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Albus Dumbledore was livid. His carefully laid plans had been thwarted. The blasted boy had got a look at his parents will and knew that he had framed Sirius. Blasted goblins. He should have known that they would have a copy of the will. This was a catastrophe. All his hard work over decades was seriously damaged. He would have to act fast to save as much as possible. Perhaps he could plea for forgetfulness of old age regarding the identity of the secret keeper. But that would be hard. As witness to a will you had to be reliable.

Damned Sirius. Damned Weasley twins. They just had to come up with that stupid prank idea. If he had only known about the location of Pettigrew, he could have killed the only evidence that could have gotten Sirius cleared; now with Minerva reporting the contents of the interview of Pettigrew, there was nothing that could be done. If he had only been at the school when they discovered Pettigrew, he could have cast a memory modifying charm and destroyed every proof.

But no, it just had to happen when he was away on the ICW conference, where his colleagues were less than impressed with his actions in the past. Until now he just had had little bumps in the plan. Perhaps, if he officially apologized to Sirius that he had been unknowing of him not being the Potters' secret keeper due to an injury during a fight with Voldemort that erased his memory of the will, it could be possible that he could save something. It would be a stain on his public standing, but it would pass. He could live with some distrust for a few months, at most it would last a year which would be the most the public was about to remember this.

Thankfully nearly nobody knew of his friendship with Gellert Grindelwald in his youth. All those that could know were long dead and Bathilda Bagshot had been lost to insanity. That flank was secured.

The problem was with Harry being the heir of six pureblood houses; he would wield much political power, which was a threat to his own position. Until now he had voted as proxy for Harry and gotten many of his decrees passed this way. Without Harry's votes that would be a lot more difficult. While he hadn't known about the Ravenclaw and Boldon Lordships, he had used the other three for his goals. The Black Lordship had still been with Sirius, so it had been impossible for anyone to use it.

He had to regain control over Harry, at any cost.

Minerva McGonagall smirked while drinking a cup of her favorite tea in her office. She had read the article Rita Skeeter wrote and was very pleased how things had gone. Harry would have his godfather back sooner than they had expected. She had asked Orion de Jarjais to come to visit her in her office to discuss how they would handle the situation now, that Harry's godfather and guardian per his parents' will would be freed. Her fireplace flamed up and the Comte de Jarjais stepped out, only waiting to greet her for removing the ashes from the floo travel from his clothes.

"Professor McGonagall, it's nice to meet you again." He greeted her politely.

"The pleasure is mine, Mr. de Jarjais. I am glad you could come on such short notice. I believe you have read the article Miss Skeeter has published this morning?"

"Of course. I really enjoyed reading it, I'm sure Harry did too." Sirius answered chuckling.

"I think you are right. He was very adamant to see the man who betrayed his parents punished. This article shows him, that they can finally rest more peacefully after the traitor will be sent to Azkaban. Well, the reason why I asked you here is to discuss what will happen with Harry after Sirius is cleared of all the charges against him. As you know, Sirius was named Harry's godfather by his parents and is therefore his legal guardian. Now you also have applied for guardianship over Harry and I don't want the boy to suffer anymore. He has had a bad enough childhood, so I want to ensure all of this won't bring him any more sorrow in case you and Sirius can't find an agreement."

Sirius smiled. Leave it to Minerva to worry about her little lions. Perhaps he should tell her everything. She was on Harry's side after all.

"I'm glad to see, you care so deeply for Harry. Let me ensure you, there won't be any problems after the trial is over and the charges are dropped." He said.

"But how will you and Sirius arrange everything? I once made the mistake to let myself be persuaded by Albus to let Harry live with his horrible muggle relatives. I don't want to repeat something like that."

"There won't be any problems because there is no difference in Harry's guardian. In fact I thought you would have figured it out by now." Sirius grinned brightly.

Minerva understood suddenly.

"You are such an irresponsible fool, Sirius Orion Black!" She thundered.

