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Vote of no Confidence

The session of the 30 March 1994 was about to start. Many people that were present knew what would happen today, though it didn't include the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge, and the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Albus Dumbledore. Many of them had been asked over the last months if they would support a vote of no confidence against the Minister. With how corrupt the Minister had become and how hard it was to get the most basic things done, many were supporting the initiative of Amelia Bones to get a new Minister to the top. The trials of the Death Eaters that had been found out during the trial for Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew had opened many eyes to the corruption and its consequences.

"I hereby open the session of the Wizengamot of 30 March 1994. Presiding, Chief Warlock Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. You all have got a copy of the order of the day. As usual I ask the members if there is any topic any of you wants to address before we start with the order of the day." Dumbledore said.

Amelia stood.

"Members of the Wizengamot, there is one point I want to move forward as stated in the charter of the Wizengamot. I hereby, as Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, based on charges of incompetence, corruption and endangerment of the country move forward to hold a vote of no confidence against Minister of Magic Cornelius Oswald Fudge. I have proof against him for taking bribes from proven Death Eaters like Lucius Malfoy, cutting down the funds for the departments that are responsible to keep our people safe at all times and granting influential and well-paid positions within the Ministry to his supporters." Amelia stated.

"I, Amos Diggory, Head of the Department for the Control and Regulation of Magical Creatures, second the forwarded motion of a vote of no confidence against Cornelius Oswald Fudge as Minister of Magic." Amos stated.

Some members of the Wizengamot were really surprised as they hadn't suspected anything like this. Fudge was loudly protesting the accusations against him, but Amelia simply sent copies of her findings to every member in the room. There was no way he could get out of this. Dumbledore, seeing the proof on the parchment, had no choice but go with it. He only hoped they didn't find a strong candidate to replace Fudge. Fudge he had been able to easily influence, even if the fool was known to be bought by Lucius on a regular base.

"Seeing this evidence and the seconded motion, I see no other option but placing this up for a vote. We are complete with each head of a house holding a seat on the Wizengamot and each head of department of the Ministry being present either in person or represented by a proxy." Dumbledore said authoritatively.

Inside he was fuming that he hadn't even known about the plan to get rid of Fudge. He could have prepared his own candidate, but he had been too busy with the JWT shop and the danger its products presented to his plans. He swished his wand and small boxes with white and black stones rose from the tables on which the members of the Wizengamot sat.

"Please use the voting devices in front of you to announce your decision. For going along with the vote of no confidence against the Minister of Magic, tap your wand on the white stone. For not going along with it, tap the black stone." Dumbledore said.

Fudge sat in his seat with a stony face. He didn't believe what was happening. He had thought the problems with Malfoy weren't known or at least there hadn't been proof of him taking bribes from Malfoy. But here was the complete list. The names of the families that voted for or against him as well as the department heads were shown as writing floating above the centre of the room. It didn't look well for him. The names voting against him were more numerous than those for him. Then nine more names appeared in one go, among them three founders heirs. That meant Sirius Black had voted as proxy for his son, but who was the head of house Slytherin? Potter only was heir to Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

He didn't have much time to ponder about it. The list of those supporting the vote of no confidence was too long now for him to stay in office. This was it. He had lost the position he had enjoyed very much for a few years. All because he didn't conceal his traces well enough.

"The vote has been finished. With 173 to 52 votes Cornelius Fudge was voted out of the position of Minister of Magic by a vote of no confidence." Dumbledore announced.

Amelia stood again.

"Following the passing of the vote of no confidence against former Minister Cornelius Fudge, I hereby place Cornelius Fudge under arrest on charges of corruption in office and endangerment of the country. Aurors, take him to a holding cell." Amelia stated.

Gawain Robards and Kingsley Shacklebolt followed their orders and took away the former Minister, who was protesting his treatment.

"Very well. Following procedure in case of a successful vote of no confidence we need to select candidates for the election of a new Minister of Magic. The election will be held in four weeks' time for the candidates to present themselves to the public and the members of the Wizengamot." Dumbledore said. "Any suggestions?" Dumbledore asked.

