don't really know what to do. You probably won't believe me, but I have just blown up my aunt accidentally and now I am in deep shit with the Ministry of Magic. Yes, magic exists and that is the reason my relatives hate me and say I am a freak. I wish I had some other relative still alive who could take me in. But I have long since learned that these wishes don't come true and now after this, they will surely expel me from Hogwarts and throw me into prison." Harry said.

He didn't know why he told the dog this, but perhaps the lack of positive contact was getting to him. The dog put his head into Harry's lap to console him. Then it suddenly barked and pulled Harry's sleeve, as if to say him 'follow me'. Harry didn't know what to think but he had to leave the area. So he just followed the black dog. The dog led Harry through some streets farther away from Privet Drive. Finally they reached a forested area near another park. The dog led Harry to some bushes and Harry found a clearing some meters away. Then he stood some distance away from Harry. It moved his right front paw over the ground then it barked and Harry went thinking it wanted to show him something, over to look at the ground.

'Don't be afraid but you will be surprised.' Stood there written.

"What the fuck?" Harry said before the black dog in front of him transformed into a human.

Harry just gaped. It was just his bad luck to run into a wizard who could transform into an animal. Wasn't Professor McGonagall the same? What was it called? Animagus? Sometimes he wished he had an easier time learning things at school. Without Hermione he would have been lost the last two years.

"Hello Harry." The man that had before been the dog said.

"Why do you know my name? Wait scratch that, damn scar, what do you want? You are that murderer they reported on the TV, but how do muggles know about a wizard criminal?" Harry ranted.

"So they informed the muggle Prime Minister. It was to be expected. Well, as you probably know, my name is Sirius Black. I have been convicted to a lifetime at the wizard prison Azkaban, but I escaped a few weeks ago. What you don't know is that I am innocent and I didn't even get a fair trial. The evidence was clearly set up so that I would look guilty to everyone. I have to admit I was kind of stupid back then, but I was blended by my grief for the loss of my best friend, more like my brother in everything but blood and his wife. And I was furious at the traitor who sold them out to Voldemort so I hunted him down. But he tricked me, killed those twelve muggles that are said I killed them and then faked his own death and escaped before the aurors arrived." Sirius told Harry.

Harry didn't know if he should believe this man. It sounded like a farfetched story to him. But if he was a murderer, why would he tell him all of this? Why would he show himself to him? If he wanted to harm him he could just have killed him in secret. His behavior didn't add up with the stories the muggle TV told. But if he was a wizard, what did the muggles really know? He was said to be armed with a gun, but wizards didn't need this kind of weaponry.

"I see you wonder if my story is true or not Harry." Sirius said calmly.

"You have to admit it is hard to believe." Harry responded.

"Yes I do. If I had my wand I would swear on my magic that I told you the truth, but it was snapped when I was convicted to go to Azkaban. Stupid gits at the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. If I had been given the opportunity to defend myself under the use of Veritaserum, it's a truth potion if you wondered, I could have told them that I wasn't the traitor. That it was Peter. Never would I have betrayed James and Lily." Sirius told Harry, clearly hurting about what had happened.

"What? You were convicted for betraying my parents to Voldemort?" Harry shouted.

He trembled. This was what had happened? His parents were betrayed? Was Sirius Black innocent or not? How could he determine this? He needed to know what happened. He couldn't let this chance pass by. But was this man who claimed to have been his father's best friend really innocent?

"I don't know what to believe, but I want to know what happened back then. I will judge when I know everything." He decided to say.

"A wise decision Harry. You are a lot like your parents, you know. Not just your looks. I'm sure you have been told this often but also your personality. Well, it all began before you were even born. Some descendant of a famous seer made a prophecy. I don't know everything it said, but Dumbledore was really worried and excited at the same time. What I know is that it was prophesied that the one with the power to defeat Voldemort would be born to parents that had thrice defied Voldemort. That ruled out nearly everybody but two pairs. Both were part of the Order of the Phoenix, an organization Dumbledore founded to fight against Voldemort in the first war." Sirius explained on Harry's questioning look.

"The first couple were your parents of course, the others were Frank and Alice Longbottom, a pair of aurors and really nice people. Dumbledore warned both pairs of the impending danger as Voldemort had been able to get a part of the prophecy because Dumbledore and the seer had been overheard for the first part. It said the one with the power to defeat the dark Lord would be born when the seventh month dies. Both you and Neville were born at the end of July, so it was impossible to say which of you would be the one. I don't know why he came after you. But to protect both of you, your parents and Neville's parents went into hiding.

"Dumbledore told us the best chance to keep everybody safe would be the Fidelius charm. A powerful protection as only the secret keeper can reveal the location. The secret is hidden in the very soul of the secret keeper. I was meant to be the secret keeper for Lily and James, but I thought it was too obvious. I was James best friend and they would surely come after me. So I persuaded James and Lily to change the secret keeper to one of our other close friends, Peter Pettigrew. We were close friends at Hogwarts and I didn't suspect him to be a traitor. Peter wasn't the most powerful wizard, so I thought nobody would come after him while I played decoy and you would all be safe. That was the biggest mistake of my life." Sirius head dropped.

