"….You motherfucker." Kenny growled venomously as he reached his brother, squinting through the dissipating dust to try and assess the damage inflicted. Damien tsked patiently like a mother about to chastise her child.

"Come on, Kenny, you know you missed me." Even though Kenny couldn't see him, he had the distinct impression that Damien was running his tongue over his teeth in a sexual, hungry manner.

" Yeah, like I miss having barbed wire shoved up my ass." He replied with a sarcastic toxicity.

"Ooo, that was a fun day, wasn't it?" Damien purred, sick enthusiasm laying somewhere beneath the teasing. Kevin turned to Kenny, eyes impossibly wide, eyes searching, asking the question he couldn't.

Kenny answered him with an nondescript shrug, his casually emotionless face giving away nothing, the worried arm around his brother's shoulders tightening it's grip being the only indicator to the affirmative. This incited anger within Kevin. You sick, inhuman fuck. I'll rip you to fucking pieces. The thought was growled acidly inside his head as anger threatened to blind him. Kenny sensed it and gave him a warning look. Kevin nodded once only because he knew trying anything now would prove pointless and might get Kenny killed.

By now the dust had dispersed, and Kenny took the moment to look at Damien. He took in the familiar short black hair messily parted over his right eye, the bangs hanging lazily just below it, the other, smaller side of the part framing his left eye, the blazing red glowing with malicious electricity. Two slightly longer chunks clung to the skin in front of his ears, ending at the lobes, the tips newly tainted red to break up the similarly colored streaks running sparsely through the rest of his hair, a few spots of color in his bangs as well. His pale face was punctured with as many piercing as he could seemingly get in; a ring and black labret stud in his lower lip, two small rings at the end of his eyebrow on the left side, black tapers in the lobes of his ears, and various other red, black and silver rings in the cartilage of both ears.

Kenny noticed with no small amount of annoyance that Damien had chosen to wear the clothes he knew Kenny loved the most on him, not that he'd ever verbally expressed this to him. He was in a semblance of a black straight jacket with a mandarin collar that hit the sides of his throat, the restraints in the form of purposeless belts that started just at the outer curve of his chest and ribcage, ending at the middle of the chest where the buttons to close it were. There were five on each side, starting just below his collar bone and ending just above his waist, the jacket itself cutting across the tops of his thighs. The sleeves detached under his shoulders, the rest of the sleeve hanging under his elbows, held together by long black strips of fabric lined with silver snaps. The jacket was open to reveal the plain black shirt underneath, the v of the neck resting against his collarbone.

His skinny jeans faded from gray to black, starting at the top, and encasing his feet were converse. Pure black, save for the customized drips of blood running down the sides to pool at the bottom, against the top of the rubber sidewall.

Shit. Kenny thought, barely suppressing his shiver. Even if he hated the fucker, loathed him with every fiber of his being, he couldn't deny he was a sexy bastard. Besides his natural air of menacing, arrogant sexuality that, in close proximity such as this, generally sent Kenny's resolve plummeting, the outfit he'd purposely chosen would under any other circumstance, have Kenny ripping them off. The red streaks in his hair only enhanced the physical attraction.

Right now, however, Kenny was too anxious, too angry, too tired, too irritable, to paralyzed, too paranoid and too livid to think of anything but bringing everything to an end.

He looked around and could see all his friends and companions standing either a few feet to the side or behind him, all waiting for Christophe to make a move, all holding weapons. His friends except Cartman and Craig looked fearful, the former patiently cracking his neck as he waited, the latter standing shoulder to shoulder with Tweek, his eyes narrowed with rancor in Damien's direction. Cayden was expressionless and Ryu looked bored. Anette was breathing laborously as she continued to stand on her now intensely shaking legs, using her gun as a prop to keep from falling. Jacky once again was oozing a sort of excited, dangerous sensuality as she looked at Damien like a prime hunk of steak, and Christophe was simply smirking at Kevin's side, arms crossed over his chest, his gun having been discarded, being deemed useless.

"So you finally show your cowardly face, diable fils." Damien clucked his tongue condescendingly.