"How could you have taken such a risk of exposure? You should have …"

"I couldn't contact anybody at the Ministry in person, Minerva. I was thought to be a murderer and nobody would listen to me when I claimed my innocence. I was sent straight to Azkaban without any chance to prove that Peter was the traitor. Fudge is an idiot who can be bought by those with the most money. He is turning with the wind, never doing what is necessary. And from what I heard he is in Lucius Malfoy's pocket. If I died at Azkaban, his son Draco would have been the probable heir of the Black title. At least that was what Lucius knew. I had already put in my will in 1980 that Harry was my heir and I intended to keep it that way until I had children of my own.

"Crouch was only too happy to show the public results when he sent masses of innocents into Azkaban. And Dumbledore helped him by not insisting on trials. He got rid of lots of opponents that way. I only survived Azkaban, because I knew I was innocent and that was a thought that kept me sane. I broke out because of the article that showed Peter in his animagus form on the picture of the Weasley family in Egypt."

"Huh, where did you get that from?" Minerva asked.

"Fudge left me his newspaper during his annual visit to Azkaban because I asked him if I could have it to do the crossword. It's boring in that hellhole." Sirius explained.

Minerva shook her head. Only Sirius Black would manage to find out a secret like that through a coincidence and only the idiot Fudge would leave his paper behind like that.

"How could I have stayed there, knowing Harry was in danger? I love the boy, in fact I have blood adopted him with the permission of Lily and James' portrait, which was in the Potter family vault. Harry now is my son. And I will do everything to protect him from both Voldemort, when he returns as well as Dumbledore with his manipulations."

Minerva was astonished by the passion Sirius showed. This man had been changed by Azkaban; there was no doubt in her about it. Gone was the irresponsible prankster she knew fifteen years ago when he graduated. This was a man who knew the evil in humans and had decided to not bow before it but fight it.

"Hell, he put several blocks on Harry, including his IQ, his Metamorphmagus ability, his animagus ability, his photographic memory, his analytical skills, his wandless magic and some other nasty things like a muggle enraging curse placed on him. He weakened Harry's magical power with some potions and never bothered to help Harry get rid of the piece of Voldemort's soul that was residing in Harry's scar. Harry was a horcrux until the goblins managed to transfer the soul piece with a ritual and destroyed it. That is the secret behind Voldemort's immortality."

"WHAT?" Minerva shouted enraged.

"Yes, you heard right, he split parts of his soul by killing innocents and stored them in precious objects. We have found out about four and three are taken care of. One was Riddle's diary last year, one was Harry and one a locket of Slytherin, my brother stole from Voldemort, which cost him his life. The forth is Ravenclaw's diadem, which is somewhere here at Hogwarts according to the statement of Gringotts regarding Harry's heirlooms. Thanks to Regulus we know that there are probably seven horcruxes as Voldemort was obsessed with that number. So I am relatively sure that there are at least two more. Probably objects related to the founders, if the diary, the diadem and the locket are an indication." Sirius ranted.

Minerva was stunned. She had always wondered how Voldemort had managed to survive the repelled killing curse from when he tried to kill Harry. But this was horrible. And poor Harry had been one without anybody noticing and helping him? She had sworn to look out for the boy. She had been so disgusted with herself after she had not taken the worries of Harry, Ron and Hermione in their first year serious, that somebody was trying to steal the stone, which had led to the three, especially Harry, getting in massive danger.

"Oh my god. And Albus thinks Harry can deal with this all by himself?" She stammered.

"No, he knows damn well, that Harry can't. I think he fears the potential Harry has. Harry is extremely powerful for a wizard his age. And the older he gets, the more his power will grow. I think Harry has at least the potential for mage level, if not arch mage. He will become stronger than Albus ever was. And that is a threat to his position. So he tries to control Harry completely.

"Why do you think he placed Harry with the muggles that already hated magic? Why did he increase these feelings with a muggle compulsion curse? He had a plan in all of this. When the one the prophecy referred to was clear to be Harry, he made sure, he could control him, when he finally entered the wizarding world.

"Harry was shy and easy to lead into the direction he wanted him to go. Giving him a horrible childhood, Harry would look at the person who rescued him from there with utmost respect and trust. Not letting him know about his heritage would keep the boy ignorant of his influence. Keeping his fame a secret would overwhelm Harry totally when he would be confronted with it, making him feel awkward. Think Minerva, a child, only used to verbal abuse by his guardians, suddenly confronted with being liked."