"I intended to go into hiding and went to check up on Peter one last time on Halloween 1981, the dreadful day. I found his place deserted and I got worried that something was wrong. I immediately went to your home but when I arrived, I saw the destroyed house that no longer was under the Fidelius charm. Then I realized was Peter had done, what I had done. I wanted to take you with me, to be there for you as Lily and James wanted me to do, but Hagrid, who had been sent by Dumbledore, insisted that you were to live with your relatives."

Harry looked furious at this.

"I see, you really hate it there. Well, as I couldn't take care of you, I did the next best thing that came up to my mind, hunting Peter down and get the traitorous rat to confess what he had done, but he was prepared. He shouted in the street where lots of muggles were to witness how I could have betrayed Lily and James. Then he cast a curse that blasted up a good piece of the street and killed the twelve muggles caught in the explosion. He must have hit a gas tank or something like that. He wasn't powerful enough to do that much damage on his own. Then he cut his own finger to fake his death, transformed into his animagus form, fittingly a rat, and vanished into the gutters. The only thing I could do at that moment was laughing. He had put all the blame on me and with him gone I couldn't prove my innocence. I was transported straight to Azkaban where I rotted for twelve years."

Harry was quiet the whole time and carefully observed Sirius face and eyes. He had long since learned to read body language, otherwise he would never have been able to survive at the Dursleys for all these years. All indices showed that he was indeed telling the truth.

"Why did you want to take care of me?" Harry asked quietly.

"Sure, nobody would have told you this, thinking my soul was as black as my name. I was named your godfather by your parents. If something happened to them I was meant to raise you, well, that never was possible." Sirius looked down regretting his choice of action.

Harry decided then and there that this man was telling the truth. It was like his wildest dreams could come true. If they could prove Sirius' innocence, he would be able to live with him. A man who obviously cared for him for being Harry, not the boy-who-lived. Then another thought came to his mind.

"Sirius, why did you flee now and how did you manage it?" He asked curiously.

"Well, you see I am an animagus, but I never registered as one as it is law. So I was able to transform in my cell. Dementors, the foulest beings you could find on this earth, who are guarding Azkaban, can't see, only feel human emotions. They feed of them. They suck out the happy emotions, all the happy memories and leave you with only your most dreadful memories. Most people become insane there. The reason why I am still sane is that I knew I was innocent. That wasn't a happy thought but it was my anchor to not loose myself. As a dog my thoughts were simpler and I was able resist their influence better.

"One day, Fudge the Minister of Magic came by on his annual visit. I asked him if I could have his newspaper because I missed doing the crossword. He gave it to me. On the front page I saw an article which was about the Weasley family. Here it is." Sirius showed Harry the article he had gotten on his birthday from Ron.

Remembering Sirius story Harry connected the dots seeing Scabbers on Ron's shoulder.

"Holy shit, you mean Ron's pet rat Scabbers is Peter Pettigrew?" Harry declared incredulously.

"You know the boy?" Sirius asked surprised.

"Yes, Ron is my best friend. We have been through a lot of adventures the last two years."

"I'm looking forward to hear them Harry" Sirius said with a smile. Harry returned the smile.

"Well as it is, I couldn't let Peter roam free around you. The article said that the boy would return to Hogwarts after the holidays. What if Voldemort returned? Peter would be perfectly positioned to deliver you to Voldemort. Lots of Voldemort's old supporters in Azkaban think the traitor double-crossed Voldemort after he fell to you. They want to kill Peter as much as I do. But if he delivered you, the last of the Potters, one of Voldemort's most outspoken enemies by the way, who would dare to say he betrayed Voldemort? He would be welcomed back in honor." Sirius explained.

Harry shivered at the thought.

"I believe you Sirius." Harry said finally.

Sirius smile couldn't be brighter.

"But what can we do about my situation? I mean I got an official warning because a house elf levitated a pudding last year and they thought it was me. They told me I would be expelled if this happened again." Harry told him worried.

"Well, I don't think they would do anything this drastic if you could prove that it wasn't you who did the spell. You would just have to give them your memories of the event for them to test it in a pensieve and you would be cleared. And then it would be best to show them what led to your accidental magical outburst with your aunt. I think that would suffice. But I think it would be best if we disappeared from here. I take it after what you told me you don't want to return to your aunt and uncle." Sirius stated.

"Never! This place has never been a home to me. They hate me and my magic with every part of their being. I don't even know why they took me in if they detest me that much." Harry said with clear hurt in his voice.

Sirius did the only thing he could think of would help Harry and hugged him.

"It's okay Harry. Let it out. I will get my name cleared and then we can live as a family. You will never have to go back to them."

"Really?" He asked weakly.

"Really." Sirius promised.

Harry's tears flowed freely. He had never felt such an unconditional acceptance by an adult. It felt nice. He couldn't really describe it but he didn't want to give up on this feeling.

When Harry had calmed down a bit. Sirius took Harry's trunk and looked him in the eyes.

"I will apparate us to a safe place Harry. You have to hold tight on my arm. Side-along apparition is a bit uncomfortable but it is the safest way to travel without being detected. The ministry can't detect it, only if you would grab onto someone who apparated you would be able to follow him." Sirius explained.

Harry nodded and held onto Sirius arm. Sirius spun around and both vanished, leaving the Ministry workers behind who were undoing Harry's accidental magic on his aunt and searching for the boy, but none of them was able to find a trace of the boy.