"Aaw, come on, Christophe." The name came in a sarcastic whine, "And here I was so happy to see you. It's been a while since I've kicked an ass as fine as yours." He mockingly slid his tongue along his lips, the tongue ring that Kenny knew all too well glinting in the light from the almost full moon and that of the streetlight in front of Kenny's house that lazily filtered up. He winked playfully at Kenny, which raised Kevin's hackles and made Kenny feel sick. Christophe, however, didn't bat an eye, his smirk still in place as he shifted to retrieve the ever-present shovel from his back, placing the tip of the metal against the roof-top and leaning against the handle. Somehow, it was only during this back and forth banter that Kenny remembered his brother's wound. He let go of his brother, gripping the top of the left sleeve of his hoodie that had inexplicably received a large rip, stretching it as taught as he could, then grabbing the bottom of the sleeve with his left hand and pulled. The sleeve almost came off in one pull. He leaned down and ripped the rest off with his teeth, then gently removed his brother's hand from his head, wincing slightly at the amount of blood on the appendage and now running freely down the side of his face. He quickly tied the severed sleeve around his brother's head, careful not to put too much pressure on his temples. He hoped it would be sufficient enough to stop the bleeding.

No words were exchanged between them, but Kevin gave Kenny a small smile of gratitude. They were both brought back by Christophe's provoking retort.

"Mmm, speeking of fine asses…your little boy toy 'ere 'as a nice one 'imself." Kenny was almost appalled by the comment until he remembered that this was the plan. Good. That meant it was starting. Damien's eyes blazed, but other than that, his face remained the same.

"Oh, don't I know it." He purred, perhaps a little more venomously than he intended. Christophe, pleased with the reaction, closed the space between him and Kenny, wrapping his arms lovingly around his waist, the shovel clenched in one hand, resting against Kenny's opposing hip. Even though Kevin knew this was all an act, it still made him uneasy to see his brother like that with…a guy. Especially when Christophe rested his chin against the taller male's shoulder, sending a very intended smirk Damien's way, the hand not occupied by the shovel languidly sliding up Kenny's torso, his shirt rising with Christophe's hand to reveal the tanned, taught skin underneath.

"'Ow about we finish this so we can officially get 'im out of ze picture?" Christophe crooned against Kenny's neck. The whole plan seemed…rather out of place when thought about in correlation to their current situation, but their goal wasn't accuracy. It was to piss Damien off and end this shit once and for all.

Damien's eyes blazed brighter, practically their own source of luminosity in the darkness, the murderous intent evident as his own arrogant smirk slowly made way to a resentful scowl.

"What the hell is this?" He demanded, eyes locked with Kenny's as Kenny narrowed his eyes in projected barely contained pleasure, all the while feeling very uncomfortable and exposed.

"What? You think I don't date when I'm alive?" He replied in an expertly breathless voice, as if trying to hold back a moan. Something Kenny was humiliatingly well-versed in.

"No. I'm more than enough for you." Although Damien's tone was authoritative, Kenny could sense the desperate need for validation buried within the comment, and he could tell Christophe did too by the way his hand traveled higher, the way his lips softly caressed Kenny's neck in a barely there whisper. Then he said the words that would inexorably undo Damien.

"He's mine now." It was said in a way that exuded the notion of personal supremacy, even as Kenny felt him tense minutely against him.

Damien was on them in seconds. Christophe shoved Kenny into his brother just as Damien reached him, bowling Christophe over and knocking him to the ground, his face a mask of fury as he landed a punch to Christophe's face, connecting mostly with his nose, causing a twinge of empathetic pain to course through Kenny's own now mostly numbed nose.

"What the fuck did you just say!" Damien yelled, pummeling a somehow laughing Christophe. As if these were trigger words, all the previously stationary monsters surrounding them jolted back into motion, the one nearest Kyle catching him by surprise as it lunged at him with enough force to also knock him to the ground, the corpse following. Kyle tried to get his foot underneath to kick it off, but instead let out a pained yell as the creature on top of him bit into his shoulder, ripping off a large chunk of flesh even through his jacket.

