Head Shot

Summary: He heard the shot and saw him drop...Warning contains pointless whump! Need I say more?

Genre: Hurt comfort/family

Characters: Danny, Steve, Kono and Chin

Not slash

A/N I'm trying to keep this down to at least two chapters limit being three, haven't quite planned on drawing this out to much.

Chapter 1: Head Shot

He heard the shot and saw him drop like a bag of bricks.

Only McGarrett would manage to get himself shot.

Danny Williams found himself cursing the ex-SEAL with venom as he aimed a few shots towards their suspect-Giles Corbin- hiding behind some crates. Why did suspects always have to run into warehouses? He glanced anxiously at his partner lying a few yards away behind even more crates. He hadn't moved.

"Steve?" He yelled. Worry settled like a stone in his stomach as he got no response. McGarrett wasn't wearing a tack vest unlike himself...

"The least you could do is actually put it on." Danny snapped as he got out of the Camaro tightening the straps on his own vest and retrieving McGarret's from the back seat.

"Yes mother."

The suspect had run before Steve could even take it from him, let alone put it on.

Cursing under his breath Danny fired off a few more shots and contemplated his chances of reaching McGarrett unscathed.

'I so hate you right now.' He thought looking pointedly at his better-be-just-unconscious-partner, cause if he wasn't...clenching his jaw Dannay made a run for it. More shots rang out as he crossed the small space that felt longer than a couple of yards. He practically fell to his knees beside him.

"Jeezus." Danny breathed eyeing the pool of blood forming around his partners head.

A head shot...

With a shaking hand he felt for a pulse.

A surprisingly strong and steady one met his fingers. Danny allowed himself an open sigh of relief then had to immediately remind himself that his partner was still shot and it was to his head. Steve was deathly pale and unnaturally still.

Yet another shot rang out reminding him that Corbin was still there. Where were Chin and Kono? Even as he thought that and prepared to fire back a familiar voice rang out.

"Five-0 drop your weapon!"


"Down on the ground now, on the ground!"

Trusting that Kelly had taken care of Corbin Danny knelt back down beside Steve.

"Danny? McGarrett?" Kono's voice rang out and he could hear her approaching footsteps.

"Over here! Call an ambulance, McGarrett's down." His words fell heavily even upon him.

"Oh my gosh." Kono whispered upon seeing them, and she quickly pulled out her phone.

Danny bairly heard her call a thought occurring to him as he gently grabbed Steve's head wincing as he moved it so he could see the wound, not even sure if he should be doing this. However more relief washed over him as his thoughts were confirmed.

The bullet had only grazed him. A deep gash bled freely just above his right ear.

Friggin Super Seal. Danny thought quickly removing his tie and gently placing it against the wound.

"They're five minutes away." Kono said kneeling down beside McGarrett. "How bad is it?" She asked grimacing at the amount of blood pooled on the floor.

"Bullet just grazed him, I think-" But he couldn't be sure and Kono looked up at him worriedly. A Danny at a loss for words...well that just wasn't good.

McGarrett's eyes fluttered suddenly and Danny stiffened watching him.

"Steve, you with us?" He asked anxiously.

"Dan'?" Steve's voice was so slurred Danny could barely make out his name but it was something.

"Yeah yeah I'm here, no no no no don't touch your head." Steve winced as Danny gently swatted his hand away.

"Wha happen? Wher'?" His words were still quite slurred and Danny refused to look up at Kono who he knew was giving him a worried glance for the second time.

"You got grazed by a bullet, in the head; didn't they teach you how to duck in the army?" The pun was intentional he wanted to see how much of McGarrett was actually present.

"Navy." The ex-seal corrected though it came out more like 'nav-ee'.

"Right, friggin super seal." Danny smirked slightly, and then asked the question he was dreading the answer to. "Do you remember what happened?"

Steve's brow furrowed in obvious confusion. "Wha?"

Danny finally shared Kono's worried look. Suddenly Steve's face turned a shade paler and he started to struggle weakly.

"Whoa easy Steve what-" Then Danny realized and he quickly helped the Commander to sit up as he vomited onto the floor.

Kono looked away not because she was disgusted but because she knew that if McGarrett ever found out she saw him like this, well he just wasn't one who liked to show weakness.

Danny helped support his partner managing to rub small circles on his back to offer some comfort. He grimaced but maintained his hold on him and once the last dry heave seemed to have passed the ex-seal went limp in his arms.

"Hello someone call for an ambulance?" A male voice rang out.

Kono stood quickly. "Over here!" She yelled and moved as two male paramedics ran over.

Steve had fallen unconscious just as one of the young medics kneeled next to him.

"What happened?" He asked Danny who was supporting Steve against his chest something he vowed never to admit to doing.

"Bullet grazed his head." He explained as the medic turned Steve's head to examine the wound.

"How longs he been out? Tim hand me some gauze would ya?" The medic said to his partner who immediately pulled some out of his red med bag.

"He was out for almost ten minutes but he uh woke for a few seconds just a moment ago."

Before taking the gauze the medic checked Steve's pupils. "Concussion, we're gonna need to get him to the hospital soon as possible where's Mary with the-"

At that moment a slender blond female medic came towards them with a stretcher.

"Ok Mr.?"

"Detective Williams, he's my partner." Danny said.

"Detective Williams, set him on his back gently we'll take care of the rest."

Danny did as asked and backed up a few steps to stand beside Kono. As the three medics put the ex-seal onto the stretcher he asked her.

"Where's Chin?"

"Taking care of Corbin, said he'd meet us outside." She replied.

Steve didn't stir once and the worry in Danny's stomach began to be masked with anger.

"I get to go round two with him." Kono muttered arms crossed lips set in a thin line eyes slightly narrowed.

"Fair enough." Danny muttered.

Cobin wouldn't leave HQ alive if this turned out to be something worse then it seemed...

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