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Bella's POV

So I finally said it, I finally told Jacob where he could stick it. Over the past few months I developed a back bone from god knows where, I think I just finally got sick of everyone's crap. Edwards waiting for me in his Volvo just over the treaty line, sulking. Earlier I finally stood up for myself and told him he was being overprotective and said that if he didn't drive me to Jacob's I'd be walking.

Oh shit he's shaking, maybe Carlisle was right and this whole back bone thing would cause me trouble eventually, not to worry Bella, Edward won't let him hurt you. I take a few steps back and a few of the other La Push guys gather, just in case something happens.

He shifts into a wolf and lunges towards me, before I even have time to scream, run, react, I'm pinned to the ground and he's clawing at my stomach, my arms, my legs, my face. I can't see, I can't breath, it all hurts too much.

I will always remember the last thing I saw before I blacked out. Edwards Volvo, driving away.

"Bella!" Who's that? Is he Texan? He sounds Texan, oh who the fuck cares, I'll bleed to death soon anyway. Whoever it is shakes my shoulders slightly so I open my eyes to see a handsome blond leaning over me, oh. It's Jasper, what's Jasper doing here?

"Jas..wha? ca..mmm" I meant to ask what he's doing here, but my lisp seem to have gone numb. He smiles down at me and shakes his head "Don't worry Bella, I'll get you to Carlisle, he'll fix you up, or if he has to turn you vampire" He must have felt my worry spiking up because he grabbed my hand "I'm sorry Bella, I know if you turned into a vampire you didn't want it to happen like this, just don't close your eyes okay? Carlisle said to keep you talking, so talk, tell me everything, all about you.." he scoops me up and starts running

"Blue.. Purple.." Im trying to tell him my favourite colours, but its not going too well.. "Ca.. Hurts Jas.." he hugs me tighter to him, a frown clear on his face "Don't worry Bella, I won't let you die, I promise you're going to be okay" I feel a wave of calm wash over me and attempt to smile at Jasper before I black out again

-five minutes later-

Fire. Burning. Pain. Someone make it stop, I'd do anything if you could just make it stop.

-Jaspers POV Two days later-

Poor Bella, I can't believe what a coward Assward is, and he managed to convince Alice to run off with him! Well good riddance to the coward and the bitch. Alice and I were never mates, we knew from the start, her vision told her we'd be together for years and we'd meet a nice family that would chance our lives, so I went with her.

There was no time to get Bella to Carlisle. She's at the Cullen house now, but I had to bite her before we got here. I don't know how I could do it, but I did. It's not long now, her hearts accelerating and her skin is getting paler, her hair is slowly getting darker, richer, her legs longer, her shape leaner in general, her face proportions turning equal, she will be stunning.

-Bella's POV Five minutes later-

I'm waking up on something soft, I know exactly what's happened. I'm a vampire now. What will I do about my parents? I open my eyes and im amazed by how clear my vision is, and that the first thing I spot is Jasper. New born instincts kick in and before I know it im crouched in the corner of the room, growling at the people I can see.

Jasper has the most experience with newborns. It's a human memory, long ago and hard to hear, but that's what Edward said. "Jasper has the most experience with newborns?" Is that my voice? It's beautiful.. So is Jaspers smile.. He nods and takes a step towards me "That's right Bella, so I'll probably be spending a lot of time with you for the next few months.."

"Don't call me Bella" I decide it's time for a change, time to say goodbye to cowardly ignorant Bella and hello to someone new. "Call me Izzy from now on, please." He nods and walks over to me, holding his hands out. I take them and he pulls me up of the floor, releasing one hand and shaking the other "Nice to meet you Izzy"

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