"AH! FUCK!" Kyle let out a strained scream, still struggling with the creature on top of him.

"Holy shit! Kyle!" Stan yelled from a few feet away where he was holding his gun in front of him to stave off the monster that was snarling and clawing at him with purpose. He angrily shoved the thing back with his gun, then struck it across the face with the barrel, sending it to the ground. Not bothering to check if it was dead or not, he bolted towards Kyle, too incensed to even think of simply shooting it from where he was. Cartman got there first however and physically wrenched the monster from Kyle, throwing it to the ground and using the butt of his rifle to smash the skull in, creating an unpleasant squelching, blood splattering all over the lower part of Cartman's shins, and Kyle's left arm, the skull caving in grotesquely.

After kicking it to make sure it was dead, Cartman reached down and hauled Kyle up by his uninjured arm. "You owe me, Jew."

Kyle glared, holding his hand to his gaping shoulder, panting heavily "Yeah…. yeah."

"Shit, Kyle!" Stan yelled, hurrying up to them and swiftly ripping off the rest of Kyle's already tattered sleeve, following Kenny's example and wrapping it around the wound as well as he could, even though his normally steady hands were shaking. Kyle had to bite into his arm to keep from screaming as the pain radiating from his wound throbbed and itched, as if metal had somehow gotten in there.

Jacky was suddenly there, throwing a severed portion of her gauze at him irritably. "'Ere. Take zees. I swear to christ, men are such eediots. Can't even breeng ze basics…"

Stan took the gauze, muttering a "thanks" before wrapping up the wound over the sleeve, Kyle's eyes pinched shut as he bit down harder.

"Mmm….'ow much do you want to bet I can get 'im from 'ere?" Came the slow but enlivened question. Stan looked at her in confusion to see she was staring with wicked intent at Damien, still wrestling with Christophe as Kenny tried to fight his way toward them through the horde that was hell bent on keeping them apart, probably through some unspoken command of their master's. She held her knife by the tip, mentally lining it up with her target by flicking her wrist sharply forward as one would when getting ready to throw a dart.

"You…no way. He's on the other side of the roof!" Stan exclaimed, more in shock that she would try to make shot like that when he was on top of Christophe, constantly in motion, and when corpses were continuously coming in and out of her line of fire. She flashed him a grin, then she flicked her wrist expertly.

Damien felt a sharp, searing pain in his right thigh, causing him to pause. He didn't scream or indicate he was in any sort of pain. He simply stared down at it, his hand hovering to the side of it as if to pull it out, but he didn't. He glared in Jacky's direction, hand still hovering, eyes electrified with renewed intent. Christophe took the opportunity to get his foot under Damien and kick him off.

Damien landed hard on the rooftop, his head hitting the surface, momentarily disorienting him. When his senses came back, Christophe was standing over him, shovel raised, bloody face a mix of sick excitement and fury. Damien leveled a glare at him and wrenched the knife from his leg, then narrowed his eyes challengingly.

Just as Christophe was about to strike Damien, a horrified scream thick with agony resounded from somewhere behind them. Damien smirked.

"Sheet! Anette!" Christophe immediately turned, running back through the horde, furiously swinging his shovel at any corpses that thought to impede him. Disregarding the plan, uncaring that he just had him.

Damien slowly, gracefully stood, watching Kenny and his brother desperately fighting off the tight circle of clawing, snarling corpses surrounding them, before redirecting his attention to the French girl now lying on the ground, writhing and shrieking in pain.

God how he loved this part.

Christophe reached Anette just as her whole body began jerking and shaking violently, Cayden and Ryu acting as bodyguards, keeping the horde away from her as Christophe knelt beside her to frantically assess what was wrong.

"Anette? Anette! Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas?" He scanned her body, looking for the source of her pain and found it in her leg injury. It had rapidly become infected, the skin an angry red, tinted with a sickly grayish green. The exposed flesh underneath having taken on the texture, color and smell of rancid meat, a yellowy puss oozing from it. The smell alone would have made Christophe sick if his attention hadn't been raptly caught by the grayish color spreading impossibly quickly up her leg, disappearing into what was left of her jeans above the gaping hole.

