Title: Don't let them come after you.

Author: Lisa

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Disclaimer: Stingers Rocks! Mwahahaha Okay so it's not a disclaimer. I've written enough in my time.

Note: Part six. FINAL! YAY!

Mac put the phone down quickly, beaming as she finished off her chicken.

"Deb's about to crack." Oscar held up a chicken leg and waved it like a flag.

"Yay..." He sung quietly. "Freedom..." Mac laughed, along with everyone else.

"Mac, can I ask a question?" Pete asked.

"Was that it?" He gave her an 'of-course-not' look. She grinned. "Of course you can!"

"Is this our job now? Sitting, just the uh...six...of us, in a dirty old warehouse shuffling paper and pretending to catch the bad guys?"

"This case is moving quicker than the commission expected, we're getting credit for that. This place will be cleaned and furnished within a couple of weeks. If you want to go, you can. Oscar, Ange and Church will be getting extra leave, then we'll start again."

"Just like nothing's changed?" Pete asked. Mac shrugged.

"Not like 'nothing's' changed, because it has, but we'll just do the same work we've always done. However," she looked at her desk, before back up at them. "There's no pressure to go, or to stay."

"So what's happening now?" Paul asked.

"Apparently Deb – Paul and Garry she's one of our researchers – was involved in it, Angie you did hear her voice. She's dobbed in Jeff, or Blob as he's been known as for a couple of years now. Doesn't look like she knows where he is though."

"What about the others?" Oscar asked. "There were more than two."

"Yeah, uh, just heavies, their mates they're saying."

"So what now?" Garry asked.

"We clean up for the night, head home. Oh two of the guards had to pull out, so unfortunately Garry and Paul, you're on your own."

"No worries, we're not the ones who need it most I'd think." Mac nodded professionally.

"Otherwise you're all free to go. You can stay here also. Back here at eight tomorrow - after that and I'll be getting worried. If you're playing, I'll be mad afterwards, got it?" They all nodded.


Pete checked that his guard was still out on the couch later that night, before sneaking past him and out the door, and went for a long stroll.


An hour or so later he spotted the lights in the lower half of the house, and decided to go in the back way. Around the back of the house was the laundry and downstairs bathroom. He, of course, knew where the key to the laundry door was kept, hidden in the clothes line, and opened the door quietly, before bypassing the guard – also on the couch, must be a standard protection spot or something, he thought – and tiptoeing up stairs.


Mac was asleep as the door to her room opened slowly and Pete approached, sitting beside her. He ran a hand down the side of her face and she opened her eyes, flinching for a moment only before realising who it was.

"How'd you get here?" she whispered, sitting up. He grinned.

"Went for a walk. Muscle-man's on my couch asleep like a baby."

"How's mine?"


"Why are you here?" He shrugged.

"I missed you." Mac watched him, before leaning forward and kissing him softly. She pulled back first also. "How's the ankle?"

"Much better," she replied, smiling.

"Mac, uh, we were going well before all of this weren't we?"

"I thought so."

"I mean if we hadn't been interrupted last night-"

"I know."

"I really hate the fact that I upset you so much with Danni. I," he sighed. "I was glad things had turned around again."

"Pretty suddenly if I did say so."

"Still, you were still with me." She nodded. "Let's go somewhere."

"Now?" He nodded. "Why?" He smiled, kissing her, letting his hands catch on her buttons suggestively. Mac grinned, breaking away. "Why not here?" she whispered, kissing him briefly again.

"There's a person asleep downstairs."

"We can't just leave, just to do that!"

"Says who?" She didn't answer, watching him as he ran his hand along her lower back underneath her pyjamas.

"Where?" she asked, breaking into a smile.


Angie rolled over in her bed only to open her eyes and look back at another pair staring back at her. She gasped, immediately pushing back and rolling over to the other side of the bed, the figure following in close pursuit. She grabbed her cordless and went looking for her gun. The guard was out on her couch, throat cut. Angie turned back to the figure approaching. She cried out into the phone for help, before backing up further against the wall, next to the side table. She reached behind it, her fingers clasping around the cool metal of her gun. She picked it up, holding it to the man's chest. It was Blob. At least, she thought it was Blob. It mustn't truly have been.

"Who are you?" she exclaimed as he approached her with his knife. "Step back! Now!" He nodded, taking a step back. "Stay there!" He nodded again. Something wasn't right here. Her eyes flicked from him from a second as she thought, before realising that the further back he was, the better shot he was going to be.

