Kurt smiled as he looked in the mirror as himself even though he had a bruise of his face and stiching above his eyebrow he was going to prom with David. He buttoned his suit with both of his hands even though he had a cast on his arm. He didn't care that he looked worst then Hanna Montana woth a bad hair day and make up done horrible he was only thinking about David. David would be getting him soon, and he wanted to be sure that he looked absoultely amazing as he could for David. He frowned when a strain of his refused to cover his stiching. He closed his eyes taking in a deep breath as the bad thoughts filled his head when he heard someone coming down the stairs and saw David rounding the stairs to stop and gawk at him.

" Don't gawk... I know I look bad..." he said and touched the bruise above his eyebrow and smoothed out his suit. He had tried to look nice but it was hard to think you were pretty when his face was battered as it was. He closed his eyes trying to push the bad thoughts out of his head, as he felt two strong arms wrap around his small frame.

David pulled Kurt back against him and kissed him on the neck and then rubbed his stomach and kissed the shell of his ear. " Kurt Hummle... I don't know what you are talking about. You are beautiful, stunning, but most importantly, you are my Kurt Hummel whom kicks ass in fashion and refused to cave to a pervert." he said into his ear as Kurt took a deep breath and nodded listening to David.

He turned and faced David and smiled at him as he brushed his collar. " You know today would be considered our last day because regionals were yesterday." he reminded him as David took his hand and kissed it.

"But it's not and you are mine..." he bit his tongue from saying anymore and offered his arm to Kurt. " Shall we?" he whispered and Kurt smiled and linked arms with him and walked out of the basement room Kurt had.


David swallowed down a glass of punch before looking over at Kurt and groaning seeing him laugh and talk with Mercedes and Rachel. He sighed looking down as Azimio walked up and clapped him on the back. " Hey bro? Done it yet?" he asked and David's eyes widen and he made hand movements to cover his mouth.

" Shhhshhhshshshsh!" he hissed and Azimio shook his head in disbelief.

" David Karofsky! I never though I would ever see you fall in love, and tht happened. I never thought you would be gay and want Kurt more then a room full of horny men want a naked woman, and your whipped. I never thought after all th crap you two have gone through in the approtimated amount of Six Months you would start being nervous about-" Azimio ranted when David covered his mouth.

"Sh Az, if Kurt doesn't know then its fine!" he told him, his hands shook with nerves and Azimio shook his head grabbing David by the ear and pulle him out of the gym towards the stadium.

Kurt looked up to see the two of them leaving Az more like forcing David out the door and David begging to be let go and grew worried pushing through Finn and Quin to follow after them. When he got outside he saw them going into the football stadium and ran over to them. David better love him! Making him run after him in a Marc Jacob's tux!

David groaned as Az stopped pulling him and gave him a stern look. " Stay here while I go get Kurt." Azimio said and turned when Kurt came into the stadium.

" Leave him alone!" he panted and walked into the stadium as David tensed seeing him and Az smiled at him.

" Kurt, David has something he wants to tell you." Azimio said and went to leave as Mercedes, Rachel, Finn, Mike, and Puck filed in the gate way.

" You better-!" began Puck moving in to punch Az when Mercedes hit him like an obsessed fan girl seeing Vic Mignogna for the first time. " Cedes-" Puck began to warn as she directed his gaze to the couple on the middle of the field.

David swallowed hard as he took Kurt's hand and pulled him close so he could hear him if he stopped talking. " Kurt... this is where I wanted you to stand because this was the place where I began to realize I liked you. I-I mean b-before yo-you asked m-me out..." he said and lifted his head and looked up. " And also so I had some extra courage to do this..." he whispered as Kurt looked at him confused.

David reached into his pocket and got on his knee as Mercedes hugged Rachel in anticipation and Kurt covered his mouth in shock of what David was doing.

" Kurt Hummle... I know it's soon to ask for yo-you to m-ma-ma-marry me..." David said closing his eyes and swallowed the knot forming in his throat.

" But... i-i want to give you thi-thi-this as a promise... That on-one day... I-I'll marry you... Hopefully... I mean...If you want to..." he said totally stammering now as Kurt gasped looking at the beautiful blue diamond ring sparkeling up at him. " I...I me-mean.. I hope... shit..." he groanrd lookindown when Kurt tackled him onto the field.

Kurt squealed in happiness and hugged him as he kissed him and David wrapped his arms around him. "Oh David!" he cried and kissed him again as David held him tight.

" Is that a yes?" David asked as Kurt laughed nodding his head.

David smiled and went to pull the ring out of the case to find it missing. When Kurt tackled him the ring had fallen out and onto the field. David's eyes widen as he looked at the case and pushed Kurt up looking in the grass for the ring. He sighed when he found it and Kurt perked up smiling bigger then before as David slipped it on his ring finger.

Kurt leaned in and kissed David and whispered on his lips. " David Matthew Karofsky, you better marry me." David laughed and responded that he would as Kurt laughed lightly as Kurt kindly reminded him, " And we still need to tell your dad."

David felt like someone had brought a hammer on to their private moment when he was reminded his dad still didn't know. Leave it up to Kurt to put his own twist on their happy ending, however that was why David loved him and couldn't wait for the day they would say,

" I do."