"You want me to what!" hollers David as he puts his lunch tray on the table that is soon going to be filled with his friends. Kurt couldn't be serious…

"You heard me, Karofsky. I need not waste my breath on repeating myself." Kurt said easily as he crosses his arms over his khaki trench coat and his white scarf. "Now are you going to or not?"

David shook his head chuckling as he looked to he left then his right. Clear, he thought as he rubbed his chin and looked up at Kurt. "Let me get this straight…." He smirked as Kurt rolled his eyes. " You want me to be your boyfriend for this weekend until you and your gleeks go and win regional's in exchange for your silence of what happened in the locker room?" he finished and Kurt nodded sharply.

David's expression changed, "No why the fucking hell would I do that? No one's gonna believe it. Any of it." He stated and Kurt smirked as he raised his phone and smiled looking at the now stopped recording it showed. "Ya they would when I play them this." Kurt said and did that bitchy head tilt that all the girl do that read, Got Ya!

David's jaw clenched as he shot a hand to grab the phone but Kurt was faster and backed up faster then David could move. "You faggot." He growled through clenched teeth.

"Pay back's a bitch anit it?" Kurt said while smiling and crossed his arms leaning to the side when suddenly a milk carton was dumped over his head, the white colored liquid quickly seeping down his perfectly combed brown hair and onto his trench coat.

"CUM FACIAL!" Laughed Az as he sat down next to David, whom proceeded to give Azimio a high five.

"Feel like home, fruitcake?" sneered David as Kurt's lips puckered, but then David saw the emotions Kurt was withholding as he rapidly blinked his eyes. His lips weren't puckering them were trembling…

David ceased laughing as he watched Kurt take in a deep breath and turn on his heel to watch the teen leave the cafeteria as the students whom inhabited it laughed at his embarrassment.

Call it whatever you want but, as Kurt left, David felt different. Kurt was going through all the things he wasn't brave enough to face. In a way it infuriated him that Kurt could be tougher then he could. In fact he didn't like it at all, not the thoughts of Kurt being better than him, hell no! If Kurt could do it so could he!

David was just as gay as Kurt only manlier in his opinion i feel like crying! I have writer's block and I don't know what to do, He could totally be himself and be out and rock McKinley High dammit! He turned and faced Azimio and took a deep breath as he opened his mouth to chew him out but smirked. "I got the best Idea… he said and the guys around the table huddled together.

"What if I pretend to be Kurt's boyfriend?" the jock asked and all the guys face changed from interested to disgust.

"What the hell are you thinking, Dave?" hissed Azimio as he gets the group added confusion.

Shit. David thought.

"The ultimate prank…" David blurted out to save himself and watched as the guys smiled at the three simple words.

" Ultimate?"


David smiled and nodded at the guys as he began to tell them of his prank to pull on Kurt. That fruitcake's gonna wish he never fucked with me… David thought as the football jocks clapped him on the back. "Hell yeah!" said Azimio.

"Dave this is gonna be fucking great!" laughed the left guard and they looked around excitedly.

"This will be so epic!" David said hitting his fist on the table

"Hold up, how are we gonna get him to agree?" asked John suddenly. "I mean he's not like up but he's not fucking dumb.

"Who the fuck are you anyway?" demanded David as he had never seen this guy before.

"Shut your mouth," Az growled raising his fist making the guy flinch. "David's already got that handle, right man?" he said looking at his friend.

David frowned. Unfortunately he had thought of it and it evolved one of his favorite forms of punishment. Public humiliation. "Yeah now tomorrow, each of you come with a slushie." He stated as the group cawed in excitement.

"Slushie call!"


"Slushie facial!

David cringed; yep… slushie facial was exactly what it would take.

"What happened?" Mercedes gasps as Kurt gets to his locker and frowns at his best friend.

"What do you think?" he asked sarcastically. "He said yes and kissed me in the cafeteria," he said grinning sickly, "And then continued to ejaculate all over me."

Mercedes couldn't help but giggle at his analogy but frowned becoming serious. "So he said no?"She said as Kurt frustrated pushed the jacket in the locker.

"Got that right." He whispered after he closed "but I'm okay." He said smiling his know it all smile.

"Boy if I didn't see how hard you have fallen for him then I'm not your best friend… now come here." Mercedes mummer and regardless of Kurt's milky state she gathered him closed and hugged him.