Angie threw herself to the floor, reaching up and firing her own gun, sending the man crashing onto the floor opposite her. He was still alive however. She stood, approaching him. Her breath was heavy and she was sweating, her heart beating fast. The knife had been knocked out of his hand as he hit the floor and she reached out, kicking it away. She stood watching him for a long time. He wasn't going to die, she knew that, but she wasn't going to let him live.


Early the next morning Angie was sitting safe and secure at their new factory, Oscar, Garry and Paul around her. They hadn't been able to contact Mac and Pete – had no idea where they were.

"They'll be right," Oscar maintained to the three worried faces staring back. "Ange, you did well." She nodded silently, resting her elbow on the desk, her head in her hand.

"Mm... I'd feel better if I knew where they were."


"I wonder if our muscle men are looking for us yet?" Pete stated, looking up at Mac. She giggled momentarily. Mac never giggled but the whole night had been out of character for both of them.

"Who cares?" she replied, letting her weight onto him, kissing him deeply as he rolled her over onto her back.


"Well what the hell are they doing then? It's after eight. We're all here."

"Mac doesn't break her own curfew."

"Of course not," Angie stated matter-of-factly.

"The cops are out looking for them everywhere. They'll find-" They all stopped as Mac drove her car in. She got out, smiling to herself, turning to see four very concerned, confused faces staring back.

"What?" she exclaimed, checking her watch. "I'm five minutes late!"

"Angie was attacked last night," Oscar said. Mac's eyes widened as she walked up to them, her ankle back to a relatively normal size and much less painful, she was just on flat shoes for the next couple of days.

"Are you all right?" she asked Angie. "What happened?"

"Jeff, I killed him, it's okay," she replied softly. Mac bit her bottom lip as Oscar cut in.

"We've been trying to find you, and – believe it or not – Church, for the last couple of hours."

"I, uh, I'm so sorry I went to a friend's house for the night. I don't know where Peter is. I'm sure he'll be in soon. Don't worry about him."

"Both your guards were asleep."

"Well I wasn't dragging mine with me, was I?" She walked over to her desk, blushing deeply. Woops, she told herself inwardly. At that moment Pete drove in, parked and walked over to them whistling.

"Good morning all. How great is this day?" Mac turned to face him and he saw the look in her eyes. "What is it?" he asked, concerned.

"Where have you been?" she demanded. Pete was silent in shock for a moment or so. "You're past the curfew."

"I, uh, look sorry Mac, I kind of, uh, had a date last night," he answered, catching on.

"You should have told us. Jeff went to Angie's." Pete turned to her. "She's fine. He's dead. Deb's got us the names of the heavies. As of now, I suppose, we're on a two-week break. Then it's back to business." Pete nodded.

"Am I forgiven?" She nodded, resisting the urge to smile.

"Yeah, we're all fine. I see no reason to stay pissed." Pete rolled his eyes.

"Well thanks." He walked over to Angie. "You really okay?"

"Yeah, uh, holiday'll do me some good I think."

"You reckon?" They laughed.

"So," Angie narrowed her eyes. "Who was the girl?"


"Your date," Paul put in. "Nice?" Pete grinned.

"Mm, very!" They laughed as Mac tried to ignore it, putting her things away on her desk for the day. She now had two weeks to occupy herself it seemed...Hmm...




Angie hugged Shirley goodbye.

"Well Angie it was great to have you."

"You're not disappointed at all?" Shirley grinned, shaking her head.

"Not at all." Angie, for a moment, got a little scared, but Oscar was laughing it off beside her.

"Don't go there mum. Look we do have to leave now. Mac's expecting us back." She nodded, kissing her son on the cheek.

"Take care you two."

"Last time Oscar, last time!" Angie warned as they drove off.

"Oh come on, you love the attention."

"Their expectations are – they still think of me as Michelle, your girlfriend."

"Yeah, well, they're not all that wrong."

"I'm not your girlfriend!"

"No, I know, but believe me, you're living up to their expectations. No need to feel pressured. I had a long talk with mum. She promised to back off!" Angie laughed.

"All mothers say that, funny thing though – they don't!" Oscar grinned, reaching across and patting her knee.

"No worries, you've got till Christmas to shape up!" Angie shot him a look. "I can't turn up empty handed at Christmas!" She bit her bottom lip.

"I don't know Stone..."

"Think about it. Who knows...I mightn't be around so much."


"I've been offered a transfer," he whispered. Angie turned to face him in the passenger's seat.

"You've been what? Where?"

"Up here."