"Merde! Christophe, Ça fait mal!" She groaned in misery as she began to jerk and shake. Everywhere the grayness spread, she felt like her skin was melting away, her muscles tearing apart and liquefying. As it traveled over her chest, she let out a scream that halfway through turned into desperate, frenzied wheezes; she couldn't breathe. Her lungs had failed. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't breathe.

Christophe's eyes widened with a fear he never showed, and yet he knew there was nothing he could do. It was at this point that Jacky was at his side, her demeanor more aggressively fearful than his own.

"Anette! Se lever! SE LEVER!" She screamed down at her, shaking her violently. Anette's eyes bulged as her wheezing became raspy as she tried to suck in air, Jacky's shaking making it even more impossible.

"Jacky! Arrêter!" Christophe yelled, grabbing her wrists angrily. Anette fell back to the ground, still wheezing in a way that sent chills down Christophe's spine. As the gray crept up her neck and face, her eyes began to roll into the back of her head, a sure sign that she was passing out and soon would asphyxiate.

"Sheet! SHEET!" Christophe yelled in frusration. He was barely aware of Cayden shouting something to him, but he didn't know what it was. He watched as her eyes sunk into her skull, and in that instant, he knew she was gone. But that didn't stop her skin from transforming. Small raised bumps began forming, quickly growing, turning yellow in color, then popping and festering. Her hair thinned and turned white until all that was left were thin wisps still clinging to the rapidly rotting flesh of her skull.

Jacky couldn't watch anymore. It wasn't that she hadn't seen her fair share of half rotten corpses, it was the fact that it was happening before her very eyes. In real time, as it were. She turned to Christophe and slapped him across the face to get his attention. He was snapped out of his disgusted, horrified stupor, and turned to Jacky, holding his cheek, livid.


"We 'ave to end zis! Now!" Came Jacky's frantic retort. Christophe was floored by her behavior, by how frenzied she had become, by how insensitive she seemed. And then he remembered. Jacky couldn't handle her emotions. He knew from experience that her "feeling" meant she would break down. Not the crying, laying in bed kind of breaking down, but the full blown punching walls, ripping your hair out, tearing at your clothes, your flesh, finding a tight corner to lay down and beat the thoughts from your head kind of breaking down . She literally didn't have the tools to handle emotions. And where Christophe simply held a firm grip on his or ignored them all together, Jacky needed an outlet.

He knew she'd cared about Anette, but he didn't know it was to this degree.

"Oui." Was all he said before standing up. He looked down at Anette one last time. He'd have to make sure to give her a proper burial after this was over. Cayden looked over his shoulder at them as he slammed the butt of his gun down in the face of the monster that was gripping his head, trying to twist it so it could break his neck. Or rip out a chunk of it. Christophe simply shook his head, then jerked it in the direction of Anette's still decomposing body.

Cayden looked down and grimaced, then flipped the gun around and shot the monster still gripping at him in it's already crushed in face, sending the head snapping back and the body following suit to fall on the ground, and spattering his own face with blood. He calmly wiped it off, then crossed to Ryu. He passed him a look, and in silent understanding, they both began cutting through the somehow only slightly diminished crowd, heading slowly toward Damien. Christophe followed suit, Jacky already ahead of him, cutting down monster after monster in any way she could. The anger flowing through her took over her physical exhaustion, fueling her to keep going. To keep killing. She knocked an impeeding body to the ground, then slammed her foot onto it's face, breaking in the entire right side with the heavy short heel of her boot. She took only a second to examine the crushed eye socket, the nose that was now pointing to the left, the cheek bone that was a black and angry red, amazing Jacky that there was enough blood left to turn it that color. She smiled satisfactorily before picking up a nearby discarded rifle, and stabbing it through the chest cavity with the narrow barrel, then continuing on her way.