Minerva had to agree Sirius' argument made sense.

"It is logical that Harry wanted to do nearly everything to get along in this world. It was his salvation from the hell he had known for ten years. And Albus used it for his plan. I don't know what else is involved in this screwed up plan of his. If he just wanted to lead magical Britain, he could have taken the post of Minister when he had been offered the position in the past. There must be more. And I intend to find out what it is. I won't let him harm my son anymore."

Minerva had a hard time to believe everything Sirius had told her.

"Do you really think Albus would willingly put children into danger, Sirius?" She asked skeptically.

"From what Harry told me about his first two years here at Hogwarts my answer is yes, Minerva. Remember, first year he hides the Philosopher's stone at the school, officially to protect it from whomever tried to steal it. But why the hell would he announce the entrance to the place at the welcoming feast to the whole school, where it was bound to happen that students would become curious?

"And why even hide it at the school? He willingly put the students in danger by making it bait for those he thought it would surely attract. What if there had been more open warfare and not the sneakiness Voldemort used by possessing Quirrell? Voldemort has no qualms with killing innocents. He has done it in the past repeatedly. The man has no morals and Dumbledore damn well knows it."

Sirius face showed how disgusted he was with Dumbledore. The man had put his son in danger on purpose two years in a row.

"And a troll being let into the castle? The headmaster would have been warned if the wards were crossed by something so obviously dangerous. They are connected to him. While I doubt he wanted to have Harry face the troll that early in the year, I am sure he was very pleased to see that Harry was displaying Gryffindor traits. Then the fact Hagrid was told about the stone and the hideout. While I know Hagrid is a great person and would never intentionally harm any of the students, the least Harry, he is not exactly reliable.

"By making him drunk and slyly giving him a dragon egg, something Hagrid had wanted since he was a boy, Voldemort got the secret how to get past Fluffy. I still think naming a Cerberus Fluffy is ridiculous." Sirius commented only to be interrupted by Minerva.

"Wait a moment, there really was a dragon at Hogwarts?" She asked pale.

"You didn't know?" Sirius asked surprised.

"No, I thought Harry, Ron and Hermione had made up the story to get Draco Malfoy in trouble. I first caught Draco out of bed before I found Harry and Hermione. I didn't think that Hagrid could be that irresponsible." She said disappointed in Hagrid.

"Yes, I didn't too. By the way, why did you sent three first years into the forbidden forest at night for detention?" Sirius wanted to know.

"I didn't. I only knew that Hagrid wanted them to help with something and I thought that a bit of hard work would be an appropriate punishment. I didn't think he would take them with him into the forest at night." She sighed.

"I see. But back to Hagrid's problems of reliability. He let three first years know things because he slipped up, excuse me, but I think Albus knew the danger of Hagrid not keeping it secret and counted on it, while letting him show Harry to Diagon Alley.

"Minerva, Harry wasn't told essential things, like him being a Lord, how to behave, not even the pamphlets for muggle born children were given to him. While Harry is a pureblood, he was raised by muggles. He knew nothing. Then Hagrid even forgot to tell Harry how to get to platform 9 3/4 . If the Weasleys hadn't coincidentally crossed his path, he would have missed the train. It could have isolated him from the beginning and got him more unwanted attention. Harry should never have had been shown this new world by somebody who was not qualified for the job."

Minerva had to agree. She hated that Sirius was able to destroy the image she had had of her old friend so easily, but she could also tell that he told her the truth. None of the marauders had been able to lie to her. She could see Sirius was talking himself into rage.

"Then the attempt to murder Harry during his first Quidditch match. A teacher cursing Harry's broom and just because Snape wanted to get rid of the debt he owed James, Harry is still alive. It was obvious that somebody who was experienced in the dark arts was doing it, yet Albus couldn't figure it out, when he knows about everything that goes on in this school by either the portraits or the ghosts? Don't make me laugh. I know he has a policy to let students experience things for themselves, but letting a teacher being possessed by Voldemort for a whole year at school? That is going too far.

