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Slice of Pie

By: Nellbell222

Serena Van der Woodsen was always ready for anything that life would throw at her. She was constantly on alert for any changes in her life with her mother, Eric, Rufus and maybe even Chuck occasionally. But especially Blair. Queen B was always top girl on her radar. She could admit that she had not been as perceptive as she usually was since her relationship with Ben was going so splendidly but she had thought that she was still watching after her little Blair.

Yet, when she had awoken to the sounds of Blair and some guy giggling in the corridor of the apartment; she had to say she was a little surprised. She guessed that Blair had been running off late at night for the "movies" but she never suspected a lover. Serena laid her head back down on her pillow and drowned out the sounds that were sure to come with her iPod.


Dorota woke Serena up at eight o'clock sharp just like she asked her to do and Serena stumbled to the kitchen to see who Blair's new courter was. She was disappointed to see that when she got up, her beau had left and only Blair was in the kitchen, sitting in her lingerie and the guy's shirt.

"Had fun last night B?" Blair eyes widened and then she let out a nervous giggle. Blair and nervous did not go together. Serena looked around the room to see if there were any traces of their late night escapade.

"As a matter a fact, I did. He was a complete gentleman which was very surprising because I would never have pegged him for one." Serena gave Blair her "look" and she shrugged it off.

"Who was it? I'm really intrigued about this new boyfriend of ours. I can't believe I didn't see the signs." Serena searched back in her memory and tried to pick out certain moments where Blair screamed "Blair with a boyfriend" but came up empty.

"Oh god! He is not my boyfriend. I maybe could sleep with the enemy but sure as hell not date them!" She lightly laughed and Serena's mind reeled and tried to think of nemeses of Blair's who had brothers. Once again, Serena could only think of girls who had sisters.

"So it is an enemy? Huh…I can't think of anyone it could be."

"And you aren't going to find out." Blair smiled smugly and Serena was just about to leave the kitchen when she noticed something familiar about the shirt that Blair was wearing. But she could not put a finger on it.

"So, these "movies" you have been going to? Is this the first time you slept with this guy?" Blair shook her head.

"The first time I slept with him was at his house two days ago but I am never going to do it there again. That is not my kind of town; it is for painters and musicians." Then Serena's mind snapped.

Town of painters and musicians; sister is an enemy; the dotted shirt that reminded her of the first time she had sex with…

"Blair? Hey! I'm gonna head out but can I have my shirt?" The room became silent as Serena looked to the door of the kitchen and saw her first love standing there, with no shirt on after he just had sex with her best friend. Serena's radar was more off then she thought.

Sorry S. Guess you can't keep everything for yourself. Queen B wanted a slice of this sweet Brooklyn pie.

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