Christophe followed behind, killing where necessary, his grief turning into rage, a burning need to kill Damien for taking her away from him. He couldn't let himself be weak now. This had to end. Cartman saw Jacky flying toward him with new purpose and nudged Craig who was in the process of beating a monster senseless that had made contact with Tweek.

"What!" He snapped, turning to Cartman. Cartman jerked his head in Jacky's direction and Craig looked confused until he saw where she was headed. His expression cleared and he nodded. He nudged Tweek and they started making their way forward.


Kenny was exhausted. Mentally and physically. He had to rely almost completely on Kevin to make the kills, because no matter how hard he pushed himself, every small move he did was torture. His eyes burned, his body and mind felt heavy, every muscle in his body was beginning to scream at him with fatigued disuse. Fuck, he couldn't last much longer.

Kenny glanced at his brother and saw his obvious fatigue, then he glanced at Damien simply standing a few feet away from him, grinning arrogantly, the self-righteous bastard. He could end this all now. Damien was only a few feet away.

Kevin looked up, saw Kenny staring intently at Damien, and scowled. "No."

"What?" Kenny asked, barely managing to fight off the monster that had taken his attention away from his grinning target. Kevin managed to give him a droll stare.

"You can't take him alone and you know it."

"I'm running out of options, Kevin!" Kenny snapped at him. Before his brother could say more to stop him, Kenny forced his exhausted and aching body forward, through the massive horde, focusing on one thing as he grappled and fought with the bodies impeding him. He heard Kevin shout something at him, but he couldn't hear what it was. As he slowly advanced on Damien, he saw the others doing the same from the other side of the roof, Jacky proceeding faster than the others, her face a mask of unhinged rage.

Damien watched the others, grin still in place, then when Kenny was just a few feet away, he turned his head slowly to him, as if just realizing he was there. His grin widened.

Kenny felt the surface beneath him start to shake, the same loud rumbling from before reverberating from somewhere deep beneath them. Large chunks of plaster and shingles began to crack and break, falling into his house and lawn. Everyone was yelling something, but he couldn't hear them. He could only hear the rumbling.

He heard a loud crack and spine-chilling scraping noise beneath him and looked down. Cracks were forming around him on all sides, outlining a chunk of roof that almost perfectly encompassed him. The scraping noise sounded again, and part of the surface beneath him slid down, causing Kenny to lurch forward, almost falling as he fought to keep his balance.

"Shit, shit, shit!" He yelled, trying desperately to get out of the way, but the thick mass of bodies surrounding him prevented him from moving more than an inch. Panic set in as the slate beneath him shifted again, bringing him painfully to his knees. A few bodies landed on top of him, forcing him onto his stomach. It was then that the smell hit him. The hot, sticky, putrid, thick smell of rotting flesh. It was nauseating and heavy, and he was amazed he could even smell it through his broken nose. The stench washed over him in stifling waves.

The added weight on top of him was what did it. Kenny watched as the world seemed to slow around him, the heavy slab of roof under him giving way into darkness below him, taking him and the reeking bodies on top of him with it. His stomach ascended to his throat and he knew he was yelling, but he couldn't hear himself over the deafening sound of air as it whooshed past his ears. He watched, terrified, as the floor of his parent's bedroom rose up to meet him, then his world went black.


The first thing Kenny was aware of was that his nose throbbed and ached, as did the back of his head and his back. Everything was still black, he couldn't register any sounds around him….there was nothing. Something heavy was on his back and he realized his eyes were closed. He grudgingly opened his eyes, heavy and burning with the want to stay closed. His vision was temporarily blurred, but after about a minute, his surroundings came into focus.

"The…fuck..?" He croaked out. He was in his room. On his stomach. On his floor. His room looked untouched, as if the last few hours had never happened. All the tools Cartman had picked up earlier rested against his wall, forgotten in their haste to get out of his room and away from the monsters.

