"Damien, sto-" The words died on Kenny's lips and were instead replaced by a scream as a jagged knife was twisted further into his chest, his dark-haired tormentor licking his lips as if he were savoring the sound of Kenny's screams, his movements relentless. Kenny felt as if he were being torn in half, the pain was so intense. He didn't understand why it hurt so much. He'd done it before. Too many times to count, in fact. T his experience was nothing new to him, and yet somehow Damien was making it unbearable. Each fast, hard thrust of his hips was excruciating to the point that the searing, biting pain of the cold steel in his chest was almost a welcome distraction.

And yet...he couldn't stop the groans and grunts escaping his lips. Even though it was agonizing, Kenny couldn't help but find a sick sort of pleasure in the way that Damien watched him hungrily, as if he couldn't get enough. The way he would forcefully kiss him, the way he would bite his lip until it bled, then lap up the blood afterward. What the hell was wrong with him? Kenny felt that liquid heat pooling somewhere beneath his stomach, that itching, tingling sensation building up everywhere else and he could tell by the quickened pace of Damien's hips that he was getting close as well. And then, with one last erratic jerk of his hips, he came inside Kenny, the sensation pulling Kenny into his own climax. Kenny was just barely aware of the low groan resonating in his throat. And then, as he was coming off his high, he felt another sensation.

A cold sensation filling his lungs. He struggled to breathe, each breath seeming to make his lungs fill up even more. The chill inside him was choking him, drowning him. His eyes snapped open and he looked down at Damien with wide, searching eyes. Still inside him, Damien answered the silent question with a slow, sadistic smile. His lips parted and moved, forming words that Kenny couldn't hear over the sound of his own blood rushing in his ears, but the words leaving his lips were unmistakable.

"You're mine."

Kenny awoke in a cold sweat, gasping for air, his shirt and sheets beneath him damp. Even though he was under two thick blankets, he could feel goosebumps all along his body. He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to dispel the chills, as he continued to suck in air. He sat up, and a sudden, piercing ringing filled the early morning air with annoying persistence. Kenny reached over and turned off his alarm, his breathing beginning to even out. He swung his legs over the side of the bed as if to get up, but instead continued to sit, pulling the blankets around him as he shivered with the insistent chills, needing whatever comfort he could get. Another sleepless night. This would make two weeks of his haunting dreams. Kenny, of course knew why they were happening. That prick Damien had been trying to kill him for the better part of two months now, sending little things his way like drunk drivers or poisonous insects because he was bored and wanted someone to torment whom he could send back when he got bored with the torture. He'd told Kenny before that he was his favorite plaything. Apparently that statement was more true than Kenny had thought at the time.

Kenny mentally slapped himself for his lack of foresight. After about six weeks of trying and failing to kill Kenny himself, Damien finally found a clever little 'game'. He'd lure Kenny into sleep, then proceed to distress him with these sickening, horrific nightmares. And they were getting worse all the time. It seemed that Damien thought that if he tortured Kenny enough mentally, that he would eventually off himself and Damien would finally have his playmate. Kenny was determined to not give in. He could feel fear rising in him at the thought of dying again and being subjected to...him.

He became aware of his quickened breaths and tried to calm himself, forcing his breathing back to normal as he stood up, tossing the blankets aside. He went to his dresser, pulling out his clothes for the day; a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans that had definitely seen better days, worn, faded and with two large holes in the knees. He then went back to his bed, slipping on his shoes and picking his carelessly disgarded hoodie from his floor. He pulled it on, not bothering to zip it up, as he was just going to put his orange park on over it anyway. As he left his bedroom to use the bathroom, he couldn't quelch the uneasy feeling that he was being watched. He brushed it off as paranoia caused by his lack of sleep and rubbed the back of his neck again. As he picked up his toothbrush and ran it under the cold water from the tap, he looked up at the mirror. The reflection blearily looking back at him was unusually pale, making the skin where his lip, eyebrow and various ear piercings should be look starkly red. He had dark circles rimming his bloodshot eyes, his hair was damp, sticking to his forehead and neck from the drying sweat.

He gave himself an irritated look and squeezed some tooth paste onto his brush. Just as he was about to start brushing, he felt a cold breath near his ear. He shivered and quickly turned around, his eyes searching frantically, but there was nothing there. Maybe it was air coming from the vent….he rationalized, eyeing the vent above his head in scrutiny. He purposefully shrugged it off, as if giving his invisible watcher a show of irreverence, even though inside he felt cold. He brushed his teeth as normally as he could, used the facilities, then went to the kitchen, mentally breathing a sigh of relief at the sight of his brother eating breakfast.

Somehow, another presence in the room made him feel safe, even if it was only temporary.


I decided I wanted to do a horror fic. I won't lie. I was inspired by RoxasDestati's beautifully written, scary as hell fic "A Sickening Frequency Distortion". Even though this stuff freaks me out, I couldn't stop reading. XD I've never written a horror before, so hopefully I can do the genre some justice in later chapters. XD