Jasper pov

"Run damnit! Hurry up you slow fuckers!" I yelled, my feet slamming against the soil underneath them. We had done it. We had tracked them down to some sleezy motel, it would take us a few hours to run there and we just had to cross our fingers and hope we made it in time." Jasper!" Charlotte calls down "Slow down!" I just laugh humorously and speed up more, Isabella and everything she is running through my head.

Izzy POV

I watch him as he paces the dark room, apparently waiting for a call. Blood. I want the blood that should be running through his veins. I sigh, irritated and he gives me a harsh look, growls, and continues pacing.

The phone rings, making us all jump as our angry silence is suddenly interrupted by the shrill ringing sound of it. I'm forgetting why I'm putting myself through this. It's for someone for someone I am a monster, someone special. I just wish I could remember who amidst all the confusion and death and anger.

The phone stops making its noise, and he growls into it "What?" he asks "what's the fucking problem now?" he doesn't like whatever response he gets.

The phone is crushed in his hand and he yells, grabbing my arm and tugging me along "Come, Izzy. We have to go." I stumble along behind him obediently, certain that wherever we go next will be even more of a hovel, we broke into a run, heading towards the forest behind the motel, the ground under our feet morphing from hard granite into soil, our steps silent.

We stopped, and I looked up out of curiosity, gasps ringing in my ears. People, five of them stood opposite us, a little way off. There was a blond girl, clutching the hand on a sandy haired man, a black haired man, with tanned skin, hugging a brunette close, and a blond haired man at the front. Something about him struck a chord and I knew. I just knew I was a monster for him. I just didn't know how to stop. I wanted to walk over to him, touch him, make him real. Something tugged me back and I growled, wrenching out of it's grip, and stumbling the few feet towards him.

I tripped, and he rushed forward, catching me around my wait and hugging me to him "Jasper" I sighed, un sure of what the word even meant. "That's right, doll" he murmured "That's my name" I tilted my head up to his face, confused "You left me" I said, looking behind us to the evil man "No! no never Izzy, never. You got taken from me." I nodded my head, looking again to the evil man "It was him" I mumbled, and my Jasper just nodded solemnly "I guess we gotta kill him then..." I said, a sadistic smile working its way onto my face as I looked over at the evil man, his face frozen in terror and anger. Then he ran.

I laughed, and stopped for a moment to kiss my Jasper, then sped off after his retreating form

Jasper POV

I looked back to everyone, and Peter looked at me as if I was stupid "Well go on then!" he laughed "Go after her!" I grinned and started running, looking back to see each couple celebrating, Peter spinning Char around in his arms

Five months later, Izzy pov

Five months into the future, and we put everything behind us, moved to England and started over, me and Jasper, Char and Peter, and oddly Jacob and Maria too. It was a little awkward at first, but now I can't imagine it any other way. I'm still a long way off normal, still confused and lost sometimes, that's just how it is, I guess, and I'll sort it all out soon enough.

"Izzy!" I hear, looking out of the window I see everyone outside, gathered around the pool. I grin and jump up, running out to join them. I kiss Jasper and grab his hand, throwing us both into the pool with a laugh from me, and a yelp from Jasper, I laughed softly and kissed him again. "Doll face!" Peter yelled "Where's my pool lovin' hmm?" Charlotte rolled her eyes and kicked him, making him fall into the pool himself "Idiot" she laughed.

Everything is going well, sure, we're not perfect, and we argue, but we fit together, and we're happy.