He turned his head a little to the side and saw that no one was with him. His brother, who had only been a few feet away, was nowhere to be seen. He tilted his head as far up as he could, ignoring the painful protest from his nose, and as far as he could tell, the ceiling was untouched. No cracks, no pieces missing…

"The fuck is going on?" He mused quietly to himself as he turned his head to see what was on his back. It wasn't the bodies he'd fallen with. Somehow the piece of plaster he'd been on top of was now on him. He carefully pushed himself up a bit and managed to push the slate off him. He was again made aware of his head throbbing, and reached a hand back to touch it. His hair was matted and crusted with something. When he pulled his hand back, little flecks of dried blood clung to his fingers.

"Fuck." He was surprised he wasn't dead yet, with all the blood he seemed to have lost. He shakily stood up, his entire body protesting every move, and gingerly looked around. Everything was…normal, and yet that in itself was a complete aberration. He carefully crossed the room to his door, pausing to stare at it, half expecting something to burst through it. When nothing did, he reached for the handle.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. You won't like what's out there." An amused voice warned behind him. Kenny whirled around to find Damien standing behind him, hands in the pockets of his jacket, smirking as if nothing had happened.

"Motherfucker." Kenny snarled and moved to lunge at him, wrap his hands around his throat, anything. Yet, somehow he couldn't. His perception was weirdly off, he felt strange….lighter than normal, like he was trying to rise from his body, and he seemed to have a weird form of tunnel vision. His whole body felt shaky, and yet he wasn't shaking. He tried to focus on the smirking Damien, who's expression was calm save for his eyes, electrified with the same sick excitement he'd expressed earlier.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" He snarled, trying to punch his tormentor, who easily side-stepped, tsking at the futility Kenny refused to realize.

"You've lost a lot of blood, Kenny. Of all people, I'd have thought you'd remember what that feels like." He replied mockingly.

"Fuck you." Was the sole simple expletive Kenny's exhausted mind would let him release as it focused on trying to get control of his debilitating visual handicap and limps that didn't seem to want to cooperate. Damien laughed. That grating laugh that sent chills down Kenny's spine. He was almost certain Damien had perfected that laugh just to annerve Kenny.

"All in good time." Came Damien's smug reply. Again, Kenny tried to punch him, but he swung widely and missed. Damien laughed again, and suddenly Kenny found himself with his back against his bedroom wall, held there by something intangible. He struggled weakly against it, but couldn't break free.

"What the fuck is this?" Kenny asked, glaring at Damien. Ignoring his question, grinned a sinister grin. One that sent more chills down Kenny's spine. He decided to change directions. "Where's my brother? Where the hell is everyone else?" Damien only grinned wider, which incensed Kenny.

"What the fuck did you do with my brother?" He yelled. Damien's grin faded slightly, as if irritated that Kenny didn't seem to find the same humor in the situation that he did, and snapped his fingers, one arm crossed over his chest, the opposing elbow resting on his hand, a sure display that his entertained mood was slipping. Immediately after the gesture, the form of Kevin materialized in the bedroom, propped against the bed to the right of them.

"Kevin!" Kenny yelled, straining desperately against the invisible restraints again until he got a good look at his brother; He was motionless, bloodied and the way he sat reminded Kenny of a sack of potatoes propped against a counter. His eyes and mouth were open, a fine trail of dried blood trailing from the corner of his mouth to his chin, his head resting against the bed, turned sideways, away from them.

"Kevin? Kevin!" Kenny yelled, hoping to god his brother was just unconscious in some way, or too weak to respond.

"He's dead Kenny." The grin was back. That insensitive fuck.

"He's NOT dead!" Kenny yelled angrily, as if yelling it would make it not true. The grin curled upward.

"They're all dead." As he finished his sentence, the bodies of the others appeared in his room, all mangled in various states, limbs torn off or skulls crushed in, some had their eyes open, Tweek's eyes had been gauged out, Craig's midsection ripped out, the gaping whole displaying his ribs and punctured lung in a grotesque artistic display, Jacky's skull had caved in, her eyeball hanging out and dangling against her cheek, held in place by the optic nerve still barely attached…

Kenny looked away, beginning to feel nauseous at the sight, then saw Damien standing there, looking very much like a child who'd done something to be proud of. "You sonovabitch!" He snarled venomously.