"I don't know what your reasons were for the individual obstacles protecting the stone, but allow me to say I am disappointed. If three first years could get through, they were not sufficient in my opinion."

"I thought so myself, but something stopped me from voicing that opinion at the time." She said thoughtfully.

"No, that can't be, he wouldn't." She then said furious.

"Put a confundus charm on you making it easier than you intended to do? I think he would. He put an innocent man knowingly into Azkaban because I would have thwarted his plans for Harry. As his godfather I would have had absolute authority over Harry's upbringing. The only way he could get his wishes, was to get rid of me one way or the other. And my own rage, grief and foolishness played into his hands. I am the one to blame that I went after Peter without informing anybody that Peter was the secret keeper. I just thought of getting justice for James and Lily."

"That's understandable. He was responsible for the death of the man you regarded as your brother. Many others would have done the same." She appeased him.

"Yes, and Harry told me that he doesn't blame me for his horrible childhood. And I know you can't change the past or I would have changed the fact we ever made Peter secret keeper. The only thing I can do is making sure Harry gets all the love and help I can give him. He will have to face Voldemort again when he returns. And I will make sure he is ready when that happens. Not as a pawn for Albus' crazy scheme, but as a capable wizard who knows his own strengths.

"But I need to make sure he is properly trained. I know you and Filius are top at your respectable subjects. Pomona is also very capable, while there are some of the more recent discoveries she could involve in her classes. I know Septima and Bathsheba are teaching their subjects well but there are others that don't.

"I don't understand why Divination is still taught, it is useless if you are not adept at the art and even if you are it is not possible to train you at school in it. Muggle Studies is outdated for decades and needs a new curriculum, Astronomy well, I don't know that much about Professor Sinistra but I think it is acceptable. History of magic is useless taught by Binns, he is only good at making students fall asleep. You need a new teacher for the subject. Hagrid is, from what Harry told me, getting better at teaching and the students like his classes."

"Oh yes, it was a pleasant surprise for me to find out he was asking other members of the staff for advice how to build up his classes. Harry seems to have talked to him after the first lesson with the Hippogriff incident and miraculously has gotten through to him." Minerva said smiling.

"Yes, I am glad to hear this. Well, next is Snape. How could that greasy git be allowed to teach children? And in a core subject. While I will admit he knows a lot about potions, that mastery of his was no fluke, he is absolutely incapable of burying the house rivalries and treats all students except his Slytherins like trash. And Harry is the most hated student of them all. I have seen some of Harry's memories. Even if Slughorn was a little shrewd and had his favorites, he at least taught the rest of us equally. He never insulted us, never docked points for ridiculous things like not preventing others from making mistakes while we were concentrating on our own work. And this has happened in Harry's very first class, Minerva.

"I have already begun to teach Harry what he will need. And potions is a subject that he can't let be on a low level just because Snape can't forget his grudge against James. Harry may look like James but he is not him."

"I know, his personality is more like Lily's has been. Always kind to nearly everyone." Minerva confirmed what Sirius had said.

"I know, I quite like his personality. It's hard not to like him. But anyway, after that horrible first year at school, I really want to know why nobody bothered helping Harry to get over his problems with killing Quirrell, but we can talk about that later, he was sent back to his so called relatives. Where a house elf prevented him from getting his mail in an attempt to keep Harry safe from the plot to reopen the Chamber of Secrets. The elf meant well, but he didn't help Harry in the slightest. After a hovering charm on a pudding, which led to his uncle not making a big business deal, Harry got a warning from the Ministry not to use magic. It was his only leverage on his relatives and now they knew he couldn't do anything to them."

Sirius clenched his fists. It had taken a lot of patience, hot chocolate and a whole night to get the story out of Harry. He hadn't wanted to talk about his past. But Sirius knew he could only heal if he talked about it.

"They imprisoned him in his room, put bars in front of the window and he got food through a cat flap. The only times he got out was, when they allowed him to use the bathroom. He wasn't even twelve then Minerva. I am deeply grateful for the Weasley boys to get him out of there. They took Arthur's flying car and got Harry. When Ron and Harry were trying to get to the train the barrier refused to let them through. You know what happened. What you don't know is, that the same house elf was responsible for this. He tried everything he knew to keep Harry away from school. He didn't want him to die.

