Hey, people! Okay, so, this is the sequel to Resistance. This is my first sequel because I've never finished a story before. So. Yeah. Sorry, I'm being really weird. The chapters are going to be all over the place length-wise – some will be really long, others will be sort of short. Anyway, please enjoy!

Morning After


I don't want to wake up. I'm tired. And comfortable. And rather happy where I am. Waking up will mean facing reality. And right now, reality can kiss my pulchritudinous ass.

My eyes open. Long shadows play on the white roof of the train car. But when I turn my head to the right, I see something totally different: Annie's green eyes fixated on me. They're the only thing visible since the covers are pulled up to the middle of her nose.

Last night, we shared a bed for the third time – and did nothing, for the third time. We barely slept; I spent most of the night trying to keep her talking in the hope that her voice wouldn't disappear. She told me quite a lot, but she kept directing the conversation back to me with questions like, Where did I grow up? South Waters. What's my favorite color? Black. What is my favorite food? Pickles. Really? Yes, really. Ew.

"Hi," I say.

"Hi." Annie's voice is slightly muffled by the blankets.

"How did you sleep?" I ask.

Annie shrugs.

I toss off the covers and sit up, only to retreat back to the mattress from the cold. "It's freezing!" Annie starts laughing.

As I settle back in, Annie curls up close to me. I wrap my arms around her and very gently rub her back for a few moments before she asks, "Was that real last night?

"Was what real?" I ask.

"The whole lovey-dovey thing," Annie says quietly.

"Yes, it was real," I say slowly. Does she really not remember?

"Good." She sighs happily.

We're silent again for a while.

"Things are about to get really weird, aren't they?" she asks.


I go back to my cart so we can both get dressed. I grab the only clothes I packed: jeans, an old shirt, and a leather jacket.

We'll be home soon. But what are we going to do when we get there? Go public? Are we even an item? And Annie – is her voice just going to disappear again? And how the hell are we supposed to break the news to her brother?

Since most of the wait-staff jumped ship when we got to the Capitol, there's no food this morning. So instead of eating breakfast, I set out in search of Annie. She's sitting in the lounging cart with her legs stretched out on the couch, slowly unraveling her scarf by pulling on a loose thread.

I walk over to the couch. Annie looks up at me briefly and smiles. I lift up her feet, sit on the edge of the couch, and set her legs down on my lap. "Are you excited to go home?" I ask. She shrugs, and I'm worried that her voice is gone once again.

Annie must sense my discomfort, because she says, "You meant what you said last night, about the whole cheating and crap-feeling thing didn't you?" I nod. "I don't really want to go back because after the whole lovey-thing, it was like we were in our own little world. I don't want to go back to reality."

Just then, the conductor's voice comes through the intercom. "We will be pulling into the station in five minutes."

Annie holds her hand up and angles it towards the speaker in the wall. "Reality."

"I love you," I say. "Also reality."

I love you. Those are the three strangest words I've ever heard coming out of my mouth. I don't think I'll ever get used to saying them.

Annie smiles. "I love you, too."

We stand right in front of the train doors, but we don't touch or speak. When the train doors open, there are several people there, not like when we first returned from the Games. Among those present are Mags, Broadsea, Britton, and Annie's blonde friend whose name escapes me.

I walk over to Mags and embrace her. "I did it," I say quietly.

Mags gives a strangely girlish squeal. "What did she say?"

"What did who say?" Broadsea asks.

As I speak to him, I continue to look at Mags. "Speak when spoken to, Broadsea." I address Mags again, saying, "The feeling is mutual."

Mags hugs me again as Broadsea sighs. "I am so lost," he says.

"So, how are you?" Britton asks his sister.

She shrugs. Isn't she going to say anything? Or is she just talking to me? Hmm . . .

I'm feeling strange. It's awkward to be around all these people with Annie so close. I don't know why, though. Then I remember what Snow said about public displays of affection.

So instead, I just give Annie a wide smile as her perky blond friend tackles her in a hug.

Yeah, not a very good first chapter. Sorry about that! I promise, this story will be GOOD. All right. Thanks!