"Stone! You can't!" He shrugged, smiling over at her.

"You've got options in those directions too you know."

"But Oscar," she whispered. "The city is, well, the unit-"

"I know, I haven't made up my mind yet."

"I don't think I could come with you."

"Not at first, no."

"Oscar, at all." He glanced over at her.

"Then I won't go." Angie was completely confused by now.

"What? Really?" He shook his head.

"Nup." She sat back in her seat, staring out at the road ahead of them.

"I, uh...I'll think about it," she added, lips turning up at the corners.

"We could put it off for another couple of years."

"Yeah, course. Yeah," she smiled. "Let me think on it. Couple of years sounds...okay..."



"So..." ... Pete raised his eyebrows. "This is as undercover as it gets?" She nodded.

"Sounds good for now."

"You know we're settling."

"I noticed."

"You're all right with that? We're not getting any younger."

"I'm aware of that." Pete nodded. "And I haven't forgotten about what we discussed the other night, about uh...the possibility of uh...you know." He nodded, smiling. "Yeah I mean maybe soon. We'll just take it as it comes for a while, and if it does, well, that's pretty great, isn't it?"

"As long as you're okay-"

"I am." Pete nodded, kissing her briefly. "Just us here know about this though, all right?"

"Yeah, certainly boss." She grinned, handing him the files.

"Come on, let's see how these guys are feeling after their break."

"My guess is pretty good," Pete replied, grinning. Mac shot him a look.

"Don't say a word."

"I won't, I promise." He stopped her, taking her hand. "When can we tell them?" Mac sighed.

"Oh, uh, after the brief, all right?" He nodded, forwarding out behind her.


"Angie you'll be going in as security. Garry, your first try at things. I want you behind the bar. Angie and the target will enter occasionally, you'll be alerted of it, and well yes, we'll get what we need, Peter will go in, and we'll do the deal. Any questions?"

"Yeah are we going to get decent computers soon?" Oscar asked. Mac grinned.

"They're arriving tomorrow. Brand new programming and the rest."


"Any questions about the job?" She paused. "No? Good, uh, Stone, your decision?"

"Pass, 'nother couple of years. I'll let you know then." Mac smiled.

"Fantastic, you made a good choice." He smiled over at his friends, glad he wasn't leaving them just yet.

"Yeah, I know!"

"Is that all? Is that all?" Pete asked excitedly. Mac looked at him pleading with her.

"Yes," she replied softly.

"Can I tell them? Please?" She laughed, turning her head in embarrassment.

"Yes...But then I want you all learning your covers, ready for our start this afternoon. I can't have our first sting in this new team going wrong, got it?"

"Yes Mac." "'Boss." "Understand completely," were the replies. Mac nodded efficiently. Mac went to walk out the door.

"All right well I don't want to be here for this one-"

"Yes you do!" Pete exclaimed, jumping up and grabbing her hand, pulling her closer to him. "We've got something to tell you all, but it's top secret."

"We won't tell," Angie assured them.

"Swear it!" Paul replied, grinning. They knew what was coming next.

"Mac and I are dating-"

"You're doing more than dating!" Garry laughed. Pete continued.

"And it's serious."

"Really?" Angie asked. They nodded.

"Keep it quiet for now, all right?" Mac cut in.

"Sure Mac," Oscar answered for everyone there. She smiled.

"Good, well, there's that one done. I need to call HQ, sort out an interview with the target's wife. Angie, you're coming with me..." She drifted from hearing distance as she disappeared from the room they now called the briefing room, housed with a large conference table and lots of chairs. The factory was technically well-equipped, and Mac admitted that she liked the layout slightly better than the older one, which held too many memories as it was.

Oscar slapped Pete on the back.

"Way to go mate. You in love?"

"Thanks, uh, yeah...think so, you can talk."


"'Nother couple of years?" He grinned, leaning closer. "Angie not ready to settle down yet, eh?"

"That is none of your business!" They laughed. "Anyway we have a drug bust to do."

"Yeah, a big one."

"Can't wait."

"Been too long."

"At least you get to bash people up."

"Yeah, that's *always* good!" They both shrugged, standing and walking back to their desks. "Hey Garry!" Pete called, getting the entire factory's attention – including the newly employed, criminally clean, background workers and technicians. "You're supposed to be organising this, I'm trying to do a drug bust here and where the hell is my cover file?" Mac appeared from down the hallway.

"Church!" He looked over at her, grinning as Garry approached with the files.

"Sorry mate, can I please have my file?"

The End.