There first was a lot of discussing. Amelia had decided to first give the other factions the chance to nominate their candidate. She didn't need to worry or think who might be suited, her candidate was ready. She had been surprised seeing the Slytherin vote coming up, but probably that was something that had been kept a secret on purpose. With how often Harry had now defeated Voldemort, who was the last known heir of Slytherin there was the possibility that because of that Harry had got the headship of the house. It could also be that a wraith couldn't claim being the head of a house. Whatever it was, it was working in their favour. After ten minutes no nominations had been made, so Amelia thought it was time for her party to do it. She subtly gave Frederick the sign to proceed.

"I, Frederick Marcel Rawthorn, head of the Noble House of Rawthorn, nominate Sirius Orion Black, head of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, head of the Noble and Ancient House of Rivermoor and Comte de Jarjais for the position of Minister of Magic." Frederick said.

"I, Patrick Simon Greengrass, head of the Noble and Ancient House of Greengrass second the nomination." Patrick Greengrass, one of the allies Sirius had won among the neutral families said.

"We have a valid nomination for one candidate." Dumbledore forced himself to say. This could become a major problem for him. "Sirius Black, do you accept the nomination?" Dumbledore asked, following procedure.

"I do." Sirius answered.

It was obvious now that Sirius had been informed about this beforehand. But all those present had to admit, no matter of grudgingly or not, that the whole thing was done masterfully. And the choice of candidate was also quite cunning. The majority of the light and neutral houses were already his allies from the time he had posed as Orion de Jarjais. The dark houses didn't have anybody ready to candidate as all their major players had been former Death Eaters and were now insane squibs. They simply didn't have the time to recover from that blow yet. And even if they had had more time, without knowing about the vote of no confidence, they would have put their support behind Fudge, whom they had bribed and formed to follow their bidding.

Dumbledore asked for more nominations, but to his utter annoyance there were no more nominations. And he himself couldn't nominate somebody while performing his duty as chief warlock. Too many could see the advantages that having Sirius as Minister of Magic would have for them. Exactly what the Ministry rebels had hoped for by choosing him. The one to most definitely being against Sirius as Minister and who would try to run against him, Narcissa Malfoy, also couldn't nominate herself. And she was only the proxy for the Malfoy seat until her son came of age; not that anybody wanted her in the position from those being present. Amelia and Rufus had done a marvellous job getting the Ministry department heads behind them.

"This is the last opportunity to nominate another candidate for the position of Minister." Dumbledore said, but no one was speaking up. "Very well. As there are no more candidates clause four of the Election Rules for Minister of Magic apply. We will continue with the election immediately. Those for the election of Sirius Orion Black as Minister of Magic are to tap the white stone; those against the election are to tap the black stone with their wands." Dumbledore said.

Over the next five minutes the votes were taken. Then Dumbledore announced the end result.

"The total votes for Sirius Black are 163. The votes against him are 47. This means 15 abstentions. Sirius Black, do you accept the vote?" Dumbledore asked.

"I do, Chief Warlock, Dumbledore." Sirius answered.

"Well, then it is my duty and pleasure…" Dumbledore had to force himself to keep smiling, "… to announce you as the new Minister of Magic for Great Britain. Minister Black, please come here to swear the oaths of your new position."

Sirius stood and was greeted with enormous applause from the other members of the Wizengamot. Sirius swore to uphold the duties of Minister to the best of his ability, to always work for the benefit of the people of Great Britain and to uphold the laws. The thing he wondered about most was how Harry would take the news that his father was now Minister of Magic. They both hadn't expected that no other candidate would be nominated. They had thought at least the attempt to stop his ascension to office would be taken.

Directly after the session of the Wizengamot, which was closed after the election and the order of the day postponed until the next session to give the new Minister of Magic the opportunity to get established in his office, Sirius called Kreacher and told him to get Harry during the lunch break at Hogwarts. He wanted to tell his son in person and not have him find out from the Daily Prophet tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile he was looking through the heaps of documents on the Minister's desk. What he saw made him frown. This was worse than Amelia had described it. Obviously Fudge didn't think much of working efficiently. The first thing he did was searching the room for listening devices and he found four of them. He placed them all in a box which he secured with a silencing spell. Really, security here definitely sucked. He would have Amelia look into the matter later. He had one hour and twenty minutes before he heard a pop and saw his son standing in the office next to Kreacher.

"Pa? Why did you have Kreacher get me so suddenly? Did something happen?" Harry asked.

Sirius placed a privacy ward around the room and then turned to his son.

"Yes. As you know the session of the Wizengamot which we wanted to use for the vote of no confidence against Fudge was today. I wanted to tell you the results before you read them in the Prophet tomorrow morning." Sirius said.

