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Chapter 6: Ohana

Danny had been scared.

Though he would never admit that to anyone, ever, he would at least admit it to himself. It had felt like a replay of yesterday, the ambulance, Steve not responding...Danny had wanted to pull Corbin out of his cell and-well let's just say he wouldn't have been able to walk anymore-for putting his partner in this position.

But Steve had been fine, or at least as fine as one could be with a nasty concussion. Still Danny wasn't satisfied, at least not with the situation. With Steve's nasty habit of attracting trouble Danny had come to a decision on how exactly to keep-or at least try to keep-him out of trouble.

He stormed out into the waiting area Kono and Chin meeting him halfway. Kono had been out surfing her hair still a bit damp. She'd been unable to hear her cell going off earlier which was why Danny had been unable to get a hold of her originally. But she was here now and she looked anxious.

"How is he?" Chin asked worriedly.

"Fine." Danny snapped. "Or at least as fine as he can get with a concussion, doc says he didn't get hurt in the fight but he is exhausted." He sighed heavily rubbing the back of his neck. "Look I've got an idea but you guys might have to dip into any vacation time you've got."

Chin and Kono exchanged a look.

"What do you have in mind?" Chin asked.

"And are we going to like it?" Kono added


Déjà vu that's what this whole day was beginning to feel like.

Danny was once again gripping the steering wheel of his Camaro a silent McGarrett in the passenger seat. Steve had been surprisingly co-operative back at the hospital and Danny wasn't sure whether it was because of the concussion or he was actually feeling a bit guilty, which was crazy because the fugitive was the one who decided to try and break into his house, the idiot.

Still, Danny couldn't help but be irritated with the fact that Steve seemed to attract these kinds of problems so, he'd come up with some, arrangements.

"Why is Chin at my place?" Steve's words brought Danny out of his thoughts as he pulled up to the ex-seal's house. Chin's bike was parked just outside. He turned the car off and prepared to explain his arrangements to Steve.

"Since bad situations seem to have an unnatural attraction to you, we as your team have decided to keep an eye on you." Steve stared at him."At least until the doc clears you for duty."

"I'm not a child Danny I can take care of myself." Steve growled.

"Clearly, apparently you almost broke that guys arm, but as far as I'm concerned you got lucky, What if you passed out right in the middle just like you did with me and Chin? No one was there to back you up, so just in case another poor bastard decides to break into your place or otherwise create some situation in which you have to go all super seal on them, you'll have some help."

"So what your saying is, I need a baby sitter." Steve narrowed his eyes.

"Trust me this isn't going to be an ongoing thing but until you can see straight and you're not as pale as my grandmothers ghost, you're stuck with us, and don't fight me on this ether or I'll sick Kono on you."

Whether it was because of the concussion or just pure exhaustion of the past days events-again Danny would never be sure-Steve McGarrett gave in but not without a good 'ole seal I-know-a-billion-ways-to-kill-you-with-some-random-object-glare thrown in for good measure.

Danny held back laughter as they got out of the car and he could swear he heard Steve mutter something along the lines of.

"Friggin Ohana." Before heading towards the house.


It hadn't been as bad as everyone thought it would be.

Sure Steve had made it clear for the first couple of days that their presence was not wanted in his house, at all. But slowly he seemed to relax with a little help from Kono of course, who seemed to be the only one able to quell the ex-seal's irritation, mainly with homemade Hawaiian desserts. It soon became apparent that Steve had quite the sweet tooth.

He started spending nights watching football with Chin or Kono. Danny even spent a couple sun sets out in the back yard with him drinking beers-which Danny made sure Steve didn't mix with his meds-bantering about some subject or other or just sitting quietly.

All in all Danny's operation-Keep Steve McGarrett out of trouble-had worked out better then he thought it would have, so the day that Steve walked back into Five-0 head quarters he was able to walk in a straight line, the stitches having been taken out the day before and his skin color had returned to normal. Mission accomplished.

Danny glanced occasionally in the direction of Steve's office throughout the day. The ex-seal had been cleared for duty by Dr. Goodman but, still maybe, he was a little concerned for his partner.

Though Goodman had cleared him, he'd also said to take it easy. Luckily no new cases reared ugly heads that day and it was surprisingly quite. An almost perfect day, that was just bad.

So when Steve approached Danny's desk an odd look on his face he got a little worried. Setting down the pen he'd been using to finish up on some paper work, he eyed McGarrett with slight apprehension.

"What's that look?" He asked cocking an eyebrow.

"What look?" Steve said stopping just in front of his desk.

"The I've-got-some-bad-news-for-you look." Truthfully his face looked like a mixture of two one of which he couldn't place.

"I don't have a look this is my face." Steve countered.

"Well your face has many expressions, a handful of which cause me to wonder if I'm going to get shot at any time soon."

Steve just smirked shaking his head. After a moment that look returned with added obvious discomfort.

"Look Danny I uh, wanted to thank you, you know for everything." Steve avoided eye contact as he spoke.

Danny was nearly dumbstruck and almost at a loss for words. Sure he'd been planning on forcing the man to say a well deserved thank you but he didn't quite expect McGarrett to do it himself. He quickly got back his bearings clearing his throat.

"Your welcome man, that's what we're here for." He said. An almost awkward silence followed finally broken by Kono.

"Well, looks like things are back to normal, I say we cut this day short go catch some waves maybe." She said with a smirk approaching the two men Chin trailing behind her.

"Oh no, no surfing, it's a bar or nothing." Danny said adamantly.

"Come on brah, not afraid of the water are you?" Chin said with a smirk.

"It's not the water I'm worried about it's what's in it."

"I told you those sharks were harmless." Steve pointed out.

"Yeah? Then why do you need a shark cage when you swim with them huh? Answer me that super seal." Danny countered.

"Its, just a precaution."

"To make sure you don't get eaten right?"

"Look Danny who said I'm agreeing to take the rest of the day off anyway? I've been cooped up in my house for a week." Steve said.

"So you want to get shot at?"

The argument continued from there and Chin and Kono shared amused looks.

"Looks to me like things are back to normal." She muttered.

"If you can call this normal." Chin replied smirking.

To Danny they couldn't be more right, still the image of his supposable dead partner would be burned into his mind for quite some time, but for now he was just glad to have him back. Even if that meant the occasional argument.

"We are getting beers, you're paying, and don't 'accidently' forget your wallet this time."

Yup, definitely back to normal...


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