"Then the Quidditch match where Harry was the sole target of that crazy bludger the elf hexed to try to get Harry sent home injured. The thing I am most upset about is the lack of action when the first victims of the basilisk were found. How could a girl, just thirteen years old, realize what none of the adults saw? I will admit, Hermione had one advantage, she knew Harry heard voices others didn't because he is a parselmouth, but some of the petrifications happened at locations where portraits were.

"Has nobody bothered to ask them if they had seen something? And more important, those of the staff that have been here for a long time, have they never bothered to ask the known victim of the heir of Slytherin if she knew something? I know Moaning Myrtle is not the nicest ghost, but the records should have been consulted to see if you could find any clue of the attacker."

The next part was an extremely touchy subject for Sirius. His son had suffered because the teachers hadn't done their jobs properly. Snape had even taunted him more than usual.

"Then the shunning Harry got when he stopped the snake from attacking another student during the dueling club. Well, he is a parselmouth. And I understand that you were surprised. But why the hell did you let the whole school treat Harry like a criminal? That only led to him distrusting the staff even more, all adults in fact. If he had felt he could have trusted you without being judged, he would have told one of you that he heard voices in the walls.

"That would have enabled you to figure out, that the monster could be a snake after the dueling club incident. But no, logic was never a strength of wizards. You as the teachers had the duty to help Harry. If you suspected him to be the heir of Slytherin, you should have questioned him under Veritaserum. In that case it would have been justified to prove his innocence. And then the students would have believed him. Or if you believed him, then you should have stopped all the accusations.

"Do you know what Harry felt during that time? He already disliked his fame. A fame for what happened that cost him his parents. And then he was the main suspect for this heir of Slytherin farce. He was hurt beyond belief. After what he had done in his first year to save the stone, he thought they would know he wasn't bad. Hell, after what the Dursleys put him through, he thought he could finally find acceptance at Hogwarts, in the wizarding world. And because he did the right thing, everybody mistrusted him."

Minerva was ashamed of herself and the other teachers. When Sirius recounted their behavior and what it meant for Harry it was obvious that they had failed their duty spectacularly. But Sirius wasn't done yet. Like any angry parent he needed to make his point abundantly clear.

"When he and Ron were about to go down to the chamber, they tried to get the joke of a teacher Lockhart, whose lack of abilities they knew very well, informed as they overheard him being about to go down there to save Ginny. They found him packing his things, about to leave. They found out about his stolen fame and forced him down through the entrance in Myrtle's bathroom.

"Harry was separated from Ron as the ceiling came down after Lockhart's failed attempt to obliviate them. He faced off against the basilisk on his own and the only thing he got for help were Fawkes, the sorting hat and through it Gryffindor's sword. Which by the way should be turned over to Harry as he is the heir of Gryffindor. If Dumbledore knew that Harry was fighting again, he should have done everything to stand at Harry's side. Which responsible adult would let a twelve year old boy face a monster that had proven to be able to petrify lots of people and has killed a student fifty years ago?

"I don't know if Fawkes was the one to decide that Harry needed help or if Dumbledore made it that only if Harry showed loyalty to him, Fawkes would appear. But I certainly won't stand for this any longer. My son is not a weapon in Albus' arsenal. I don't care that the damn prophecy states, that he is the one who can vanquish Voldemort for good. What I do care about is that I will make sure he can finally be happy as any normal boy should be. I can't change that Voldemort takes the prophecy serious, but I can make sure that he will regret it if he ever dares to try to kill my son again."

Minerva saw the fierce protectiveness in Sirius eyes. A look she only remembered too well. If Sirius Black was in this mood, he wouldn't stop until he succeeded in what he had set his mind upon. And those who stood in his way should fear.