Harry nodded and looked at his father expectantly.

"Well, the vote went through without any doubt and Fudge was sacked and arrested by Amelia. He is now in a holding cell here at the Ministry, while Amelia prepares his trial. During the nomination for the candidates for Minister I was the only one that was nominated over half an hour. Without any competition for the position clause four of the Election Rules is valid, meaning the vote is taken immediately to ensure the best possible working of the Ministry. So I can proudly announce that you are now the son of the Minister of Magic." Sirius said smiling.

"Really? You are now Minister, Pa? That's great. You will definitely do a much better job than Fudge and Bagnold did." Harry said happily. "Congratulations."

"Thank you, Harry. I really wanted you to know before anybody else. After all we thought it would be a month until it was official. Well, I guess that means we have one more month to get things cleaned up here. From the first short look through the documents Fudge was working on things are really bad here. I will have to change how things are done around here quickly to not go insane." Sirius said.

"I'm sure you will manage, Pa. How about a celebration?" Harry suggested.

"Sure. As I can't take you out of Hogwarts for a day, we will have to wait until Saturday though. But then we will go out to a good muggle restaurant. I don't think anybody would bother us there. What kind of food would you prefer so I can make the reservation?" Sirius asked.

"Chinese." Harry answered.

"Chinese it is then." Sirius nodded. "Well, the earlier election will mean I can't spend much time with you over the Easter holidays. What do you want to do for that time?" Sirius asked apologetically.

"That's okay, Pa. I know this is important. I can just stay at Hogwarts over the break with my friends. With the upcoming exams I will be busy enough. And I can still see you on the weekends. Our summer vacation isn't influenced by this after all." Harry said.

"No, I have already cleared those weeks in my appointment calendar. We will spend three weeks in France and then return in time for the Quidditch World Cup." Sirius confirmed.

"Great, can you reserve some tickets for my friends too? I'm sure they would like to see some matches live." Harry asked.

"Certainly. I will make sure that a good number of seats will be reserved especially for the final match. From what I read about the teams that are qualified, we can expect great matches." Sirius promised.

"I'm looking forward to it. What will you do first now?" Harry asked interested.

"I guess calling in all the department heads. I want to get the clean-up started as soon as possible. We need to get the Ministry working more efficiently soon. From what Amelia told me, Fudge has organised the reinstatement of the Triwizard Tournament for next year with Hogwarts hosting it. While that in itself is a good idea, we need to make sure it doesn't end in a disaster. And if I let Ludo Bagman set up the tasks that will happen. The man doesn't have a good sense of restriction. Additionally all the eyes will be on England this year anyway for the World Cup. With me just being named new Minister I will be in the centre of attention. While we took the Wizengamot completely by surprise with the surprise vote and election, there are some that will try to hinder my plans." Sirius explained.

"Okay, I guess you will be really busy. I think I better get back to school. Arithmancy starts in fifteen minutes and I need to get my books." Harry said.

"Let Kreacher pop you over to the secret passageway close to the Gryffindor common room; that should give you enough time to be on time for your class." Sirius suggested.

"Will do. Good luck for your start, Pa." Harry said.

"Thank you, Harry." Sirius replied and Kreacher took Harry back to Hogwarts.

Over the next four weeks Sirius did twelve hour shifts at the Ministry to get the mess Fudge left his office in under control. He replaced the toadies of Fudge, thankfully Umbridge had already lost her magic before or she would have been the worst one protesting, with capable witches and wizards. He got the corrupt ones that Amelia and her group had identified questioned and persecuted by the law. Most lost their positions and had to pay fines for their crimes. Some also got a few years in the low security wing at Azkaban. Sirius cherished the weekends where he could spend time with Harry. It was time where he didn't need to worry about what happened at the Ministry.

As he had feared Ludo Bagman had some ridiculously dangerous tasks planned for the three champions to face; first a dragon, then rescuing a hostage from the lake in freezing February and then a maze that couldn't be watched from the outside. No, this wouldn't do at all. The British Ministry of Magic would become a laughing stock if they came up with those tasks. So Sirius put a team of six young witches and wizards on the task to come up with difficult and interesting tasks that a normal student could manage. It had to be entertaining, but not be potentially lethal. It should also include more than one champion from each school as the others would otherwise be too bored over the year. The team happily set out to come up with good tasks.

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