"Why, because all your friends are dead?" Damien humored him in a mildly scolding voice, much as a mother would when her child injured himself.


Kevin listened to the conversation taking place, wishing desperately that he could speak, move, anything to indicate he was alright. He felt no pain from what he assumed must be fatal wounds, but instead a persistent tingling in the areas the wounds were located. He inwardly cringed at the agonized pain in Kenny's voice as he called out to Kevin, thinking him dead. Only Cartman was in his line of vision, and as Kevin couldn't turn his head to see the others, he could only assume they must be a grisly sight. He also assumed that they were in the same state as he. Helplessly listening to what was going on around

"Because my brother's dead, you asshole!" Kenny choked back the tears constricting his throat. "My brother…my best friends…." he continued in a low murmur, talking more to himself now as he tried to calm himself. Damien continued to smirk, his eyes now electrified with renewed excitement. This moment. This right here was what Damien had been waiting for. The weeks of haunting, torture, sleep and food deprivation…they were finally taking their final toll on Kenny. He could try to keep the crumbling walls up, but Damien knew he was broken. Utterly and completely. It was a heady feeling.

"He died for you, you know." Damien said almost dryly, simply wanting to add fuel to the fire.

"Shut up." Kenny growled, trying to convince himself it wasn't true.

"They all died for you." Damien continued, ignoring Kenny. "If you'd just come with me the first time, none of this would have happened."

"Shut up!" Kenny warned sharply. Again, Damien continued.

"Your best friends wouldn't have been injured and killed, you wouldn't have been responsible for the death of that poor girl, your brother wouldn't have died…no one would have put their lives on the line for you. Your brother wouldn't be dead, Kenny."

"SHUT UP!" Kenny yelled, the guilt overwhelming, the tears finally falling as he hung his head, trying to hide his weakness from Damien. Damien, however, stepped toward him and lifted his chin up so he could see the full effects of his inflicted torment. He grinned at the sight. His eyes glittered, exhilarated with wicked intend as he leaned in close to Kenny's face, eyes locked on Kenny's and murmured lowly.

"You killed your brother, Kenny. He's never coming back and it's your fault. What will you do without your big brother now?"

"Fuck you!" The tears fell harder, despite the words that had turned venomous in response to Damien's mild and falsely sympathetic tone. Kevin could sense what Kenny was going to do and silently begged him to come to his senses. To not say the words he was about to. Please, no. Don't do it Kenny. No!

"My brother's gone…my friends are gone….I have nothing to live for…." His blue eyes pierced Damien's with the same intensity Damien's held. And yet, beneath that was also a tired surrender. "You win, Damien. You fucking win. Congratulations, you finally broke me. Please, just end my suffering." Although his voice was steady and determinedly resolved, the desperation was palpable. The agony, the need, all of it was there. Everything Damien wanted.

"Finally." Damien practically purred in a low mutter. Kenny waited for him to kill him, but he didn't. He just held Kenny's chin up to look at him as he grinned triumphantly. Kenny was about to ask him why the fuck he wasn't dead yet when something strange began happening to Damien's face.

It began to turn gray. Kenny's quickened breath caught in his throat and his watched in horror as the flesh tightened. It turned a purple color and appeared waxy. His lips turned white, still curled upward. His eyes began to retreat into is head, as his skin turned from purple to a sickening greenish blue color. Blisters formed on his face, then burst, corroding holes into his skin. Kenny gagged as the heavy smell of rotting flesh filled his nostrils. The holes in Damien's face began to spread and deepen, revealing the muscles and tendons in his face.

The smile widened grotesquely as the flesh around his mouth receded, melting away as if acid had been poured on it and was eating away the flesh. His teeth showed through the widening, rotting holes in a frightening mockery. The skin continued to ebb away, along with the muscles until only his skull was left, tainted red with the small amount of remaining blood. The same happened to the hand gripping Kenny's chin. Kenny shivered and jolted in repulsion at the nauseating feeling of the skin against his corroding and bursting, leaving his chin feeling slimy and wet. Then, as suddenly as it had happened, it stopped. All the flesh, the hair reappeared as they had been before, Damien's lips still curled up into that smile.