"I understand Sirius. And I promise to do everything I can to help Harry to prepare for the fight that is unavoidable for him. The problem I see is disabling Albus from interfering with this. Filius, Remus, Pomona and I have already begun concealing Harry's academic progress for the time being. The other teachers know that Harry wants to avoid standing out too much and agreed not to flaunt his remarkable development of abilities during our meetings. I just don't know for how long this will work.

"Additionally we only have time until Albus sees one of Harry's tests. Until now I think he doesn't realize that something has changed except his wandless magical abilities, which he used to save Draco Malfoy. I am also relatively sure he doesn't know of Harry's change in electives as he hasn't asked Bathsheba or Septima for Runes or Arithmancy reports. He just asked about an overall opinion of the new classes. He doesn't seem to have read the article that Rita wrote when Harry returned to Diagon alley at the end of the summer holidays. I think he just got a summary.

"What we would need is a diversion that will take up Albus time for some months. Something big that will ensure he doesn't look too closely into the affairs at Hogwarts. Most of the time he lets me lead the day to day business of the school. Only if really important issues arise he will be involved."

"Would some unexplainable occurrences, which drive Fudge insane and reveal some really dirty secrets of the Ministry, do the job?" Sirius asked grinning.

"Of course. Don't tell me you already have something like that planned."

"Indeed I have. I happen to have come to know two really incredibly gifted young men, who would have been a valuable addition to the marauders. And they have agreed to help me with distracting the Ministry in a very amusing way."

Minerva groaned.

"Why do you have to do this to me, Sirius? The Weasley twins were already bad enough on their own. Now with you encouraging them they will be unbearable." She said.

"I don't think so. But I have to compliment your deduction skills. Well, anyway. They want to exert a bit of revenge for the treatment Arthur had to endure at the Ministry for all those years. And with my, James', Lily's and Harry's help we came up with a truly devious plan to show up the corrupt politicians. I won't tell you about the details, but see it from the positive side. As long as they prank Fudge, you will have a lot less complaints about them at Hogwarts."

"You always had a weird sense for logic, Sirius. Alright. I think we can do this. I will see to it that Albus won't find out about Harry's true abilities as long as I can. The only one who could tell him something is Severus and he most likely would rather drink poison than to admit that the son of his archenemy is doing well in his classes."

Sirius smiled and thanked Minerva.

After his talk with Minerva Sirius went to the great hall to see if he could find Harry. This was a good opportunity to see his son for a short while under the cover of wanting to see more of the school. He knew it was around dinnertime by now and he expected to find him there eating. When he entered the hall he wasn't disappointed. Harry was talking with Neville Longbottom and Seamus Finnigan who sat on the other side of the table. Hermione and Ron were absent. He didn't need to get Harry to notice him as Seamus pointed at him and Harry turned around.

"Uncle Orion." He said smiling.

"Hey, Harry, glad I found you. Is the food good?" Sirius asked smiling,

"Yes, it is. I'm sure you could also have some if you want to. Oh by the way, these are Neville Longbottom and Seamus Finnigan. They are two of my roommates in Gryffindor tower I told you about."

"Nice to meet you boys. I'm Orion de Jarjais, kind of Harry's new guardian." He introduced himself.

"Nice to meet you too, sir." Seamus said and Neville nodded.

"What are you doing here?" Harry asked curiously.

"I was visiting Professor McGonagall. She wanted to ask me some things regarding the coming trial of Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black. As Sirius is your godfather, she wanted to make sure that there wouldn't be any problems regarding your guardianship. We think we found a way all involved parties can agree to. I will tell you later when we are alone, Harry."

Harry nodded. He had a suspicion that Sirius had informed McGonagall about the truth.

"What do you think, when we are finished with dinner, do you want to show me around for a bit? As you know I went to Beauxbatons for my education so I am really curious to see more of Hogwarts." Sirius said.

"Of course, Uncle. I will show you around gladly. Take a seat."

Sirius nodded and sat down next to Harry under the interested eyes of the other Gryffindors at the table.

"Where are your friends Ron and Hermione?" Sirius asked taking some potatoes from the pots.

"They had a run in with Peeves and are at the tower changing their clothes. I think they will be here in some minutes." Harry informed him.

"I still don't get how you managed to escape Peeves' chalk dust attack, Harry." Neville said.

