Mere weeks before his last trial, Phoenix is called to defend a famous opera singer. There's just one problem: a theatre full of people saw her commit the murder.

A/N: FIRST OF ALL, THANK YOU FOR READING. SECOND OF ALL, THIS STORY IS BASED ON AN INCIDENT INVOLVING A GERMAN ACTOR. GOOGLE DANIEL HOEVELS. I'm revising this story. I'm hoping to get Edgey more in-character (now that I've played AAI and saw that he couldn't possibly have been as involved with this case as he had been in the previous version), and...I wanted to play with a new prosecutor. I thought it might be fun to have a prosecutor who has it in for the defendant instead of Phoenix. (Although I guess that's already happened once, huh?)

PROLOGUE- April 3, 2019- Rivera Theatre

Tosca. Licia Puccini had played this role a hundred times. Why then, was she so apprehensive?

She chalked it up to opening night nerves and looked across the table at her husband, Luciano. She had never been in Tosca with her husband, before. Maybe that was why she was so nervous.

It's a shame this act has to end the way it does.

She almost smiled, remembered that to break character was a cardinal sin, and looked away from her husband. She couldn't help but admire him, though. Luciano Puccini was a genius, the greatest bass-baritone that the opera world had ever seen. He had made her what she was. Although he'd been distant lately, Licia held him in the highest regard. He was (should have been) the love of her life. And they were very happy together, weren't they? And Luciano was a doting father...

Licia took a deep breath and looked back at Luciano. He was thoroughly engrossed in his character. He took a sip of the wine he had poured earlier in the act, and Licia, with shaking hands, reached for the wine he poured her, and then stopped and reached for the small dagger that was sitting on the table. She quickly pulled it into her lap and out of Luciano's sight.

"And which road do you prefer?" Luciano sang.

"The shortest!"


"Yes!" Licia sang. She knew these words by heart, but she had never been in this particular opera with her husband. She hid the dagger behind her back as Luciano stood up and approached her. The most famous part of the opera was coming up. Licia took a deep breath and stopped thinking about why she was worried.

"Tosca," Luciano sang, "Now you are mine at last!" He ran to embrace Licia...

And Licia plunged the dagger into his chest.

This is Tosca's kiss!