He gripped Kenny's face in his hands and leaned in, his smile twisting up even more as he hungrily crushed his lips to Kenny's. Kenny emitted a shocked gasp that quickly turned into a horrified scream as the process began to recur. As Damien's face began to pale and purple, Kenny felt Damien's tongue push past his lips, uninhibited due to Kenny's shock.

Kenny began struggling fiercely against his invisible restraints. He could feel the skin dissolve from Damien's lips, tongue and hands, could taste the sickening putrefaction of rotting flesh as he watched on, unable to look away from the abhorrent sight. The taste filled his mouth, it hovered there, like the stuffy air around a rotting corpse. He desperately wanted to exhale, to release the taste from his mouth, but instead, it seemed to stick in his throat and choke him. He felt the bile rise in his throat.


Kevin watched in horror. Even though he was only able to see a little bit of Damien, it was enough. He wanted to retch but couldn't. The sight and smell was overwhelming. This was entirely different from what they'd just witnessed on the roof. This was….repugnant. Disturbing.


Kenny froze as he felt a strange sensation emanating from where his lips were still connected to Damien's. His skin grew hot. It was burning. Kenny screamed into Damien's mouth again. His skin was literally being seared from his face. It felt like someone had set his face on fire. The sensation traveled along his face, he flesh receding, the blood pouring then almost instantaneously drying and withdrawing. When it reached his eyes, everything went dark, and Kenny could feel his eyes being pulled back into the socket, the skin around them continuing to sear away. Make it end! Make it stop, please!" He moaned pathetically in is head, his body beginning to shake and convulse, the violent tremors almost sending him to the floor. Damien's arm snaked almost lazily around his waist to keep him from falling, and instead, Kenny felt himself being lowered to the floor, Damien's arm guiding him down, all the while, Damien's lips were ever present.

He was lain on his side, his torso on something warm that he had to assume was Damien's lap, Damien's arm sliding up from around his waist to loop around his back to his shoulder, keeping him partially upright while the excruciating process continued. Kenny momentarily choked on his own blood when it flowed freely from his throat before drying up. As the burning traveled lower, Kenny began to draw short, panicked breaths.

"Please, Damien…" Kenny rasped feebly against his lips, desperately willing this last torture to stop. He felt Damien smirk, and instead of stopping, the process quickened. It reached his lungs and he choked again, unable to draw a breath, which panicked him more into trying to draw more breaths, hands immediately flying to Damien's jacket, grasping as he frantically tried to take a breath.

Damien watched, delighted as Kenny struggled and grasped at him, the process continuing it's way down Kenny's body. His eyes glittered in exultation as Kenny's grip weakened until his hands slipped from his jacket. He looked over at Kevin with a look that said "I win" before he began to fade, taking Kenny's lifeless body with him.

As Damien faded, whatever had been cast upon Kevin was lifted. He immediately sprang from his seat, lunging toward Damien, but his fingers closed only on empty air.

"NO!" He screamed in frustration, in anger, in overwhelming pain. The other watched, too shocked to move save for Christophe. He got up and crossed to Kevin, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry. We failed 'im." Christophe said, voice thick with unexpected remorse.

"He's gone…..Kenny's really gone for good….I couldn't save him….I couldn't…" He trailed off, unable to finish as grief overtook him. He gripped his hair, leaning forward on his knees and letting out a long, anguished cry. Christophe cringed, his own grief over Anette threatening to be remembered in Kevin's vulnerable state, something Christophe still couldn't afford to give in to. He motioned the others to follow him out of the room to give Kevin some peace while he mourned, looking away from the stricken faces of Kyle, Stan and Tweek, the somewhat shaken Craig, and the surprisingly subdued Cartman. Kevin didn't even hear them leave over his own distress.

"I'm so sorry, Kenny. I couldn't protect you."


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