"I am just faster than Hermione and Ron. So I managed to dodge the last moment." Harry explained.

"Well, if you are so fast, perhaps I should teach you fencing, Harry. It relies on speed and perception." Sirius suggested.

"Perhaps. I'm still not sure which sport I would like to learn. There are so many that sound interesting." Harry answered.

"Have you at least narrowed them down?" Sirius asked.

"What are you talking about?" Seamus asked.

"Well, Uncle Orion is convinced that it would be good for me to learn another department of sport that will help me to defend myself better, as I have some kind of talent to end up in sticky situations. We have looked up some sports that would be useful for me, but it is so difficult to decide. I somewhat fancy a kind of martial arts but fencing also sounds interesting. Then there is the subject of dueling where a roundabout fitness is invaluable. I just don't know what to choose."

"Well, I hope you will decide soon, Harry. I am sure just running and working out will become boring with time." Sirius said.

"You are working out?" Neville asked surprised. "How come nobody has noticed anything?"

"I stand up at six in the morning, Neville. You are all fast asleep at the time. When I return at half past seven to get a shower only Dean is just about to get up. I don't wonder you haven't noticed." Harry grinned.

"Uh, getting up at six in the morning, no thank you. I will stay unfit." Seamus said.

"Don't let Oliver hear you, Harry." Fred added, who had just sat down with George and both gave Sirius a grin.

"If he heard you he might get nasty ideas for our Quidditch training." George said.

Harry blanched somewhat. Giving his maniac of a team captain more ideas for exercises was not on his list to achieve.

"Point taken, I won't mention it when Oliver is present. I like to do my own exercises. I don't need his weird ideas and obsessive ranting during that time. I like my peace."

It was true. Harry used to run a lap around the lake to get warm and then do push-ups, sit ups, jumping jags, kicks against a tree, pull ups and dodging practice with enchanted rubber balls. Harry had just gotten the trick of getting the balls to fly at him in unpredictable ways. During those exercises, he could relax. It was kind of like meditation in action. Only flying on a broom was more relaxing for him.

Harry and Sirius finished their dinner when Ron and Hermione came down from the Gryffindor tower. They both looked surprised to see Sirius.

"Hello, Ron, Hermione." Sirius greeted.

"Hello, Mr. de Jarjais." Hermione greeted. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I had a meeting with Professor McGonagall and decided to see if I could spend some time with Harry and get him to show me around the castle a bit. By the way I can recommend the pie, it's really good."

"Ah I see, well, we would accompany you and Harry, but I am really starving." Ron said.

Harry chuckled. When was Ron not starving?

"Let's go, Uncle Orion." he said.

Harry and Sirius left the great hall just when Dumbledore arrived to take his seat at the staff table. He was wondering why Orion de Jarjais was here and why he didn't know about it.

"Minerva, do you know why Comte de Jarjais is here?" He asked politely.

"Oh yes, I asked him to come because of Sirius' trial. He has requested to get guardianship over Harry before the school year started and had been given temporary guardianship until the Ministry could finalize it. Now with the development of Sirius found innocent I wanted to discuss with him how he and Sirius would arrange things. As you know, James and Lily named Sirius Harry's godfather so he is the first person who could claim guardianship. I just want to make sure Harry is in the best possible care. I won't let anything like the Dursleys happen again to the boy." She said with conviction.

Dumbledore internally winced. That was clearly a jab against him. He had been the one to insist that Harry went to Petunia, knowing fully well that this would not be a nice life for the boy to have. But it had been for the Greater Good. Only he could lead the light to triumph. Not some boy who happened to be subject of a prophecy.

"Yes, I know, Minerva. I am so terribly sorry. If I had only remembered what James and Lily stated in their will. But it seems I lost my memories of the details due to this spell that hit me in this battle against Voldemort in Dewenshire in December of 1980. I still can't recollect them even while using my pensieve. I should really have listened to your opinion back then."

Minerva inertly snorted. Did Albus really believe she would fall for such an obvious lie? Oh no, but for the moment she would keep her quiet. Harry needed to stay 'under the radar' as the muggles said.

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